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  1. N

    Thread S7 Edge SM-935T G935TUVSBCTA2 Tmobile ODIN stock firmware fail with FAIL(Auth)

    Hi Guys, Need Help on my Root im trying to Root my phone S7 Edge SM-935T with Odin V3.14.4 to add TWRP it fail. Try many different firmware (twrp-3.5.0_9-0-hero2lte.img & twrp-3.4.0-0-hero2lte.img & twrp-3.3.1-0-hero2lte.img ) but no success. could someone assist me. What am i doing wrong...
  2. M.Hakmi

    Thread SM-G935F Stuck at download mode after a sudden freeze

    Hi everybody, My Samsung galaxy S7 edge (G935F, Android Oreo) is now stuck at "Downloading do not turn off target" screen. The problem started after i uninstalled some apps and PUBG due to low space notification. After that the system frozed and stopped to respond, so i forced it to restart (...
  3. T

    Thread battery drain super fast

    hello i have a Samsung galaxy s7 edge i got it from my cousin so it wasnt new anyway the first thing i did when i got the phone was changing the phone firmware and i think i picked the wrong one cause on the cover on my phone it says SM-G935A but the one i chose and i have now is SM-G935T anyway...
  4. L

    Thread PIT file for S7 Edge Required

    Hi all, I know somewhat about flashing but when it comes to PIT file I have absolutely no idea. Just read about what it is. Now the question, from where I would get my phone's PIT file. I cannot extract it from phone as only download screen is accessible on it. Details are phone are below, S7...
  5. z1Ex7R0


    Hi, I want to upgrade my OS to Android 10 or 11 on my S7 Edge Exynos [ROOTED] im on Android 8.0 at the moment. is there a way to get the latest OS version without wiping my data? and how much GB does it require?
  6. L

    Thread Stuck in TWRP and touch is not working

    Hi guys. My touchscreen is broken but the screen is still working. The thing is that I entered in TWRP and now I can't exit because the touch is not working. I've tried use odin to do something and fix it but my phone is not recognized more. I've tried use an OTG cable and plug a mouse and...
  7. DanielMirza

    Thread Stuck on logo screen when installing any Lineage based rom

    So yesterday I'm trying to flash Pixel Experience custom rom on my Galaxy S7 Edge Exynos and I'm using floyd rom v4, so i flashed it and it's successful but i can't get passed google logo screen and it stuck for way too long. Then i tried to flash lineage os 17.1 and this time it got to Lineage...
  8. R

    Thread s7 edge only touch screen not working but navigation keys work

    I have a S7 Edge and the navigation keys all work including the home button but for some reason the touch screen is not working. does this mean that i have to replace the display? is there anyone who can help me on this issue I'm having. I rotted it and installed a custom rom but still no...
  9. A

    Thread Reducing the screen size of a Galaxy S7 EDGE?

    Hello all, I have a Galaxy S7 EDGE phone now and i am not at all comfortable with the way the screen falls off at the edges and want to try and find an app that will reduce the screen and leave me with black edges around the edge of the screen (like a normal S7 phone and all other non-edge...
  10. S

    Thread S7 Edge Green and Flickering Screen :(

    I think my S7 edge has finally bitten the bullet unless anyone has any suggestions? After almost bang on 4 years of ownership and wonderful faithful performance :( I wouldn't have considered getting rid. Yes, the battery is a bit weaker than it used to be and the camera is ageing everyday, but...
  11. 3omar7

    Thread Can't Get Out Off SafeMode. HELP!

    I just got my phone after the battery had been repaired and Safe Mode was turned on when i tried to turn it off several time with different methods, I realized that volume down button does not work while the phone is turned on even though I can enter download mode while the phone is off! PLease...
  12. D

    Thread S7 edge dual sim board issue

    my s7 edge dual sim board has hanging and restarting issue. i want to ask wether i can buy a single sim s7 edge motherboard and place it in same dual sim housing to replace the dual sim board?
  13. M

    Thread 4K HDR Video Without Root! Exynos only

    This mod is possibly only for the S7 Exynos. I don't have access to a Snapdragon S7, but the camera profile I worked form states that it only works on the Exynos version... Hey hey S7 Users! Ever since getting my hands on an S7 Edge last year I’ve drooled over the Zero Camera Mod 4K HDR...
  14. F

