1. jericotyler

    Thread [SM-T510] Bluetooth Pairings Lost on Reboot

    Hiyo everyone, So I'm having a bit of trouble. Ever since I rooted this device, I lose all my bluetooth pairings on each reboot. I use a bluetooth keyboard and earbuds with this tablet daily so having to re-pair them every morning is going to be a bit of a bummer. I've tried looking up a...
  2. M

    Thread Always reboots to TRWP recovery before normal boot

    When I go to reboot my phone, it always boots into TWRP recovery first. Selecting to reboot to recovery works as expected. If I then select "Reboot" → "System" within TWRP, my phone then boots normally. It has been this way ever since I started the debacle of updating from Android 9 to Android...
  3. Aholicknight

    Thread [ROOT] Any way to use secure folder on a rooted phone?

    My phone has been rooted for some time now, and I love that now I have full control of the phone, allowing me to do whatever I want with it. I still pass SafetyNet, and Google Pay still works, but one problem came with me rooting my phone. One of the features I loved on my non-rooted phone is...
  4. N

    Thread Apps won't install on my rooted Poco F2 pro

    Hey guys! This is urgent!! Since I've rerooted my android with magisk, I've had a problem. Sometimes when I want to install an application of the internet, it won't install. It will download,yes, but when I want to install it into my phone, it prompts me to open it in another app or share it...
  5. N

    Thread Help - I just boughted a rooted tablet

    Hi guys so to stay with long story short: I got a tablet - samsung gt-p5210 -already rooted with twrp already installed. I wanted to unroot it and to go to the initial state and i tried to flash stock ROM, resources found here, trough twrp(sd card) cuz with odin is impossîble, beacause of...
  6. VD171

    Thread [IMG][STOCK][PATCHED] Boot, Vbmeta and Recovery: Images Partitions for MERLIN (Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 / Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G)

    Original Stock BOOT.IMG for MERLIN + Magisk Patched BOOT.IMG for MERLIN + Original Stock VBMETA.IMG for MERLIN + Original Stock RECOVERY.IMG for MERLIN Works with: - Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 - Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G Firmware Versions: - V12.0.5.0.QJOMIXM - V12.0.4.0.QJOMIXM Magisk Version: Magisk...
  7. N

    Thread Fastboot loop in already rooted OnePlus 7 Pro

    I've done a bit of digging but I'm on a time crunch, and frankly I don't want to dig myself in a deeper hole. I was attempting to make a backup of my OnePlus 7 Pro prior to doing an OTA update while preserving root. I was getting a "failed to mount" and "0mb storage" so I looked into fixes and...
  8. Reaper-Nam

    Thread Note 9 (SM-N960F Exynos) incorrect IMEI

    Disclaimer: So its not a stolen phone, prior owner was just being nasty. I bought the phone from a 2nd hand shop (Cash Crusaders, Kathu, South Africa), where they told me that a lady sold the phone to them, came back after 3 months and wanted to buy it back for the same price (they guarantee...
  9. POQDavid

    Thread Updating a rooted Redmi 8 with custom recovery

    Hey guys I was wondering something I haven't installed the latest update yet and my phone is rooted and has TWRP on it soo not sure if i can just update with all that or like i should restore the phone to its original state then update
  10. VD171

    Thread [BOOT.IMG][STOCK][PATCHED] Boot Image Partition for Motorola One Macro (Lima)

    Original Stock + Magisk Patched BOOT.IMG for Motorola Moto One Macro Works with: - XT2016-2 - XT2016-2 DS Build Versions: - PMDS29.70-81-5 - QMD30.47-19 Magisk Version: Magisk: v20.4 / v21.4 Magisk Manager: v7.5.1 / v8.0.7 How to flash it? fastboot flash boot_a boot.img or fastboot...
  11. C

    Thread Which TWRP to use after May update.

    I get failed with v3 patched
  12. packtt

    Thread Downgrade from Android 10 to 9

    Hey guys! I'm rooted with magisk on this ROM - What would be the best way to downgrade/roll back to an Android 9 ROM? Safely. Appreciate the help! Thanks.
  13. F

    Thread Have a rooted phone and interested in installing multiple watchfaces

    Hello, i've seen some posts about multiple custom watchfaces but they all said that you need a rooted phone. I installed Lineage OS and rooted my nexus 5, and my question is: now what? how do i install multiple watch faces? what application is he using etc? Thanks in advance
  14. K

    Thread Anyone find a GCAM Port that works?

