1. P

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [APP] Quick Tap App to change Ringer (Vibrate/Silent) for P6/P6P

    Hey everyone, So since Google removed the PWR+VolUp button combo to put phones into vibrate and require multiple clicks, I had previously found the suggestion to use Quick Tap with a mute app. Since I'm personally more of a VIBRATE person (and no app exists), I created a quick and dirty app to...
  2. J

    Thread Device still rings with vibrate on

    So, me and my friend both have the oneplus 7 pro from t-mobile. My phone is rooted and his is not. Recently, we've both encountered the issue of setting our phones on vibrate via the slider on the device then, only to find, our phones will still ring. We're both on the latest 9.5.13. Anyone have...
  3. P

    Thread Tasker to control ringer volume and vibration, regardless of ringer slider position

    I used to use Tasker to control ringer volume depending on certain scenarios (eg. when my smartwatch is connected I want to have the watch on vibration only and when I leave it at home, I want ringer on). I cannot do that with 6T because of that annoying hardware ringer slider. If the slider is...
  4. S

    Thread Volume button controls ringer volume while media is playing

    I'm sitting here looking at my Spotify app on my 6P while it's playing music into my earbuds, and hitting the volume up/down buttons affects the ringer volume. What gives??? Stock ROM.
  5. Ytsejamer1

    Thread Anyone having any issue with audible ringer when on silent or vibrate?

    Hey all, I'm stock 47a, no root... Things seem to be okay with 47a, but I noticed that even if I have my phone set to vibrate or silent and someone calls, the ringer is still audible anyway. The audio levels change to the ringer at level 1. The little vibrate icon goes away as well as my...
  6. T

    Thread Ringer Volume Decreasing Issue With Every Received Call

    Every time someone calls me the ringtone starts out loud for a second then decreases to about 10%. I turn the ringer volume back to 100% and then when I get another call it does it again. If my phone isn't in my shirt pocket I never hear it ring. SM-G900A Android 5.0 Baseband G900AUCU4BF3...
  7. G

    Thread [Q] Ringer volume - Silence incoming call

    On previous devices I've been able to silence the ringer on an incoming call by hitting the volume down button on the volume rocker, but seems that all this does on the GS6 is gradually lower the volume. Is there a way to disable this? Haven't been able to find a setting for this.
  8. bassie1988

    Thread [Q][REQ]Ringer Whitelist with NFC option...

    Hi everyone,:) I've been looking for an app that activates the whitelist callers when changing my profile with NFC. I would like to use an app that lets some people, say family, call me even when my phone is in silent mode. In my case this is only when I sleep, or when in a meeting. I would...
  9. B

    Thread [Q] Is this possible to do?

    Was wondering if this was possible. If I put my phone on silent, is it possible to have certain phone #'s still ring ? Just wondering, as this was a great feature on my Blackberry.... Currently running 4.3 Thanks
  10. rwitmer

    Thread [Q] Ringer goes off on its own for no reason.

    I keep my stock phone, USA-TMO, on mute and vibrate only. I’ve noticed recently that the phone ringer will go off on its own. There is no incoming call, no alarm that is set. I get to the screen and there are no indications of what is making it ring. None of the controls seem to mute the...
  11. O

    Thread [Xposed mod] SMS In Ringer Stream

    SMS in Ringer Stream - Changes SMS audio stream of notifications from 'notification' to 'ringer' ================ This was made for Samsung Galaxy S3 and tested on it. It should work on other phones, but I can't be sure. I don't held any responsibility for any damage you do on your phone. The...
  12. H

    Thread [Q - CM10/4.1] Route notifications/ringer through headset ONLY instead of loudspeaker

    On CM10 (Android 4.1.2), when I have headphones connected, the ringer plays through both my earbuds and my phone's (AT&T Skyrocket) loudspeaker. It's really annoying. Is there any way to have the external speaker muted entirely when headphones are connected?
  13. D

    Thread [Q] Phone ringer automatically switches to silent mode

    I am having this problem with my phone. Every time I set the phone ring volume, after a while (30-60 minutes) I suddenly hear my phone vibrate and then it automatically on its own goes into silent mode with silent icon appearing in the top bar. It is very annoying to keep checking my phone to...
  14. E

    Thread [Q] Ringer Volume changes and Full screen ad pop ups.

    Hi there, Lately I have been experiencing annoying Pop up ads that will just start over my activity im at. For example: Im watching a video on youtube and all the sudden a ad pops up in my notification bar and in the middle of the screen. It happens with all other apps. And my Ringer Volume...
  15. M

    Thread [Q] Vibrate goes back to normal ringtone after a call is received.

    My wife has a Rezound, stock. I feel 90% sure we're just missing something that an easy explanation would fix. Here's the issue: Wife is in a meeting so sets phone to vibrate. Call comes in, she steps out of the metting to take it After hanging up, the vibrate setting automatically returns...
  16. I

    Thread [Q] Lock the ringer volume?

