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  1. E

    Thread Question I need help with updating my S21 Ultra

    I recently bought an S21 Ultra on a French webshop, but it is an American version of the phone. When I try to update the phone, it says there are no updates available, even though the last update was in July 2022. My model number is SM-G998U/DS and my CSC is G998UOYN5CVG4.
  2. M

    Thread Question Is it impossible to downgrade S21-Ultra SM-G998U/SM-G998W variants?

    I apologize if this has been answered previously, but i could not find the answer properly as different sources have different answers but i understand this would be the best place to find the correct answer. From what i understand in october 2021 samsung introduced Rollback Prevention on...
  3. nosidamXumres

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods s21 ultra 108mp raw

    hello i'm nosidam although you can refer to me as nosi or idam for short, at any rate it has come to my attention that for over two year's individuals much like myself that are into high resolution photography have been wanting access to the raw resolution of the hundred and eight megapixel...
  4. Audiophil3

    Thread Question Desperate for help with bricked S21 ultra

    Hello! I made an 'upgrade' from Mate 20 Pro, I thought getting used S21 ultra would be better (and much cheaper) than s23. S21 ultra 128GB arrived in perfect condition no scratches, even on the frame. It was after factory reset, so I begun by downloading android update. It switched off few times...
  5. I

    Thread Question S21 Ultra can't connect to PC via USB. Please help

    Hello, i can't transfer files from my S21 Ultra to my PC via USB cable. Samsung's cable is USB-C/USB-C but i don't have usb-c slot on my PC so i tried 3 different USB-C/USB-A cables (from Huawei and Xiaomi). At first the phone was connecting and disconnecting ever 2 seconds. I tried different...
  6. colombianmuse

    Thread Question SM-G998U1 Question

    Hi everyone, I'm very new to this website but it seems like all the smart people are here and hopefully I can get some help! I have a few questions regarding my S21 Ultra. As you can see from my model number, I have the US variant of this phone. However, I now live in the UK and have an UK sim...
  7. S

    Thread Question How to enable call recording?

    Hi everyone, How can I enable call recording? I don't have the setting anywhere, but I know it's available for devices sold on my country. My S21 Ultra is apperently from UAE 🇦🇪, and I'm in Israel. Will flashing an Israeli ROM fix this? I remember having this problem with my old S9 and...
  8. K

    Thread Question How to flash US variant rom on Samsung s21 ultra (SM-G9980) TGY(Hong Kong) Variant ?

    I am using s21 ultra. Model SM-G9980 running on one UI4 TGY Hong Kong variant. I want to flash stock US variant on my device
  9. Aleh90

    Thread Question Help G9980 no band 5G

    I am writing from google translate, excuse my bad english. I have a problem with my s21 Ultra g9980, I live in Chile and the 5G network doesn't work, only 4G (not 4G+ either), I'm desperate, I don't know what to do, they told me about a code, others about a Rom from Germany, change csc (I don't...
  10. K

    Thread Question Spell Checker

    Hi everyone. I have an S21 Ultra, I'm new to Samsung. I've been using Swiftkey for years, it's my preferred keyboard. It's also preinstalled on this phone (system software). However, when I chose to use it, the system spell checker (red underlined words) doesn't work. I've installed many other...
  11. M

    Thread Question mic blocking all background noices

    not had that problem in LG phone but samsung is blocking all sounds when u tryin to share noices coming from far even that is neighbor so loud music,wtf is wron with samsung phones ?
  12. M

    Thread Question Change CSC One Ui 4.1

    Hey there. I just got my new S21 Ultra. My S21 Ultra has Hungarian software (XEH) installed with One Ui 4.1. How can I change the CSC to my Region DBT? I alread tried to install DBT Firmware with Odin. i used HOME_CSC and it didnt changed^^ I cannot use Samsung Pay for now^^
  13. V

    Thread General ***CLOSED*** Samsung S22 Ultra vs S21 Ultra Exynos 2200 vs 2100 CPU Throttling Test + Refresh Rate + Speed Test + Vibration&Speaker Test + One UI 5.0

