1. VD171

    Thread [DISCUSSION] How to write and recover the IMEI for SLOT 1 and SLOT 2 in MERLIN ? (Redmi Note 9 / Redmi 10X 4G)

    WARNINGS: - Possible risk of data loss ! Backup your files and contents ! - NO dongle and NO box is required. - NEVER try to flash in "format all" mode ! Otherwise, you will LOSE all secure and identifying infos for your device. Like IMEI. - Keep your backup files safe and secure ! If you can...
  2. H

    Thread Write known correct IMEI to device

    Hi all, My Samsung Galaxy S9 (SM-G960F) shows IMEI “Null”. This prevents it from recognising it has a SIM card. * Device is rooted. “no verity” blob installed. * LineageOS installed successfully. * No partition backups were done; I wasn't aware of “EFS” or anything like that when I started the...
  3. mxmix

    Thread [NEED URGENT HELP] with my mi 8

    Hello everybody how should i start to explain my problem…… my phone was by the police for 14 months and they tried to crack my password und recover data from it. They couldn‘t and they send my phone to cellebrite and they couldn‘t do anything too. Now after 14 months i got my phone back and i...
  4. Master One

    Thread Does it make sense to make a backup of the whole /data folder?

    I know that /data/media/0 (= /sdcard) contains user accessible data and /data/data app data, but I don't know what all the rest is for. Not using the popular Titanium Backup (Pro), and with adb backup deprecated, I am not sure what useful approaches are to make proper backups either using an...
  5. jeryll

    Thread [GUIDE] Backup / Restore function in Poco X3 recoveries [OrangeFOX / TWRP]

    Preliminary guide to BACKUP / RESTORE with OrangeFox recovery by ManoloRey LINK or TWRP recovery 3.5.X_10-x by brigudav LINK ! ! ! USE ONLY LINKED VERSIONS OF RECOVERIES ! ! ! Consider this guide for (decrypted vendor (or encryption disabler) + decrypted storage used) as BETA, I don't...
  6. Andrei the Android Guy

    Thread How do I extract an archive backup on Windows directly to Android?

    I made a backup of my internal storage using this: adb exec-out 'tar --create --exclude=data/media/0/TWRP \ data/media/0 2>/backup-errors.txt | \ gzip' | \ dd of=sdcardbakup-$(date +%Y%m%d).tar.gz && \ adb shell cat /backup-errors.txt I did it this way because I want FOLDERS and FILES to...
  7. C

    Thread Phoenix Auto Tesla Style Radio - Corrupted? Recovery?

    Phoenix Auto PX6 13.6" Hello, Well.... after only being installed a few days - some crashes - odd behavior - the unit seems dead... I was changing the "Car type" image per their instructions - basically a new image file with a particular name on the flash root of the OS - reboot - However, I...
  8. VD171

    Thread [GUIDE][UNLOCK] How to restore the state of UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER in MERLIN (Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G / Xiaomi Redmi Note 9)

    It works with: - Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G - Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 - Probably some others Xiaomi devices How to backup: Step 1: Unlock your bootloader. Step 2: Backup partition: seccfg You can backup it using the SP FLASH TOOL, TWRP or copy it with DD, you can do what you prefer. Keep it in your...
  9. VD171

    Thread [GUIDE][UNLOCK] How to restore the state of UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER in MERLIN (Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 / Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G)

    It works with: - Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 - Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G - Probably some others Xiaomi devices How to backup: Step 1: Unlock your bootloader. Step 2: Backup partition: seccfg You can backup it using the SP FLASH TOOL, TWRP or copy it with DD, you can do what you prefer. Keep it in your...
  10. jareczex

    Thread How I can restore partition size to original?

    When i was uploading new rom, partitions connect to one. Many roms have a problems with this. Second partition has a 0MB size. I try upload stock rom by flashtool and no results. I want to restore original size. How I can do this? My phone is sony xperia lt30p.
  11. G

    Thread Spyware of Phone

    Hello, I'm hoping that someone here will be able to help to do one or more of the following things: 1) Complete data recovery of Samsung Galaxy S9 snapdragon 2) Bypass pattern lock A partner against whom I have a restraining order purchased this phone for me and I have since become aware that...
  12. dynamikd

    Thread Google 1 Text Message Restore.

