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  1. denosg

    Thread Android 12 Overlay Problem ?

    On my S8(android 9) I use "Screen Overlays", its an apk that lets me create a custom overlay with different size and color shapes. I use it to block static images to prevent screen burning. On my S21(android 12), whenever I try to use it, the middle part of my screen is not working, only top...
  2. elpicard

    Thread S21 GPS doesn't work without usb connection in car

    Hi When I have the phone connected by USB to android auto the navigation works fine in my car. But when I want to use the phone alone like in the car dash with Maps or Waze its never get GPS signal. The google maps fix the location, but when you start to navigate: GPS signal lost. I use 2 gps...
  3. r3i-al

    Thread S21 forgot account

    My sister wants to switch to an iPhone and apparently she's lost access to her google account, she doesn't have the phone number anymore. Is there anyway to remove the account from the s21? I can try rooting it but dont know what to do after. Thanks!
  4. DanielG_97

    Thread Question Auto Focus 1x Camera

    Greetings to all, I have a Galaxy S21 Ultra (G998B) and i realize that from one moment to another when I open the camera application the zoom x1 does not focus on distant elements, only close elements and the only way to make it focus is by tapping the camera or shaking the phone hard to fix...
  5. amirsepehrti

    Thread Question MD5 hash value is invalid android 12

    hey I'm trying to flash android 12 on my sm-g998b and getting "MD5 hash value is invalid" in odin. 3.14.4 I tried several different sources but all have the same result. Please advise, Thank you
  6. I

    Thread S21 5G Exynos Custom Kernel Problems & Rebooting

    Hey everyone! I've been trying to get a custom kernel working on my S21 Exynos. I am able to build but I cannot get it to be stable. When the phone is in the lock screen, after a minute or so it will reboot and checking the log, there is a kernel panic. Here's what I've done : Got boot image...
  7. N

    Thread S21 Notification - Blinking Light

    I just got a new Verizon S21 and I really miss the blinking light that I had on my S8 for notifications. Is there any way to have a linking light or a sound to continuously?
  8. B

    Thread Country/Region, csc code change.

    I'm new to this so please bear with me. Found this helpful and working, https://www.droidviews.com/how-to-change-csc-in-samsung-galaxy-phones/ It's free and only requires patience and time. So here it goes: 1. Unlock your bootloader (easy for Exynos, just go to developer mode and enable OEM...
  9. X

    Thread Fairly new phone getting stuck on Odin after failed Samsung Update

    IDK if this is the correct area for this, but Imma try here anyways. My friend upgraded his old S8 to the S21 5G about 2-3 months ago and has been having problems since a Samsung firmware update said his device had an error that needed to be repaired and had pronmpted min to check for an update...
  10. KokosTech

    Thread How To Guide [OneUI 4.0 Beta 1 & 2](EXYNOS) Update.zip for S21 / Plus / Ultra - Download OTA Link

    So, now that we have OneUI 4.0 Beta 1 rolling out to countries (ofc only 7), it has come so far in Germany & Korea (as far as I know). So the rest of the world wants an update.zip link, so don't be selfish and please, if you have one, capture the .bin file and share it in this thread. How to...
  11. S

    Thread Galaxy S21 (Exynos) Rooting and custom ROMs

    Last time I tried rooting was in 2016/2017 using Super SU but now many years later I want to try to root my phone again. I have Galaxy S21 ( Exynos ) and I was wondering what would be the easiest way that won't cause too much trouble. What are the pros and cons of rooting a phone in 2021 and...
  12. batroc

    Thread speaker crackling in GSM network for SM-G9910

    Hi all! When I use S21 Qualcomm in a GSM network, I get a speaker crackling at the end of interlocutor words, in other types of networks everything is ok. This is fixed by enabling hearing aid support, although it seems that low-pass filter turns on and quality of conversation decreases. There...
  13. Perfectly_Diverse

    Thread Question Is VR for modern Samsung phones dead?

