1. C

    Thread Pubg performance s10+

    I would like someone to help me how I can improve the performance of an s10+ in the game pubg mobile I have tried almost everything nfs manager, lspeed, I use pgtx pro tolls and I do not achieve a decent performance in the game. Android 12
  2. S

    Thread Can't get security update after flashing samsung stock firmware to verizon s10

    I just swapped carriers to Mint Mobile from Verizon. I noticed my Google and Samsung cloud backups were not working and found out it was because Verizon blocks them, so you have to buy their cloud service. I decided to flash the Samsung stock unlocked firmware (G973U1) to my Verizon firmware S10...
  3. V

    Thread SM G973N Conference call missing

    I have an S10 originally registered to KT corporation in Korea. I am now using it in Kenya but I realized the 'add call' feature is missing and so I am not able to make conference calls. I have tried to install a different dialler app but the problem is still there. Anyone who knows how I can...
  4. I

    Thread SM-G975U running on the wrong firmware for carrier

    I have a situation now. When I first got this phone, it was stuck in a firmware that is not from TMK/TMB. Here is what I have vs what it's intended because I don't get any updates since I am stuck on the April 2021 update. It had a Metro By T-Mobile SIM inserted which converted the CSC to TMK (I...
  5. I

    Thread SM-G975U doesn't detect any update after the April 2021 Patch

    I just got this phone, however I realized it was running on Android 11, not there recent Android 12 that came out. I checked and it's still saying it's updated but it isn't. The CSC code is TMK/TMK/VZW. The base version is G975USQU5GUCH, which is a Verizon/Comcast update. What should I do? The...
  6. I

    Thread s10+ weak very weak mic?

    I'm on Android 9, I noticed my phone's mic is very weak during phone calls, audio recording apps, and the stock camera app. On the stock camera app, the left audio channel sounds way louder than the right. its like the mic has been damaged. Alternatively, am I missing some sort of option in...
  7. M

    Thread Downgrade from Android12 possible?

    I didnt spot the message about losing GearVR and now having upgraded my GearVR is not functional. It says I cannot go back but... this is XDA so, can i ?? Also not sure if I can re-install the Oculus GearVR app (can't see it on PlayStore) so does anyone know which APKs I need to install as well?
  8. kostaschar_

    Thread Lock screen notifications missing

    Hello there! Since the samsung's september security update i have a very annoying problem in my S10 (exynos) with my pop up notifications and generally with the notifications of specific apps like messenger and microsoft outlook. Specifically in facebook messenger i get neither lock screen...
  9. L

    Thread YouTube keeps closing itself

    Hello, So I have had this issue for a pretty long time, but now I really get bothered by it since I also pay for YouTube Premium. What I have tried so far: - Factory reset via settings - Deleted app data (cache, etc.) - Uninstalled and reinstalled YouTube - Downloaded the latest version...
  10. manie1

    Thread S10 SM-G973W Bootloader Unlock Help

    Hello, I have a Galaxy S10 model G973W. I am looking to unlock the bootloader. I have tried the date trick but that did not work. My goal is to root the phone. If anyone can point me at the right place, I would appreciate it. This is the second phone I've purchased because I bought a...
  11. p0rt23

    Thread S10 stuck in bootloader loading screen after trying to flash Magisk to boot partition from the App

    So basicly, I updated the magisk app and it said I have an update available. I was on a custom rom named Blastui rom: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/rom-r-11-0-fuh5-blastui-rom-for-g970f-g973f-g975f-oneui3-1-1-odex-v3-45-aroma-like-a-ferrari.4200153/ at the same time, i had twrp installed...
  12. arjun.bichu

    Thread how to revert s10 to previous firmware

    so i bought my s10 from dubai and came to india and had to factory reset the device. now i have use indian version and samsung pay changed to indian version as well. . even the mobile signal is getting messed up. what do i have to do to change back to the original version. please help
  13. gabo2s

