1. K

    Thread General JamesDSP (no root)

    This post isn't really only for the pixel 7 but that's what I have so that's why I'm posting it on here. This app is in early access still but you can get James DSP with no root on your mobile device from now on. I never wanted to root my pixel 7 and I find it cool that they were able to do this...
  2. facetious_dbag

    Thread [CLOSED] Automagic Android updated to work on A13

    Used a popular app "App Cloner" to 1) remove read external storage permission 2) replaced it with manage external storage permission 3) redirected the storage to a subfolder on the SDcard called "automagic" so it accepts non root of sdcard directories as valid. this which frees up the app first...
  3. Moderpach

    Thread [CLOSED] [APP][8.0+][Root & Rootless] Extinguish 0.1.5 - Turn off screen but not lock(foreground app still running).

    Extinguish is an app that makes your device turn off the screen but not go to the lock screen status, which means that you can make any other apps continue to run after your screen off. On mobile device, screen always takes away 10%~20% in your daily battery usage. And sometimes, you don't want...
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    Thread close thread

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    Thread [CLOSED] CarTube

  6. lifeisfun

    Thread Rootless launcher no weather at glance displayed

    Anyone using rootless launcher? I can figure out why the weather doesn't show, I get date only. Pixel bridge installed, and I get weather with correct location in the google feed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. I

    Thread Screen Locker [PROMO CODES]

    Hey guys today i released my new app called "Screen Locker". As the name suggests it allows you to lock your screen. Via Tasker Via shortcuts With a notification With a quick settings tile By double tapping the status bar [Xposed] By double tapping the lock screen [Xposed] More options will...
  8. I

    Thread Hide Nav Bar — Rootless

    Finally get rid of the "Navigation Bar" You want to use one of those cool new gesture navigation apps to use your device in a futuristic way? Or you want to gain a little more screen space? But you cannot get rid of the "Navigation Bar" because you're device is not rooted? With "Hide...
  9. I

    Thread [APP] "Immersive Manager" - Take full control over the "Immersive Mode"

    [APP] "Immersive Manager" - Take full control over the "Immersive Mode" "Immersive Mode" just the way you like! The "Immersive Mode" itself is a awesome feature right? But it's really annoying that some apps don't make use of this beautiful way to enjoy a bigger screen. Wouldn't it be nice...
  10. azaidi

    Thread [Open Source][5.0+] Rootless Pixel Launcher 3.9.1 - Based on AOSP 8.1 Launcher3

    Vision My launcher is a close to AOSP launcher that only changes the necessary code to allow for small extensions and backporting to older Android versions. If you want a more feature packed launcher use Nova, Action or Lawnchair. I focus on simplicity and rock solid stability. If you do not...
  11. dosangst

    Thread [GUIDE] Uninstall any application with single ADB command ROOTLESS

    I've had a Motorola G4 Amazon Prime edition for sometime now and I was easily able to hide the package that displayed the lock screen ads ( soon after purchase. Unfortunately, when the Nougat update came rolling around, that hack no longer did the trick. So I spent a couple of...