1. Darkmatterx76

    Thread I could really use some help. Backup before reset, but restore failed. Need to recover texts form a backup Google Driv doesn't see, but it is a backup

    I had to reset my phone and I backed it up to both Samsung Cloud (Galazy A5 2017 using Android OS 8) and to Google Drive. Unfortunately the restore failed. What's worse, is that I was out at sea at the time and now both Samsung and Google only see a backup from AFTER the reset. There is 1...
  2. L

    Thread Question how to Non root ,no unlock back up and restore?

    can someone please point me in right direction for back up and re store full system including all app data in non root,no unlocked x3 pro to a usb/memory card or to pc?while google found a software called Mi PC Suite Download (Mi Phone Assistant) is that by xiomi? is it a reliable 3rd party?
  3. zantaff

    Thread Help tp remove "FC Enterprise" image from Fire HDX 8.9 (GPZ45RW) ?

    I've got a Fire HDX 8.9 that has some "FC Enterprise" image on it. There's almost no apps installed, factory resetting from recovery menu brings it back to the same state. Fastboot seems locked. I can adb reboot bootloader and device will display [FASTBOOT] however there's no communication in...
  4. millerfortime

    Thread Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 3 CB 11IGL05 Hardware ID / hardware_class, anyone can share?

    I have just reset my Lenovo from Linux back to Chrome OS. However, I've lost the Hardware ID of the IdeaPad Flex 3 CB 11IGL05, that the bootloader failed to recognise the machine. Need set it in restock bios Can anyone with the IdeaPad Flex 3 CB 11IGL05 share your HAREWARE ID(hardware_class)...
  5. E

    Thread Restore data after factory reset

    Hello, Is it possible to restore data after android phone has been reset? If so, what is the most effective way to achieve this goal?
  6. Farmerios

    Thread Need help restoring a backup file to my phone.

    I'm new to this forum so i don't know wether i'm posting this in the right sub but i need help with restoring my phone's data. I stupidly used wondershare's "dr fone" to backup all my data on the computer which created a 15.9 gb .bak file. Problem is i didn't know that in order to restore this...
  7. ot_inc

    Thread General [ROM][Restore][Unbrick] Nothing OS v1.5.4 Global/EEA Fastboot ROM(Full ROM) & boot.img & QFIL ROM (EDL)

    Update! : 2023/05/05 20:00 (UTC+9:00) Fastboot ROM and boot.img for NothingPhone(1) are now available. v1.5.4 is available. Sorry for my poor English, I'm Japanese... News: The DSU has been restored in this version. It seems to be usable as long as it is non-root.🎉 The content of this site has...
  8. L

    Thread How to restore TitatniumBackup backup?

    I have been successfully backing up WhatsApp using TitaniumBacup. Now I need to restore it but it just says "restore failed". Is there anything way I can still restore the backups? I'm on a rooted Android 13 phone.
  9. Valllent

    Thread Restore accidentally removed database using ADB without root

    I needed to copy my debug app database. So I read Stackoverflow post and made such things: After that I tried to run `adb pull`, but it doesn't work. I run the application and now it doesn't work. It writes: ls -l result PLEASE, HELP ME. This database contains 3 years of my science work.
  10. P

    Thread [OP7] Rollback to OOS from PixelExperience A11

    Hi everyone. After using PE for over a year I've encountered a lot of issues and want to go back to OOS. I'm not sure how to do it safely as it's Android 11 and all the rollback images are Android 10. I've found those tutorials...
  11. A

    Thread Sd card backup produces empty files when restored.

    I have an sd card backup of about 150GB. I've randomly tested the files, and they are real, working files, perhaps 20,000 of them, mostly images and videos! So, my sd card died. So, I decided to restore a new one with the backup on my PC SSD. First I put the new card in the Android device...
  12. Crossvxm

    Thread Proper or working guide to return to stock? T-Mobile 6T

    It seems there is no reliable way to fully return a T-Mobile OnePlus 6T back to stock. Found the following thread as suggested by another thread: On the very last page of the thread, the...
  13. N

    Thread [CLOSED] Unroot after erasing all data (factory reset)

    {Mod edit: Thread closed on request of OP} UPDATE: I found some threads on this website that helped resolve my concern. Moderators, feel free to delete this post. *** In the Verizon store, I was hoping to reset my rooted G710ULM phone by choosing Settings > Reset Options > Erase all data...
  14. wyandell

    Thread How to unbrick your MOTO G FAST.