    It's taken some doing but I've been able to unlock and root my Bold N1. (bricked it 3 times before I figured it out, luckily I found all the tools/files I need to flash back to stock). For Now I have it on the stock rom but rooted via Magisk. My only issue is I NEED to replace the camera app...
  15. J

    Thread Rooted Firetv stick 2 best OS for Kodi

    I have a rooted FTVS2, what is the best way to turn it into a Kodi box? I have no need for any amazon features, just want to run a pure Kodi box. It appears Open/Core Elec does not support it. Can it be loaded with a lightweight Ubuntu and then kodi on top? Or should I just de-bloat the...
  16. S

    Thread PUBG crashes without any error!

    Hi guys. SO i have a latest stock rom. Rooted with Magisk installed. But it's been over a month that my game crahes randomly inbetween while i am playing. No heat-ups, no errors, nothing. I don't play on high graphics.. Low and Extreme only. I have tried turning the battery optimization off. But...
  17. toviaheli

    Thread Note 8 on Android Pie: A Working Root?

    So I found this website that has a procedure for Rooting the Note 8 running Android Pie. It does not list what variant of the Note 8 this will work with (EDIT: this root is for the 950F, and the relevant file has been taken down) Has anyone tried this process? Original Article Link...
  18. zagi988

    Thread [Q] Max supported resolution of a camera? Where and how to change?

    Hello guys/girls. My phone has MediaTek P25 and Samsung s5k3p3 camera hardware. I know that s5k3p3 is capable of recording 4K videos and I know that P25 supports that. My phone has it set to maximum of 1080p. My question here is simple... what defines the max video resolution and what would I...
  19. L

    Thread SystemUI calling OpenCamera?

    Hi, all. I'm running a new Blu Life One X3, rooted with TWRP (package:/data/app/me.twrp.twrpapp-2/base.apk=me.twrp.twrpapp) as bootloader and Magisk (package:/data/app/com.topjohnwu.magisk-1/base.apk=com.topjohnwu.magisk) as root. I installed Greenify...
  20. groston

    Thread Manual OTA update for rooted device

    The phone that I would like to update is a Moto G6, type M390A. The phone is currently running Android 8.0.0, build OPS27.104-92. The phone is rooted, stock ROM, and has TWRP and Magisk installed. Earlier today, I followed the instructions here...
  21. R

    Thread [Rom][Oreo][Rootable] H990DS 20a, 20b [AME][IND][TWN] flashable

    Hey Guys Here's the rootable H990DS Oreo flashable ROM based on AME, IND and TWN I have NOT tested this ROM on other regions but it should work. I've also included the patched raw_resources.bin to prevent showing the corruption warning at the startup. The missing Second Screen's "App...
  22. Techronico

    Thread (Guide) Work Profile Alternative for Rooted/Knox Tripped

    Does your workplace have a BYOD policy that enforces full device encryption? Have you already unlocked your bootloader and rooted your device, thus tripping Samsung Knox? Have you tried to use Android Work Profile only to find out that "Your custom OS" does not allow it even if you reverted to...
  23. P

    Thread [Guild] To pass safetynet on Oxygen Android Pie open Beta

    After installing Pie open beta Oxygen uploaded by Funk Wizard many will notice that CTS profile comes FALSE in magisk manager while basicintegrity is TRUE. to pass saferynet. We have to change fingerprint of build in the build.prop There are two methods currently. (Works on Hydrogen Open...
  24. R

    Thread Amazon Music deny rooted devices now [Android (Cyanogenmod 11) ]

    I have an old Smartphone : Samsung Galaxy S I9003. I only use it to listen to Amazon Music. On the device Cyanogenmod 11 is instatlled. Since some Days, I got an message from Amazon-Music (inside of the app), that the Song could not be played, because the device is rooted. Before some weeks...
  25. R

    Thread [EOL] [G96XF] Rooted Stock Rom BRF8

    THIS ROM IS NO LONGER UPDATED!! ____________________________ Welcome to Rooted Stock Rom! ABOUT THE ROM The goal of this rom is to provide a very close to stock experience, but with root, and fast updates. Because of that, the rom is perfect for people that want stock rom with root...
  26. aydin_taysi

