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  1. H

    Thread Trying to root my ZTE ZMax Pro (Z981) from MetroPCS, keep getting stuck on Sahara error in the QFIL

    Hi all, I've been trying to root my ZTE phone for a couple of days now (using this guide: https://androidforums.com/threads/new-root-method-for-z981-zmax-pro.1284305/) but when I try to flash (?) using the QFIL, I keep getting this error: ERROR: function: sahara_rx_data:277 Unable to read...
  2. Josef0929

    Thread How do you flash a device without root and deleting data

    I was wondering if i could flash a device without root and deleting data
  3. E

    Thread Better Magisk flashing methods?

    I've seen most people on the latest roms for One Plus 7 Pro preferring to flash magisk canary by using the boot.img from the roms. Why is this method preferred over just adb sideloading the normal magisk.zip file and installing the app when booted?
  4. eqbirvin

    Thread [How-To] Root Android 11 - Bootable patched_magisk

    Hello Friends, Android 11 has finally been released for Duo 1 and the update makes this device what it should have been from the beginning. But root is always nice. Luckily Android 11 has made rooting a bit easier as well. Pre-requisites Unlocked bootloader adb/fastboot set up properly...
  5. lukacarina

    Thread Huawei P30 GSI / Project Treble possible?

    Hi, After almost 2 years of owning this awesome device, not even once i stumbled upon any rom or root solution for it. Now after all that time being desperate for any development on this device, I come here for an opinion, answer or any idea how to get anything written above on this device...
  6. A

    Thread Hisense A5 L1657.

    Hi, has anyone been able to download the latest Hisense A5 L1657. root as available in this Chinese forum? Would love to give it a go, but cannot find another source. (@joygram?)
  7. X

    Thread Question [Latest OOS C.44 EU] Rooting via Magisk/fastboot not working

    Hello all, yesterday I've updated to latest OOS LE2123_11.C.44_1440_202201182111 (Android 12). I was previously on root, so I've updated the phone via full 4GB OTA through the system updater. Everything was fine until I've tried to root by following these steps: ATTENTION: if you're a Googler...
  8. void0error

    Thread Flashed TWRP, Magisk Latest Alpha (But still some banking apps not working) - Full details here

    I'm using a POCO F1 device and I recently flashed it with TWRP as recovery and have installed the Canary build of Magisk (Alpha) with TWRP. I can confirm, the device is rooted, and using zygisk, i have hide all banking apps, google apps(Playstore, Play Services, App Store, etc). Many banking...
  9. P

    Thread unlocking bootloader Pax M30 phone, fastboot "Not implemet."

    I bought this phone because it was REAAAAAAAAAAALLY cheap: https://pagseguro.uol.com.br/para-seu-negocio/maquininhas/pagphone I turned developers mode on, activated USB debugging, rebooted into bootloader mode, and got [email protected]:~/Android/Sdk/platform-tools$ sudo $(which fastboot) flashing unlock...
  10. L

    Thread How to replace google apps with alternative softwares on Ulefone Armor X9 Pro

    Hi, I have a new Ulefone Armor X9 Pro. I am personally annoyed by all the preinstalled Google Apps like Google Play (I prefer free softwares available in FDroid for example), the Google search bar on the home screen, etc... The first thing I did is disable and force exit of all the google apps...
  11. Y

    Thread Samsung Health Access Denied. Please help

    Hello everyone, I've got a Galaxy /note 10+ like new from a relative, however, I discovered that Samsung Health app is not accessible (see the photo) I really like the device but some apps even don't work. Could you please help me to fix it? and what are my options? Device Info also is attached.
  12. TakuruKagami2021

    Thread [ROOT][MAGISK v23.0] Samsung Galaxy A03s SM-A037F

    ROM Firmware : SM-A037F_XID_A037FXXU1AUI7_fac - Unlock Bootloader ( Need ) - Wipe data - Download Mode - Flash it with Odin in AP For a tutorial on how to manually patch a rom with magisk, read this "Magisk Tutorial"
  13. D

    Thread [Question] Stuck in fastboot after flashing stock super.img

    Device: Realme GT Explorer Master Edition (rmx3366). Android - 11 stock (RUI2.0_A.15). Bootloader - unlock. Root - Magisk_canary_92546e8a (patched boot.img). 1. Backup super.img by Partitions Backup & Restore or Universal Mount SystemRW. 2. Flash stock super.img without any changes fastboot...
  14. Dazai_ozamu

    Thread Please , How can i root my LG W30??