    I was always curious about the Gear VR, but never got one. Now I saw one being offered on the local market for cheap and thought about getting it, but in researching I found that compatibility ended around the S8 or S9 generation. I now have a S21 Ultra. So I then thought maybe there was an...
  14. J

    Thread Question Manually Update Samsung Messages App

    Hey there, I know there used to be a way to just update an app via zip file or just installing but I really want to start using the newer versions of the messaging app and I cannot just download one from apk mirror and apply the update. I know Samsung has done a lot with security but does anyone...
  15. JongHyun Kim

    Thread Question Regarding the removal of /dev/diag Interface of SM-G998U(Qualcomm Chip)

    Hello, everyone I am trying to collect DM information through Qualcomm diagnostic kit(/dev/diag) on SM-G998U device. However, in the currently uploaded open source(G998USQU4AUF5), the contents of /dev/diag are deleted. Is the Diag Interface changed to something else? Or does the latest device...
  16. M

    Thread Question Flashing an unlocked U1 device back from T-mobile firmware to stock U1. Unable to get into download mode.

    Basically, I keep getting an error when trying to boot into bootloader mode, recovery mode boots up fine but after trying to get into bootloader mode I get this error. I'm not sure how to proceed next, to flash back to the U1 firmware. Any ideas? Picture below. Other then that, I don't...
  17. mavcyh

    Thread Regarding not receiving OTA updates

    It's my first time here, and much of this is new to me. Anyways, I have an S21 (Snapdragon) with Multi-CSC? OYN, XAA/XAA/XAA that I use in Singapore. (SM-G991U) I just learnt that apparently OTA updates are only given after the location of where the device is being used corresponds with the...
  18. ortoledano2010

    Thread FRP Lock S21 Ultra 5G

    Hi, bought this phone to my friend and he locked it (FRP) can anypne help me to unlock it please? i sercheddays on google without get a solution...
  19. A

    Thread Debranding Samsung Galaxy s21 - android 11 - possible?

    Hi Is there any effective method for debranding Galaxy S21 with android 11? I have CSC from Play (Polish operator) and I would like to upload XEO. I tried odin and samkey and despite the "positive" completion of the operation (both applications say so), the Play brand is still on the phone...
  20. gbux07

    Thread S21 Root?

    Hello. I'm new to rooting and bootloader unlocking. I have read numerous guides on rooting the S21, and when it gets to the stage where you enable OEM unlocking in developer options, it doesn't show a setting. Maybe someone could point me in the right direction because I have no idea where to...
  21. D

    Thread stylus pen options for s21?

    I have read a fair amount about pens for the ultra etc. but cannot seem to filter down to find out if a pen (active or capacative) would work with my s21 (base model), not plus/ultra. An old report from here states only ultra works with the new s pen, but i'm opening the conversation up to all...
  22. Fra92best

    Thread Question Fpc connector damage S21 (no ultra)

    Hi guys I have got unfortunately my pin fpc connector damage and I can’t find a replacement for the s21 I see they don’t sell it as commercial and there’s only S20 available, I was wondering if I can replace that with the fpc connector from s20 does this work? Or it’s just a waste of time?
  23. _JuSteR_

    Thread Question To those of you who rooted, how's it going?

    Hey there! After 2 years I'm finally switching from a great OnePlus 7 Pro to a brand new Galaxy S21 Ultra (US, Snapdragon, unlocked). I rooted my OP7 the first day I got it, it was pretty straightforward - OnePlus made things easier too - and keeping it updated wasn't a big deal. Maintenance...
  24. satyaki_d

    Thread Question OP 9Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S21+ (Exynos)

    Hi all I am confused between OnePlus 9 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S21+ (Exynos variant). Please help me choose. The S21 is costing me INR 2000 extra, but with the current offer running I am also getting a Samsung Active2 watch fro INR 990. I would have chosen 9Pro, but I am concerned with the...
  25. yummycoot

    Thread Samsung Smart led cover app for S21/S21+

    The app keeps opening up on notification bar but I cant open it there by my own. When it shows on the notification bar, I am able to preview various icons on the led cover by swiping on the notification bar. When camera is open, it shows rainy icon on the cover. Is anybody else facing these?
  26. F

    Thread 5G Network Bands

    Hello, I am looking to buy an unlocked S21 from Samsung Canada store (SM-G991W) and I checked here : S21 differences that the following 5G bands: n2, n41, n66, n71 are the ones supported by the Candian model so my question is: Is it possible to change the supported bands? For example, if I...
  27. Bearded_Anarchy

    Thread 4g Bands (International to US) Question???