    Thread Not getting OTA updates :c

    Hello, I am writing this because for the past year I have been manually downloading firmware and installing it into my s10 (G973U) I have never gotten an OTA update, and I'm guessing it's because I don't reside in the US nor do I have a US Sim card. My question here is if there is ANY way to fix...
  14. O

    Thread Magisk resulted in boot loop

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 SM-G973F. I unlocked the bootloader from the Download mode, then turned on the OEM unlock from the developer settings. I installed Magisk from github, created the patched firmware, then flashed all the files via Odin. Now the S10 displays a warning that the...
  15. S

    Thread Rooting S10 for Data Retrival ONLY

    Hi Guys! I have spent hours and hours trying to find a solution to my problem and it has lead me here so here goes; My friend has given me a S10 which has had a factory reset done to it, He is in need of retrieving some documents on there which i believe was written in the notepad. The phone...
  16. Mystuff746

    Thread Samsung s10 G973U andriod 11

    Model- G973USQU3DTE8 with att locked to network So I was seeing all the news about s10s and such would get andriod 11 but I never got the update then I check my model number and there still is no update is there a way I can safely install it myself I know there's no model specific version...
  17. F

    Thread Samsung S10+ SM-G975F/DS 1TB, native call recorder

    Hi, I have S10+ and I want to enable native call recorder. Now I have Android 11 SoftwareL SAOMC_SM-G975F_OVF_VD2_RR_0009 VD2/VD2,VD2/VD2 Czech Republic Vodafone branded Version: RP1A.200720.012.G975FXXU9FUCD On www.samkey.org they told me to: " THL (THAILAND Call Recorder + Samsung Pay)...
  18. B

    Thread S10 Stuck In SS RDX Mode

    I have an s10 that crashed and went to the SS RDX screen, with the big red text saying that it was caused by a Watchdog Reset. I have tried to put it into recovery mode, download mode, and do a full wipe and reset but no luck and always ending up back at the SS RDX screen. I've also tried...
  19. hemukay

    Thread S10 Lite Black Screen, Switching On but no splash screen

    Hi All, Today morning my S10 lite started going display off automatically and I tried to hard restart by Power+Vl.Down it shown splash screen and restarted.. then again same issue of display off. then again I tried hard restartd for couple of times its switching on, vibrating when on but no...
  20. F

    Thread Change bootsplash troubleshooting

    Hello, I am new to xda and I hope you can help me I changed the bootsplash of my s10 with TWRP following this tutorial. It works well as you can see in boot_aston.jpg. But after this screen I have another samsung one as you can see in boot_samsung.jpg. Is it possible to edit or delete this...
  21. PizzaG

    Thread [MULTIPLE_ROMS_+_RECOVERIES][UNOFFICIAL][Android-11] beyond1qlte

    Proudly Presents Another Exclusive Release Supported Model *Snapdragon Only* Beyond1qlte S10 Recoveries Batik Recovery Dark Recovery Nusantara Recovery OrangeFox Recovery PitchBlack Recovery RedWolf Recovery SkyHawk Recovery TWRP Recovery Roms AICP AospK Arrow Awaken Baikal CandyRom Carbon...
  22. K

    Thread Keyboard layout on DeX

    I've used dex for a few days, with hungarian keyboard layout (which is QWERTZ and a few special characters). Yesterday something happened out of nowhere, and basically the layout changed to a QWERTZ style US keyboard. No matter what language I switch my input language to, it stays that way. Any...
  23. G

    Thread Samsung S10+ Bricked (SM-G975) Please help!

