1. Aresiel

    Thread [OPEN] Force audio mode for specific application? Rooted device.

    Does anyone know if there's any way to force all audio from an app to use a specific audio mode? My device is rooted, I'm on a Xiaomi Pad 5 EU with latest ( miui. I'm referring to the audio modes here (...

    Thread How To Guide Update to A13 C08 from any export version device (Root Only)

    I write this post since I've seen a lot of people is asking how to upgrade their devices to android 13. If you don't want to wait here, you have a way. The only official version available so far is for Indian region which has a nv_id = 00011011, since this is the only checkmark software update...
  3. T

    Thread Get ROM from a rooted device

    Hello, I want to ask the following question that I don't have knowledge of. I've been compiling and installing ROM's on different android devices and Android versions (AOSP, Lineage, etc). What I would be interested in is if I have a rooted device, then removing the Google apps, then creating a...
  4. P

    Thread Question New Pixel 6 pro delayed notifications, halp!

    Ok so i just got a 6 pro. Rooted day 1 before activation. Running Android 12. Seemed to work fine for a few days. Seemed.... So now my notifications are delayed or not coming thru at all unless i restart. My old phone was a Samsung Note 8 rooted as well. I wanted to get away from Samsung even...
  5. SchweGELBin

    Thread [Help] Not recieving some WhatsApp messages that were sent from iPhone (rooted)

    Device: Mi 9T (davinci) Rooted: ✓ Bootloader: Unlocked Problem: Sometimes I don't recieve WhatsApp messages and just get this error: "Waiting for this message. This may take a while. Learn more." But this doesn't happen everytime and only with messages, sent by an iOS (iPhone). It happens when...
  6. noahthedominator

    Thread How To Guide Update Android OS without losing data while rooted.

    Full credit to @googlephoneFKLenAsh for the guide for the s7/7+. Reposting here so y'all can see. There are two ways to do this, and the key is never flash stock AP without patching vbmeta at the same time. Never let the stock vbmeta.img flash to your device. The stock vbmeta.img in stock AP...
  7. Kalel88

    Thread Question How can I remove bootloader unlock screen and add custom boot animation?

    I have a Motorola Moto G stylus 5G XT2131-1 (MetroPCS) that's rooted-magisk/twrp-installed/custom-kernel installed. I was wondering if there was any way to change boot animation and maybe get rid of the annoying unlocked bootloader screen? Any help is much appreciated!
  8. DJKMan

    Thread [Boot Animation] Wear OS ctOS Short

    Hello all, I made myself a quick boot animation (based off of this post) for a Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra and thought I'd share it here. == Preview == It'll loop the last few frames until your watch boots up. == Specs == Dimension: 400x400 (should fit most smart watches.) Frame rate: 30...
  9. NotSoNitro

    Thread Wearable app removes all devices connected

    So ever since I've rooted my phone I've been having problems with the wearable app always removing my devices and going back to the setup page, this is getting very frustrating and I don't know how to fix it. Can someone give me some kind of fix for this please? Would be very grateful. Thanks.
  10. lordxcom

    Thread Question Hulu/Disney+ - Not working

    Good day everyone, Looking for some 'updated' direction/feedback on how to get Hulu & Disney+ to work on my current setup. I've searched around XDA and Google for the past couple of days, and have not gotten any 'new' or working solutions. So anytime I try to use Hulu or Disney+.. the content...
  11. Faizan_Azeem

    Thread Question Have to Reconnect watch everytime my phone restarts.

    I'm using a Galaxy watch 4 Classic for a month now and it has been working perfectly fine. But the only issue I'm facing is unable to quickly reconnect after my phone restarts. I have to repeat the long first-time connection procedure (which has got quite frustrating TBH). I even have to do this...
  12. PugzAreCute

    Thread GSI Issues

    Hi there! I recently installed the Android 12 gsi(+gms) from google. So far im loving it, but i have a few issues and need some help Audio stuttering(fixed by using No VoLTE(managed to...
  13. Ethan954

    Thread Sending media through mono bluetooth

    I have a Samsung galaxy note 10 plus, which is rooted with magisk if that makes any difference. My car only supports calls. I want to stream my music, as though it is a call, to my car. I have considered setting up a ras pi with some program I'm sure I could make to get it to streak music it...
  14. FerlixMN

