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  1. G

    Thread Question HELP!!!!

    I relocked bootloader and now phone won't boot past bootloader. It's only giving options to "start/ recovery/ restart bootloader/ power off" Phone is getting recognised in fastboot, but since I relocked bootloader I can't flash anything at all. Kindly help me what I can do for this mess. I tried...
  2. Rashad83

    Thread General The Bezels of the ROG 5 aren't Symmetrical!

    Greetings, so I have been a proud owner of the ROG series since the beginning, I have owned the original ROG, and currently I still own the ROG 2 & 5. I haven't owned the ROG 3 because it wasn't much of an upgrade from the 2 and there were compromises as we all know with the headphone jack...
  3. meergohram

    Thread Question HOW to mask or appear my device as a oneplus device to unlock 90fps.

    Hi i have rog 5 rooted. and i wanted to play pubg at 90fps i tried different modules but none worked. now I'm looking for a module that can make pubg think I'm using a one plus device so I can unlock 90fps. thanks in advacne