    Samsung S22 Ultra vs S21 Ultra Exynos 2200 vs 2100 CPU Throttling Test! Samsung S22 Ultra 12GB/256GB vs Samsung S21 Ultra 12GB/256GB Barebone setup (no apps, no SIM card, no gestures, FHD+ resolution) This is the Samsung S22 Ultra software out of the box (January Security Patch) There is a more...
  14. Haridhayal

    Thread [Kernel] [5.4.147] Hari Kernel for GSI / OneUI | Exynos2100 | S21(+) / Ultra

    Hari Kernel for S21(+)/Ultra (Exynos) /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM *...
  15. DanielG_97

    Thread Question Auto Focus 1x Camera

    Greetings to all, I have a Galaxy S21 Ultra (G998B) and i realize that from one moment to another when I open the camera application the zoom x1 does not focus on distant elements, only close elements and the only way to make it focus is by tapping the camera or shaking the phone hard to fix...
  16. A

    Thread Question VoLTE not working since OneUI 4.0 Beta installation

    Hello All, I posted this in Samsung Community, but unfortunately none was able to help. I am hoping XDA members could help fix this issue. I am facing a strange problem with my S21 Ultra Unlocked which was directly bought from Samsung. I had enrolled into OneUI 4.0 beta when I was in the US. I...
  17. L

    Thread Question Bricked S21 Ultra

    Hi guys, like the title says I think ive accidentally bricked my S21 ultra and was wondering if anyone could give me a hand restoring it? I was in the middle of flashing Magisk through ODIN when my laptop died and now im stuck with a message saying " An error has occurred while updating the...
  18. SyCoREAPER

    Thread Question USA Unlocked vs Carrier (U vs U1)

    I caved earlier this year for an S21 Ultra which I basically got for free from T-Mobile. With that said, it's a carrier branded U-Based Firmware and am downloading the latest U1 now but am hesitant to flash. I've been out of the flashing game for a long time but know what in doing, my question...
  19. B

    Thread Country/Region, csc code change.

    I'm new to this so please bear with me. Found this helpful and working, https://www.droidviews.com/how-to-change-csc-in-samsung-galaxy-phones/ It's free and only requires patience and time. So here it goes: 1. Unlock your bootloader (easy for Exynos, just go to developer mode and enable OEM...
  20. P

    Thread Question since i updated to beta 2 errors keep occuring

    i keep getting errors for and google contacts do not sync from my samsung to the web contacts....but if i add on web contacts it sycs with contacts app on s21 ultra. anyone else having these issues? in addition to those issues i have attached a screenshot of what happens when i restart my...
  21. A

    Thread Question Verizon S21 Ultra Network unlock help

    Hello all, I've looked everywhere to find someone to sim/network unlock my phone Model: SM-G998U Baseband: G998USQU4AUGQ Please IM me if you can or know someone that can. Thanks
  22. U

    Thread Cellular & other radio in offline/plane mode

    Hi so i am quite curious what happens if you put an Android phone (in this case a S21 Ultra Exynos) in offline/airplane mode with only wifi enabled and no sim card. I am quite privacy concerned and normaly use a pixel 4 with graphen, but since a few months i need a phone with more power and...
  23. O

    Thread Question S21 ultra exynos esim data issues

    Hello, I've been using the s21 ultra 512gb exynos for the last few months and have encountered numerous issues. Honestly one of the most unstable phones I've owned. This is my first and last Samsung phone, there support isn't much help either. One major issue I've been having is related to...
  24. KokosTech

    Thread How To Guide [OneUI 4.0 Beta 1 & 2](EXYNOS) Update.zip for S21 / Plus / Ultra - Download OTA Link

    So, now that we have OneUI 4.0 Beta 1 rolling out to countries (ofc only 7), it has come so far in Germany & Korea (as far as I know). So the rest of the world wants an update.zip link, so don't be selfish and please, if you have one, capture the .bin file and share it in this thread. How to...
  25. ishmoo21

