1. D

    Thread Has anyone found working "persist" for g5s plus ?

    I didn't backup persist before flashing/wiping my phone and now, I have lost VoLTE. It is because of missing persist(verified). If anyone has found a working persist, Please share it !
  2. SuperSaket

    Thread What is difference between Sanders and Retin?

    Well it may be nooby for me to ask such question idk but I googled and haven't found answers.:confused: So what is the difference between the both? I am a Indian User so which one is preferred? Also my software channel right now in my hardware information is retin. So if i flash a sanders...
  3. M

    Thread update moto z play, retin, rooted.... showing error in recovery

    Hey guys, i have a retin ver of moto z play... Unlocked, rooted via magisk & running nougat on january security patch.... Everyrhing is working great... I recieved an OTA a long time ago but cudnt find the time to install & update my phone... I have recieved an update which fixes notification...