1. A

    Thread How do I correctly update my Magisk rooted Redmi Note 9 Pro (joyeuse)?

    Goodevening everyone, I've rooted my phone two months ago and Xiaomi launched a new MIUI update for my device: V13.0.5.0.SJZEUXM, while my currently MIUI ROM is V13.0.2.0.SJZEUXM. I've been looking everywhere for guides and tutorials on how to correctly and safely update my phone while also...
  2. markusmeroy

    Thread root regarding supersu zip file and magisk zip file usint twrp

    need help guys the supersu works but im stuck at 57% and the magisk is signature fail im doing it with twrp and my computer with the little bit of help from some AI i got to this point but seems like i still lack some wisdom please help me
  3. N

    Thread [QUESTION] Can't Access to .Magisk Configuration File

    Greeting! Shortly before properly rooted my phone with magisk and tried to access via a decent file manager app to edit contents of magisk config file; when i reach the config file and try to change it I'm getting crash. I tried to change that folder from several different terminal and it says...
  4. WDGASTERtim

    Thread Galaxy Note 10 screen rotation stop working after rooting

    I recently rooted my galaxy note 10 with magisk and TWRP and recently noticed a defect, the screen rotation stops working, are there any solutions to this problem?
  5. B

    Thread Question How To Root First Steps with New Vivo V2124 (Y76) Phone

    Hello, I have a brand new Vivo V2124 - Y76 5G phone. 8GB/128GB. I would like to properly root it and have a nice debloated phone. I know often once turned on and forced updates occur this becomes difficult or blocked. Can anyone help me with what steps I should take and point me in the...
  6. N

    Thread Root without fastboot or bootloader commands [ Specially for phones with IMEI erased ]

    This method is for mediatek chipset devices only Rooting phone: Prerequisite : 1. Mediatek drivers Extract the zip and open Android VCOM Driver folder Run the exe files, after the installation process is complete restart your PC To check if drivers were installed and are working, turn off...
  7. Leonniar

    Thread Android Version and ROMs

    Hello guys, I want to flash a ROM, not a custom one it's a stock firmware, TWRP is installed. The ROM I want to flash is for my Device and Model but it's for android version 12 and I am currently running android 11. So my question is, do I flash like normal ? Meaning, I run the flash_all batch...
  8. Jim Tog

    Thread Simple question: Should I root?

    As the title suggests, I'm wondering whether or not it is a good idea to root my poco m3. It is running project elixir 3.5 currently.
  9. aheadofsingularity

    Thread [Q][Adaway]Is there any way to block detection of hosts modification?

    So I am having fun watching copyright-protected videos on rooted phone, but the app, name is d-anime, seems detects hosts file modification with Adaway, and shows error, which looks like “security error:this certification is untrustable”. If I disable Adaway or disable all lists of...
  10. jututt

    Thread whoami: bad uid 0

    I replaced old /system/bin/toybox with a new binary from ('] then I created symlinks with for i in $(./toybox); do ln -s toybox $i. There is su in symlinks. Now I cannot open Magisk anymore, stuck at splash screen mask. Also MiXplorer...
  11. hunter3000

    Thread How To Guide [GSI] [A13] Pixel Experience Plus for Galaxy S21 FE 5G (Snapdragon/Exynos)

    Pixel Experience Plus for Galaxy S21 FE (Snapdragon/Exynos) based on Android 13 Unlock bootloader first: Guide for flashing system image: Flash recovery for snapdragon version, i'm using: OrangeFox Recovery is also provided for exynos soc Please do everything that is written for flashing...
  12. D

    Thread Question Need Help for my Bank App

    I tired all method but still can't open it, it's even got freeze when tried to open when i use magisk hide apps
  13. sachinp81

    Thread Question No slider shown for mount system as RW

    As a part of root today i installed twrp in note 11 pro+ 5g everything works fine but mount storage not showing slider to confirm the action Anyone can help please reply
  14. SimplyGav

