1. Ulumia

    Thread [RUU]Ace Sense30 S Cingular US 3.20.502.63

    This is the latest RUU for the HTC Inspire 4G You can't download an .exe file in the XDA attachments, so I've only downloaded the file in the attachments Download .exe: from HTC website Download .exe: from Yandex.Disk Download see attachments
  2. Ulumia

    Thread [RUU] Stock RUU for HTC Incredible S

    There's Android 2.2.1 and Sense 2.0 Android 2.3.3 and Sense 2.1 Android 2.3.5 and Sense 3.0 Android 4.0.4 and Sense 3.6 Download:
  3. Ulumia

    Thread [RUU]HTC Gratia Froyo S HTC WWE 2.37.405.11 Radio

    This is the latest (sort of) RUU for the HTC Gratia The attachments on XDA don't allow you to upload an .exe file so, but I can upload to the attachments Link to EXE: Link to see attachments
  4. Ulumia

    Thread [RUU]Flyer 3.60.707.4

    This is one of the latest RUUs for Flyer
  5. Ulumia

    Thread RUU_Click_HTC_RUS_1.67.411.7_release_signed_NoDriver.exe

    This is the last RUU for the RUS region To install on devices with CID other than HTC__A07 and 1111111111(SuperCID) you need Goldcard More RUU...
  6. Ulumia

    Thread RUU_Hero_HTC_RUS_2.73.411.17_release_signed_NoDriver

    This is Cupcake(1.5) RUU for Russia More RUU for Hero: P.S I could not load the .exe file in the attachment so I packed the .exe in .zip
  7. Ulumia

    Thread [RUU]WM 2003 for Compaq iPAQ H39xx

    This is the official update to WM 2003 for Compaq iPAQ H3900 Series With this update you can exit bootloader mode So downgrade to PocketPC 2002 is included here P.S:インターネットが遅いのが気になる 私は特にこのメッセージをロシア語で書いたので、あなたには理解できないでしょう。
  8. Zekoslawen

    Thread 64GB HTC 10 shows 32GB internal storage after S-ON downgrade to Nougat

    Have a 64GB HTC 10 which was OTAed from stock Nougat to Oreo. Unlocked bootloader, installed TWRP, rooted with Magisk, then followed the guide in to downgrade with S-ON...
  9. multiwirth

    Thread [Archive] HTC HD2 Firmware and Tools Collection (nand toolkit, RUU, android etc.)

    Hello everyone! Since it gets harder and harder to find any resources and files to explore the legendary history of the HTC HD2, i started searching and downloading as much as i could before we miss the last chance of downloading them. Now here´s the (hopefully) growing up all in one archive...
  10. Mr. Fullop

    Thread HTC U11+ stuckt in bootloop

    Hi! I rooted my phone and I installed a bad file. Then my phone stuckt in bootloop. I tried factory reset but it isn't works. I tried to install rom but i always get 12 RU_ZIP_ERROR. I think I need first turn S-OFF but I don't know how can I do that. (S-ON) kernel: lk product: htc_ocmdugl...
  11. M

    Thread need europe ruu rom for a5 dug

    hi i need europe android 6 ruu rom for a5 dug 3.21.401.1
  12. J

    Thread Cant return to stock. Please help

    Problem solved
  13. generalnod

    Thread Converting Unlocked H10 to latest TMobile Nougat

    HI, I have an Unlocked H10 (soff'd bootloader unlocked w. sunshine), that I want to put the latest TMobile Stock Nougat on, before I attempt to activate and become a new customer. Purpose is to make sure no hitches during activation, afterwards I will use LOS 14.x which I have on the device...
  14. L

    Thread RUU Problems Cant install OR get into Recovery :(

    OK Got htc one m9, had stock software from 3UK rooted, TWRP installed. Then I installed AICP Oreo. Now I wish to return to stock. I relocked the bootloader & downloaded an ruu file. From that point as soon as the phone rebooted I can not enter TWRP, nor can I get adb access via PC. All I did was...
  15. H

    Thread How to go back to stock rom? (s-on, lock)

    I flashed 3.16.401.2 But My status is still unlocked, s-on, software status : modified. I tried sunshine to s-off but not worked. I want to s-on,Lock, software status : official. Where is my problem? Can't I change to "software status :official and lock" with s-on?
  16. P

    Thread Getting back to full stock. Ocean_UHL 2.33.401.19 RUU ??

