1. J

    Thread Not able to unlock bootloader in Mi A1, tried everything I could.

    I want to root this device and realized that I would have to unlock the bootloader first. I downloaded adb on my windows machine but fastboot is not detecting my device. I downloaded a file from XDA which installs drivers on my computer along with ADB, but still it can't detect my device. I...
  2. D

    Thread Flash TWRP with phone already rooted

    I have an ATT LG V40 on android 8.1. The phone is already rooted and has magisk installed. I have been unable to get TWRP installed so I can flash a custom rom. It seems that being on android 8.1 is causing issues, but I am not really sure. I followed this guide...
  3. A

    Thread Red magic 3s , Cn Rom 5.11

    Hi guys good evening , i have a problem with some app that take magisk superuser .. i give it superuser access , i have update my magisk & manger to the last update , the safteynet is Success always . The problem :- when i open this app it take 2-5 minutes work well after that its close...
  4. ali_hamza

    Thread Patched Boot Image for OP 7 Pro

    Hi everyone I just updated my OP 7 pro to OOS 11 Open Beta 1 I couldn't make a patched boot image so if anyone have boot image for android 11 OOS 11 so plz reply with a link having boot image file and some instructions if possible Glad to have helpful community like this,😁😁😁
  5. sun_is_shinning

    Thread Run "root-proof" apps with root (Magisk) EASY WAY!

    Just found a way that is more simple and works for every "root-prof" app to run almost every app that detects root. Requirements: - Android 8.0+ - TWRP installed - Magisk 20.4 beta zip - Latest Magisk Manager apk - safetynet-fix-1.1.0 zip (link bellow or download the attachement from thread) -...
  6. N

    Thread magisk not working with android10

    I have extracted the boot.img from aicp_castor_windy_q-15.0 and patched it according to this procedure[1] getting the magisk_patched_2f9Ux.img and uploaded this with fastbook.exe flash boot. But not getting root. Magisk app reports Ramdisk: Yes, SAR: yes, A/B: no device: sony xperia z2...
  7. M

    Thread Root troubles for Moto G7 Power.

    Hey guys, Some friends and I are having an issue that I can't find another thread for. We have completed the following: Developer options, USB Debugging enabled and boot-loader unlocked. In "Download Folder", which I'm viewing through the stock Google Files application, as well as Simple File...
  8. greenys'

    Thread [NEWS/GUIDE] Pass SafetyNet with stock, bootloader unlocked, rooted RUI with Magisk and custom kernel. Now virus scan of apks is removed too!

    Source: Alright guys. I found a solution! Actually, yes, I just found it but someone else came up with it. As of now I'm running latest RUI on my Realme Q. It's a bit newer...
  9. S

    Thread Guide LG G8/G8x/v50 Bootloader Unlock and Magisk Root using Firehose

    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any problems from using this guide. Works for G8, G8s, G8x, and v50 Confirmed working on G8 and v50 Requirements: Android 10 QFIL: QFIL Driver...
  10. X

    Thread Confirming what is possible w/ a sm-g9601U

    Been trying to follow up on the latest with this particular model and just want to verify my understanding: I CANNOT flash a recovery or custom rom to this phone as the US bootloaders are locked (there may be some ways but it still doesn't yield full flashing/capabilities) I CAN still root...
  11. S

    Thread my xiaomi stuck in fastboot

    I am a very noob... my poco f2 got a new update and i update it but i forgot it was rooted (i am stupid) and press install and pff I was in twrp menu, press reboot but its now stuck in fastboot section what can I do please help me
  12. eM-Krow

    Thread Can't Enable OEM Unlocking

    I've had this Pixel 2 for years now and like it a bit but I still can't root it because of Verizon locking the ability to enable OEM Unlocking. I've tried to unlock via usb and using lock/unlock critical and such. I've tried downgrading and it fails to do so. Couldn't I just root it without...
  13. Rubyhawk

    Thread Has anyone successfully rooted an G710TM?

