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  1. I

    Thread Question Whats the most lightweight rom available?

    Performance isnt great on my a12 with only 2g ram and 32gb storage
  2. J

    Thread Which ROM for J500FN for battery & performance?

    I have: - SM-J500FN phone - Android 6.0.1 (stock Samsung) Specs: - 1.5 GB RAM - 8 GB internal memory - 2 GB /system, 4.7 GB /data - KNOX 0x1 I need: - long battery life - low RAM usage - ANT+ must work - Bluetooth LE must work - GPS must work accurate - more space for apps (needs...
  3. S

    Thread [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] [7.1.2] LineageOS 14.1 [20-11-2021]

    DISCLAIMER: 1. If you don't know anything about custom ROMs please don't install this ROM. 2. If anything happens to your phone, or you brick your phone after installing this ROM, I will not be responsible for any damage whatsoever. 3. Your phone warranty may be void. NON-LINEAGE CHANGES: 1...
  4. E

    Thread HELP needed - root/unlock a meeting room device

    Hello all, I have some leftover Condeco T201502 V2 meeting room devices, which were for a project that is no longer in place. They use some sort of custom ROM based on an app interface. I would like to repurpose them to something else, but in order to do that, I need to unlock them and slap...
  5. A

    Thread Lineage18.1 (Forces Encryption Password & Boot Loops)

    Everytime I flash a rom it requires me to input a password to unlock encryption. In order to break encryption I have to flash Oreo rom. After flashing Oreo rom to break encryption I am able to flash lineage16 and lineage17rom without any issues. However everytime I flash lineage18.1 it brings...
  6. I

    Thread Question Can I flash Official Redmi Note 10 Pro Rom in Redmi Note 10 pro Max??

    Hi Dear All, How Are You All.Hope All you are well By Grace Almighty. i'm Living in Bangladesh. And here Xioami indian Variant Phone's are available. I wanted to buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 pro 108 Megapixel International Variant But Alas!! Not available in here.Then i decided to Buy Xiaomi Redmi...
  7. B

    Thread Question Custom ROM for SM-G9960

    Which custom ROM considered to be best for SM-G9960 ?
  8. T

    Thread [HELP] Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus TB-8704X bricked, LMSA restore fails and lost twrp backup

    Hello, so the other day, i was messing around with TWRP on my TB-8704X and i somehow managed to get it completely broken, lineage was not loading in, LSMA restores keep failing, QFIL returns a Sahara error and on top of that, my TWRP system backup got lost and now I have no way of getting my...
  9. Vadd99

    Thread ArcaneOS 4.0 | jink | RMX2151 [ROM][ANDROID 11][unofficial]

    ArcaneOS 4.0 JINK - UNOFFICIAL | Android 11 Updated : 11/02/'21 Maintainer : @vadd999 Device : RMX2151 Build type : gapps Download : Changelog : Credits: • Thanks to Debayan, Ashutosh and Samar for helping with the Trees as well as Phh for VoLTE fix • Thanks to Sarthak for...
  10. Z

    Thread How to unroot / flash stock rom - Jelly 2 smartphone

    Hello together, I've rooted my Jelly 2 smartphone and unlocked its bootloader (using MAGISK). It worked well and I gained root access. After that, I am not very happy with it and I want to undo it again (pls dont question that). As I am quiet a newbie in rooting, I don't really know how to...
  11. P

    Thread [Development] Android PE 12 Final installation package is generating for OnePlus7t

    Hi Everyone, Currently i am trying to build PE 12 with a new device tree, compilation was successful, however whenever it's at the 99% while creating a zip file it's failing. Can any one of the pro look into the error log and help me out? been trying different methods from past 2-3 days. I...
  12. JavierZ92

    Thread Change the factory rom HUAWEI P40

    Hello, I would like your support to resolve a question. You can change the factory rom of the p40, in my case from TELCEL (ANA-L04 - C69) to GLOBAL (ANA-L04 - C605
  13. N

    Thread [JOYEUSE][MIATOLL] Bootloop after installing AOSP extend

    Hello, I'm using OrangeFox, and when I flsh AOSP extend rom, i got a bootloop. However, i dont get any error during the installation of the rom. If someone knows how to fix it, i'll take it. Thanks.
  14. T

    Thread Is there no ROM development for this device?

