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    Thread [Q] Sensation XL stuck at HTC screen with warning Triangles in all 4 corners.

    Hi can sombody help me my phone will not install ruu and cant do anything now. It was HBOOT 1.28 S-ON Software 1.05.401.5 HTC__001 Now i have HBOOT 1.25 by Fardjadb and after that i did something wrong (i think) but dont know wat.. So now it wil turn on and go to htc screen with 4 triangels in...
  2. boxmax

    Thread [ 03 | 02 ] BoxmaX.S3.5.v13 | Direct Ext4 | NativeSD | Nilfs2 | performance | Fast |

    Changelogs v13 : Changelogs v12 : - apply fix Camcorder to No Lag with 800 480 Thanks again Dungphp ( chào đón trở lại !) - Change values auto Brightness for More Save Battery - Delete Some Tweak Script - Re...