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  1. Pumkineater

    Thread Screen display position

    How do I change portrate view to landscape view automaticly when unit is rotated?
  2. N

    Thread Unlock device screen rotation lock

    Hi. I am working on an China TVBox running Android 7.1.2, named Amlogic Megaview T3. When i tried to change the app rotation by setRequesteddOrientation() , the app is locked to landscape and cannot change to portrait, reverse portrait,.... I tried to add ro.sf.hwrotation in the build.prop file...
  3. tberma

    Thread Unable to rotate my phone nor adjust the brightness automatically

    On "Havoc OS" AOSP 10 Q for Redmi Note 8 Gingko, I can't rotate nor use the compass of my phone nor the auto brightness feature seems to work. Is there any workaround for this issue??
  4. C

    Thread auto rotation or mobile data (updates)

    Every other update there is NO reception for mobile data but I can auto-rotate screen Every other update there is good reception for mobile data but I can'T auto-rotate screen (to landscape etc) Oneplus 7pro LineageOS 16.0
  5. punticci

    Thread Rotation and many other thing are not working on android 10

    Hi folks, I've just updated my one plus 6 to android 10 and I already have many problems. The rotation and the automatic brightness are not working anymore. Plus, when you try to put your phone near your ear to listen to an audio message on WhatsApp is not working as well. Am I the only one with...
  6. Y

    Thread How can I prevent wallpaper rotation on Tab S4 while leaving screen rotation on?

    I have Tab S4 (US unlocked) running stock ROM and unrooted. I've noticed a very annoying issue with Wallpapers. if the screen rotation is left turned on, the wallpaper also rotates. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? The issue that if we set the wallpaper in portrait mode that looks...
  7. S

    Thread [GUIDE] Restoring 'Persist' partition to fix all kinds of (sensor) issues

    Hi everyone, Recently I messed up something causing most of the sensors not to work anymore, only proximity and light sensor were working. After hours of trial and error I found the solution to restore functions that have been lost due to corrupted partitions. Remember I am not responsible if...
  8. C

    Thread Android 8.1 upgrade: screen freezing in camera app on device rotation?

    Hi, All -- I've got two Pixel 2 XLs: one on Android 8.0.0 and one on the final released version of Android 8.1.0. On the Android 8.1 phone, when using the camera app, the screen will freeze briefly when the phone is rotated (portrait/landscape). But this doesn't happen on the phone that's still...
  9. J

    Thread Le X520 accelerometer problem

    Hi everyone, I just got a Le 2 X520 for my aunt, but I have a problem with it. When I rotate the device, nothing happens, even if auto rotation is turned on. I noticed that sometimes, when I lay the device down, I see it rotating like if it was hold landscape. That leads me to thinking that it's...
  10. mickiemas

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S5 autorotate problem found.

    So after weeks of trying to figure this out I've found what's causing the problem. Not sure how to fix it. When the phone stays on the charger the rotate will stay on. If your rotating stopped before plugging your phone or the charger then simply plug in ur charger and then restart and once ur...
  11. W

    Thread Fixing Rotation (Proximity Sensors) After Downgrading from Android O Dev Preview

    Just tried a downgrade from the Android O Developer Preview (2), to 7.1.2 official Google images. Everything seemed to be going swimmingly, so I immediately rooted, and flashed Resurrection Remix 7.1.2. What I did not count on was auto-rotation not working, and receiving no read on my proximity...
  12. M

    Thread Problems with screen rotation/ NO Sensor´s KENZO //Solved//

    Hello guys =) Since about 2 weeks I have the problem that my screen does not rotate by itself. I have already tested various firmwares also Kernels. Everything has not helped. If you also have this problem I would be glad if we as a community the solution can find. For me it occurred from the...
  13. L

    Thread Auto Rotation app for screen

    Does anyone know of an app that will automatically rotate my screen when I tilt it to landscape or portrait? After flashing two separate roms to my LG G3 LS990 with android 7.1 based roms my screen rotation stopped working on its own. I am currently using crDroid which is amazing but I had to...
  14. 5

    Thread Auto Screen Rotation bug?