    Hello all I'm just surprised to see no new ROMs for this device. It would be so nice to sport custom ROMs on this very handy phone. Also, if anyone knows about how to contribute to a ROM or maybe a beginner's guide to porting a ROM to this device, any resources would be greatly appreciated! Rgdz
  15. poulpette

    Thread What is the lightest ROM I can run on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 ?

    I'm looking into a ROM offering as much power as possible. I'm currently under MIUI12 and, even tho it's not unusable, it ain't that great either. - It's pretty laggy when using Snapchat, and switching between apps. - The keyboard often takes up to 3s to pop up. - The camera takes 4 to 5s...
  16. S

    Thread [ROM][11][TULIP] PixelExperience [UNOFFICIAL][AOSP]

    /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing...
  17. Alexsjvr1

    Thread [GSI][ROM][Pixel Experience Plus][11]One Fusion[XT2073][ROOT][TWRP]

    Hello! How are you? This is my first post on this page, and I wanted to share the method to install GSI ROM on this One Fusion, I do it at the request of a friend :) It is a simple process that does not take more than 15 minutes, come on! ! SDK tools platform Windows - Mac OS - Linux Windows...
  18. fauxredpanda

    Thread SamFirm/Updato Alternative

    Greetings, I'm trying to reflash my ROM because I have a feeling that there is something suspicious lurking in there(or this could just be paranoia), so I was wondering whether there is anyone out there who would be able to guide me to a place where they provide the latest firmware for my...
  19. K

    Thread Android auto device problem

    Hi guys ! I have this question for you. I have an Android car radio that can be seen in the pictures. It has the rk3066-eng 4.4.4 23022016 rom installed on it. I don't know what manufacturer the radio is, but I suspect it's Chinese. Its specification is as follows: Kernel version : 3.0.36+...
  20. M

    Thread Redmi 10/10 Prime (Selene) Global ROMs and Flashing.

    Introductions: Xiaomi Redmi 10 / 10 Prime with codename selene with model names 21061119AG, 21061119AL, 21061119BI includes Global Firmware (Global ROM) which can be flashed with clean all and lock methods. Currently available firmware are Global, Indian, Indonesian(Indo), Taiwan, European(EEA)...
  21. L

    Thread Looking for someone to create custom Android ROM for me

    As the title say, I'm looking for someone to build a custom Android ROM for me. Where would the best place be to look for someone who could do that for me? Or are there any freelancers on here that build custom ROMS?
  22. R

    Thread [ROM][11][FORK][UNOFFICIAL] ForkLineageOS 18.1 [VINCE]

    * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. * Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it! * YOU are the one choosing to make these...
  23. T

    Thread [Looking for a ROM] Anyone still have a copy of Blackout ICS Incredible v4.0 sitting around?

    Hi there! I know this specific development forum is largely dead now, but I've been searching for a few months for Blackout ICS Incredible 4.0. The original dev-host link is long-dead, and the file doesn't seem to be mirrored anywhere save for the occasional baidu netdisk link. So, for the sake...
  24. VHasCome2

    Thread Does flashing a custom ROM mitigate the deadboot issue on an M3 that has been repaired by the service center?

    I just bought a used M3 from my neighbor for $60, comes with its original box and all. They were very honest about its condition so I was aware of its background and issues before making the purchase. Here's the background of the phone: The unit was bought back in March 2021 as a gift for...
  25. pixie_laluna

    Thread Error when flashing two official ROMs - Error Validating Footer, help ?