    Here is how to unbrick your moto g fast. Requirements: The firmware files, here is how to get this 1. Download Rescue and Smart Assistant from here, while you are at it try recovering through there 2. When it downloads the firmware for your device, go to C:\ProgramData\RSA\Download\RomFiles. 3...
  15. Z

    Thread How to restore 'Open tabs' after android crash

    Hi, I hope you can help me. My android crashed while there were many open tabs in Chrome. Using computer if I look at, it says I have 1628 open tabs (refer to the image) but in the browser on my main PC I have only a few which were opened after the crash. If I look at...
  16. hsynmtl35

    Thread How can I make my A50 stock?

    Hello friends, I unlocked the bootloader and installed TWRP a few days ago on my A50, rooted it with Magisk, but I don't want to use it like that anymore because I can't use Samsung Pass and for some reason I felt a bit uncomfortable. Maybe there are more reasons to use it this way, but I'm a...
  17. B

    Thread HELP! HTC 10 Three UK (H3G__001) Restore to stock

    Hi, I've been handed a HTC 10 locked to the Three network in the UK which has been tampered with and I'm looking to restore the firmware. I'm not sure what the previous owner has done but the device boot loops when attempting to boot into Android or Recovery with a red warning message...
  18. U

    Thread Question How does restoring work in this phone?

    For context, I want to clear up a few things before trying to root so I don't end up bricking the phone. So after reading a few threads it seems even recovering via twrp is messed up in this phone. Can someone shed some light on this matter? Can I restore system, data, and boot partitions via...
  19. A

    Thread Question Backup and transfer Data and Wifi/BT Settings

    Hello, since Titanium Backup which I used for years seems to not work anymore, I am now looking for any other possibilities to transfer my apps+app data and also some system settings like wifi passwords/APN data, BT connections and such. With TB this was always well working for me. What I have...
  20. O

    Thread Question Restore Poxo X3 Pro to default everything from linux

    I installed lineageos 18.1 and TWRP on a Poco X3 Pro and would now like to restore everything back to default as much as possible. The guides I find with google all uses Xiaomi flash tool on windows. If necessary I could get a windows computer up and running to do this, but for me it would be...
  21. L

    Thread My files disappeared, help me recover them please

    Hi guys, I uninstalled latest version of firefox because it didnt work well on my device, but after doing that, i noticed that all the files that i downloaded with firefox, disappeared from my phone. But i never deleted them nor firefox has an option to delete all files when uninstalled...
  22. Z

    Thread Help to restore from .bak file. from pc to android..

    i did a backup from phonetrans of my old phone (redmi note 5 pro) . after when i was trying to restore it to my new phone (realme x7 max) from same software it is asking me to pay.. i have access to the bak files. is there any other way to restore from .bak files.. my old phone is gone in exchange..
  23. P

    Thread How to Backup/dump firmware and webui from Huawei e8372h-153 to a file and downgrade/restore it on another device of the same type

    I am a very happy owner of Huawei e8372h-153 that has firmware version and much less happy owner of similar device that has firmware version 21.333.03.00.00 I am looking to downgrade the 21.333.03.00.00 to Is there a linux based way to dump firmware (and...
  24. Z

    Thread After factory reset Google Backup asks for pattern, can't restore

    My Redmi Note 8 suddenly stopped accepting my correct pattern lock, so I was forced to reset. It turns out I had Google Backup enabled, which was a happy surprise. However, it asks me for the previous pattern lock of the phone, which it still won't accept. This is incredibly frustrating. Is...
  25. samwhiteUK

    Thread Question Want to root and unlock - what's the quickest way to get back installed all the apps I currently have?

    Question as per title. All my photos, music, videos are cloud based anyway. The only thing I'm concerned about is apps. What's the quickest way to reinstall my apps? Last time I chose to restore from a Google account, it started to install ALL my apps, even ones that weren't installed when I...
  26. M

    Thread black screen after splash and unable to factory reset, possibly frp?

    Apologies for formatting, typing up on my phone during my break at work. To be more specific, I have a samsung a51 that recently had a black screen of death with no known cause. The samsung splash screen as well as the recovery menus alll work correctly however once it boots past those...
  27. Y

    Thread Moving to Android 10 Moto from Android 11 Pixel3?