    Thread Help Rooting My Samsung Galaxy A11

    Hey, im a noob when it comes to this.. but i figured id ask here.. I wanna root my A11, there hasnt been an "OEM Unlock" option avalible in my dev settings.. - Model Number - SM-A115U SIM Card - T-Mobile I have a computer I have a cable/cord I am okay with wiping my phone if needed I dont...
  15. lunatic71

    Thread [GUIDE][CPH1920] Guide To Unlock Bootloader And Root Oppo AX5S

    After a lot of time and research I'm finally making a guide making it possible to root Oppo AX5S. (This tutorial is for linux, if your on windows instead of chmodding mtk_gui and running ./mtk_gui just do ./mtk_gui.bat) To Unlock Bootloader: 1. First enable OEM unlocking in developer options...
  16. S

    Thread Which Features(Stock) I would lost If I flash Custom ROM?

    Hello, Mine is Samsung Note 9 Exynos Variant. I'm still on official stock OS and haven't tried rooting till now. (Software information Pic attached below) As I bored with this OS(One UI 2.5), I wanted to flash custom room and try new One UI features. Mainly I use Secure Folder, Samsung Pass...
  17. ba11e

    Thread Question Stuck in fastboot mode

    I've made a custom boot animation magisk module that bootlooped my phone. I tried to remove it using the command and that may have worked but my new problem is that I am stuck in the bootloader. I can issue fastboot commands and flash a new boot image. But to no effect, no matter what i do...
  18. the_kenyan_developer

    Thread Tecno spark 7 pro (kf7j) root method

    Tecno spark 7 pro (kf7j) warning: these files have been tested on build with v373(contact if you do not know what this means) ## Prerequisite - Pc with adb and fastboot installed. ## Steps - Download the files provided below. - then enable developer options by tapping on build number -...
  19. winwin_the_rooting_noob

    Thread Will Magisk bootloop if i flash original boot.img back?

    Will Magisk bootloop if i flash original boot.img back? Android ver: 4.4.2 Magisk ver: 22.0 Device: Casper VIA T8D-G3
  20. R

    Thread Regarding Oneplus Rooting

    Which Oneplus mobile model is the easiest and simplest to root?
  21. S

    Thread Question How do I find a specific OTA zip

    As the title implies, how do I find a specific OTA update zip? This post has several update packages such as this alongside others, but as you can see on that post there is no full update package for the latest OS version. I want to understand how the other update packages have been fetched and...
  22. Q

    Thread Automate Patching with a script

    Hi, i am currently working on a project for AutoRooting but i have a problem with automating patching process : I am currently working with Samsung devices and there magisk uses 'systemless' protocoll to patch AP/boot.img file. Magisk repository only offers some Bash scripts for patching but i...
  23. J

    Thread Question root banking apps problems

    Hi, so I need a little help here as I am not sure what I can do anymore. So yesterday got my new phone and rooted and everything worked fine. Revolut and my other banking app worked, in fact everything worked fine netflix google wallet etc. Today i don't know what happend but my other banking...
  24. N

    Thread Moto G8 Power Lag Just After Rooting

    I could not find the forum for Moto G8 Power, so I will post this here. I have rooted my phone by patching the boot.img file with Magisk, but now my phone lags a lot this is sudden because it never happened to me before. Can rooting cause that lag? I do not know what else to think about. I do...
  25. K0mraid3

    Thread How To Guide System Shell Exploit - ALL Samsung Mobile Devices NO BL UNLOCK REQUIRED.

    THIS IS ACTIVELY IN DEVELOPMENT - Our goal is to make it more user friendly. and easier to use, so please note things will change and updates will come at any given time, and there is almost certainly bugs to be found and encountered along the way during this, so if you find issues, just let us...
  26. O

    Thread Fast battery drain and heating issue with android 11

    i noticed that my phone battery draining faster and quickly heat up with just some light use after updated to android 11 my phone is rooted with this i also tried some various...
  27. Leonniar

    Thread [CLOSED] Installed SB Patcher, now device won't boot.