    Hey guys, I have s10 plus that is stuck on bootloop. It had original firmware and at night suddenly started rebooting. Please help! i can only get in download mode. I am unable to get in recovery mode. I don't know the CSC code. How can I know if the phone is dead? Tried flashing some rooms...
  24. rsngfrce

    Thread Major Android 11 memory issues

    Ever since my Galaxy S10e (AT&T) upgraded to Android 11 last week, I have been having major memory problems. If I switch from one app to another and then go back to the first, it has often been killed. When running some apps, my persistent notifications start disappearing and apps that I have...
  25. C

    Thread Gear VR compatability with Galaxy S10 One UI 3.0 (Android 11)

    Hello. I'd like to know if someone can confirm if the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lineup is still compatible with Gear VR after the One UI 3.0/Gear VR. I'm looking foward to buy a SM-R325 and I want to know if I can still use it with my Galaxy S10e G970F on Android 11 or if I have to downgrade to...
  26. BLING2X

    Thread Solved - Boot S10 into rooted ROM without requiring 3 buttons pressed

    I have purchased my Samsung S10 Exynos and successfully rooted it using the only possible ways that have seems to be available so far. I have gained root, but I was wondering if anyone has solved the issue of having to turn the device on with all 3 keys held down at the same time. I understand...
  27. T

    Thread Is there any way i can change my s10+ gamma?

    My s10+ uses 2.4 gamma at minimum brightness and it causes a ton of problems. I need to reduce gamma. Is this possibe in any way?
  28. K

    Thread Exynos roms that support Miracast

    I'm about to receive my new S10 Exynos. On the S9 there was a problem with miracast working. Is this an issue with the S10? It's kind of a thing I might need.
  29. M

    Thread S10 HONG KONG Variant Keys Café

    Hey everyone ! Samsung has recently released a new module on Good Lock to customize the Samsung keyboard called Keys Café. Unfortunately for those who bought one of the S10 series in Hong Kong it isn't available yet, and even by downloading the apk of Keys Café, the keyboard customized don't...
  30. D

    Thread [G97xF - EUA4] OneUI 3.0 Stable is out!

    S10e - S10 - S10+ Frija thread (for a more fast download)
  31. S

    Thread S10 series uses is really 3MP with bin technology

    i shoot RAW (DNG) photo File with the camera, open with irfanview saw the picture is 3MP! but looks even better then the 12MP one, beside the noise that you can remove ,i prefer the noise, the "regular mode" photos look like oil paint when 100% i guess because lots of "soft" and pixel binding i...
  32. D

    Thread Mi 10 vs S10

    Hi guys, my s10 gives me only 4 hour of SOT with under 4 hours usage and 13 hours idle. Is the mi 10 a good replacement for it? I don't care about camera, but I want a lot of screen on time AND low passive bettery drain and good performance CPU wise, which seems to be fitting. Did anyone...
  33. X

    Thread Add multiple user on S10 SM-G973U possible?

    Hello, I saw that you can edit the build.prop file to enable multiple users, but unsure how with my specific phone. Magisk can only root Exynos phones. And TWRP supports the international S10 phones but not the US ones. Has anyone been able to do this?
  34. B

    Thread Audio test

    Would owners of the Exynos S10/S10+/S10e mind taking a few minutes of your time to download and play the below 30-second long BS EN 50332-1 'Program Simulation Noise' through the phone at maximum volume with Google Play Music (all system EQ and sound enhancements off) and record its output...
  35. Drag-On

    Thread Still no new Google Photos features?

    I have an S10 (exynos, sigh). And although there have been two play Store Google Photo updates since the new heat map feature was released, I don't have this feature in the Google Photos app. I have tried: - Restarting phone - removing Google Account and readding - uninstalling GPhotos updates...
  36. F

    Thread Galaxy s10 plus G975F stuck in recovery loop.