    Hi, I was just reading that you cannot restore a backup from a newer version of Android to an older version of Android. I just got the Motorola One 5G Ace and I'm about to activate it. My old phone is a pixel 3 which already has Android 11. My Motorola came with Android 10. Has anyone had any...
  28. fizzingbees

    Thread [solution found] Backup and restore Samsung notes

    Having migrated from note 4, I am heavily dependant on Samsung notes. Note 4 used to save notes in internal storage >snote as spd file. I can easily import it on my note 20 ultra via Samsung note app>setting >import data >phone and there is folder with all spd notes. However I can't find...
  29. O

    Thread Restore backup of with OAndBackupX

    Dear Community, The goal was to obtain a copy of my call history log, and restore it on a new installation of the same ROM. I found the apps Magisk and OAndBackup 6.0.0. I created a backup of package and exported it to my PC. I reflashed the ROM, and I am now in...
  30. VD171

    Thread [DISCUSSION] How to write and recover the IMEI for SLOT 1 and SLOT 2 in MERLIN ? (Redmi Note 9 / Redmi 10X 4G)

    WARNINGS: - Possible risk of data loss ! Backup your files and contents ! - NO dongle and NO box is required. - NEVER try to flash in "format all" mode ! Otherwise, you will LOSE all secure and identifying infos for your device. Like IMEI. - Keep your backup files safe and secure ! If you can...
  31. H

    Thread Write known correct IMEI to device

    Hi all, My Samsung Galaxy S9 (SM-G960F) shows IMEI “Null”. This prevents it from recognising it has a SIM card. * Device is rooted. “no verity” blob installed. * LineageOS installed successfully. * No partition backups were done; I wasn't aware of “EFS” or anything like that when I started the...
  32. mxmix

    Thread [NEED URGENT HELP] with my mi 8

    Hello everybody how should i start to explain my problem…… my phone was by the police for 14 months and they tried to crack my password und recover data from it. They couldn‘t and they send my phone to cellebrite and they couldn‘t do anything too. Now after 14 months i got my phone back and i...
  33. Master One

    Thread Does it make sense to make a backup of the whole /data folder?

    I know that /data/media/0 (= /sdcard) contains user accessible data and /data/data app data, but I don't know what all the rest is for. Not using the popular Titanium Backup (Pro), and with adb backup deprecated, I am not sure what useful approaches are to make proper backups either using an...
  34. jeryll

    Thread [GUIDE] Backup / Restore function in Poco X3 recoveries [OrangeFOX / TWRP]

    Preliminary guide to BACKUP / RESTORE with OrangeFox recovery by ManoloRey LINK or TWRP recovery 3.5.X_10-x by brigudav LINK ! ! ! USE ONLY LINKED VERSIONS OF RECOVERIES ! ! ! Consider this guide for (decrypted vendor (or encryption disabler) + decrypted storage used) as BETA, I don't...
  35. Andrei the Android Guy

    Thread How do I extract an archive backup on Windows directly to Android?

    I made a backup of my internal storage using this: adb exec-out 'tar --create --exclude=data/media/0/TWRP \ data/media/0 2>/backup-errors.txt | \ gzip' | \ dd of=sdcardbakup-$(date +%Y%m%d).tar.gz && \ adb shell cat /backup-errors.txt I did it this way because I want FOLDERS and FILES to...
  36. C

    Thread Phoenix Auto Tesla Style Radio - Corrupted? Recovery?

    Phoenix Auto PX6 13.6" Hello, Well.... after only being installed a few days - some crashes - odd behavior - the unit seems dead... I was changing the "Car type" image per their instructions - basically a new image file with a particular name on the flash root of the OS - reboot - However, I...
  37. VD171

    Thread [GUIDE][UNLOCK] How to restore the state of UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER in MERLIN (Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G / Xiaomi Redmi Note 9)

    It works with: - Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G - Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 - Probably some others Xiaomi devices How to backup: Step 1: Unlock your bootloader. Step 2: Backup partition: seccfg You can backup it using the SP FLASH TOOL, TWRP or copy it with DD, you can do what you prefer. Keep it in your...
  38. VD171

    Thread [GUIDE][UNLOCK] How to restore the state of UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER in MERLIN (Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 / Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G)

    It works with: - Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 - Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G - Probably some others Xiaomi devices How to backup: Step 1: Unlock your bootloader. Step 2: Backup partition: seccfg You can backup it using the SP FLASH TOOL, TWRP or copy it with DD, you can do what you prefer. Keep it in your...
  39. jareczex

    Thread How I can restore partition size to original?

