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root help

  1. samjoebobtomted

    Thread Question I'm very overwhelmed please help

    The last time I rooted a phone was 3 years ago, in general whenever I try to root a phone I feel like the entire process has changed and im completely out of the loop. All i want to do is make it so i can install f.lux and youtube vanced, how do I do this? I know that I need to install magisk...
  2. Zantetsukens-cut

    Thread Been trying for over a month and can't get root on LG Phoenix 5

    So I've always had a rooted heavily moded android phone but the situation I find my self in all I'm probably going to have acsses to is a cheap LG Phoenix 5 LM-K300AM and very limited acsses to a PC. I could handle that if this phone was rooted. it is so loaded down with BS that the caches...
  3. amirhh

    Thread How To Root LG G2 (D802) Easily

    Hello everyone. actually i dont know how to root my device :( i want to root my device easily. can you help me :o ? Thanks :good:
  4. N

    Thread [Q][Resolved] Easy rooting guides and stable ROM suggessions for i9300

    Hey guys, Finally deciding to root my Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 Just a small bit of help i need :) Just reply a rooting guide for my S3 Its currently on JB 4.1.2 And please list some roms which you think are good (Im not saying the best, there is no best) I would prefer stable releases and hope it...
  5. angel7501@live.com

    Thread [Q] LG G2 D801 (Claro PR Variant) rooting?

    Hey guys, I was wondering, is there any type of root and/or rom for the Claro Puerto Rico variant of the LG G2? The model is the same as the T-Mobile one, D801. It also has LTE. Could any of you tell me if the t-mobile root would work, and if so, would a T-Mo rom work too? Here is some of...
  6. funkme021

    Thread [Q] stuck in the middle of rooting my VZW Droid Razr Maxx

    okay soo i found this thread and it only had 2 members and sorry if this is a no no, but i didn't get a reply so i thought i would start a new thread .. above is the problem that the original thread was created for and below is my problem ..bear with me, i am new to rooting the razr maxx...
  7. Ash515

    Thread Help with Root GingerBread

    Hello. I am struggling to get my Galaxy S WIFi 5.0 International Version to root, I have only tried Super One Click 2.3.3. GingerBread v2.3.6 flashed using Samsung Kies. I had Froyo v2.2.2 which was rooted i did not un root it before I updated. I have been researching it and I am struggling to...
  8. A

    Thread Looking to hire experienced person to root my sensation 4g safely

    I'm trying to find a person experienced with the careful rooting of sensation 4g phones. I would like to discuss the possibility of having my phone rooted using remote PC access (like goto my PC, I have these tools). I'd insist on compensation the right person for their time spent with a...
  9. I

    Thread How can i root after flashing a ROM?

    So here is what i did step by step: 1.Installed the Kindle Fire Utility v.0.9.6 drivers 2.Connected Kindle and waited for all drivers to install 3.Started the utility (ADB Status: online)(Boot Status: i dont remember) 4.Chose option 2 and got stuck on a "Please Wait" after the utility said it...
  10. Blackmagik426

    Thread [Q] Unroot HELP!!!! Please

    Supersonic evt2 S-Off HBOOT 6.16.1002 Mi Crop-041f Radio- March 8, 2011 Trying to unroot so i can reroot it all over properly this time.
  11. R

    Thread [Q] Functional Root for LG Revolution?

    Is there a functional root for the LG Revolution? I have seen multiple posts for individuals having problems rooting the Revo after getting the newest update. I am getting my Revolution tomorrow, and I hope to be able to root it ASAP. I would appreciate any help. Preferably a safe method...
  12. jamcar

    Thread [Q] rooting

    ok zo i have the htc evo 4G and i want to root it. what can i use to do that i know there's unrevoked3 but what version of android does it work on? what else is there and what version do they work on? (z4root or super1click) what the plus and minus about each one. thanks
  13. A

    Thread [q] PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

    Hey guys & gals. I hope someone can help me... I have a samsung galaxy s 4g locked onto tmo service. Can someone please help me root and unlock my phone? Ive been searching for super oneclick and I cant find a link to one that will work on froyo. Please send me a link instructions anything that...
  14. B

    Thread showcase help

    I followed the showcase step by step Rom/kernel and I'm stuck in a pickle I have no marketplace no third party apps and no room on my phone to add anything I still have super user fcs on twlauncher but everthing else still works as far as i know haven't flashed any Roms or kernels cwm is not...
  15. Z

    Thread [Q] Rooting Help HTC mytouch slide

    Ok well Iam haveing problems rooting the mytouch slide adb errors saying no device found with this method: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=754020 I have the sdk with all the tools as far as I know.... have the slideroot folder,ESPRIMG,Simpleroot v1.3, and the slideeng-package...