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  1. lebigmac

    Thread [SCRIPT][Android 10+] Universal Mount System read/write (R/W)

    If you can't get this script to work on your device check out the brand new sophisticated superrepack tool by @munjeni line *NEW* SystemRW v1.32 *NEW* automated bash script by lebigmac for Android 10 and above Creation date: February 2021 Updated: August 2021 Requirements: rooted STOCK...
  2. Vivacity

    Thread Android N - Sd card r/w access?

    Hi people. I was wondering if android 7.0 has write access restriction to external sd card as it was the case for marshmallow and lollipop. Anyone tested this please?
  3. electrikjesus

    Thread [GUIDE][RemixOS 3.x] Using Jide's REMOUNT_RW=1 method to achieve R/W & true root

    Using Jide's REMOUNT_RW=1 method to achieve R/W & true root Both of these methods assume you have used Jide's latest Official Installer for either 32bit or x64 RemixOS 3.x install. This process will extract the system.sfs file, taking up an additional 2.6 gb (something around there), so make...
  4. S

    Thread RIC Killer script for 5.0.2 Lollipop

    Hey, apparently Lollipop breaks the well known RIC service killer scripts that worked on 4.4.4 and before. However it seems that certain recoveries (i.e. NUT's Dual Recovery etc.) still manage to disable the RIC service and thus grant R/W access to /system. My question is: for those of us who...
  5. voolandis

    Thread Changes not saved after editing files in /system

    Hi everyone, recently I decided to increase the strength of notification LED, by editing /system/sys/class/leds/amber/pwm_coefficient and /system/sys/class/leds/green/pwm_coefficient values from 5 to 250. The problem is, whenever I edit those files and save changes upon exiting text editor -...
  6. occupational_hazard

    Thread 4.3 sd card issues fixed

    I am currently working on a solution to fix 4.4 with more stable results. I have created a flashable zip that works in an aftermarket recovery. It replaces the platform.xml file with modified file that has the necessary permission line to make the sd card writable now. That is the only thing...
  7. Q

    Thread [Q] Help! I'm having trouble mounting my /system directory as r/w but my s-off

    I've used unrevoked forever to get my s-off, but eveytime I try to delete/rename/copy a file to the /system directory I get an error. Anyway to fix this? I'm new XD