    Thread [REQ] Private Mode Port on J7 MAX Nougat

    hi everyone, please help me how to port samsung private mode to j7 max nougat there are no custom rom for this model anywhere. i will root phone on stock rom, knox state will be 0x1 and included "secure folder" will not work after that. i want to port old PRIVATE MODE which is more useful then...
  27. T

    Thread [N950U TMB] Question(s) about USB-C Bandwidth: MTP, ADB, RNDIS, PTP, MS etc...

    Greetings friends Having scoured google and not come upon an answer to these questions; I arrive here. I realize it may be because I'm not asking the question correctly... But here goes with context: Q.) Can [one] modify the data throughput link speed of a USB -C port in android, or of specific...
  28. rostamiani

    Thread How can I change IMEI of my Note 5? I tried Xposed.

    Hi First I tried "Mobile Uncle Tools" and it does not support my phone. Then tried to root the phone and install Xposed + IMEI Chaneger but as I found out Xposed is not compatible with stock rom. My phone is Samsung Note 5 Universal edition with Android 7.0 Any suggestions? Thanks
  29. Z

    Thread [ROM][semiOFFICIAL][7.0] rooted stock [magisk]

    yes, stock is a ROM. based on a few past handsets, the customized / debloated stock ROM is the way to go. i'm by no means an expert, but not finding a thread for it, decided to make one. if you found your way here, you're welcome to discuss issues you're facing, whether it be magisk, xposed...
  30. O

    Thread Ideas to swap the apps on ROM 2 and put them on ROM 1 (replace entirely) effectively?

    So here are my limitations. I have a Samsung S5 but it's the Straight Talk branded version, the SM-903VL. The issue with this S5 is the bootloader is locked so to root the phone you need to downgrade to 4.4 test firmware, root the test firmware then take the cache.img and system.img from...
  31. M

    Thread How to activate the menu key?

    Hi, This phone is great! But how do you guys bring up the menu key for some apps? For exmaple, holding down the "recently" key would bring up menu key in most phones. But in A1, Nougat 7.1 bring split screen. I played around in GravityBox for force overflow enable/disable menu, but no avail...
  32. StereoSteo

    Thread S8 Returned To Stock But Apps Saying Rooted

    So basically I had a custom firmware on my s8 for a while and decided to go back to stock. Now I know knox is flagged, but should it really have problems with apps reporting that it's rooted? For example, secret mode on the browser reports unavailable because it's rooted and my bank app won't...
  33. nummerGDD

    Thread Modem not working after going back to MM?

    Hey, I'm on 6.0 and i cannot seem to get the modem to work on my phone. Is it because i was on rooted 5.1 before that, and root loses modem? But i upgraded to 6.0 and that loses root, but mobile data still doesn't work. Does anyone have a fix for this?
  34. Tetragrammazoid

    Thread Will it work? Exporting a modified app to a non rooted phone.

    Hi :) I was wondering if I change an apps permissions on a Rooted MOTO G2 using something like the SDmaid app and then export the app somehow to a non rooted phone ( a HTC ONE M9) will the app permissions changes stay? I would like to stop Facebook listening for boot. (To stop it booting at...
  35. N

    Thread Can I trade-in rooted phone?

    Just got my trade-in kit in the mail today. It does not have any in-depth information, neither does any of the emails I received in regards to trade-ins. Just curious, can I turn in my unlocked+rooted XL? Or do I have to unroot/lock it prior to sending it in? I successfully traded in a rooted...
  36. mrpascal

    Thread [ROM][OFFICIAL][STOCK][TESTING] Pascal ROM For S8+ [SM-G955F]

  37. speedingcheetah

    Thread Selling my Rooted 7.0 V10 - Tmobile H901

    SOLD. Disregard thread.' Mod request to lock/delete thread.
  38. Cynagen

    Thread [GUIDE] [ROOT] Enable T-Mobile VoHSPA/HSPA+

    This guide was written as a primer to attaching RCS/IMS services to carrier networks that normally do not carry this type of traffic. Additionally, this guide will help you maximize your phone's capabilities by allowing you internet access while on a call simultaneously on networks other than...
  39. surfer63

    Thread Joying Extra Tools apk - an apk to help you install mods, tweak your unit, etc.

