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rog 2

  1. Divkix

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] Evolution X 5.9.1 [I001D][Android 11 R]

    Evolution-X 5.9 for the Asus ROG Phone 2 [I001D] /* * Your warranty is void. Or vaild, probably? * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, Ebolation X, * thermonuclear war, or the current economic crisis caused by you following * these directions. YOU are choosing to...
  2. realnsleo

    Thread Getting Failed to clear BCB message: failed to open /dev/block/boot/device/by-name/misc: No such file or directory after phone crash

    Hi everyone, While using my Rog Phone 2, it became unresponsive all of a sudden. I struggled to get it to reboot but unfortunately it got a boot loop. I thought I would go into recovery and wipe, but I get the error: Failed to clear BCB message: failed to open...
  3. Nazmush Sahadot Safin

    Thread How to remove Chinese bloatware and chinese language from ROG 2?

    Ok, so recently I have converted my WW rom to CN rom for better performance. But now I'm having a new issue. which is, all those Chinese language and bloatware in the CN rom. I want to keep the CN rom, but use it as like WW rom, I mean, no unnecessary Chinese popups or language which I'll never...
  4. deadlyindian

    Thread ASUS ROG Phone 3 Variants

    Looks like there's so many variants out there, with different versions for different regions its all very confusing. Better wait for few more months guys, there's no clear information regarding which region will have which version bands because there are global variant of the device with both...
  5. abraarukuk

    Thread no flashlight when using OTG in low battery ROG 2

    whenever it hit 15% below charge this message shows , i can't do anything, is it related to software issue or hardware? fast charging completely not working.
  6. D

    Thread ROG 2 shuts down when charging

    Has anyone had an issue when charging their phone? Mine turns off when I charge a few minutes. Started when I upgrade to Android 10. It still persists when I tried downgrading to Android 9. UPDATE: Seems like others are having the same issue. Phone overheats when using the 18w or 30w charger...