1. averagexiaomiuser

    Thread General Device unusable after flashing any type of rom that modifies the system

    I recently downloaded arrowOS, aosp. I have tried to fix the headphone jack + bluetooth, bluetooth is the vendor.prop method and didnt work, tried abd shell, didnt work. Wired headphones require 2 apks, called RosemaryTelephony and RosemaryFramework. But none of them are available and justs...
  2. T

    Thread Question OrangeFox Port

    Hello there. Are OrangeFox works available for Redmi Note 10S? Edited (03/15/2022) OrangeFox released:
  3. miravision

    Thread General [TWRP] [ORANGEFOX] [UNOFFICIAL] [ROSEMARY] [BETA] TWRP 3.5.2 and TWRP 3.6+ for Xiaomi Redmi Note 10s

    WARNING: THIS IS EXPERIMENTAL BETA MEANT FOR DEVELOPERS AND TESTERS NOT AS DAILY DRIVER Credits: @Woomymy @J6idot @mastersenpai05 @myst33d Developers WoomyMy, J6idot , mastersenpai05 and Myst33d have helped develop an unofficial TWRP for rosemary - xiaomi redmi...
  4. J

    Thread Rosemary Font without Root ?

    Can anyone guide me if we can install Rosemary (like Samsung) font on Moto G5 Plus but without rooting/unlocking booloader it ? Thanks and advance...
  5. D

    Thread Complete Rosemary Font Family

    To those interested in the Rosemary font, I modified it and created the complete font family for Android (4.3.1) The other Rosemary font packs available for download have defects and only contains regular, bold, italic. It doesn't have the thin, light, condensed. So I decided to create the...