    Thread Question Help with phone replacement at iFixit

    I noticed back in march after I got the phone that it was having some issues with disconnecting randomly with bluetooth devices, not switching to cell data when leaving wifi, when calling it will ring and then I cant hear anything and disconnect from my medical device. To fix all this I have to...
  26. K

    Thread Question Need help - Bad Battery Experience

    Hello, I am suffering from bad battery experience when comparing my phone to my friend's 12 pro max. I have done factory reset and only installed apps that I need ajd turned on apps background limits and still nothing better at all My phone is updated to august patch I am using qhd and 120hz...
  27. H

    Thread Question Screen burn s21 ultra Snapdragon (G998U1)

    Is this screen burn or something else. It's only visible in blue background. And any possible solution. Please help
  28. F

    Thread Question Question on unlocked S21 Ultra 5g bought from Samsung

    So here's my question. I was waiting for the T-Mobile version of the s21 ultra to be in stock in the 256gig version, but it seems like that is taking too long so I had purchased the unlocked version. Yesterday when I went into the T-Mobile store, I was told that it wouldn't be able to pick up...
  29. M

    Thread Question Flashing an unlocked U1 device back from T-mobile firmware to stock U1. Unable to get into download mode.

    Basically, I keep getting an error when trying to boot into bootloader mode, recovery mode boots up fine but after trying to get into bootloader mode I get this error. I'm not sure how to proceed next, to flash back to the U1 firmware. Any ideas? Picture below. Other then that, I don't...
  30. M

    Thread Question S21 Ultra [Exynos]: Building a custom kernel

    Hello, I am trying to build and run a custom kernel on S21 Ultra Exynos (SM-G998B). Reason: support permissive SELinux policy. I am running AUF6 firmware, downloaded AUF6 kernel source from Samsung, followed the included build instructions and with unmodified sources, ran included...
  31. S

    Thread Question Considering the S21 Ultra...any recent feedback welcome (USA)

    Hello, So as ATT plans to kill my Huawei Mate 20 x I am forced to change phones and well, there is really nothing big in the market aside from the fold 2 which I did not love. So, I am considering the S21 Ultra at least to get a nice set of cameras with this forced upgrade. How are you guys...
  32. M

    Thread Question problem with x100 zoom of s21 ultra exynos.

    I bought the second-hand s21 ultra a few days ago and the x100 zoom comes out quite blurry, even the x10 zoom looks good but after that it looks very blurry. Someone went through the same thing? the owner told me what happened after an update.
  33. D

    Thread Question Switch to mobile data automatically is not working

    so, in wifi advance options there are an option called "Switch to mobile data" this option suposes to switch to mobile data connection when you are connected to a wifi without internet connection, like a camera or a vacuum cleaner's wifi, in my s21 ultra, this option is not working, so when im...
  34. M

    Thread Question About to buy a new phone and have an honest question

    Hi all, I have not been on the forums for a looong time. I am about to upgrade from my P20 pro and I am trying to decide between the iPhone 12 Pro max, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Xiaomi Mi11 Ultra. The problem with the iPhone for me is the display refresh rate, the fingerprint scanner and the...
  35. A

    Thread Question S21 Ultra motion smearing issue

    I have been noticing significant motion smearing on my S21 Ultra. I did a side by side comparison to a OP7tpro to make sure that it was not my eyes playing tricks on me. I also tried with a friend's S21 Ultra and it yielded the same result so I know it's not a random defective unit on my side. I...
  36. papavales

    Thread Question can i reinstall bixby routines

    ok i found it....
  37. ankitsxperiago

    Thread Question Slow charging on S21 Ultra

    Hey folks! I have orignal Samsung 45W charger (listed on their official site) and when I use it to charge my Galaxy S21 Ultra, it takes longer than what I have seen in some Youtube videos. Mostly it takes the phone around 70 minutes to charge from 0 to 100. But when i charge it using my...
  38. starbucks2010

    Thread Development [ROM] BeyondROM v5.7 [5/09/2023]-[EWH5]-[EXYNOS]-[SM-G99xB]

    Latest Version v5.7 [5/09/2023] ROM Maintainer: Andrei @starbucks2010 Supported devices: [SM-G991B], [SM-G996B], [SM-G998B] ROM Base: G998BXXU9EWH5 (Android 13 OneUI 5.1) August 2023 Patch Level Knox related apps: Samsung Pay, Samsung AutoFill For Safetynet use latest kdrag0n magisk...
  39. A

    Thread Question OnePlus 9 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera Test!

