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  1. mgeranimus

    Thread [MOD v07] PIXEL UI - CLOSED

    PROJECT CLOSED 2017-03-14
  2. Bat-Maniac

    Thread [ICON PACK] [4.4+] Pixi - Circular Icons [v 1.0.3] [2016/12/21]

    Pixi - A Circular Icon Pack inspired by Google's new round Pixel Phone Icon Set This Icon Pack was created to provide an unified look and match the new round Pixel Icons on your Android Devices. This is my first offical Icon Pack wich I decided to share. It is still in development, so please...
  3. M

    Thread [Flashable ZIP] [7.1.2] Pixel Experience: Pixel Features, DT2W and Keycode Navbar

    I'm not very good at writing explanations, but I managed to activate certain unique features of the pixel in our nexus 6p (Running 7.1.2 or 7.1.1 for older versions) Before flashing, make a full backup, and make sure that the phone be rooted and dm-verity disabled Reboot in TWRP and flash the...