1. gravitycodegravity

    Thread {CLOSED} Gun Weapon Simulator Pro

    Start your journey through the world of weapons with Gun Weapon Simulator Pro. With this gun simulator you will have modified simulations of some of the most famous weapons. With realistic gun sound effects and with huge selection of the most popular guns and best visual effects this firearms...
  2. gravitycodegravity

    Thread eWeapons Toy Guns Simulator

    Start your journey through the world of toy guns with eWeapons Toy Guns Simulator. If you love playing gun games, then with this toy gun simulator they will have the best virtual toy weapons made for you. This weapon simulator will bring something totally new to you. eWeapons Toy Guns Simulator...
  3. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Chiappa Rhino Revolver Sim

    Chiappa Rhino Revolver Sim is a new gun simulator app for Android! Inspired with great Chiappa revolvers, we came up with an idea to make this weapon simulator that will realistically simulate the work of Chiappa Rhino. Chiappa Rhino Revolver Sim app is a weapon game that will bring you a lot...
  4. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Chiappa Firearms Gun Simulator

    Chiappa Firearms Gun Simulator is a new weapon simulator for Android and you can have it for free if you decide to download our guns app. We have made this gun simulator for all of those weapon guns lovers out there and especially for the admirers of Chiappa Firearms Company. In this weapon...
  5. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Zombie Camera 3D Shooter - AR Zombie Game

    Zombie Camera 3D Shooter. This simulator game is the perfect combination of zombie games, ar shooting games, weapon games and shooting games. Now you have the possibility to make your own zombie movie with your friends starring in the main roles. It is quite simple and we are sure that you will...
  6. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Shooting Range Simulator Game

    Experience shooting simulation like no other in Shooting Range Simulator Game Have you always wanted to become the best shooter and shoot from realistic weapons? The Shooting Range Simulator game is just the right thing for you. With this weapon shooting simulator you will quickly become a pro...
  7. gravitycodegravity

    Thread eWeapons Revolver Gun Sim Guns

    Revolver Gun Sim is the perfect gun simulator for everyone who enjoys shooting. Immerse yourself into the world of guns, revolvers and other incredible and realistic weapons. It is possibly one of the most amazing and entertaining revolver simulators available. With this weapons simulator you...
  8. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Machine Gun Simulator Ultimate Firearms Simulator

    Machine Gun Simulator 2. Start your journey through the world of guns with WeaponsPro Machine Gun Simulator 2 ultimate firearms simulator. If you are a big fan of gun games, this weapon simulator will bring to your phone the best modified simulations of some of the most famous machine guns. If...
  9. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Ultimate Weapon Simulator

    Ultimate Weapon Simulator with around 25 different weapons is made just for you Here is something special for all of the gun lovers and all of you who love shooting from great firearms and weapons. At your disposal are weapons such as: vulcan m134, flintlock pistol, revolver, a pistol, a...
  10. gravitycodegravity

    Thread eWeapons™ Gun Weapon Simulator

    Try the most realistic guns on your phone with eWeapons Gun Weapon Simulator. Get inside the amazing world of guns and weapons with eWeapons Gun Weapon Simulator. This weapon simulator is made for all of those who enjoy shooting ranges and gun games. You will have the feeling like you are...
  11. M

    Thread [how to] Fix lost CWM after updating to ICS

    download the attachment RecoveryInstaller all credits to fabio for the app, comment and tell me if it worked for you, i have fabios revolver rom4 and it worked for me
  12. P

    Thread [Theme] ICSComb v.1.0.3 for Revolver 3.11.1 - 23 Jan - No Gingerbread - Online

    Hi. Honeycomb looks great and ICS is even better. But there is a problem - non-holo apps are using old Gingerbread look. Orange don't match the blue style of ICS, so I tried to hide the Gingerbread under ICS look. I used ICS theme by Andrew2511 as a base and png's from Ice Cream Sandwich...
  13. J

    Thread [Q] auto rotate issue Revolver 3.6

    I just rooted my transformer and flashed revolver 3.6 and I have noticed a very annoying problem just now. auto rotate does not work anymore. I have checked to make sure that auto rotate is on and have docked and undocked the device and the only way that I am able to change the orientation of...
  14. taha_e

    Thread [Theme] AOSP+BigDx Blue theme For KI1 Deodexed (P7500)

    This is an AOSP Honecomb+Revolver theme (thanks to Vertumus for AOSP and KingDavid63 for Revolver theme on Asus transformer and BIGDX for creating the lovely themes) ********************************* Important note: This patch is only for Deodexed KI1 Rom (p7500) do not install this on...
  15. KingDavid63

    Thread [Theme] Theme X v1.1 for Revolver v3.0 - v3.2 [9/14/11]

    This is a theme originally by BigDX from the Xoom Forums, all the photos are from his thread also but they are identical in the looks dept, I at one time had a Xoom and I use to rock his theme, so I figured I could port it for us to use on the Transformer. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I...
  16. DroidRevenge

    Thread [q] dispotic roach act must to be cancelled

    Roach has forced to delete REVOLVER thread without asking explanations to the author GNUFABIO. It is a shame! It is a dispotic act! Admins why have you deleted that thread so IMMEDIATLY? 10x
  17. gnufabio

    Thread [ROM] Revolver by Gnufabio | 3.11.1 - HC3B1 | Jan 20 | FW | RevolverParts

    - Other screens Fast AS HELL Deodexed Xoom buttons by default Super slim! Fixes brought by HoneyComb 3.2 Speed up & optimizations Revolver parts, an application that allow you to get OTA updates and more Lot of features, like Battery %, Dock battery %, customized power dialog, etc...