    I'd like to root my G710TM and run the Lineage OS, but predictably could not obtain an unlock key from LG for the bootloader. I find a bunch of threads from a couple years ago with people trying to root this model. I am wondering if anyone was successful and how they did it.
  14. A

    Thread How exactly does buy back work when upgrading to S21?

    I have an S20. How much money do I get back if I return it for an S21? I bought it off Amazon and have root. Which model do you get in return, the Exynos or Snapdragon? Having root is very important to me.
  15. N

    Thread aicp_castor_windy_q-15.0 + Magisk-v21.4 not rooting

    I have tried to root this tablet, using this manual and tried to flash the via twrp. But the tablet just does not want to root. The sar section of this manual even mentioned a data wipe, so I did that, did a fastbook.exe flash...
  16. J

    Thread LineageOS 17.1 device shuts down after some time from booting on SM-T295

    note: everything that I've flashed was from my SD card; I had the files on /sdcard1/Download note 2: since my device's bootloader is unlocked, I have to press the power button after turning on the device, so that the "bootloader unlocked" warning goes away I've managed to install TWRP (I...
  17. H

    Thread [Guide] Root Pixel 4a (5G) Android 11 (R)

    [Guide] Root Pixel 4a (5G) Android 11 (R) Unlock/Lock Bootloader + Systemless ROOT Android Security Bulletin—January 2021 Pixel Update Bulletin—January 2021 Introduction This Guide is for Pixel 4a 5(G) owners that want to Root their phone, and enjoy the benefits of rooting it without installing...
  18. U

    Thread Huawei P10 update Magisk

    My device: Name: Huawei P10 Model: VTR-L29 Build: I have unlocked bootloader and root magisk in version 20.4. When I want to update magisk to higher version 21.x, then I lose root. I tried update in magisk manager app or flash update magisk in TWRP and neither of these methods work.
  19. crispy-cat

    Thread Screenshot in PNG?

    How can I make my phone save screenshots in PNG rather than the horrible JPEG? I've rooted with Magisk and I'm aware of a module for the OP 5, but that doesn't work on newer phones. What other options are there?
  20. T

    Thread Find the Stock Recovery of SM-J530FZDDDBT Android 9 October 2019 Update

    I changed the recovery. Unfortunately I now have a boot loop and have already tried everything to get rid of it. E.g. dm verifi zip 6.0 and 6.1. I've also spoken to Samsung, but they don't want to send me the Stock Recovery. And much more. The stock recovery is now my last hope to get the J530F...
  21. szucsy92

    Thread 0 result for LG K51S ROOT method OR TWRP recovery :(

    Hello everyone! I have an lg k51s ( LG LMK-510EMW ) with a "good" hardware and a locked software...nevertheless supports the treble project a/b . i can't unlock bootloader...
  22. LanhuaMa

    Thread How to do TWRP after magisk is flashed

    Basic information: My Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e, (SM-T725C) Magisk: Magisk is installed, using falsh patched image. TWRP link: Issue: Now I wish to install TWRP to my device, but I can't. I followed the instruction on TWRP page, install...
  23. B

    Thread Snapchat cache, possible to get back after rooting? Lost files

    I have a Samsung a10. SM-A107f to be exact. If I root it will I be able to recover my snapchat cache? I did a factory reset on my phone and lost my snap cache. Could I use a recovery program to gain back lost files after rooting or is it a lost cause?
  24. F

    Thread Access /system/ while in recovery to stop bootloop

    Hello! I was editing the build.prop file on my Samsung S9+, and there must be a typo somewhere, because it went into a bootloop. I am able to boot into TWRP, so i was wondering if anyone has a method to possibly access /system/ while in recovery to undo what i did? I have a backup of the...
  25. S

    Thread Problem after update Magisk

    Hello, yesterday I got a notification to update Magisk to v.21.3. I did it directly with Magisk Manager. Since then I'm having problems with some apps and I notice that a new version of Magisk was release just to fix this problem. When I try to install the v.21.4 with the Magisk Manager there...
  26. dhimanparas