    Thread Please help me with rooting my device

    Hello ive rooted my phone not that long ago and when i wanted to update it by uninstalling by the stock backup image something it said that it didnt exist and i couldnt update without doing this all over again. So my wuestion is, can somebody send me link to a right tutorial on how to root my...
  15. K0mraid3

    Thread How To Guide (Dev Tool)(RELEASE) Rooted Windows Subsystem For Android with working Google Play Store (Beta 0.0.4b)

    Full Guide and Download, on GitHub, HERE. This is for a ROOTED version of Windows Subsystem For Android with the Google Play Store, Services and framework installed. Essentially giving you a rooted android device inside you Desktop. Great for DevOps, CyberSec & DefEng. (Defense Engineering)...
  16. Laptapper

    Thread Question [CRDROID 8.2] [ANDROID 12] [LAPTAPPER MOD 1.3] I'm searching a tester for my mod

    Hi guys I'm searching a tester for my mod. The storage will be decrypted, so backup restore via TWRP or orange fox should be possible. CRDROID 8.2 (fast charge working) with adjusted magisk, working adjusted and adjustable auto brightness, adjusted battery life extending app, copy paste...
  17. X

    Thread Xq-at52 not certified devixe

    Hi everyone, Need some serious help please, I have a xqat52, bought in January 21. In the UK, on three the handset would not go into 5G. After reading up, I decided to flash xq-at51 successfully to the UK rom. Everything was working lovely... Received OTA updates and never had issues with...
  18. I

    Thread Question [Download Mode] Help determing if phone is rooted

    Hi, I need help to find out if my phone has been rooted please. I have booted into download mode (connect phone to PC via USB-C, turn off phone, hold Volume-Up and Power, select Reboot to Bootloader. I was told by Samsung that I should be able to see Current Binary on the screen, but I don't...
  19. VD171

    Thread [IMG][ROOT][PATCHED] Magisk Patched Boot: ROOTED Images Partitions for DANDELION (Redmi 9A / Redmi 9AT)

    Magisk Patched BOOT.IMG for DANDELION ROOT / PREROOT ROOTED / PREROOTED Works with: - Xiaomi Redmi 9A - Xiaomi Redmi 9AT Does NOT work with: - Xiaomi Redmi 10A Firmware Versions: - (Engineering) 246 - (Engineering) 440 - (Indonesia) V12.0.2.0.QCDIDXM_id - (Global) V12.0.3.0.QCDMIXM -...
  20. I

    Thread Phone rooted but can't edit or overwrite system files

    Hey i just rooted my phone. And I wanted to replace system files. I downloaded ES File Explorer, gave it the Root access and tried to edit a system file. But it won't allow me to. I even tried to modify read/write permissions but that was also denied. Tell what to do ?
  21. bluelibra218

    Thread Anyway to change Boot Screen?

    I would like to change the bootscreen to something else like play the game "Mario" or change it to something cool? I know past Android phones from older Android versions I was able to do that after I unlocked bootloader and achieved root. Though I'm having difficulties doing it on my moto g fast...
  22. B

    Thread Secure Folder working in a Rooted Android 10

    hey, i'm not sure what happened so i'm not sure if it will last, but i managed to use the samsung secure folder on my twrp/magisk rooted Android 10 A20, and i am using right now. I looked a lot on how to do this and the most famous alternative was the smali patcher module, I followed the...
  23. Dnl_Florez

    Thread Mi Samsung doesn't turn on!

    I rooted my phone yesterday, so today i wanted to install twrp, but when i turn off my phone and tried to go unto recovery menu the logo just turn green and and the screen went black. I tried to start the download mode but is no answer, so i thought that the phone was bricked, but when is...
  24. T

    Thread Passing Google Safety Net On Lineage 18.1 + microG + Magisk Root

    Hi folks! I'm trying to pass the Google Safety Net on my 8T but I fail both on the basic integrity and the cts profile check. So here's what I did: I started from a "clean" phone, out-of-the-box with stock everything. I installed Lineage OS for microG = no gapps (their custom recovery and the...
  25. B

    Thread Can I recover from a total backup with Titanium Backup without Root?