    Hi Has anybody a bug like mentioned above? My FRD-L09 with the latest fw b131 has that bug. After rebooting it works as usual but after some time it stops rotating the Screen. The Rotation is enabled in the Settings. Tested with many apps like google fotos, the stock foto gallery, even chrome...
  15. T

    Thread Bug in Rotation

    Please, im only want fix this :crying: I have a Lumia 635 (1gb ram), since anniversary update i have a problem when rotating the screen, this problem only occurs when rotating screen leaving the nav bar on my left hand, and that cause is that the icons in the notification bar collide with which...
  16. O

    Thread [Solved] Screen rotation doesn't work out of the blue

    Hey guys, Things I have checked and done: The option for screen rotation is enabled The sensor works, I checked using the hardware module test It works in the camera app. When I take a picture and turn the phone horizontally the app buttons turn too. I just discovered that when I click a...
  17. InternetMayhem

    Thread Auto rotation setting after Marshmallow

    I updated my Tab E to Marshmallow and when I did my device auto rotation stopped working. If you have the issue you can easily fix it by clicking portrait in your top pull down menu, that's seriously all you need to do. On my device the button in the pull down menu is next to sound. I did some...
  18. B

    Thread odd rotation help please

    So my phone screen quit rotating. But its not a hardware issue. I know this because screen rotation works durring setup right after i flash a new rom. As soon as the setup is done, no more rotation... YES screen rotation is enabled in settings. Ive tried 3 TW based 5.0 roms. None of them has...
  19. blackbird5308

    Thread [FIXED!] Fix for not working sensors/rotation

    Hello everyone, after i updated my E975 to 6.0.1 i found out that ui had no sensor response whatsoever, except for proximity and brightness, so i decided to investigate. I did a comprehensive search of the forums since the old 4.4.2 times and found out this could be caused by a corruption /...
  20. hinxnz

    Thread [APP] Rotation by hinxnz

    Rotation One touch rotation app! Introduction I have search everywhere and tried many apps for rotation on M but couldn't find one that I was happy with, most have extra options I don't need or takes to many clicks to rotate, so I made an app for our awesome cm13 ROM but may also work with...
  21. markokrstic

    Thread N900T rotation issue - I will pay for fix!

    Hello guys, after I installed DarkLord V1 then V2-2.1, I got rotation issue. When I turn on camera, camera screen button are auto rotated on right landscape mode. and when I take pics pics in gallery are rotated. When I turn on rotation, and I go to gallery, gallery is rotated on right side...
  22. crzr

    Thread Problem with screen rotation after encrypting device

    Updated to latest lollipop 5.1.1 for n910c, and never had any problems with rotation One day, I decided to try encryption on my device, but there is this screen rotation problem: When I rotate the device to landscape mode, and try to return it to portrait, sometimes the screen does not return...
  23. S

    Thread [APP][4.0+] (Deleted)

  24. A

    Thread [APKs][5.0+]XPERIA HOME (v8.1.A.0.8) [VARIOUS] [OSB+NON-OSB+XM][25 AUG 15]

    ONLY AND ONLY FOR LOLLIPOP BASED ROMS [LIKE CM12,CM12.1,AOSP] Hi Guys, This is my first(NOW you can call it version 3) work. I have modified apks of the Brand New Xperia Home v8.1.A.0.8 (From Xperia Z3+ Dump) :D and also contains Xperia Clock Widgets and Now Weather Widget also! Try It At Your...
  25. dbux

    Thread Challenge you to fix this issue. REALLY!