    Hello guys! After giving LeeDroid a chance I decided that I do not like it and flashed the nandroid backup through TWRP. Everything works great, except that I still have TWRP installed so I cannot receive OTA. In the RUU Collection spreadsheet there's no 2.33.401.19 RUU , only 2.33.401.10. I...
  17. GeoffM

    Thread [Help] M9+ Getting past 2.30.401.1

    Having an Issue Trying to get past 2.30.401.1 I've attached screens of my current inventory Output of fastboot: (bootloader) kernel: lk (bootloader) product: htc_hiau_ml_tuhl (bootloader) version: 1.0 (bootloader) imei: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (bootloader) version-main: 2.30.401.1 (bootloader)...
  18. S

    Thread S-off M8 stuck on Kitkat stock

    I have an M8 with the following system setup: M8_UL PVT SHIP S-OFF CID-11111111 HBOOT- RADIO-1.15.2133156.UA12.5mv OPENDSP-V38.2.2-00542-M8974.0311 OS-1.54.401.109 It's running Kitkat 4.4.2 and if I check for software updates there's none available. I imagine I can run an RUU to...
  19. 5m4r7ph0n36uru

    Thread [IME/EXO][GUIDES/COLLECTION] HTC U12+/Exodus 1 – Factory Image/Firmware/Boot/OTA

    Hello everybody, unfortunately, experience teaches me that a growing span of users expect us to feed them everything with a spoon, and are no longer prepared to deal with the basics of the matter described here on their own - let alone carry out a search with logical parameters on the WWW...
  20. WTF!?

    Thread I need help about latest firmware

    Can you tell me I'm running latest firmware or not? It will really help me. (bootloader) version: 0.5 (bootloader) version-bootloader: (bootloader) version-baseband: 1.29.214500021.12G (bootloader) version-cpld: None (bootloader) version-microp: None (bootloader) version-main...
  21. V

    Thread Update to Nougat Out of USA and with GSM sim card

    Hello everyone, i have a doubt about update my verizon. This is the problem: I have an Unlocked HTC One M9 Verizon with Android 6.0, i use the phone witg GSM sim card (not CDMA), i have no problems to use, 2g, 3g and 4g. I live in Argentina, and i can't update to Nougat, when i try via OTA it...
  22. C

    Thread [How-to][ruu] Flash to factory

    If you have some problem with your phone like me (Settings app fc always) you can download your and flash it. If your bootloader unloced no problem no need to relock. Go to download mode and type: fastboot oem rebootRUU Now your booted to the black HTC screen. Make sure your
  23. djlukas1983

    Thread Cannot flash RUU on my European HTC ONE M8

    Hello I can't flash RUU on my M8 I always get "device halted due to large image update fail" message at the end of flashing. fastboot getvar all command shows me: (bootloader) version: 0.5 (bootloader) version-bootloader: (bootloader) version-baseband: 1.29.214500021.12G...
  24. J

    Thread After S-OFF can I go from 3.xx.yyy.xx to 4.xx.zzz.xx?

    I've gone through the (extremely confusing) readme thread several times but would appreciate a concrete answer on dev edition conversion. My phone is hima_ulatt / firmware v3.38.502.12 / OPJA11000 / CWS_001. So my question is, once i: unlock bootloader > s-off > write cid BS_US001, can i...
  25. D

    Thread [RUU] M9+ (HIAU_ML) RUU / Recovery Collection

    Since many links got broken and the threads abandoned, i thought it's time to refresh the RUU collection by uploading some of the RUUs to my Google Drive and link them here. I also added the Recoveries for different regions. Maybe this is worth being a sticky. :D RUU / ROM: Taiwan: 0PK713000 /...
  26. K

    Thread A9 3G not working.