    I use SMS Backup Restore too. It's a solid app. This time I just used a USB-C cable to transfer from my Pixel 2 to the Pixel 5. It wen't quickly, worked perfectly.
  13. fireeyeeian

    Thread Does Twrp nandroid backup actually work on the 6t?

    Device details: Oneplus 6t (oos: 10.3.5) Twrp version "3.4.0-2-fajita" magisk version 21 So back in 2019 when I first got the 6t I immediately installed twrp but soon found out that the main reason I had gotten twrp wasn't even working. Here are some of my post I made back then about this...
  14. LoganDark

    Thread Help RESTORING backup, "extractTarFork() process ended with ERROR: 255"

    NOTE THIS IS NOT "UNABLE TO BACK UP" THIS IS "UNABLE TO RESTORE" Lots of people on this forum, and lots of people on the internet have errors trying to back up because of this dreaded error 255. But, for me, the backup was fine, but now I can't restore. This is a huge problem because I just...
  15. L

    Thread Retrieving messages from Signal from backup

    I made a backup using TWRP and restored just the data partition. Most things work but when I open Signal Messenger it just flashes and closes. Any idea how to fix it or get the messages off? Would it make a different if I installed the app before restoring from TWRP? I came from stock Android to...
  16. blksith0

    Thread From Android N ➔ 10, restoring from TB

    Hello. It's been about 5 years, and a lot has changed: -twrp is broken, fastboot fun times -I've got to go "systemless" root for Google pay & safety net -there's partitions A and B to worry about But my main question is, with these things in mind, how am I going to restore from a TB backup from...
  17. A

    Thread OrangeFox Restore Failed

    Hello Everyone! When I was restoring one of my OrangeFox 10.1_1_stable backups, My device went-off almost in the middle of the backup. I somehow managed to bring it alive. But when I restored my backup with TWRP 3.2.3-1 recovery, it was restored perfectly, and the system booted. I had posted my...
  18. K

    Thread Backup & Restore MFA Apps Data (FortiToken)

    Hello all, I am using my device (MI A2) as my daily driver, I love flashing ROMs, trying new ROMs & mods, etc. But recently I joined a company that requires me to connect to their network through VPN & for authenticating we are required to enter a code from an MFA app (FortiToken) kind of like...
  19. M

    Thread Phone isn't encrypted, but thinks it is after Nandroid restore

    I'm trying to move to a 3T I just bought with a fresher battery than my fading daily driver. I installed Lineage on it and wasn't happy with the overall bugginess, so I did a full wipe and installed the final factory image of 9.0.6. Once I did that I restored a Nandroid backup I took on my daily...
  20. SlickStretch

    Thread Titanium Backup cannot restore any uninstalled apps

    I have granted root access with Magisk, and I'm using the paid PRO version of Titanium Backup. The app can freeze/unfreeze apps fine, and it (seems to) backup apps fine. But, whenever I try to restore an uninstalled app, it says "Restoring App+Data" and never progresses further. I have to force...
  21. B

    Thread How to clone an S7 to another S7?

    Hi, Short: How to clone an S7 to another S7? Long: I want to transfer everything from my old S7 to a new S7. Both are G930F. What I did: - full NAND Backup with TWRP to external sdcard - copy internal storage to external sdcard - root and full wipe new S7 - restore NAND backup and internal...
  22. P

    Thread TWRP's different backup option - restoring all of them

    Been struggling with a TWRP restore gone wrong for over a week now. TWRPs today have many options for backup, a lot of which I couldn't find info online. Usually I backup only Boot, Data and System. But tend to make a first backup after installing TWRP with all options included. On the Galaxy...
  23. Mkami

    Thread Really desperate can't restore backup on TWRP

    Hello xda note 8 users. I recently backed up my files and such on TWRP everything was backed up successfully. But now when I try to restore that backup I can't it gives me this error createTarFork() process ended with ERROR=255 it states data exluc It always fails on the data part I am not...
  24. G

    Thread How to decrypt your OP3(T) device with custom rom?