    ISSUE: Rotation not locking in Landscape mode My device was rooted and I tried whatever Lollipop 5.1 ROMs are available even with different Kernels. Still I wasn't able to fix the rotation not locking in Landscape mode. I asked many people for help but sadly nothing helped. Everybody said this...
  26. R

    Thread Screen Rotation Issues

    My screen will not rotate. I have reset my phone and have made sure that the box is checked for auto rotation. Also when I try to calibrate the sensors it will not allow me. I have searched but haven't seen anything yet unless I missed something. Please help.
  27. W

    Thread An interesting sensor issue

    So, I was using a spirit level app (for the exciting job of making sure a domestic appliance was sat level on its feet :p ) when I noticed that the rotation sensor seemed not to be working; it barely registered any change in orientation when I rotated the phone through a complete circle. I did...
  28. eqbirvin

    Thread [HOWTO] Enable Auto Rotation for Lock Screen & Launcher

    This is a quick walk through for editing the build.prop to allow lock screen and launcher rotation. I got tired of looking at my phone sideways while it was propped up landscape wise, in my case. 1. Locate "build.prop" in /system using your favorite file explore 2. Open it up and at the...
  29. micechef

    Thread Amicroe TouchTab IV Screen Rotation 180 off issue

    Hi XDA! So I went and flashed my Amicroe TouchTab IV (AMI-TT4) to the latest rom version (firmware from Amicroe support) No problems prior. And now I have a screen rotation issue... Symptoms are, screen is always rotated 180 degrees the wrong way (though touch is rotated the correct way) <-...
  30. M

    Thread S-pen issues, no tilt and rotation

    Hi everyone. Have you guys managed to get sensible feedback from the s-pen in regards to tilt and rotation? I can't see any change at all when tilting the pen in s-note or artrage. One of the improvements over note 3, is supported to be support for both tilt and rotation.
  31. R

    Thread [Q] Allow upside down rotation?

    Is there some kind of tweak or such that I could install to be able to rotate my Galaxy Tab 4 (10.1) upside down? I got a case (with a built in cover) for it, that can fold and prop it up for easy typing, but the device ends up upside down so thus it's useless... I'm rooted so maybe there's an...
  32. T

    Thread [Q] 4.4.2 deodex

    Is anyone on the special 4.4.2 nc2 having a problem with rotation where it works on reboot then doesn't after five to ten min. My auto brightness is also flaky I've updated to the Bajarom12 and 13 and the issues persist. Also have had a com.sec.android.keyguard failure with the lock screen but...
  33. J

    Thread [Q] Disabling animation while rotating

    Hi everyone, I am still using Samsung Omnia i900 (yes, I am crazy) with WinMo 6.5, but there is one very annoying thing. I hate those animations when I rotate my screen. Is there any way to switch them off, like for example in HTC Leo? Standard Control Panel lets you only change the type of...
  34. S

    Thread [Q] Rotation not working + gyroscope calibration missing

    Hi there, i am having problems that i cant use the rotate of the s4 (currently with 4.2.2 dbt) after a hardreset everything was fine. then i uninstalled some samsung apps which i do not want to have on my device with titanium. since then the rotate is not working again. does someone know...
  35. azertguigui

    Thread [Bootanimation] KitKat 4.4 Full Loop

    Actually what I made was already created here. I couldn't imagine that as many people were as maniac as me :eek: :laugh: Hi everybody ! Since the last KitKat update, I quite enjoy the latest bootanimation. However, I wanted it to make a full circle (if you look closely one of the four color, it...
  36. azertguigui

    Thread [Bootanimation] KitKat 4.4 Full Loop

    Actually what I made was already created here. I couldn't imagine that as many people were as maniac as me :eek: :laugh: Hi everybody ! Since the last KitKat update, I quite enjoy the latest bootanimation. However, I wanted it to make a full circle (if you look closely one of the four color, it...
  37. N

    Thread [Q] [q] auto rotation is not working at all

    So ever since I rooted and xposed kit kat, my nexus 7 has had this odd rotation bug. Mind you I only have gravitybox installed. If I leave my tablet in any orientation for about 10 minutes after a reboot, it will get stuck until I reboot again. This only started recently, and I haven't done much...
  38. T

    Thread [Q] Auto rotation stops working once per day

    I'm guessing this is just an issue with my particular tablet, as I can't seem to find anything to suggest this is a widespread issue, but I just thought I would ask anyway if anyone else has had this issue? Basically, about once a day the rotation just stops working, usually stuck in portrait...
  39. GTMoraes

    Thread [Error] LG G2 D805 with D802 Kitkat, Screen doesn't rotate, cannot calibrate

    Hi. I've flashed this Kitkat ROM, this one called "D805_Stock_KK_fix.zip". It seems to be the Vodafone Germany version, but I'm not sure (it got vodafone logo and apps). A direct flash would render my phone unable to call, as the modem is different, but everything else works (rotation...
  40. The Magician Type 0

    Thread [Q] Rotate Active Display?