    Hello guys, I really need your help here I don't know what to do. This is an android problem, specifically on Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro. I installed busybox SB Patcher (which is a modified version of lucky patcher from sbenny. com). I tried to use it and it crashed, after that all the apps on my phone...
  28. W

    Thread [GUIDE] Root any Sony Android phone without TWRP

    IMPORTANT Rooting can break your phone. Do this at your own risk. Intro This guide explains how you can root any Sony Android phone without installing a custom recovery like TWRP. It's possible by downloading the latest firmware, patching the boot IMG file with Magisk and flashing the...
  29. W

    Thread How To Guide How to root Realme GT NEO 2 (RMX3370) RUI 3.0

    IMPORTANT This guide works for RealMe GT Neo 2 on Android 12 with RealMe UI 3.0. Do it at your own risk. I will not be responsible for any damage that may occur. Requirements Bootloader unlocked RealMe GT Neo 2...
  30. A

    Thread Question Make cerberus factory-reset resilient

    Hey, I haven't rooted anything since 2014, so consider me a newbie, Is there a way to get only part of the root functionalities, in order to move Cerberus to the system's partition? I think it should only be a matter of privileges. That is the only functionality that I need, I don't want other...
  31. T

    Thread [GUIDE] [2023] Root, Install TWRP, Install LineageOS Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 SM-P905

    Hi, in this guide I will help you to root, install the TWRP, and install LineageOS 17.1 (or any custom ROM for this tablet). I'm not responsible for any damage to your device of any sort. By flashing this you take responsibility of anything that happens. Process at your own risk! This firmware...
  32. Y

    Thread Root and software update

    Hi guys, my questions would refer to root privileges with regard to OTA software update... But firstly... Do you think that KingoRoot apk constitutes a reliable root service? Do you think one can root his/her device just by installing the app via browser in the phone and launching the root...
  33. R

    Thread Question Need help installing Magisk Delta

    My phone is rooted and i can't access any mobile banking, I've tried using Shamiko module and such but still can't access it. I looked up on the internet and people say i need to install Magisk Delta instead I followed the instruction on their site by direct installing it Once i followed it...
  34. BlackMesa123

    Thread Development [KERNEL][12/13][M526B/BR] Mesa's Custom Kernel R4

    BlackMesa123 presents /* Mesa's Custom Kernel */ /* Disclaimer */ - I am not responsible about any damage of any kind that this kernel may cause. - You are allowed to use this kernel in your project with proper credits and links to this thread or source code. - You are allowed to base your...
  35. E

    Thread How to install an iOS theme? [FIXED]

    I want to install an iOs Theme because I feel it more fluid, but i noticed they all got removed from the Theme store, searching iOS you can't find anything related, not even icons, or how used to be, my iOS themes i had saved are gone, 've tried to install .mtz third party themes through...
  36. A

    Thread Is there a way to modify system files without rooting permanently?

    I've successfully rooted my Galaxy Note 3 to play custom boot animations and boot audio. But now I want to try it on my main device; the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. I only want to modify "bootsamsung.qmg", "bootsamsungloop.qmg", and try adding "PowerOn.ogg". (Is this even possible on newer Samsung...
  37. P

    Thread Question root - Can't edit hosts file

    I am using Redmi Note 11 running on Custom ROM - `Xiaomi Eu` Specs: My device is rooted via Magisk. I want to edit the `hosts` file. I have tried using ADB, CX File Explorer, X-Plore Manager but I am unable to edit it. Apparently none of the methods are able to write on `/system` partition...
  38. O

    Thread Android File paths

    Hello all, I have a Galaxy S10 and i'm browsing the file system a bit and i've come across a couple file paths which all contain the same information. The file paths are the following: /data/data /data_mirror/data_ce/null/0/ /data/user/0 From what I can tell these all share the same files and...
  39. aiSanaul

    Thread Root Nokia 1 (TA-1066) (MT6737M) (Android 9 - Pie)