    When i was uploading new rom, partitions connect to one. Many roms have a problems with this. Second partition has a 0MB size. I try upload stock rom by flashtool and no results. I want to restore original size. How I can do this? My phone is sony xperia lt30p.
  40. G

    Thread Spyware of Phone

    Hello, I'm hoping that someone here will be able to help to do one or more of the following things: 1) Complete data recovery of Samsung Galaxy S9 snapdragon 2) Bypass pattern lock A partner against whom I have a restraining order purchased this phone for me and I have since become aware that...
  41. dynamikd

    Thread Google 1 Text Message Restore.

    I use SMS Backup Restore too. It's a solid app. This time I just used a USB-C cable to transfer from my Pixel 2 to the Pixel 5. It wen't quickly, worked perfectly.
  42. fireeyeeian

    Thread Does Twrp nandroid backup actually work on the 6t?

    Device details: Oneplus 6t (oos: 10.3.5) Twrp version "3.4.0-2-fajita" magisk version 21 So back in 2019 when I first got the 6t I immediately installed twrp but soon found out that the main reason I had gotten twrp wasn't even working. Here are some of my post I made back then about this...
  43. LoganDark

    Thread Help RESTORING backup, "extractTarFork() process ended with ERROR: 255"

    NOTE THIS IS NOT "UNABLE TO BACK UP" THIS IS "UNABLE TO RESTORE" Lots of people on this forum, and lots of people on the internet have errors trying to back up because of this dreaded error 255. But, for me, the backup was fine, but now I can't restore. This is a huge problem because I just...
  44. L

    Thread Retrieving messages from Signal from backup

    I made a backup using TWRP and restored just the data partition. Most things work but when I open Signal Messenger it just flashes and closes. Any idea how to fix it or get the messages off? Would it make a different if I installed the app before restoring from TWRP? I came from stock Android to...
  45. blksith0

    Thread From Android N ➔ 10, restoring from TB

    Hello. It's been about 5 years, and a lot has changed: -twrp is broken, fastboot fun times -I've got to go "systemless" root for Google pay & safety net -there's partitions A and B to worry about But my main question is, with these things in mind, how am I going to restore from a TB backup from...
  46. A

    Thread OrangeFox Restore Failed

    Hello Everyone! When I was restoring one of my OrangeFox 10.1_1_stable backups, My device went-off almost in the middle of the backup. I somehow managed to bring it alive. But when I restored my backup with TWRP 3.2.3-1 recovery, it was restored perfectly, and the system booted. I had posted my...
  47. K

    Thread Backup & Restore MFA Apps Data (FortiToken)

    Hello all, I am using my device (MI A2) as my daily driver, I love flashing ROMs, trying new ROMs & mods, etc. But recently I joined a company that requires me to connect to their network through VPN & for authenticating we are required to enter a code from an MFA app (FortiToken) kind of like...
  48. M

    Thread Phone isn't encrypted, but thinks it is after Nandroid restore

    I'm trying to move to a 3T I just bought with a fresher battery than my fading daily driver. I installed Lineage on it and wasn't happy with the overall bugginess, so I did a full wipe and installed the final factory image of 9.0.6. Once I did that I restored a Nandroid backup I took on my daily...
  49. SlickStretch

    Thread Titanium Backup cannot restore any uninstalled apps

    I have granted root access with Magisk, and I'm using the paid PRO version of Titanium Backup. The app can freeze/unfreeze apps fine, and it (seems to) backup apps fine. But, whenever I try to restore an uninstalled app, it says "Restoring App+Data" and never progresses further. I have to force...
  50. B

    Thread How to clone an S7 to another S7?

    Hi, Short: How to clone an S7 to another S7? Long: I want to transfer everything from my old S7 to a new S7. Both are G930F. What I did: - full NAND Backup with TWRP to external sdcard - copy internal storage to external sdcard - root and full wipe new S7 - restore NAND backup and internal...