    Hi everyone I've been having trouble booting my G975F since I flashed latest firmware in Odin. I've done a factory reset in recovery and wipe cache after i flashed it but I get #reboot recovery cause BL: recovery mode set by key# Supported API: 3 MANUAL MODE v1.0.00# Any help would be greatly...
  37. H

    Thread galaxy watch active 2 and s10 rooted

    How can I connect galaxy watch active 2 with s10 with root? I have error from galax wearables
  38. A

    Thread Sound assistant isn't working as of the latest update (May 2020)

    I used sound assistant a lot, mainly to have the sound bar on the right side of my screen instead of the top. As of May 2020, Sound Assistant (in Good Lock) appears to not be working properly. When I try to enable or disable the option with the panel nothing changes, but it used too. Anyone...
  39. AllAboutTech

    Thread S20 series standby battery /disable bloatware HOW TO

    Dear All, During the past 10yrs at least I was /am a Samsung fan but not only. I was using Galaxy phones from S4 up until now to S20Ultra. But also Oneplus devices and iPhones. During this time I was able to see and maybe understand what is causing battery draining on Android devices...
  40. AlphaDream0

    Thread screen wake on headphone jack unplug

    This is so annoying, is there any way to prevent the screen from waking from this action (unplugging headphone jack)? There is no xposed/magisk module either, I've googled all over the place but I can't find a fix or even someone else posting about this. Could it be done with Tasker?
  41. A

    Thread Snapdragon s10 pubg Lag

    I have been facing lot of lag on s10 while playing pubG (snapdragon model canada). I can find a lot of forum posts but they point to exynos model. It heats up in 10 minutes and start lagging specially when things get crowded(or object rendering). Can anyone confirm their experience? snapdragon only
  42. S

    Thread How To Make Your S10 Fingerprint Scanner Faster

    Hello everyone, I was searching on how to make my phone faster and stumbled upon an old Reddit thread. I'm just resharing this information because this works for me on my S10 and I've also tested this on a Galaxy A50 and SO+ All credit to the original Reddit thread owner u/prandals So...
  43. D

    Thread [UPDATE 2,5 - S10e/S10/S10+] One UI 2.1 download links [Exynos only]

    Hi to all. After the recent news about One UI 2.1 on Galaxy 2019 series, a new S10 updates (which seems close to be officially released) has been reported under form of buildstrings: *G970U1UEU3DTC3 *G973U1UEU3DTC3 *G975U1UEU3DTC3 At this point I assume that the same one will be released also...
  44. C

    Thread Re: S10+ auto volume adjustment

    Re: S10+ auto volume adjustment This issue started occuring since day 1 I had the phone. I'm using a radio app to listen to my favourite radio stations. I usually leave the radio running in the background and go to Instagram. After playing a video on Instagram the phone automatically increases...
  45. hinxnz

    Thread New Zealand 2degrees Product code

    Hey guys and girls, I need someone that has an S10 plus or even maybe just an S10 from New Zealand that bought their phone from 2degrees. I just after the product code, very simple to retrieve, root is needed. It's just a product code that is set for all phones and is the same as all the rest...
  46. I

    Thread Google Autofill and Add Autofill Missing

    Hi All, I just switched to a Galaxy S10 US factory unlocked from a OnePlus 6 and am having no luck adding the Google Autofill service under Language & Input. in fact, if you'll reference the screenshot, Samsung's service is the only one listed and the option to add another, or choose none, is...
  47. Osushi

    Thread Proportion of photos, what to choose?

    Hello in what proportions do good quality photos be taken? 3:4, 9:16, 1:1, full. someone will help, and what the individual proportions mean?
  48. D

    Thread Android 10 gesture glitch

    Hi. Seems that an annoying gestures bug still affect the latest S10 public update (BSL4). Can someone reproduce it?
  49. alireza_simkesh

    Thread [S10] Separate app sound notification

    I have the separate App Sound feature enabled on my Samsung S10. I have set it to relay the audio of my Telegram app to the phone (rather than bluetooth devices). However, after upgrading to Android 10, when I ever I dial a number a notification is shown saying Telegram sound is playing through...
  50. C

    Thread Upgrade/downgrade s10+ to Q to Pie or Pie to Q WITHOUT losing data both rooted unroot

    Hi guys. GUIDE FOR INTERNATIONAL S10, S10+, S10e with unlocked boot loader! I been seeing some post/questions that is it possible to downgrade from android 10 to android 9 and vice versa WITHOUT losing data or apps. There were quite some posts so instead of answering each n every post i see i...