    I tried to re-flash my A50s with its original stock rom (from this website). I have tried these 2 roms : A507FNXXU5DUG4 (Android 11) A507FNXXU5CUB1 (Android 10) Both failed to be flashed properly and sent me back to Download Mode with this error : ODIN MODE (AVB Fail) system : Error validating...
  26. M

    Thread Unlocking Oculus Go

    https://developer.oculus.com/blog/unlocking-oculus-go/ Now that we have an unlocked bootloader officially provided from Facebook, what can we do that we couldn't before? https://reddit.com/r/oculusgo and the related discord room at https://discord.gg/HVahbueBkT have been puzzling over it, but...
  27. official_pro

    Thread [OFFICIAL][12.0] PROJECT ELIXIR for Realme XT [RMX1921] [ROM][AOSP]

    * Your warranty is now void. * We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone by installing any custom ROMs and/or kernels. * You do it at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself and you are not to blame us or XDA and its respected developers. "This is a...
  28. Crazy_Tux

    Thread Is There a LineageOS ROM that supporting galaxy note 10 lite ?

    I have tried to find a LineageOS ROM for galaxy note 10 lite aka SM-N770F but i did not find any. Is there a ROM for this device or does other Galaxy note 10 ROMS support the galaxy note 10 device ?
  29. rich002

    Thread Please Delete

    Hi guys, so my phone is redmi 3s and am currently using aosp extended rom v7.3 (android 10). But all the sensor not working along with the gps, the only one sensor that working is magnetometer. any idea how to fix this?
  30. imkofficial

    Thread Xperia Xz premium not flashing

    Hi guys, can someone help me: first i had my xperia xz premium 1 sim, but i never got updates so i downloaded android 9 firmware and tried to flash using sony flashtool but as soon it ask to connect the phone i had a power outage, so everytime i tried after i get error getvar: max download...
  31. elSchriller

    Thread Realme 7 pro stock ROM MSM Download tool

    Hi! I cant enter the MSM Download Tool app provided in ROMs folder. Does anyone know hoy to solve it? I need to unbrick my phone
  32. sourav24071999

    Thread [ROM][12.0][VIOLET] Project Elixir [OFFICIAL] [Twelve][AOSP]

    * Your warranty is now void. * We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone by installing any custom ROMs and/or kernels. * You do it at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself and you are not to blame us or XDA and its respected developers. "This is a...
  33. xLexip

    Thread [BETA] [12.0] Pixel Experience 12 - OnePlus 5 & 5T [DUMPLING + CHEESEBURGER]

    Go to Pixel Experience 11 instead. Download Installation & Updates Release Notes & Changelog Screenshots Known Issues Frequent Questions & Problems News Channel & Support Chat besides XDA lexip.dev/pe BUILD STATUS: ALPHA ROM OS VERSION: Android 12.0 SECURITY PATCH LEVEL: Monthly...
  34. B

    Thread Custom ROM Choice

    Hi , I'm a Galaxy A51 user with 6GB RAM and 128GB Storage. I've been facing alot of lag and freeze and slow animations with Android 11 and the downgrade to Android 10 is no longer possible. So I'm looking for a stable Custom ROM (Camera , Fingerprints working etc ... ) . Any suggestions ?
  35. F

    Thread Question Vodafone Redmi Note 10 5G unlocking

    I have just got Vodafone Redmi Note 10 5G that currently has these: Model M2103K1 MIUI Global 12.0.5Stable Octa-core MAX2.2G Android 11 RP1A.200720.0 Android security update 1021-07-01 Baseband version MOLY.NR15.R2.MP.V4.3.P46 Kernel version 4.14.186-perf-g5799a62cc17b Now I...
  36. S

    Thread Find CSC code without turning on the device? Flashing S8 in boot loop with Home_CSC, no root

    My S8 G950F got stuck in a boot loop after an update. At first it would try to install updates on boot, then reboot, start turning on with "optimising apps" message but start rebooting again once the app count is finished. Now it shows "no command" after trying to install update on boot and goes...
  37. Alex2008Ex

    Thread Question Help porting LineageOS (or any rom) for ROG Phone 5

    Hi, I wanted to port LineageOS for my ROG Phone 5 but I don't know how to code C++. We already have vendor and kernel from official website but we don't have a device tree (we have but for TWRP not Android). So I was wondering if someone would help me porting a rom for this phone. Thanks by...
  38. corehckd

    Thread How to update or add custom rom to Vodafone Smart Tab II 7?