    Thread [KERNEL][ROM][TW][9.0] ArianoxxKernel & SuperSpeedPort G930F/935F PiE

    ArianoxxKernel & SuperSpeedPort PLEASE, IF YOU LIKE MY WORKS DON'T FORGET TO DONATE ON: https://paypal.me/arianoxxdev Disclaimer: KERNEL INFORMATION Built with: GCC 4.9 Toolchain Kernel Base: N935FXXU4CSC4 Ramdisk Base: N935FXXU4CSC4 Linux Version: 3.18.91 ROM INFORMATION...
  15. saszynski

    Thread Discussion about ROM's

    Hi everyone. Many of us using thier S7's with custom ROM's. I'm using SuperMan ROM's and I got used to it, but after OREO I think something is missing there. Considering goin back to SuperMan 2.9.0, which was better than 3.0.1 is, but maybe there is another rom worth trying? So I have a...
  16. ghale

    Thread Can't connect to my drone's Wi-fi. Any help?

    Hello people, I've a drone (a cheap one, of course :crying:, I'm not rich) and I can't connect to it's wifi. I've tried to do that with an old Samsung S4 without an issue and it works very good. I've tried with a Xiaomi Mi A1 and it works good too. My only issue is S7 Edge (SM-G935F). I've...
  17. A

    Thread One UI

    Now that, the S9 and S9+ are receiving stable version of One UI. Is there a possibility of porting it over to the S7 edge, I am rocking the black perl ROM by killswitch and so far its sooooo good, the most stable version of a custom ROM I have ever used.
  18. B

    Thread All photos and videos in internal storage are deleted

    Hey everyone, I own a Galaxy S7 Edge with the latest updates and stock firmware. This morning I recognized that there was an unexpected free space in the internal storage memory but I didnt know what happened. Just a few minutes ago I learned that all my photos and videos in the internal...
  19. S

    Thread TWRP and the G935A models

    Hi everyone i'm just wondering Is there any way to get TWRP on my s7 edge (G935A) Ive looked around on youtube and stuff ive seen some stuff on the S7 edge pages but i dont really see any clarification what models they're for. My device is currently Rooted. odin mode says that my secureboot...
  20. Zenzfum000

    Thread Looking forse ENG ROOT binary 3

    I need to remove FRP lock on my S7 Edge, i've combination binary 3 and all stuff, but i can't find the ENG ROOT binary 3 anywhere. If someone know how to find out or have it, i'll be greatful if he can share it with me. If you have others ideas how to bypass FRP on oreo (binary 3), don't...
  21. S

    Thread [Q] How to solve unable to mount data on S7 egde 935F 8.0?

    Every time when i flash custom roms they work perfect but when i want flash someting (like: i mean anything) after installing any rom i have error with unable to mount data on Galaxy S7 edge 935F I also tryed on rooted stock firmware to install something still saying unable to mount data... I...
  22. e-mtz

    Thread Assisted Dialing can't be turned off.

    I've got the Au Carrier version, Model Number "SCV33". The problem was that the phone came with locked network, but i unlocked it through About>Status>Sim Lock Status by registering my SIM. The 2nd problem which i cant solve is whenever i try to call someone it keeps giving the options "Set...
  23. DKXC

    Thread Google Pay does not work on unrooted custom ROM anymore!

    So, I just installed Google Pay and wanted to connect it with my PayPal account. Everything was going fine until I finished the setup - the app showed me a message saying "Setup for paying in stores could not be finished - This smartphone can not be used to pay with in stores. This can be due to...
  24. Wave3.3

    Thread [After Oreo] can't use finger prints for Private Mode (only pattern)

    Hi everyone. I updated my S7 edge (no root) to Oreo and now i can't access Private mode with fingerprints.. it say "if you want to use fingerprints to access Private mode you must set also you lockscreen with a secure code/model/etc" But.. why? It is no sense. With secured lockscreen...
  25. A

    Thread No command loop installing system update UK s7 edge.