    So, after trying more than a few methods I finally gained root on my TA-1066. 😴😪 If you also wanna root, here is how: 👇 To Root Nokia 1 (TA-1066) (Pie - Android 9) (Dual SIM) What you're gonna need: Working PC, 💻 Some Packet Data, 🌐 Some knowledge of ADB & Fastboot commands, 😴 Some storage...
  40. MoeSakura

    Thread [Android Box] How to remove invalid su files or get kingo root back to normal? Need help

    This is an Android TV box, equipped with a deeply modified android 4.4 system, while the device is shielded from usb interface adb debugging, the only way to adb is to use root privileges to actively start adb wifi from the device. I tried kingo root yesterday, and it's the only root tool I've...
  41. Hiper482

    Thread [Rooted] Samsung a52s 5g

    Hello recently i installed magisk on to my device and all of the sudden camera stopped working and I tried everything literally everything but nothing worked so i uninstalled camera and somehow k figured out how to fix it but now I can't get it back and I'm here to ask you guys for help how can...
  42. K

    Thread [RECOVERY] [ROOT] Pitch Black Recovery Project, Power Armor14 Pro

    Here is a work in progress recovery for the Ulefone Power Armor 14 Pro, very little out there for this device and it's pretty under rated for the price, this recovery is 90% working!, just working out a few kinks! Please feel free to edit and make any improvements you can! ** Use "fastboot...
  43. the_arxyn

    Thread (MOD) Root Redmi Smart TV

    Hello Everyone, i want to know how to root and mod redmi smart tv android 11
  44. ziarv

    Thread What is temp it possible to temp root pixel 4 if OEM unlocking is grayed

    What is temp it possible to temp root pixel 4 if OEM unlocking is grayed
  45. Miustone

    Thread How To Guide [GUIDE][WINDOWS] Bootloader Unlock/Re-Lock, Rooting with Magisk and flashing Firmwares

    Introducing this Guide Hello there and welcome to My Guide for Your Xperia Smartphone. This Guide will walk with You thru the whole Process of installing Drivers, getting an unlock Key for Your Bootloader, rooting with Magisk and even flashing GSI Custom ROMs up to re-locking Your Bootloader and...
  46. M

    Thread Android Newbie Questions - Looking to free my device from seller lock down.

    Hello everyone, I am new to android OS. I found this forum after an exhausting attempt at accessing what appears to be a disabled feature (Settings > Accessibility Menu.) in the image I am running. The following is what I can see about this device in Settings > About this machine...
  47. hcaptcha

    Thread lg device doesnt have recovery mode!

    i am SO surprised about this. i wanna root my lg l prime (d337 to be specific) and i know its rootable because i previously rooted it with kingo root (pc version) and it worked! but i flashed stock rom because it has this annoying "sidebar" gadget or something... so i started to look into how to...
  48. Artemis008

    Thread [repair imei problem] Unlock blocked imei/replace blocked imei from all ISP Pixel 4 Flame A13

    NOTE: Previously I warned that changing IMEI is an action that is prohibited in some countries, and it is a crime if it is not your device. USE IT AT OWN RISK!!! before getting to the point I will explain how I got into trouble like this, at first I bought this pixel 4 under normal conditions...
  49. S

    Thread OOS 13 bootloader and root which guide

    Hi, I have a OnePlus8T (KB2003 EU) on OOS 13 Build number KB2003_11_F.13, and I basically just want to root it, don't mind (even prefer) to stick with the stock rom and just gain root privileges. The last phone I had and rooted was a galaxy S something in the middle of the last decade so I'm...
  50. F

    Thread Question Issue with dark theme in third-party apps

    Hello there, as written in the title I am trying to apply dark mode to third-party apps like Mixcloud, Uber Eats, etc.. But nothing happens :( i Have my POCO x3 Pro rooted with a custom Rom (Evolution X) And i already Attempted these modules/apks and didn't solve it: famusc (magisk module)...