    Hello, I have an HTC A9, 3/32 version. The problem is that the phone apparently is branded by HTC America and I am using it in Europe (the phone was bought from Europe). The 3G bands are different in US vs. Europe but here comes the tricky part: although the phone cannot connect to the 3G...
  27. eavandijk83

    Thread [GUIDE] Downgrade firmware 2.1x to 1.5x (S-OFF)

    So you want to use the latest custom ROM but you're on 2.1x firmware. That's not an big issue as long as you're S-OFF. If you're not S-OFF download, install and run Sunshine-3.5.8 (or higher when available). Follow instructions and pay the $25,= You'll be S-OFF within 5 minutes and it's really...
  28. wolfaas12345

    Thread Can find correct ruu for htc one max

    Hello i want to restore my htc one max to stock and i need help i need stock ruu for it but i cant find it here's getvar command maybe it will help you help me (bootloader) version: 0.5 (bootloader) version-bootloader: 2.49.0000 (bootloader) version-baseband: 4T.27.3218.14 (bootloader)...
  29. 5m4r7ph0n36uru

    Thread [COLLECTION] HTCU U11 – RUU/Firmware/Recovery/OTA/Backups

    This thread has the aim is to provide you with one single thread to find what you seek and where every user can participate by sharing files and/or links to. Here's a list of all variants as thankfully provided by Kisakuku: htc_ocndtwl - China (Dual SIM) htc_ocnuhl_jp - Japan (Single SIM)...
  30. sabpprook

    Thread [ROM] HTC Desire 10 Pro RUU Collection

    HTC Desire 10 Pro RUU Collection A56DJ_PRO_UHL / 2PYA30000 / HTC__001, HTC__M27 / 1.16.401.21
  31. sabpprook

    Thread [ROM] HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle RUU Collection

    HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle RUU Collection A56DJ_UHL / 1.02.709.3 2PUKIMG_A[email protected] A56DJ_UHL / 1.07.401.1...
  32. roirraW "edor" ehT

    Thread HTC 10 Unlocked 2.48.617.1 RUU exe available, April 2017 security update

    I did a quick search and didn't find another just general post about this version, although there may be one buried inside another thread. If there is another thread, let me know and I'll have this thread deleted. Although the main page
  33. R

    Thread Phone turns off at 9%

    Hello, I have been using the One M8 for quite a few months now. I have unlocked the boot-loader, flashed a custom recovery(TWRP and kernel (ElementalX), flashed custom ROMs (Used S8 and Viper) Right now I am in Stock Rooted ROM (6.0.1). The problem that I've been trying to fix is that...
  34. rushfunn

    Thread M8 won't stay ON unless connected to power source

    Hi All, My HTC has this issue for last 4-6 weeks or so, whenever it is connected to a power source, it works fine. The Battery charges and holds charge but once disconnected from Power, device turns off immidiately. I started noticing weird shut down several times, after which it won't stay ON...
  35. sabpprook

    Thread [GUIDE] [DOWNGRADE] HTC One M9 Nougat downgrade without S-OFF

    This guide no need to S-OFF your device but unlock bootloader is necessary!!! This is for Europe WWE, other SKU's model will work also, but you need find the resources that fit on you devices. First, something you will need #NOTICE: If your device is Marshmallow...
  36. sabpprook

    Thread [RUU] HTC One ME (HIMA_ACE) RUU Collection

    Taiwan: 0PLAIMG_HIMA_ACE_ML_DTUL_L50_SENSE70_hTC_Asia_TW_1.50.709.3_Radio_1.1506V24P22T34.2109.0805_HDT[W.T] China: 0PLAIMG_HIMA_ACE_ML_DTUL_L50_SENSE70_HTCCN_CHS_2_1.50.1405.5_Radio_1.1506V24P22T34.2109.0805_HDT[W.T] China CMCC...
  37. sabpprook

    Thread [RUU] M9+ (HIAU_ML) RUU Collection

    China: 0PK711000 / HTCCN701 0PK7IMG_HIAU_ML_TUHL_M60_SENSE70_MR_HTCCN_CHS_2_2.30.1405.1_Radio_1.1550V70.2501.0304_HT[W.T] 0PK7IMG_HIAU_ML_TUHL_L50_SENSE70_MR_HTCCN_CHS_2_1.90.1405.3_Radio_1.1506V24P22T34.2106.0727_HT[W.T] China CMCC...
  38. T

    Thread Htc M9 eu

    Hi I want my phone back to stock. but cant find the right files to use to restock it. i flashed stock bootloader. and want stock rom. but now i have the red writing under startup and when in bootloader and recovery it wont find my SDcard. iam still running custom rom android revolution hd 20 by...
  39. H

    Thread How to edit RUU?