    Hello , there is no official release of twrp recovery for my LG W30 . Is there any way to root my LG w30?? I have already tried rooting apps like kingroot and kingoroot but nothing works . My LG W30 runs on android 9 stock rom . Please help . Thank you.
  15. T

    Thread It's possible to root HONOR 20/Huawei Nova 5T yet?

    Hi, I was wondering if unlock this phone bootloader and root is possible in january 2022?
  16. H

    Thread How To Guide [Guide] Root Pixel 6 (Android 12) with Magisk

    [Guide] Root Pixel 6 Android 12 with Magisk + Unlock/Lock Bootloader + More Android Security Bulletin—January 2022 Pixel Update Bulletin—January 2022 Introduction This Guide is for Pixel 6 owners that want to Root their phone, and enjoy the benefits of rooting it without installing a Custom...
  17. Relected

    Thread there is something wrong with my huawei firmware

    I was able to extract UPDATE.APP and all of the files in it, but for some reason files are missing some characters like ERECOVERY_RAMDI.img and RECOVERY_RAMDI.img weird enough I had RAMDISK.img without the weird misspellings, is this normal? can I still flash that UPDATE firmware? EDIT: also...
  18. X

    Thread How to route entire traffic over VPN or Proxy on Android?

    Hello! I am using a Sony Tablet with android 6.0 on it. It's fully rooted! Now I would like to know whether it is possible to transfer the entire data of all apps but also of the system (e.g. time synchronization, system update, etc.) via a VPN and/or proxy, if the data transfer runs over the...
  19. AikoCZ

    Thread [Root] I need help

    I waana root my phone. Device: Liber(Motorola One Fusion plus) OEM: Unlocked Fastboot unlocked twrp: twrp-3.5.2_10-0-liber.img Root: SuperSU-v2.82-20171001224502.zip installation error: at photo
  20. danteh11

    Thread Just bought a new head unit and installed tlink for wireless carplay but apparently it needs root to work, how do i root android 10?

    i tried using kingoroot and it gets stuck at 90% and then does nothing. Im hearing a lot about magisk but have no idea how to do it so if someone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  21. Relected

    Thread is my phone realy that rare?

    i have a huawei y9 2018 (fla-lx1) and i cant seem to find neither magisk support or a twrp img at least my phone is treble compatible with VNDK 28 with SAR support (a-only) i got an unofficial twrp image from unofficial twrp but i feel like it will do more bad than good ii have a gsi havoc os...
  22. rvfet

    Thread How do I know if my device have cryptominers on it?

    Hello everyone whoever reads this. I recently rooted my Redmi note 7 (it's been less than a week). Starting from yesterday I observe my internet speed slowed down dramatically. Both wifi and mobile data suspiciously got slower. My mobile data speed was somewhere about 12-20mbps and wifi speed...
  23. Relected

    Thread huawei devices can still be supported

    i have a huawei fla-lx1 and i think you can still root and use custom roms on it today the bootloader's code can be unlocked by tools such as potatonv , and my device is treble compatible with vndk 28 which means i can still install roms like havoc-os and unofficial builds of lineage os with...
  24. D

    Thread Question Root Galaxy S21 FE with Magisk?

    Hello all Since two days I'm using the new S21 FE and I'm quite happy with it. Unlocking the bootloader was quite simple. Until Custom ROMS are available I'd love to install Magisk but I couldn't find any information so far here or somewhere else. Help would be appreciated. Thank you :)
  25. Relected

    Thread unlocking bootloader

    OK I have a genuine question and if anyone can help me It would be very cool I have a Huawei Y9 2018 FLA-LX1 Kirin 659A with EMUI 9.1.0 phone and I am trying to remove my stock rom to replace it with lineageos fdroid (my phone is ported and works with GSI too) but I...
  26. Tony Stark

    Thread How To Guide [GUIDE][REALME 8] New method Unlock Bootloader, Flash TWRP and Root [RMX3085]