    I was looking at doing a complete backup. (I already have a backup but not like a 'full' one that I can do whilst rooted.) However I'm not sure if it is worth my time, as I have my phone numbers, pictures, passwords, 2FA keys etc, already backed up. If I were to unfortunately completely break...
  26. trueduke80

    Thread No more OTA since January update

    Hi all, My bootloader is unlocked and phone rooted since November. I was able to do the OTA updates up to January with the stock boot.img technique but since February I couldn't find the update. The update system tells me there is no update. I have obviously restarted several times, the root is...
  27. Shanemichealrowland

    Thread Question "Rooted" now what?

    Oneplus finally came through with my bootloader unlocking token.Not to mention all the hoops T-Mobile had me jump through.With that being said im in possession of my very first fully rooted phone that just happens to be a 9 Pro.Any suggestions on which modules I can command Majisk to install...
  28. N

    Thread Custom fonts on rooted OnePlus devices

    Does anyone knows how to get this font? I have a rooted OnePlus and this looks nice, so if anyone could help out, it would be great. (Rooted with magisk)
  29. F

    Thread (Need Help ;( Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 wifi only sm-T210R: Custom Rom help needed)

    Hello! I'm 15 years old and since I'm tech savvy and wanted to expand my skills, I wanted to install a custom rom like lineage OS, etc. My tablet is 8 years old and was given to me on Christmas of 2013, It has since been not used after 2015 and has been sitting in my dad's closet for 6 years(I...
  30. jericotyler

    Thread [SM-T510] Bluetooth Pairings Lost on Reboot

    Hiyo everyone, So I'm having a bit of trouble. Ever since I rooted this device, I lose all my bluetooth pairings on each reboot. I use a bluetooth keyboard and earbuds with this tablet daily so having to re-pair them every morning is going to be a bit of a bummer. I've tried looking up a...
  31. M

    Thread Always reboots to TRWP recovery before normal boot

    When I go to reboot my phone, it always boots into TWRP recovery first. Selecting to reboot to recovery works as expected. If I then select "Reboot" → "System" within TWRP, my phone then boots normally. It has been this way ever since I started the debacle of updating from Android 9 to Android...
  32. Aholicknight

    Thread [ROOT] Any way to use secure folder on a rooted phone?

    My phone has been rooted for some time now, and I love that now I have full control of the phone, allowing me to do whatever I want with it. I still pass SafetyNet, and Google Pay still works, but one problem came with me rooting my phone. One of the features I loved on my non-rooted phone is...
  33. N

    Thread Apps won't install on my rooted Poco F2 pro

    Hey guys! This is urgent!! Since I've rerooted my android with magisk, I've had a problem. Sometimes when I want to install an application of the internet, it won't install. It will download,yes, but when I want to install it into my phone, it prompts me to open it in another app or share it...
  34. N

    Thread Help - I just boughted a rooted tablet

    Hi guys so to stay with long story short: I got a tablet - samsung gt-p5210 -already rooted with twrp already installed. I wanted to unroot it and to go to the initial state and i tried to flash stock ROM, resources found here, trough twrp(sd card) cuz with odin is impossîble, beacause of...
  35. VD171

    Thread [IMG][STOCK][PATCHED] Boot, Vbmeta and Recovery: Images Partitions for MERLIN (Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 / Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G)

    Original Stock BOOT.IMG for MERLIN + Magisk Patched BOOT.IMG for MERLIN + Original Stock VBMETA.IMG for MERLIN + Original Stock RECOVERY.IMG for MERLIN Works with: - Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 - Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G Firmware Versions: - (Engineering) AL2522-Merlin-V039-Q-0513 - (Engineering)...
  36. N

    Thread Fastboot loop in already rooted OnePlus 7 Pro

    I've done a bit of digging but I'm on a time crunch, and frankly I don't want to dig myself in a deeper hole. I was attempting to make a backup of my OnePlus 7 Pro prior to doing an OTA update while preserving root. I was getting a "failed to mount" and "0mb storage" so I looked into fixes and...
  37. Reaper-Nam

    Thread Note 9 (SM-N960F Exynos) incorrect IMEI

    Disclaimer: So its not a stolen phone, prior owner was just being nasty. I bought the phone from a 2nd hand shop (Cash Crusaders, Kathu, South Africa), where they told me that a lady sold the phone to them, came back after 3 months and wanted to buy it back for the same price (they guarantee...
  38. POQDavid