    A question about decrypting your device, in this case Luisrom Android 10, but would most probably count for other roms too. Did not try it already but would like to decrypt my device and would like a confirmation if the following is the right procedure without doing a new install: Boot in...
  25. M

    Thread TWRP Restore issue

    restoring a TWRP backup is successful, but on boot the phone locks up with this error. dm-verity device corrupted "kernel_restart" it will not continue. i still have TWRP installed. but cannot restore. i tried running the following commands with no change fastboot oem disable_dm_verity...
  26. k23m

    Thread [+]RESTOCK - stock restore, repartition, repair and reset, including USB driver fix

    RESTOCK is a new Nexus 7 2013 repair and factory reset tool for Windows. The NRT app (Nexus Root Toolkit) is similar but is old, closed-source, unsupported, abandoned, does no eMMC diagnostics and most importantly - it offers no repartitioning. Unlike NRT, Restock is specialized and optimized...
  27. A

    Thread Titanium cannot restore apps

    Hi, been a Titanium user for a long time and usually it works like a charm. But now I am stuck. Re-installed LOS 16 (20191018) with formatted data/system/cache after a hosed OTA on my OP3T. Now TiBu has issues with about 30% of the backups (for example YouTube, Locus, Okuna). None of the three...
  28. Flowbax

    Thread Titanium Backup Freeze

    I rooted my phone (Note10+) yesterday and have since then had big issues then it comes to restoring my backup. If I select all missing apps (including data if existing) it only restores few and gets always stuck on same apps like Dropbox, Aliexpress, SwiftKey keyboard etc, other are restored...
  29. M

    Thread LG V30+ download missing, root gone, and bootloader locked

    I would like to thank everyone for there support for this most awesome but difficult phone. I have an unlocked US LG V30+ phone which an error in cross flashing accidently caused my phone to loose everything I needed to use LGUP. Does anyone know of an exe rom to flash on this phone to regain...
  30. M

    Thread HELP, Stuck on boot after TWRP restore

    Hey guys, Im having a huge issue. When I restore my TWRP nandroid backup, the device is stuck in boot, forever. Ive tried multiple twrp backups and it happens with each one. And if i restore only data, i get a bootloop. Lmfao. Not funny thought. I need my phone back! When i restore, I clear...
  31. R

    Thread To back up/restore account credentials, online banking logins, etc

    On my phone, in Accounts settings, I have several accounts listed: Samsing account, 2 Google accounts, WhatsApp, Viber, and some others. I also have online banking apps with stored logins and passwords. And I have a couple of VOIP apps with their login/password and other SIP settings. And...
  32. khaos64

    Thread How to restore from a Google backup?

    Not sure if possible, eventual just with the Samsung Smart Switch app, but took way longer than it should have.
  33. mauronofrio

    Thread [ROM][STOCK][FASTBOOT][OP7] Stock Fastboot ROMs for OnePlus 7

    Things are changing with the advent of project treble and seamless updates. OnePlus will no longer release ROMs flashable via recovery (either stock or twrp) because is no more needed. The updates will be done on the slot not used for example if you are using slot a the update will be installed...
  34. M

    Thread TWRP backup and restore not working

    Hi all, I have A6000 with OOS 9.0.5. I installed magisk and TWRP with this guide. I did a full backup, however I cannot restore it. I get error 255 on tarExtractFork(). I use official TWRP 3.3.0. After failed restore I can still boot to (now freshly wiped after attempted restore) system. Even...
  35. M

    Thread Backup and restore via adb.

    Hi, Two general questions. 1. Is it possible to backup only settings via adb like desktops, widgets, bt units, wifi saved hot spots, and any othere settings apart from apps? 2. Is a big no no to backup from one device same make and model to another but not exact (for example XT1635 and XT1650).
  36. H

    Thread What's up with the TWRP backups restore

    Hi guys, I've been using TWRP on nearly all my devices and never had problems doing nandroid backups and restores. Well today, I've been to a near-hard brick and barely managed to get back to boot after I attempted to restore a backup. My steps: 1. Backup all partitions available 2. Restore...
  37. M

    Thread There is apparently no way to restore a Nandroid backup under OOS 9.0.4...???