    As the title says I am stuck on no command with the yellow triangle/exclamation mark. I can't get into recovery either. What do I do.. Please help. Anyone?
  26. lovetv

    Thread [Guide] How to downgrade from Android Oreo 8.0 to 7.0 (Non-rooted)

    How to downgrade a non-rooted S7 Edge from Android Oreo 8.0 to 7.0 and keeping your Knox 0x0! So if some of you are looking for a 'how-to' guide, look no further! (I believe it works on your S7 too, but make sure you have downloaded the correct firmware) *IMPORTANT* -I don't take ANY...
  27. jrkruse

    Thread Root For S7/S7Edge Oreo And Nougat

    Oreo Root For The S7/S7E (Will work on V8 Bootloader) Is Finally Here!! A big thanks goes out to klabit87 he is 99 percent the reason we have root! Also stang5litre and stang5litre test group and gustco for eng boot.img Downloads S7_Oreo_Nougat_Adb_Advanced_Root_V12.zip Recommended Root...
  28. H

    Thread Bluetooth Media Volume Sync on Oreo Problem

    Hi, I've updated my G935S to oreo since May and I am still unable to solve this issue: Ever since I updated to Oreo, when I connect my S7 to my car (2018 Kia Rio, top trim with Android Auto), it connects as in it supports volume sync and plays fine, but after playing for around 10 seconds, it...
  29. N

    Thread How to enable face unlock in oreo

    Hello guys is there a way (mod, install apk,etc...) to enable face unlock on s7 edge stock android 8 rom?? i have searched but no luck. thanks.
  30. L

    Thread S7 Edge restarting itself

    I have s7 Edge meteor ireland and the phone is still restarting. Sometimes works like few hours and than again. I had Superman Rom there and 2 days ago i flashed Stock ROMfrom sammobile website.. all was working again few hours. Now when i go to recovery first i Get exlamention Mark Yellow and...
  31. HockeyNinja

    Thread Oreo Custom ROMs on Canadian W8 variant - Anyone successful?

    Given that the Oreo S7 update has now been delayed, I've been trying to flash a variety of the custom BTU and Note 8 ported ROMs on my Canadian W8 variant. Every single one I've tried will put me into a bootloop or hang at the S7 logo. I feel like I must be doing something wrong and would...
  32. S

    Thread Cannot connect S7 edge to car stereo using BT

    Hello everyone, I have a real weird issue with my phone when trying to connect it to my car stereo using BT. I use a MiBand 2 and whenever I connect the band to my phone(Mi Fit app active), I cannot connect my phone to the car stereo . If I unpair the band (Mi Fit app still active) I have no...
  33. leonardoaraujo

    Thread Help

    Hello guys !! I just bought an S7 edge (please the device is not stolen I have the note) *** It was in version 6.0, it appeared as soon as I connected the same on wifi, I received an update notification for 7.0 ** After the update, my chip is showing "not registered on the network", but has...
  34. T

    Thread Removing T-mobile branding

    I got a used GT-935T phone very recently in India, which was still running android 6.0. On browsing these forums, I found out that we could flash stock rom on it without rooting, so I did so using Odin. I flashed the stock rom of Android 7.0 for t-mobile 935T, which was what my phone was...
  35. T

    Thread Looking for a clear backcover with poket

    Hey guys im looking for a backcover with the following features: should have a better protection than the flumsy cheap china cases (quality of a rugged armor spigen case) It should have a transparent pocket on the back to hold 2 cards (1 Visa+1 visa-sizes train ticket) The card holder needs to...
  36. geniusrafaelus

    Thread No signal after motherboard replacement

    Hi. I have a g935fd with a dead board. I bought an g935o with a broken lcd and took the board, stuck it into the 935fd and all went well except Im not getting a signal. From what I have read, the 935o board is incompatible with the charging IC and antenna of the g935fd, hence the no signal...
  37. S

    Thread Anyone running Aurora S8+ PORT V28 on 935u firmware??