    Thread Updating a rooted Redmi 8 with custom recovery

    Hey guys I was wondering something I haven't installed the latest update yet and my phone is rooted and has TWRP on it soo not sure if i can just update with all that or like i should restore the phone to its original state then update
  39. VD171

    Thread [BOOT.IMG][STOCK][PATCHED] Boot Image Partition for Motorola One Macro (Lima)

    Original Stock + Magisk Patched BOOT.IMG for Motorola Moto One Macro Works with: - XT2016-2 - XT2016-2 DS Build Versions: - PMDS29.70-81-5 - QMD30.47-19 Magisk Version: Magisk: v20.4 / v21.4 Magisk Manager: v7.5.1 / v8.0.7 How to flash it? fastboot flash boot_a boot.img or fastboot...
  40. C

    Thread Which TWRP to use after May update.

    I get failed with v3 patched
  41. packtt

    Thread Downgrade from Android 10 to 9

    Hey guys! I'm rooted with magisk on this ROM - What would be the best way to downgrade/roll back to an Android 9 ROM? Safely. Appreciate the help! Thanks.
  42. F

    Thread Have a rooted phone and interested in installing multiple watchfaces

    Hello, i've seen some posts about multiple custom watchfaces but they all said that you need a rooted phone. I installed Lineage OS and rooted my nexus 5, and my question is: now what? how do i install multiple watch faces? what application is he using etc? Thanks in advance
  43. K

    Thread Anyone find a GCAM Port that works?

    It's taken some doing but I've been able to unlock and root my Bold N1. (bricked it 3 times before I figured it out, luckily I found all the tools/files I need to flash back to stock). For Now I have it on the stock rom but rooted via Magisk. My only issue is I NEED to replace the camera app...
  44. J

    Thread Rooted Firetv stick 2 best OS for Kodi

    I have a rooted FTVS2, what is the best way to turn it into a Kodi box? I have no need for any amazon features, just want to run a pure Kodi box. It appears Open/Core Elec does not support it. Can it be loaded with a lightweight Ubuntu and then kodi on top? Or should I just de-bloat the...
  45. S

    Thread PUBG crashes without any error!

    Hi guys. SO i have a latest stock rom. Rooted with Magisk installed. But it's been over a month that my game crahes randomly inbetween while i am playing. No heat-ups, no errors, nothing. I don't play on high graphics.. Low and Extreme only. I have tried turning the battery optimization off. But...
  46. toviaheli

    Thread Note 8 on Android Pie: A Working Root?

    So I found this website that has a procedure for Rooting the Note 8 running Android Pie. It does not list what variant of the Note 8 this will work with (EDIT: this root is for the 950F, and the relevant file has been taken down) Has anyone tried this process? Original Article Link...
  47. zagi988

    Thread [Q] Max supported resolution of a camera? Where and how to change?

    Hello guys/girls. My phone has MediaTek P25 and Samsung s5k3p3 camera hardware. I know that s5k3p3 is capable of recording 4K videos and I know that P25 supports that. My phone has it set to maximum of 1080p. My question here is simple... what defines the max video resolution and what would I...
  48. L

    Thread SystemUI calling OpenCamera?

    Hi, all. I'm running a new Blu Life One X3, rooted with TWRP (package:/data/app/me.twrp.twrpapp-2/base.apk=me.twrp.twrpapp) as bootloader and Magisk (package:/data/app/com.topjohnwu.magisk-1/base.apk=com.topjohnwu.magisk) as root. I installed Greenify...
  49. groston

    Thread Manual OTA update for rooted device

    The phone that I would like to update is a Moto G6, type M390A. The phone is currently running Android 8.0.0, build OPS27.104-92. The phone is rooted, stock ROM, and has TWRP and Magisk installed. Earlier today, I followed the instructions here...
  50. R

    Thread [Rom][Oreo][Rootable] H990DS 20a, 20b [AME][IND][TWN] flashable

    Hey Guys Here's the rootable H990DS Oreo flashable ROM based on AME, IND and TWN I have NOT tested this ROM on other regions but it should work. I've also included the patched raw_resources.bin to prevent showing the corruption warning at the startup. The missing Second Screen's "App...