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  1. Stargovic

    Thread Need help with Winca s160 android version update

    Hello Many years ago I bought s160 head unit for my hyundai i30 Today after 5 years i desided to install it not too late I guess 😑 Any way it’s android os 4.4 not supported for most apps Can someone help me to update it at-least to android 5 I will be thankful for you
  2. J

    Thread [KERNEL] FiiO X5iii custom kernel (RK3188) | 2016MHz | ZRAM | ZCACHE | AROMA

    Dear xda community Following on from the work done to date in the active community in the head-fi.org forum, I have decided to post this work on xda to share the work done so far and, well, also elicit help from the best technical community I've spoken to in the past. This thread will solely...