    People in the CM13/14.1 threads have talked about editing the US Unlocked RUU and removing the radio, cradio, and recovery files in order to be able to flash on Verizon and Sprint devices. However, every time I do this I get errors while attempting to flash the edited RUU. Can someone please...
  40. O

    Thread [RUU+GUIDE] A5_DUG HTC__622 Asia_HK Lollipop | Guide to flashing the RUU

    I managed to track down the RUU for A5_DUG with CID: HTC__622 (Asia_HK version). The filename is: I have uploaded it to MEGA here...
  41. L

    Thread RUU Stucking at 5% 'Checking Headers'

    Hello guys! Ive been reading you all for a couple days now because i bought myself an used HTC One M7 from AT&T. Now, as soon as i got it i saw it was running android 4.1.2 and i can't live with that. I found a way to update it thru RUU up to 4.3 (before, i S-OFF and SuperCIDed) and now i'm...
  42. R

    Thread RUU [ MODEL ID ERROR - Please get the correct ROM update Utility] Please help!

    Hi Devs...everyone, Can someone please tell me what kind of RUU should I download to flash it to my HTC M8? I downloaded the official one from their website but it seems that its not compatible with my phone! It says: MODEL ID ERROR: The ROM update utility cannot update your android phone...
  43. H

    Thread Flashed US Unlocked Firmware Onto Sprint, now no data

    I forgot to edit the RUU zip and ended up flashing the complete Unlocked firmware. Modems, radio, everything. Now I have no data at all and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to fix this. I have tried wiping the modemst1/2, flashing the Sprint radio, nothing. Still no data. I am willing...
  44. A

    Thread Htc One m7 unbricking info.

    Hi all, I have a Htc One m7 from a friend of mine BRICKED. It cannot load any os or recovery, however I can access the bootloader. Currently this is the situation: ***LOCKED*** M7_UL PVT SHIP S-ON RH HBOOT - 1.61.0000 RADIO - 4T.35.3218.16 OpenDSP - V35.120.274.0718 OS - 7.19.401.51...
  45. philohtc

    Thread HTC 10 Indian variant RUU issue 2PS620000

    Hey guys! I´ve got my 10 S-off'ed and model changed from HTC__060 (Indian) to HTC_001 (WWE), re-locked bootloader and tried to run RUU but get error 155 (latest RUU
  46. Colosseo

    Thread Some clarification about M9+ RUUs, version numbers and OTAs

    Hello all, I’ve some (stupid) questions about M9+, I hope someone could answer them because I can’t find precise info elsewhere… sorry for my “noobity”: 1. Can a RUU for a 0PK7IMG MID be installed on my 0PK711000 MID? Is MID code relevant for getting OTAs or installing a RUU? 2. What’s the...
  47. O

    Thread Problem Flashing file for HTC ONE M7 ("could not allocate..")

    Hey guys, mainly I have an HTC ONE M7 Sense. and here's the information got it from BootLoader: Locked S-OFF M7_UL HBoot: 1.55 CID: SuperCID (1111111) I have a problem flashing my file which is located in the same Mini ADB folder renamed with ruu with ZIP extension (double checked the...
  48. B

    Thread Stock Recovery and RUU for 3.35.401.32

    Hi all, Just took the 3.35.401.32 update and now I'd like to grab the stock recovery and RUU for the same version (3.35.401.32). I've checked the usual suspects but they don't seem to have the files, so are they available for download or I have to hold off a little longer until they are...
  49. F

    Thread Can someone link me to an RUU for a vodafone M8s that is on Sense 7/MM?

    I lost my backup when my hdd crashed a few weeks back and now I cannot put my phone back to stock (and I dont wanna S-OFF as its pretty much a waste of money given how much the phones worth) If you need any more information to provide the correct RUU let me know
  50. Rolo42

    Thread Reformat/Reinstall: Questions on running htc RUU unlocked, S-on

    Hello, I couldn't find a thread where this wouldn't feel like I was hijacking it, so I thought a new one was appropriate for S-on types and using the RUU executable rather than flashing zips or imgs. I'd like to verify my understanding before I attempt to revert mine to stock and instead...