    Hello guys! As you all know that there is no deeptest.apk available for our device. So we have to unlock our bootloader unofficially! NOTE: IF U HAVEN'T UPGRADED AFTER A19 ROM THEN SKIP FIRST PART !!! And follow the instructions from 2nd part. So Lets Begin the Process: 1. Flashing A19...
  27. jai2410

    Thread Rooting Samsung Galaxy Active 2 for installing self-signed CA

    Hello Everyone, I have no idea how rooting is done and I looked at many links here but I didn't understood much. What I want to do: I want to capture Samsung Galaxy Active 2 (SM-R820) network traffic using MITM proxy to analyse the unencrypted network traffic. How can I install self signed CA...
  28. B

    Thread [Help] Root attempts

    Hello, I own a Samsung Galaxy S10 plus Exynos [G975F]. I was following this tutorial to root my device: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/recovery-official-3-5-0-x-twrp-for-galaxy-s10-e-5g-exynos.4180287/ using Odin. After flashing TWRP, and avb disabled vbmeta, I did wipe and formatted data...
  29. H

    Thread Root for Redmi Note 8T

    Hello, I've just installed the latest xiaomi.eu rom (MIUI 12.5) for my Redmi Note 8T (willow), now i would like to root and install magisk, someone can tell me what i need to flash for my device and rom version? Thanks in advance.
  30. F

    Thread [GUIDE][8.1.2022] RMM/KG bypass

    Please take some time and read carefully the whole post. I am not and I won`t be responsible for anything. My Mobile (S20 FE Exynos) Got Locked 7 days ago, i waited this 7 days but i got a much better solution that worked instantly Go to General management > Date and time; 2. Change...
  31. void0error

    Thread IndOASIS - Indian Bank App not working due to Root - Magisk Hide not working

    I tried to hide my root on other financial apps and everything other app is working fine. Only the IndOASISAppVTwo is not working. Attaching my screenshot:
  32. F

    Thread Question Help with black crush issue, software or hardware thing?

    Hi, i have black crush issue (it looks extremely pixelated on dark scenes), but it has a peculiarity. If i select "Vivid" on colour scheme, the display works fine. But as soon as i turn off the screen, and then turn on, the black crush appears again. I tried every option in the colour scheme...
  33. K

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [APP][ROOT][MAGISK] EasyOff for rooted devices

    this simple app simulates HW Power button, so you can simply turn screen off and lock your device just with tap on app icon.
  34. M

    Thread how to modify system.img and apply EXT4_FEATURE_RO_COMPACT_SHARED_BLOCKS to boot modded system partition?

    Hello, i have a Redmi note 9S which shipped with Android 10 out of box.. i'm using Dynamic System Updates (DSU) with unlocked bootloader to try custom roms and decided to modify some custom GSI to manually root it and customize some apps (modifications directly to system partition) but noticed...
  35. $cronos_

    Thread Hisense 4K ATV4 Rooting

    The Hisense 4K ATV4 runs Android 9 Pie. I got into Developer Options and enabled ADB. Unfortunately, the bootoader isn't unlockable, but I think that you might be able to root it using KingoRoot, or even install apps from ADB. Specs: Storage: 4 GB RAM: 1 GB Processor: ARM Cortex A55
  36. Oshim

    Thread TWRP Nandroid Backup and Restore with or without Root Status

    Hi, I am new to this forum and also new to Rooting and Flashing. Recently I rooted my Samsung Galaxy M20 device with Magisk after flashing TWRP Recovery with Odin. Now I want to take a nandroid backup (full rom backup along with all system settings and apps data). 1. On Backup menu of TWRP...
  37. redrew89

    Thread [AQT80] Sprint Slate 8 (Quanta ANS_NKS AQT80) Development Thread (Root, Recovery, etc...)