    Found this video and it is very interesting. S21 Ultra is losing almost in every situation. Damn…
  40. P

    Thread General Test: S21 Ultra (Exynos) Battery Consumption of Different Refresh Rates and Resolutions

    Here is a test I did on my S21 Ultra (Exynos), that started a bit spontaneously with me wondering about the impact on battery of different refresh rates and resolutions, together with use cases (touching the screen or just looking at it). So I started playing around and landed in some kind of...
  41. F

    Thread Question Delayed notification problems S21 Ultra

    My S21 ultra has a delayed notification problem. Apps like eBay, PayPal, Gmail ETC will not receive instant notifications until I actually turn on the screen. Apps like my Ring alarm, Aqua Mail will get instant notifications just fine. I've have tried everything like adding the apps to the...
  42. Galaxyjon

    Thread Question Help Needed With Bizarre SM-G998B Issue

    I've been given an S21 Ultra, but it seems to be a demonstration unit, so there's no Google Play Store access, which means I can only load apps onto it that are found in the Galaxy Store. I've tried to side load the Google Play Store APK, but once it's installed, it won't open. Instead it says...
  43. denmastergaming

    Thread Question Samsung Music App

    Hi, I'm currently running into a battery issue with my S21 Ultra. It seems like the Samsung Music APP is completely draining my phone battery and I'm wondering if there is a way to resolve this because I do use it for local files and if I do add it to a sleeping app it ends up not playing Music...
  44. A

    Thread Question Shipping from Samsung_US to Canada (Unlocked version) /any possible method?

    Hello everyone, Could you help me answering my questions? I'm planning to buy Samsung S21 Ultra, so I was searching for good prices here and there... I found out that on Samsung US, it is much cheaper (Unlocked version), moreover, you'll get 250$ credit value to buy other accessories, while...
  45. A

    Thread Shipping from Samsung US to Canada, any possible way?

    Hi all, I'm planning to buy Samsung S21 Ultra, so I was searching for good prices here and there... I found out that on Samsung US, it is much cheaper (Unlocked version), moreover, you'll get 250$ credit value to buy other accessories, while Samsung Canada is way too expensive without such...
  46. A

    Thread Question Polaris Ringtone Playing on S21 Ultra When Battery Below 15%

    This is somewhat trivial, but I can't figure out what is causing the Polaris ringtone to play at times when my S21 Ultra's battery is at 15% or lower. It does not seem to always trigger at 15% - the low battery level--but the battery is always at 15% or lower when it does. I sometimes can see...
  47. S

    Thread Question Google Home devices missing from "Devices" notification drop down

    Hi, Does anyone experience that the drop down shade > Devices > Google Home does not show all devices setup? I have several devices setup in Google Home such as Xbox, Google Nest Display, Lenovo Smart Clock, Nest Mini (despite 1 Nest mini showing up as "Kitchen Speaker") Not sure how I can fix...
  48. Francoisdprob

    Thread Question Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra power leak?

    Whenever I am fast charging my S21 Ultra I am experiencing a weird almost vibrating feeling when softly rubbing my finger over the back camera bump. The feeling isn't there when the phone isn't charging. May I get some feedback whether or not others are experiencing the same? I tried a voltmeter...
  49. Y

    Thread Question Do not disturb

    My S21 Ultra running AUAC firmware. Stock phone app. The problem I got when using DND is only the sound on incoming call but no answer/reject screen shown. Even unlock the screen, only phone notification icon in the status bar and need to pull down and find the phone to answer from there.
  50. MeisterGigi

    Thread Question New Firmware

    Hi, i have searched, but could not find a Thread to discuss the newest updates. After the first big (1gig) update, today i got a new one (had to search manually, no push so far) S21 Ultra, unlocked, Austria