    So I did what I thought was a routine thing, trying to restore system, boot, and data like I have on many phones before only to ended up in a bootloop or bootloader only not even able to boot a TWRP from fastboot. After several hours of trying just about everything I finally faced the fact that...
  38. Jt380p

    Thread [COMPLETE GUIDE] How To Restore IMEI (0, Unknown) Permanently

    Original Thread(s) : Why do we have another guide? I've created this guide to clarify any confusion from other guides. This guide is a full guide on how to restore your IMEI, no RIY (Research it yourself (Yes, I just made that up XD)). Notes #1 I'M...
  39. GuyInDogSuit

    Thread [Resolved] This is a long shot, but... how can I continue my game save?

    One of the main games I want to finish is Dragon Quest III. I got really far into the game, but then my phone got stolen. Luckily I had a TB backup of a lot of my apps and games. Fast forward over a year and I've got the itch to finish the game, as well as a few others that only saved data...
  40. hooooossamq

    Thread restore files

    can i restore any files from my phone storage ( not sd card) with any restore program with a PC even if i flashing the phone with a custom rom?
  41. J

    Thread Recovery Data From Internal Memory

    How to restore data from formatted Internal drive ?
  42. HeethJain21

    Thread [Guide] [XT16XX] Moto G4/Plus Complete Partition Backup/Restore Zip/Script

    #include <disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is now.......(wait a minute)........still valid? * * I am not responsible for bricked devices. * YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point * your finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. */ As we know that...
  43. mauronofrio

    Thread How to Update/Return to Stock your OnePlus 6/6T(ROOT | NO ROOT | STOCK BASED |OTHERS)

    Today i want to explain how to update your phone in all cases you can be. The Thread is divided into situations and methods. CASES 1. I have a stock rom with an unlocked bootloader and without modifications: You can use: Local Update Method (Recommended) Fastboot Update Method MSM Tool Restore...
  44. hercegyu

    Thread Restore wi-fi saved networks from google

    In all infos on phone it says that if you enable auto restore in Settings => System => Backup & Restore that it should restore saved wifi networks from google backup, but it dose not. Tryed also to toggle auto restore, but still no luck. Did anyone make that sync work?
  45. D

    Thread Please help me restore old TWRP 3.0.0 EFS backup via TWRP

    I have searched XDA and Google and cannot find the answer to my question below regarding my S5 G900V (KLTE). I would like to restore an EFS partition made on TWRP 3.0.0 to see whether it helps my Unknown Carrier issue on custom ROMS (stock is fine). However, on TWRP 3.2.3 the EFS partition(s)...
  46. Z

    Thread SM-G955U - [Odin Issues] Attempting to Return to Factory Firmware (Phone works)

    Hello everyone, looking for advice in how to return to factory firmware. First, a few bullets to condense the information, then an expanded explanation below. Any assistance would be appreciated. TL : DR -Xfinity Mobile GS8+, SM-G955U -Phone boots and works fine -When device was still on...
  47. M

    Thread How do i restore superuser and titanium backup ?

    Hello , About a year ago i rooted my phone using kingroot , however i did not replace the kingroot su with super user app the reason for that was because i just wanted to delete some bloatware on my device and then would remove root again . I proceeded with downloading Titanium Backup and...
  48. V

    Thread full backup and restore (transfer) of call logs, contacts and sms

    i did many searches and came through few answers, such as: 1. 2. 3...
  49. Y

    Thread How to activate Samsung Cloud for Note 9 (Quick Guide)

    Hello, For as long as i have been with Verizon they have had some of the most aggressive bloatware and with the Galaxy devices some features are actually blocked or missing. Samsung cloud is one of my most used apps on my devices and for some reason Verizon blocks this all the time on the...
  50. P

    Thread Updated Back 2 Stock procedure for Motorola G5S+ (Sanders)

    There's a really good thread currently in this forum that has the basics for going back to stock ROM, but recently more and more people have followed it WITHOUT reading through all 60+ pages (Don't blame them) and end up with a phone that is not working properly. This thread aims to provide the...