    Sprint Slate 8 (ANS_NKS AQT80) 8 Inch Tablet Files: Google Drive <Includes dumps of stock boot, recovery, splash. Attempted TWRP 3.6.0 build> I recently had one of these ancient tablets come into my possession, and like any good nerd, I set out to hack it as much as possible. Admittedly, I...
  38. A.Priori

    Thread Question No updates in playstore

    Anyone else having issues with apps not updating in the play store? If so, any fixes? I'm on P6P and latest update.
  39. jututt

    Thread Trichrome Library multiple versions installed (root) [poll]

    As discussed here I found a lot (more than 50) of com.google.android.trichromelibrary folders in /data/app/, having the increasing version number suffix. I deleted everything but last version number with no problem, freed around 3 gb. Probably I had that many because did not have a system...
  40. nversion2.2

    Thread Blaupunkt Santa Rosa 980 || Android 9 head unit || Custom ROM/Root Access/Custom Recovery || Help needed

    Hi, I am looking for some help in troubleshooting my android car head unit. I’ve been using the Blaupunkt Santa Rosa 980 (9-inch variant) for over a month now. The system on its own is good – fast, responsive. But the manufacturer has limited a lot of settings and features, which makes it...
  41. A

    Thread Question How to gain root access PLUS pass Safety Net

    Hi All, Received this phone a couple of weeks ago and have successfully unlocked the bootloader. I've also obtained root access, but have never been able to pass SafetyNet. The traditional methods do nothing. Have made various attempts using suggestions here on XDA, as well as searching...
  42. S

    Thread Is there any kind of separate app sound app for non samsung Android phones?

    I would like to know if currently there is a way to get Samsung´s separate sound feature like this one on other Android phones, in my case an OnePlus phone. Also, if it´s possible to modify android to also allow multiple audio app playback (like playing spotify and youtube at the same time). Is...
  43. Gendows

    Thread Question How to Unlock the bootloader of oppo reno 6 5g

    Hi everyone, I wonder if there is any free solution to unlock the bootloader of the oppo reno 6 5G, i need to root my device but i couldn't unlock the bootloader If anyone have solutions for those points that would be useful till we can root. 1- call recorder (that can record both sides...
  44. sanrivera

    Thread Question Poco F3 Root

    Hey folks, I'm looking to root my f3 to try and solve a problem with the 4G bands that is causing signal loss. Is there a way to root this device without a Windows machine? I don't have one since I use macos... I tried KingRoot with no success so far.
  45. Shoitah

    Thread TWRP for the new cat flip phone?

    The novel CAT S22 Flip was released in September, and is pretty much the only of its kind. It actually has an unlocked bootloader, and I was excited to try to root it. However, there's no version of TWRP designed specifically for it! Having never rooted anything before, does anyone know my...
  46. Nilog

    Thread Rooting Tecno Spark 8P

    Greetings everyone! I bought a tecno spark 8p the other day. Is it possible to rooting it? And are there any custom firmware?
  47. kilgharrah18

    Thread Rooted device: Unable to pass Safetynet, Netflix device failure (501.-109), RTLPlay (Belgium App) Freeze...

    Hello everyone. Sorry for my bad English, i'm Belgian. So, recently, I installed LineageOS GSI on my old Huawei P20 Lite. I rooted it because i want to test some apps before installing custom rom on my actual phone (Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro) So, for my banking apps, i need to install magisk and...
  48. i3GX

    Thread What Am I Doing Wrong? (Rooting/Bootloader Unlocking)

    Hopefully someone here can help me through my problem, Device Details: BLU G60/BLU VIVO X6 Android 9/Pie OEM Unlocking: Allowed USB Debugging: Enabled Hey, I'm pretty new to this way of customizing my phone (adb, root, roms etc), and I'm trying to root my phone with Magisk. I have a patched...
  49. ViduzZz

    Thread Question SafetyNet ctsProfile failing to pass

    Hey guys, I could really use your help with this. I'm on Zenfone 8 Flip, but that shouldn't really matter in this case. I tried every possible thing I found online, every fix but nothing seems to work. I can pass basicIntegrity check, but nothing works on ctsProfile. I'm on stock rooted ROM...
  50. double b26

    Thread Umidigi A7 Pro 128GB Global [Magisk Root Help?]

    to cut to the chase, i have this Umidigi A7 Pro [128gb, global, non-eea rom] that im trying to root. ive hit a snag with Magisk patching. at this point, and after much tribulation finding correct drivers, i have managed to get the bootloader unlocked [orange state notice at boot] via fastboot...