    Thread [ROM][11.0][X00TD][UNOFFICIAL] RevengeOS 4.0 [17/01/2021]

    RevengeOS is an aftermarket firmware based on AOSP. We are dedicated to a beautiful, fast, stable and minimal customized ROM, honesty and communication with our users, and openness with our code, Hope you will enjoy. Please feel free to look, build, and use our code at RevengeOS GitHub. Also...
  27. D

    Thread Can't find "Core only mode" on Magisk 21.2

    As simple as that, I can't find the option "core only mode" in this version of Magisk, and I need to test some stuff! Thanks for your help!
  28. M

    Thread bricked phone only booting in fastboot

    hello everyone! this is my first post here and english isnt my main language so sry for my spelling/ lack of description i bought a one plus 8t a while back and i rooted it all seems to work well until one day it stopped booting after installing a update with magisk manager and my phone...
  29. E

    Thread I want to change Xiaomi ROM but I have questions

    Hello friends, I'll get to the point: * The ROM of my phone is carrier modified, it is not a normal global ROM. This phone even has one of the sealed SIM slots. There will be no problem changing it for a global ROM? * The change can be local or by fastboot?
  30. N

    Thread iOS 14.2 emojis for any [rooted] android

    Hey guys! I've created a module for the new iOS 14.2 emojis. Your android MUST be rooted, in order for this to work! It works in any android with the newest version of Magisk Manager. Installation guide: 1. Open Magisk Manager 2. Click on 'install from storage' 3. Choose the...
  31. T

    Thread [Solved] Several unsuccessful attempts to root Ulefone armor 3WT.

    I've been trying to root my Ulefone armor 3WT for about a year now and still haven't gotten anywhere. Here is how far I've gotten so far (with issues); 1. Fastboot commands - Cannot do fastboot commands in CMD, correct drivers are installed. Fastboot in CMD cannot find the device when the phone...
  32. S

    Thread Need Root for Dragontouch Y88X Pro...

    Hello everyone... ... I bought this tablet at Amazon quite cheaply some time ago. I wanted to use this with the DJI Fly app. That works wonderfully too. Only sometimes it jerks. Now I need Root to overclock the tablet a bit. I have already tried the most common root programs, but they don't even...
  33. R

    Thread Samsung SM-G390F - Remove Knox - Root - Firmwares - USB Debugging locked.

    Hi there, I have a Samsung SM-G390F XCover 4 - FCC ID: A3LSMG390F The phone seems to be locked to Samsung MDM, and a policy which is out of my control is stopping me from enabling USB Debugging. I have a problem, i want to remove Knox totally, do a factory reset and return the phone to...
  34. Krekeris

    Thread Samsung T515 Recovery Bootloop and stuck at Teamwin logo

    Hello! I'm new to this forum so please forgive me if this question has already been covered somewhere. I tried to root my T515 tablet and I've found my self in a bit of a pickle. I followed instructions at How to Install TWRP Recovery on Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2019 and Root using Magisk/SU...
  35. Arjüñ00n

    Thread Root vivo u10

    I want to root my vivo u10 But I can't find any tutorial for that So anyone can help please ?
  36. redymedan

    Thread [Guide][Recovery][Unofficial] TWRP v3.5.0 for Samsung Galaxy A50

    TWRP v3.5.0 for Samsung Galaxy A50. I JUST UPGRADED IT to v3.5.0 based on TWRP v3.4.0 One UI 2.5 BTL1 firmware by mohitmallick17 Tested install GSI and Custom rom FreshROMs by TenSeventy7 ( recommended custom rom to try ). Tested rooting SM-A505F BTL1 firmware. Please tell us if it works for...
  37. S

    Thread Honor 6x Gaming Performance after Root

    Hi I have honor with locked bootloader and no root. I was wondering if there is any difference in Performance when playing PUBG after root. Please guide if it's worth it
  38. Arjüñ00n

    Thread Root vivo u10

    Hello I try to search on everywhere but didn't find anything for root vivo u10 Anyone can help Thank you
  39. L

    Thread Root J530F Android 9.0

    Hi, I am looking for some way to root in my J530F running Android 9.0. I found a few guides, but most of them have comments that this method doesn't work. and is over two years old for older versions of the system Can anyone link me to a working J530F rooting method with android 9.0
  40. S

    Thread Samsung Dex locally, (no HDMI, no Wireless), as possible on tablets like Galaxy Tab S4, S5e etc..

