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  3. lifeisfun

    Thread Rootless launcher no weather at glance displayed

    Anyone using rootless launcher? I can figure out why the weather doesn't show, I get date only. Pixel bridge installed, and I get weather with correct location in the google feed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. I

    Thread Screen Locker [PROMO CODES]

    Hey guys today i released my new app called "Screen Locker". As the name suggests it allows you to lock your screen. Via Tasker Via shortcuts With a notification With a quick settings tile By double tapping the status bar [Xposed] By double tapping the lock screen [Xposed] More options will...
  5. I

    Thread Hide Nav Bar — Rootless

    Finally get rid of the "Navigation Bar" You want to use one of those cool new gesture navigation apps to use your device in a futuristic way? Or you want to gain a little more screen space? But you cannot get rid of the "Navigation Bar" because you're device is not rooted? With "Hide...
  6. I

    Thread [APP] "Immersive Manager" - Take full control over the "Immersive Mode"

    [APP] "Immersive Manager" - Take full control over the "Immersive Mode" "Immersive Mode" just the way you like! The "Immersive Mode" itself is a awesome feature right? But it's really annoying that some apps don't make use of this beautiful way to enjoy a bigger screen. Wouldn't it be nice...
  7. azaidi

    Thread [Open Source][5.0+] Rootless Pixel Launcher 3.9.1 - Based on AOSP 8.1 Launcher3

    Vision My launcher is a close to AOSP launcher that only changes the necessary code to allow for small extensions and backporting to older Android versions. If you want a more feature packed launcher use Nova, Action or Lawnchair. I focus on simplicity and rock solid stability. If you do not...
  8. dosangst

    Thread [GUIDE] Uninstall any application with single ADB command ROOTLESS

    I've had a Motorola G4 Amazon Prime edition for sometime now and I was easily able to hide the package that displayed the lock screen ads ( soon after purchase. Unfortunately, when the Nougat update came rolling around, that hack no longer did the trick. So I spent a couple of...