    Hi, Below the latest versions of the "Joying Extra Tools" apk. 20 May 2020: V76 22 December 2019: V75 17 October 2019: V74 16 September 2019: V73 10 August 2019: V72 21 July 2019: V71 30 June 2019: V70 30 June 2019: V69 05 June 2019: V68 Website Changelog: at the bottom of this post (latest...
  40. B

    Thread Best File Explorer

    As title says, looking for a file explorer that will be on rooted phones, something that will show all files & hide nothing. I may do some personal app development if that makes a difference and want/need a file explorer that holds nothing back. Thanks in advance for your suggestion, Bob
  41. L

    Thread Phone frequently loses write permission to external SD card

    I'm having a strange issue with my phone "losing" write permission to the external SD card. I've used a number of methods to fix the permission file, including Xposed modules, flashable zip files, and manual editing of the permission file. No matter which one I use, at some point the phone...
  42. H

    Thread Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 SM-T520 Stuck in Kind of a Bootloop of Sorts

    So I feel like this is different from a typical bootloop (certainly different from ones I've had in the past). Any ideas short of factory reset would be very much appreciated. I just need it to load once more to do a Titanium Backup (and I guess I should install TWRP and do a nandroid backup)...
  43. L

    Thread [STOCK][DOWGRADE][PRE-ROOTED] Downgrade your Samsung Galaxy J2

    Is your camera not working after the latest OTA update or having battery problem or having other XYZ problem?? Then you have landed on the right thread:D. On this thread, I will be uploading TWRP flahable stock firmwares of Samsung Galaxy J2 (J200G). (Or if somebody want firmwares of other...
  44. D

    Thread Stock MM Tethering Not Working

    Hi guys, Stock MM after update to Latest Security patch. i flash supersu 2.79SR3 using TWRP. Tethering & hotspot button is not working ( when i click the button it like on but after few seconds it went off). i'm in updated bootloader, latest twrp, latest supersu.. any advise or help????
  45. C

    Thread Screen frozen but touchscreen still working

    A couple of days ago I started having issues with the responsiveness of my screen and it seemed to get worse over time. I soon found out that the screen didn't seem to refresh, as the touchscreen was still working and the phone itself still did what it had to do, only the screen itself did not...
  46. clsA

    Thread [Rom][12April] Ascend XT - Bare_Naked Rom B150 / B160

    The Bare Naked Rom Updated for B160 Enjoy ! The name pretty well says it all - This is the CleanRom with Everything Removed You have nothing but the Bare Basic phone - See the screen shots to see whats left in Flashing instructions.. You Must use the version that match your firmware. (If...
  47. U

    Thread Partial internet - depending on app, and owner/guest - rooted BLU, android 6.0

    I have a BLU Studio Selfie 2 that came with Android 6.0 Marshmallow stock. I used a custom TWRP recovery (TWRP v3.0.2 for BLU Studio Selfie 2 - S230Q by Antonio Lopes "lopestom") to back up the phone, and then tried two more custom TWRP recovery versions (3.0.3 and 3.1, also by lopestom. I was...
  48. K

    Thread Snapchat on Rooted OxygenOS 4.0.3 (Nougat)

    So I got my 3T on Friday, and the first thing I did was to unlock bootloader, install TWRP, install latest official ROM (4.0.3) and root with SuperSU. Everything works perfectly, except from Snapchat. I ran Snapchat on my previous rooted phone (Nexus 5) with no problems, but after finding no...
  49. Matthew98405

    Thread Won't OTA after root and twrp

    I was excited to see that Nougat was finally coming to my phone, but alas, it won't work for me. After downloading the update (over the course of an hour) it spits out an error saying that it cant verify my phone (or something like that) then exits. I made a nandroid backup, then flashed the...
  50. boobteg2

    Thread Tmobile super user access

    Ever since I rooted my phone, I don't remember how long ago it's been some time, I've noticed superuser denying tmobile.something from accessing something else on my phone. I'm sorry I don't have more Information than that, but it happens daily. And I haven't seen any problems in my service for...