    Hello, I have a rooted Vodafone Smart Tab II 7 (basically Lenovo A2107A) running Android 4.0.4. It doesn't seem to have a recovery, just diagnostics and reset as I see, I would like to install a newer version of android or a custom ROM that's at least based on android 5. How could I do this?
  39. alexhorner

    Thread NST/G in 2021 - Guides and Development

    Hi there, Having recently acquired a very cheap and almost new Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight, I have been searching around the XDA forum collecting together as much information as I can easily find about the device and what it runs. It is clear to me that development on the device has long...
  40. HorrorBest

    Thread Help finding a ROM

    Hey guys, I have a old tablet "Asus" and the only thing I know about it is the Model which is "k00F" also its a **LTE model** I searched Online and found a lot of roms but Im not sure if they are for my tablet cause I don't know the device id like EXAMPLE: (ME102A) and I don't know where to find...
  41. cheger32

    Thread [ROM][Android 11][UNOFFICIAL]LineageOS 18.1[LG G8][alphalm]

    LineageOS 18.1 (Android 11) for US LG G8 (G820*) LineageOS (also known as “Lineage”) is a free and open-source operating system based on Android. It is the successor to the custom ROM CyanogenMod. #include "std_disclaimer.h" /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for...
  42. Xtreme.Ornob

    Thread [ROM][12.0.0_r13][BERYLLIUM] ArrowOS 12.0 [STABLE][COMMUNITY][UNOFFICIAL]

    ArrowOS /* * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these...
  43. Pranav Temkar

    Thread [ROM][raphael][12.0] VoltageOS [OFFICIAL]

    VoltageOS 12.0 for Redmi K20 Pro ABOUT Greetings, interested users! You have reached the gateway of a simplistic, no frills pure AOSP experience that will not let you down in getting through every day uninterrupted by inconveniences, with just the right dab of customizations. Be it requiring...
  44. D

    Thread Install a custom firmware/ROM on Noise Active Smartwatch

    Hey guys is there any way I can install a custom OS like Wear OS on my Noise Active Smart Watch? I don't like the OS that came up with this. any links or information to the correct resource is highly appreciated. I'm new to this world I did a bit of installing custom ROM on phones. Not sure It's...
  45. keiian

    Thread Question Looking for a stable official rom

    I need an official native rom that can be used stably, preferably Google. This is very important to me. Miui makes me feel bad. Can anyone recommend it to me.:)
  46. Y

    Thread Development help is needed for the Android 12 migration of GrapheneOS

    GrapheneOS is seeking assistance from those experienced with building Android apps or AOSP. Posted by In reply to someone asking what the issue is: Further:
  47. miravision

    Thread General [GSI ROMs] Please post your experience using GSI ROMs as your daily driver

    Please include GSI ROM details about how you fixed bugs or patches involved to fix issues along with reasons and results of using GSI rom instead of stock OneUI
  48. W

    Thread Android 11 ROM needed for SM-G611F

    Hello, Do you know any rom with android 11 for J7 prime 2 (SM-G611F)? Thank you.
  49. Krvps

    Thread [ROM][FASTBOOT][OP7P] Stuck in Fastboot Mode OnePlus 7 Pro

    Hello! I install Lineage OS 18.1 on my OP7 PRO, i don't like it and try to reinstall OOS. I messed up and wipe everything and now i'm stuck on fastboot mode, recovery mode doesn't work, adb is not recognized by PC. I don't now what to do, is my first time doing this and destroy everything. I...
  50. G


    Hello. I have a Note 8T phone and it hit a full brick. I can't load fastboot and recovery. The phone restarts all the time. The logo is not displayed. Tried EDL mode to flash the official firmware. Just asks for an account and I don't have one. Here I am looking for an unofficial firmware for...