    I installed the 935u on my ATT but browsing through the forums, I see the very few available Snapdragon custom ROMS with messages like "only will work with ...350, 300." I am not seeing anyone mention 935U. I would appreciate if someone can tell me if my 935U version can run the Aurora S8+ PORT...
  38. X

    Thread s7 edge reboots in logo need help please

    Hello guys i have a strange problem. i am using my s7edge for over a year (finally was in batman rom). After updating to marshmallow i encountered this problem where sometimes rarely my phone reboots (reboot- - show samy logo - then reboot). sometimes after few reboots it will comeback and some...
  39. C

    Thread Help with G935S roms and radios

    Hello all, I bought a Samsung S 7 edge used from China and it was working fine but the battery was draining like crazy. I put a stock G935FD ROM in it but the phone gave a FAIL! in Odin (I didn't know it was 935S at the time). Anyways I put the official SK telekom 935S ROM in it and it worked...
  40. G

    Thread Galaxy S7 Edge Mainboard Change

    Hello world. So thing is... Knox is tripped.. No Samsung stuff is working.. As usual.. But once I've read something that said it can be fixed by changing the mainboard (or whatever it's called). Is that true? If so.. How?
  41. mathieum28

    Thread [ROM] [7.1.2] CAOSP v2.2- 2017-12-23 - [OMS] [G935F/FD/S/K/L/W8]

    What is CAOSP? CAOSP is a custom rom based on lineageOS. (Custom Android Open Source Project) Projet info: Github LineageOS: https://github.com/LineageOS Github CAOSP: https://github.com/mathieum28/CAOSP Download Build: https://androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=234892 Changelog...
  42. S

    Thread (Soft-)Bricked S7 Edge/G935F with FRP lock & DRK error, but no root/OEM unlock/ADB

    (Soft-)Bricked S7 Edge/G935F with FRP lock & DRK error, but no root/OEM unlock/ADB Hello guys, I bought a, what I thought to be, soft bricked S7 Edge (G935F) from the bay. It was listed as having sw issues, so I thought I could easily fix the issue myself. Stupid me, this one really isn't...
  43. lervzz

    Thread Stock Nougat Firmware "BLUETOOTH WON'T TURN ON" (HELP)

    suddenly i bought this phone second hand. then when I tested Turning on my bluetooth it won't turn on. Is there anyone experiencing the same problem? I already did troubleshoot and performed this steps: 1. Wipe cache of Bluetooth Applications on System apps in settings 2. Force stop Bluetooth...
  44. N

    Thread Smart Switch error message

    Hi all, i have the Samsung SM-G935F model and i wiped and factory reset via recovery mode and now i am getting the following message on my device; 'An error has occurred while updating the device software. Use the Emergency recovery function in the Smart Switch PC software'. I opened the Smart...
  45. P

    Thread S7 Edge debrand and use in other country

    Hi, I have a S7 Edge witch is from Vodafone UK and I want to use it in Poland, it is a good idea to flash this firmware?: Model SM-G935F Model name Galaxy S7 edge Country Poland Version Android 7.0 Changelist 12365438 Build date Tue, 17 Oct 2017 05:28:35 +0000 Security Patch Level 2017-10-01...
  46. CassidyClay

    Thread won't factory reset or boot into recovery

    I'm having a big problem with my sm-g935v. I've had it for about 6 months now. It's on nougat 7.0 right now and I've had it rooted numerous times. It always just looses root for no apparent reason.. I used engboot root and I did t do anything out of the ordinary that would make me think I did...
  47. O

    Thread 2 issues - v88.1 for ARM64 nougat

    First, I'd like to say thank you to rovo89 for your hard work on getting the framework to work with nougat, I've really missed it!! I have an S7E g935fd running superman rom v2.6. The framework flashed smoothly and the installer seems to work at first glance but I have to major bugs that...
  48. rickylambert

    Thread Extreme lag on some apps after restart or power on

    I´ve been dealing with this for a while: When I power on or restart phone, some apps(e.g. Gallery, Skype, Tripcase, etc) are incredibly laggish or won´t even respond while others(e.g. Whatsapp, Outlook, etc) work just fine. If I keep opening or clicking on unresponsive applications, phone will...
  49. P

    Thread How to turn on "Always listening" on S7 Edge

    Hello, Im using Google Assistant (Enabled with some xposed module, cant remember wich one) on my S7 Edge running Superman ROM. I turn my lights on with "Oke Google" Followed by "Turn lights on bedroom" The only thing i dont like about it, is that the screen has to be on. Because of trusted...
  50. R

    Thread Battery loss over night

    Aloah! I bought the S7 Edge and used it in stock version. Then I noticed that the battery loses over 10% per night. So I decided to install the Superman ROM with root and deactivated some Samsung Features. But the phone still looses over 10% per night. I have disabled WLAN, BT and GPS. The...