    Pardon the thread if someone's already answered this, but is there a hack anywhere to allow you to rotate the active display feature? I love to enable 180 degree rotation for times when I want the charger to be on top, but the only drawback is Active Notifications still display at the normal...
  41. C

    Thread [Q] Auto Rotate Screen??Possible??4.1.2

    Hmm..Wonder is there anyone know how to make our beloved Xperia S/SL's Screen rotatable???in Home~ :\ i want it so bad..i search the whole XDA Forum..but i can't find any solution suitable for this problem...so please...any developer know how to did it??i know this need to decompile my...
  42. petermg

    Thread Orientation / Rotation INVERTED for some games / apps

    Ok so I originally posted this question here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2556217 but I was told it was probably the wrong place and I should ask it in this section. When I play some games, for example Paper Monsters, or Cordy 2, the game orients itself to landscape but...
  43. T

    Thread [Q] Disable lockscreen rotation

    Any mod to disable lockscreen rotation :confused: Dont want to use any continiously running app or lockscreen app Stock, rooted, kitkat
  44. coltlacey1

    Thread i9300 cm10.2 no screen rotation

    Hey guys so I lost track in the forum. I have been on the 10.2 nightlies since they came out and am on the newest from today. Need to figure out how to fix my screen rotation when I open a picture, videos, ect. Thanks in advance.
  45. D

    Thread [Q] Screen rotation not working - have calibrated, etc.

    Nothing I can do will make screen rotation work correctly. Have tried all the usual fixes: 1. Turned on in settings. 2. Done GPS Status calibration. 3. Done figure of eight calibration. 4. Tried various kernels. 5. Tried various ROMs. 6. Done *#0*# and the graph shows everything moving...
  46. D

    Thread [Q] Canadian Hybrid Modem

    To us canadian users stuck on the JB modem's.... pretty much the only problem I have noticed by installing the hybrid modem made my morislee is that the autorotation is inverted... I was wondering if there was a way to make some other xposed module or patch of sort to invert the inversion...
  47. spydiko

    Thread [APP-V6.2][2.3+] Rotation Manager - Control which of your apps rotate and more!

    ROTATION MANAGER FREE EDITION ROTATION MANAGER PREMIUM EDITION Rotation Manager 3rd Generation is here! WORKS WITH LOLLIPOP (5.x) ABOUT Rotation manager is a tool that lets you choose which application you want to rotate or which one you don't want to rotate. It is a...
  48. Robertjm

    Thread Nook Color defaulting to landscape after updating CM10

    I've been running the CM10 nightlies for quite awhile. However, recently I switched over to the Release Candidates since they've had several published. One thing strange I've noticed though. My Nook Color (1st Gen) defaults to landscape mode, including the boot animation. I'm 99.9% sure this...
  49. N

    Thread [Q] Stock ROM - rotation widget that works?

    Hi all, I've tried Power Toggles and similar from the Play Store, but none of them actually access the same rotation toggle as the Samsung ICS control, which you can stop rotation at any orientation. Anyone had any better luck? Most of the toggles I tried just totally didn't work. GMD Smart...
  50. V

    Thread [Mod] Nature UX Launcher Rotation mod(screenshots added)

    I present to you Nature UX launcher rotation mod Works on almost any STOCK or STOCK BASED rom Tested on XWLSN, XWLS8,wanam, neatrom :) Guys hit the thanks button :p Download : http://d-h.st/0qu