    HI, I'm looking for a solution to launch Dex mode from the Note 9 quick settings (or from settings->advance features ) as it's currently possible using Samsung tablets. This was possible from rooted Android 9, tweaking the build.prop file. Now I'm stuck with Android 10 and even after rooting, I...
  41. kar0l-bask1n

    Thread SDCARD BOOT? help me understand....

    Hey guys, so i own a galaxy s20+ SM-G986U BL LOCKED and i was curious, if we can tell the hardware to boot from sdcard couldnt we burn an image with root to the sdcard and just not use the eMMc memory on the board??
  42. C

    Thread .000

  43. E

    Thread J7 On7 G611

    Is there any way to unlock the bootloader or force the bootloader or force root on the binary device 7 g611x? In my case, the OEM is already enabled in the developer settings, but on recovery, the oem is blocked. If not, why not? why is there no way to go back to previous versions of android por...
  44. G

    Thread [Q&A] Bootloader unlocked but greyed out and lost Root access

    No longer with root privileges available. It seems I have lost root during an update (not entirely sure) but I still get the bootloader unlocked 'warning' when phone is booting. Inside developer options the OEM unlocking option is greyed out and on the 'on' position with the description just...
  45. JanBoyGamer23

    Thread [A11/CTL1+ and A10/BTJ3+] [MOD] [S20 Ultra] JBNCK Fixes and Tweaks v2.0

    Hi there, I've combined some custom-kernel-like tweaks into a single flashable .tar file and I wanted to share it with you. This .tar file contains: -patched vbmeta image -working magisk root with full Android 11 support -magisk manager helper preinstalled -a cleaned up boot screen + no...
  46. S

    Thread Has Google gotten much stricter when it comes to rooting?

    I've been an Android user for a long time and was into the rooting and custom ROM scene in the days of the DROID phones, Nexus, and early Pixel devices. Once I got my Pixel 3 and then a Samsung S20 after that I didn't really have a reason to root any longer as I didn't want to mess with custom...
  47. BLING2X

    Thread Help / Reward - Seeking solution to boot S10 into rooted ROM without requiring all 3 buttons pressed?

    I have purchased my Samsung S10 Exynos and successfully rooted it using the only possible ways that have seems to be available so far. I have gained root, but I was wondering if anyone has solved the issue of having to turn the device on with all 3 keys held down at the same time. I understand...
  48. L

    Thread Need root method, have a v6 bootloader (sm-g950u)

    Im on the july 2019 patch, and would like to know which thread would be the best case for a sucessful root without bootlooping. Lmk if anything thanks.
  49. S

    Thread V40 has unlocked bootloader and can fastboot, but is otherwise bricked. Any hope for TWRP?

    Having trouble installing TWRP. I can fastboot and attempt: `fastboot boot TWRP.img` But it either fails or "succeeds" and then just hangs on the LG Logo. `fastboot flash recovery TWRP.img` -returns an error that recovery_a doesn't exist. `fastboot flash abl_a TWRP.img` -returns "Volume...
  50. RyDeg4999

    Thread Add MicroSD to internal Storage

    Hi, I am searching a way to make my 64GB micro sd Card add up to my 8GB Internal Storage. So that i can do everything on one Storage and not have to use app2sd or etc. My stats: Galaxy Tab E SM-T560 Dot Os with Android 7.1.2 Rooted with Magisk Verbratim microSD 64Gb XPosed installed. I do not...