1. Apostol_Elite

    Thread Rog 2 mystically died....

    I reboot my phone and rog died...:unsure: rog phone have black screen and when connected to a computer, it is defined as qualcomm 9008. when charging, it does not react in any way, only black screen. i try hold vol+ + vol- + pwr (rog reboot and again qualcomm 9008 and black screen). Help me pls...
  2. husen4u

    Thread Best Sound Settings for Pubg?

    I am using Logitech G432 Headset. I am looking for some EQ settings for pubg. Please share if you are using some good settings. Thanks
  3. husen4u

    Thread Looking For Good Gaming Headset?

    I am looking for a good gaming headset to play pubg on my ROG2. I am confused which one to buy. My budget is around 100-120$ Max. I googled some headsets some have DTS X support which our phone also support it will make difference?
  4. krkdesigns

    Thread Asus ROG Phone Express your feelings

    I purchased Asus ROG Phone 1 the day it was released in India with a lot of high expectation and being a ROG PC user I was extremely excited. Days passed and the phone started having issues, not 1, not 2, not 3 but several issues. Waited more than a year for one Android update 9 (Most of the...
  5. D

    Thread Making an app for the 2nd LED flash.

    the RGB led on the back are sitting doing nothing. the kernel sources are available. can somebody tell me what APIs i can use to make an app which lights on the 2nd led flash. :)
  6. J

    Thread Cant update fota ww rom

    Hi guys I am using tencent rog2 with ww rom and ww fingerprint. But still unable to update using ota. Attached is when it happen and with my device info having ww fingerprint. Any help is appreciated much :good: