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  1. F

    Thread cannot go past "Warning" screen

    My S10e has been stuck on bootloop and I would like to flash it with Odin. However, on the teal "Warning" screen where it gives you options to confirm installing a custom OS or cancel when you try to enter download mode, I cannot move past it. The volume buttons just change the brightness. It...
  2. zpunout

    Thread 2 Galaxy S10e phones, one cannot enter Download Mode, the other can.

    I have 2 Galaxy S10e Exynos G970F phones, both running Lineage18.1 since around October 2021 when I installed it. Recently, I discovered that one enters Download Mode without a problem, the other cannot. 1. The phone with the issue also has no MTP while booted into LineageOS and the USB...
  3. F

    Thread S10e knox

    Hi I bought a second hand s10e. The phone works normally and not locked to any network. The main issue is that the phone used to be a company phone and is knox locked and enrolled. I called then many times but they didn't help. The problem is that the software and security updates are...
  4. S

    Thread Bought used 970F with Magisk, relocked, flashed stock UI5, no network at all

    Guys I was really excited about this purchase, I tested network with the seller, on both SIMs, both worked great, 4G data, when I took it home I noticed the phone was BL unlocked with Magisk, which made me worry about any security issues or not being able to update. Relocked BL from download...
  5. V

    Thread S10e bootloop despite flashing with Odin

    To give some context, my S10e (Verizon SM-G970U) decided to boot loop out of nowhere. Since this happened, I have factory reset the phone, no success. I brought it to a local repair shop who said they couldn't fix it. Now I have flashed the phone with Odin and despite the phone being flashed it...
  6. J

    Thread Magisk will not root

    I was able to follow instructions to patch the AP file with magisk. I saved it to my SD card, removed the SD card and put it on my computer and flashed it with Odin. I now have the unlocked Bootloader warning and the not Factory firmware warning. I cannot get Magisk to give me root access. When...
  7. noobot89

    Thread S10E (Snapdragon) SM-G970W Unlocking !

    hello, I have Galaxy S10E (Snapdragon) SM-G970W with bootloader v6, can anyone help me to unlock this so I could able to flash custom ROM, TIA.
  8. K

    Thread S10e IMEI Works with any SIMcard, but IMEI search show Carrier ?!

    Hi everybody, I recently bought a S10e, new, but cheap, as new but for the price I guessed that it was like reconditionned or something. It's perfect but it has a slight disperfect (front facin camera not super centered) so I thimk it's legit but cheap because of the defect. It's a SM-G970U...
  9. I

    Thread Stock ROM for s10e?

    Want to sell Galaxy s10e / SM-G970F / Exynos Buyer wants stock. Device running LOS. Which stock ROM to use? What steps to take? Help anyone?
  10. L

    Thread Custom ROM for S10e

    Hi Guys, (paid job) Looking for an expert, who can make a custom ROM for Samsung s10e. Custom ROM specification SAMSUNG S10e + CP2101 USB to UART bridge controller Android 9 or 10. Features what we need: Custom boot animation (our branding) Support Samsung interaction control app, in order...
  11. Fedexer97

    Thread GCam for Exynos S10e - Colors are washed out. Help?

    Hello, I'm currently using the GCam 8.1.101 ruler version (https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/dev-bsg/f/dl14/) for my S10e Exynos, and it looks really bad, there are a lot of problems, such as: Noise on the very top and very bottom of the photo Colors are really washed...
  12. A

    Thread Moisture detected warning after upgrade to March security patch - s10e

    did anyone get the moisture detected version after updating their galaxy phone to the March security patch? I have the s10e US version...
  13. PizzaG

    Thread [MULTIPLE_ROMS_+_RECOVERIES][UNOFFICIAL][Android-11] beyond0qlte

    Proudly Presents Another Exclusive Release Supported Model *Snapdragon Only* Beyond0qlte S10e Recoveries Batik Recovery Dark Recovery Nusantara Recovery OrangeFox Recovery PitchBlack Recovery RedWolf Recovery SkyHawk Recovery TWRP Recovery Roms AICP AospK Arrow Awaken Baikal CandyRom...
  14. K

    Thread Keyboard layout on DeX

    I've used dex for a few days, with hungarian keyboard layout (which is QWERTZ and a few special characters). Yesterday something happened out of nowhere, and basically the layout changed to a QWERTZ style US keyboard. No matter what language I switch my input language to, it stays that way. Any...
  15. rsngfrce

    Thread Major Android 11 memory issues

    Ever since my Galaxy S10e (AT&T) upgraded to Android 11 last week, I have been having major memory problems. If I switch from one app to another and then go back to the first, it has often been killed. When running some apps, my persistent notifications start disappearing and apps that I have...
  16. J

    Thread Ultimate ROM Setup and Battery Life Guide 2021

    This guide is specifically for Ivan Meler's LineageOS 18.1 on the s10e, but most of the guide should work universally through Android Versions, ROM Variants and Devices What you can achieve: 9Hrs Screen On Time 20-40Hrs Screen Off Time Working SafetyNet Working GCam High Stability IMPORTANT...
  17. meven123123123

    Thread No way to disable Samsung VaultKeeper?

    So I'm currently trying to root my S10e (SM-G970F) but I ran into a problem; I can't disable Samsung's VaultKeeper from download mode. I also noticed that the download mode looks different compared to everything else I've found online. Here's a pic: There is no "extra" text on the left side...
  18. C

    Thread Gear VR compatability with Galaxy S10 One UI 3.0 (Android 11)

    Hello. I'd like to know if someone can confirm if the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lineup is still compatible with Gear VR after the One UI 3.0/Gear VR. I'm looking foward to buy a SM-R325 and I want to know if I can still use it with my Galaxy S10e G970F on Android 11 or if I have to downgrade to...
  19. O

    Thread SKVALEX's Call Recorder API Settings for Stock S10 Phone?

    Stock Firmware S10e: SM-G970U1 Just recently migrated from a Xperia XZ1C to a S10e and I am struggling getting SKVALEX's Call Recorder API settings correct so that I can hear the callers voice adequately. I've tried different combinations of Record Settings but it seems like I always end up...
  20. N

    Thread Locked S10 ??

    Hi friends, i just ordered an S10E snapdragon from USA, and i want to know if the phone will be locked for my french Simcard ? :confused: Can i unlock the network by flashing an U1 rom with ODIN? Thx you ! :)
  21. P

    Thread Best forum for posting questions about Snapdragon s10e?

    I wanted to make sure I would be posting to the the right place, but I don't see an XDA forum specifically for the Snapdragon version of the s10e. Any advice? Thanks.
  22. G

    Thread secure download

    I was previously able to flash stock image, then, magisk patched AP file, but now, magisk patched AP file, fails. I have secure download ENABLED and a message: Only, official released binaries are allowed to be flashed (BOOT). What can I do to fix it?
  23. E

    Thread G970A Question about Magisk?

    I'm wondering if anyone can give me a good ELI5 rundown of why we can't use Magisk to root the s10e snapdragon or literally an phone if it is systemless? Or am I completely wrong? When trying to learn something the only wrong questions are the ones you don't ask right? Thank you in advance
  24. redoregon

    Thread Relearning... software version questions?

    Some of you might recognize me, used to be pretty active in the root/mod/ROM game back from the days of the OG Droid on, but have been away for a while. Now I've got a new Samsung S10E, and I don't quite get the relationships with the versions and trigraphs, etc. My phone is a G970U1 - which I...
  25. StratOS_HTC

    Thread Proof of rooted S10e on G970FXXU3ASJD

    Need an proof of rooted device on ASJD. Any kind of proof would be appriciated ... Looking forward ...
  26. S

    Thread s10e exynos version ui2.0 beta download link

    i am using ui2.0 beta version on s10e. then there came a issue for lockscreen. samsung fixed the lockscreen isuue with the new beta update. but as i am locked out of my phone i am unable to download it. so can anyone provide the download link for the new update so that i can sideload it. i am...
  27. LadyDi

    Thread Pairing SM V700 to SM-G970U

    Hello, I'm using older Samsung Gear watches: Galaxy Gear SM V700 (camera on side of band) Gear 2 (camera on face) Gear S (widest and fatter screen) Gear S2 Classic. I have had every single one paired with the S10e for over a week. A week (give or take) later, the SM V700 went back to the...
  28. G

    Thread S10e bricked when using Odin

    My S10e apparently came from UAE: CSC was probably one of these: United Arab Emirates (LYS) United Arab Emirates (XSG) and I downloaded the new firmware using Freya... XEU for UK and tried to flash it. This was a mistake... although not sure why it would be. First time, after putting all...
  29. G

    Thread What to buy... International or US S10e?

    So, apparently US S10e with snapdragon is locked down and exynos is just hard to build ROMs for. https://www.xda-developers.com/samsung-treating-us-unlocked-device-owners-second-rate-citizens/ This phone is a good size considering everything is so large these days. I want to get this phone...
  30. K

    Thread Should I get the Prism Blue or Prism Black version?

    I thought I would like the white version but it is too pinkish. Reminds me of an Easter egg. So I'm going to sell this one and either get the blue or black version. I'd really love the green version but it has the exynos chipset and it flat out sucks. So if anyone has or has seen the blue and...
  31. T

    Thread Rear camera and back Glass replacement

    Hey! I've bought a S10e. It doesn't have its back cover/rear camers protector. I've Bought the glass panel and the Glass cover. B The pictures with the ultrawide camera (or the live preview using any app), are kind of fogty specially if there are many lights. The "regular" camera don't have...
  32. N

    Thread Samaung galaxy s10e heating upto 33 Degree Celcius

    HI Everyone, I needed to know does anyone have this kind of issue ? I bought samsung galaxy s10e 2 days ago. And now even I am using just google maps and play music in my ear buds the phone got heated upto 33 degree celcius. Is it normal ? or there might be problem. Can anybody tell me about...
  33. D

    Thread Galaxy S10E Case

    A case I had back on the S7 they are making for the S10e is https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MQRVRGG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I love that the case is a slim case with a stand so I can watch movies and it easly slide into the hoster and you can rotate the holster 90...