  28. D

    Thread Biometrics weirdery with unlocked bootloader, root

    [Please let me know if this should be posted elsewhere, somewhere more targeted at rooted phones wherever that might be.] I have an SM-G998U, bootloader unlocked and rooted with Magisk. (Official ROM still.) I'm experiencing some odd behavior with biometrics; for example... LastPass reports a...
  29. U

    Thread Question Changing service provider software version

    How can this be done? I'd like the stock UK one (BTU service provider I believe?) as currently it's showing as VOD/VOD EUX etc. Will my data be wiped? Is it really worth changing and going through the hassle? I've always had stock firmwares either out the box or flashed on Odin by myself but...
  30. Xylvion

    Thread Question Bounty: Viper 4 Android On S21U - COMPLETED

    Update: COMPLETED https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/bounty-viper-4-android-on-s21-completed.4243895/post-84618363
  31. Yrtimd

    Thread Display artifacts and noise at low brightness and dark grey colors

    Hello. I have a question regarding the display of dark grey at low brightness. Noticed this using the google web page in dark mode before going to sleep with all other lights dimmed or off. I also noticed some burnt in segments of the screen like nav bar and status bar at the conditions...
  32. S

    Thread Is there any borderless case for S21 series.

    I am coming to s21 from iPhone XS. I have been using a borderless case for the iPhone and I was looking for the same on samsung, but there is one for s20 and note20 but non for s21. Is there anyone who have found this type of case to buy anywhere? I have attached a picture for reference.
  33. potter12490

    Thread Deleted

  34. B

    Thread Question How to remove Bootscreen Tmobile with ADB?

    My wife got a S21 ultra, and she was asking how to remove that pink seizure making boot animation. I got my Note20U from Samsung and no boot propaganda. I have been looking around in the forums but everything is back from 2010. I know, Samsung has done well limiting the flashy screens, but...
  35. M

    Thread Question S21/S21+/S21U Regions with MST ?

    Hey, I'm planning on getting one of the S21 series phones. Unfortunately, I use MST a lot and it's sad that Samsung removed the feature from a lot of regions. However, some regions still do have MST support for the S21 series but there isn't a list out there of which regions have and which...
  36. citytrader

    Thread General S21+ IMAGE mode vs PRO MODE sample

    I shot the same image in PRO MODE and IMAGE MODE for the people that wants to see a comparison between the two mode. In IMAGE MODE I did only sharpening (the halos are exacerbated in the sharpening but are present in the original shot), in PRO MODE I did a full retouch in Photoshop using a...
  37. G

    Thread Question Antimicrobial Clear View Cover not working

    Just got my S21 a couple of days ago. Nice! However I also bought a "Galaxy S21 5G Antimicrobial Clear View Cover" (item no EF-ZG991CBEGEW). It worked fine for 2 days, but suddenly it stopped working. Now, when I close the cover, the display doesn't turn off and it doesn't display the...
  38. J

    Thread Issues with the battery life :(

    Hi I just got my S21 256 GB (Exynos version). I moved away from my Note10+ as it was too big and battery too poor, bad finger print reader and then I truly hate the curved displays... I really like the look and feel of the S21. Awesome phone, nice screen, much better cellular reception, fine...
  39. Action123

    Thread Question US S21U Dual Sim

    After getting two different answers from Samsung support in phone calls, they verified via Twitter message to me that the US (snapdragon) models DO NOT support dual SIM. Apparently our eSIM is activated on the Ultra (maybe other S21-series devices as well?) but the US software won’t allow for...
  40. Action123

    Thread Question S21 Ultra US delivery dates

    Just had my preorder updated on Samsung.com for my Phantom Brown 512gb Unlocked. This option indicated (still does) that it will take some extra time because of the Samsung Exclusive color. It’s showing March 2 for an estimated delivery date. Is that about on par with other people’s exclusive...
  41. N

    Thread Samsung Galaxy s21 pre-orders USA

    Hello everyone. Haven't noticed a preorder thread for the samsung s21. I pre-ordered the s21 ultra black. Post what you ordered and any updates on shipping.
  42. ermacwins

    Thread Where to buy from

    Ok so I want to import the Hong Kong model, where's a good place to buy from? And what's the model number for the S21?