    Hey guys... Is there any way to lock the ringer/notification volume? I just wanna lock not the ringer "mode" but the ringer "volume". I need to change ringer "mode" between Sound and Vibrate. I have used Volume Locker app from Android Market. It support lock the volume, but not allow change...
  17. nivron

    Thread [MOD]/[HOWTO] Remove Ascending Ringtone Volume (EG30, Others Similar)

    Greetings and Salutations, Epic 4G Touch Owners and other curious parties! Disclaimer: Just reading this may cause your head to burst, your phone to catch fire, dogs and cats may do the tango! I am not responsible for any bad stuff that happens from you reading or acting on the information in...
  18. M

    Thread Skype ringer too low

    I tried calling my first Skype account in my Nexus S using my 2nd account from my PC, and the ringer sound in the Nexus is really really low. The volume is max already. I think it's sa bug or something, I'm not sure. Anyone knows a fix? any options I'm missing? thanks!
  19. K

    Thread [APP] Link Ringer Volume to Notification Volume

    In case other people were sad about the missing feature of linking their ringer volume to the notification volume in some roms...there's another app that has been around for quite a while that will do this for you. It's called "Quick Settings" which will not only let you do this, but has some...
  20. hippotek

    Thread Ringer Volume... [Q]

    Hi evreybody! I am currently running Bi-Winning V2... before that Simply Honey (2.5, 2.72) and Loki 2.41a... All of them have one thing in common: The ringer volume, even maxed out, is very low. I remember, on stock, the volume was LOUD. VERY LOUD. Could it be that this is related to voodoo?!?
  21. G

    Thread [Q] custom ring tone

    Hi, Currently I have custom ring tone in SDCARD/ringtones. It works OK until I mount SD card as Disk drive. Then it lost it. Is it possible to move ringtone to phone memory without root? Where should I put it ? Regards, Ales
  22. S

    Thread No speakerphone and the phone doesn't ring

    Hi, I recently installed AOSP Gingerbread 20110120 on my HTC Hero and it was working well until I attempted to install Sprint Visual Voicemail. Speakerphone doesn't work and my phone doesn't ring when I receive calls (the volume setting are high). I installed the latest Gingerbread which I...
  23. Y

    Thread [Q] TrulyEpic Sound issues

    I did a clean wipe and install of TrulyEpic Rebirth v1.5 The last few days I've been having sound issues. The ringer and other system sounds and music come out of the earpiece and not the rear speaker. When I reboot it works for a few hours but then ultimately I get the same issue again...
  24. C

    Thread [Q] no phone ringer using Phoenix Rising 4.1

    My husband updated my AT&T Galaxy S to Phoenix Rising 4.1. It has worked great for a week now that he is out of country my ringer for the telephone doesn't work. It notifies me for texts, email and voice mail but not when the phone rings. He has to text me to tell me he is going to call. I have...
  25. L

    Thread [Q] No ringer tone while connected to bluetooth

    Hello All, Whenever my N1 connects to bluetooth in the car, the volume of the ringer goes off (although set to maximum). I cannot hear the dialing tone neither the directions from the GPS navigation software. How can it be fixed ? I am using TheOfficial Nexus1 v2.13.2 Thanks
  26. R

    Thread HTC Tilt2 Ringer Volume Fades *HELP*

    Hey everyone, first of all, I wanna say a big THANK YOU to all the chefs on here and all the other xda members. You guys save me from dealing with the suckish ways that all the phones I buy are set up (which apparently these companies think are good... hahaha, yeah...). Well anyway, got a bit...
  27. A

    Thread Having a hard time controlling sound/vibration settings

    I accidentally deleted the .cab for the HTC 5 button today screen; when I reinstalled it, the tab for controlling sound profiles was practically non-functional. How can I reestablish the sound/vibrate control without constantly adjusting it in the seperate phone and message settings window?
  28. E

    Thread Ringer quits

    I have had a Touch Cruise for many months. I have had an ongoing problem with the ringer. About every two weeks the ringer quits. The vibrator works, but the ringer quits. The phone makes noise for various other operations. The only way to get the ringer back is do a hard reset. Any ideas? Eric:(
  29. sahoopes

    Thread [Nov 5 08] Totally Control Your Ring - Create unlimited ring profiles

    Development has ended. Sound Option Builder BETA :cool: DONATE FOR SOB SOB allows complete control of how your phone responds to an incoming call. With SOB you can edit the script used by your phone when a call is received. This script, and the associated sound file (MP3 or WAV) results in...
  30. C

    Thread Kaiser ringer randomly swithces to vibrate! HELP!

    This is my first time using this site and it's great! I'm sorry for any stupid questions I ask that may have been answered somewhere else already. I have the ATT Tilt/HTC Kaiser 8925 and love it...recently the ringer randomly switches to vibrate. It does it sometimes when I'm using the...