1. M

    Thread S7 Edge Turned off and won't turn on

    Hello, as I mentioned in the title, my device turned off suddenly with some glitches on screen, I was able to turn on several times more but then it turned off completely. When I connect it to power supply, nothing happens that can indicate device is working, like charging light or image on...
  2. PrakyathGowda

    Thread HELP!! S7 edge not booting… ND FRP lock: on (SOLVED)

    Yea so flashed Stock Firmware, everything booted then had to do a restart… got Custom binary Lock!!! So went to Odin nd reinstalled stock firmware !! But yea FRP IS ON… PRESENT SITUATION: -Doesn’t boot cause of dm- verity check… -Can’t install TWRP cause of FRP Lock 💀 - Binary is 8 Can...
  3. A

    Thread S7 edge passcode wont set

    Hi, So I tried to root my phone and made a meal of it tripped my knox. No big deal I flashed it back with an original file but here's my newest problem. I set pinlock and then when I come out settings lock screen it changes back to swipe. Same for every security setting so I cannot lock my...
  4. L

    Thread Stuck in TWRP and touch is not working

    Hi guys. My touchscreen is broken but the screen is still working. The thing is that I entered in TWRP and now I can't exit because the touch is not working. I've tried use odin to do something and fix it but my phone is not recognized more. I've tried use an OTG cable and plug a mouse and...
  5. E

    Thread TWRP- : Recovery Is Not Seandroid Enforcing / Heimdall problems

    I decided to flash TWRP- on my S7 Edge from TWRP itself (, no rebooting I get the "Recovery is not SEAndroid Enforcing" error. First thought was ok lets get into Download and use Heimdall to flash TWRP- Phone is connected and detected but I can not print-pit nor flash...
  6. shah22


  7. Jrod333

    Thread Has anybody ever really "bricked" their Device? Whats your definition of "Bricked"?

    Has anybody ever really "bricked" their Device? Whats your definition of "Bricked"? I asked because I hear this a lot and i hear just as much if i that if it hows any life at all, it can be saved. ( i fully agree). and also you will hear just about everything you do can and will brick your...
  8. S

    Thread s7 edge turn on only while charging

    Hi all, in last 2 days, after over a year of normal use, my s7 edge suddently turn off and won't turn on by power button. I connected to the charger ad battery level was over 50%. Pressing power button it turn on and i can use it or a while then it turno off again. Someone else had this...
  9. S

    Thread Vzw S7 Edge w/ BYOP Straight Talk Sim not sending texts (Call and Data working)?

    I got a used Verizon S7 edge and activated it last night on my Straight Talk line with a BYOP Verizon Compatible Sim Card. I checked the phone before purchasing and it said it was fully compatible. Data and calling seem to be working fine (though DATA could be running a bit slow - I haven't...
  10. A

    Thread HELP : No vibrate with text sms messages received

    after update security update 1 december 2018 not work vibrate with text sms messages received. work in :Received call - Delivery .... s7 edge android 8
  11. M

    Thread Trouble in installing "AryaMod ROM Port By Sczar 6.0" for galaxy note 3

    Help... Sir I have installed official TWRP App. then i download its version to flash after flashing when i switched to reboot into recovery it shows a message recovery is NOT Seandroid enforcing and then screen switched to new screen which is as follow "System software not authorized by...
  12. M

    Thread deleted

    please close/delete thread
  13. Z

    Thread Oreo overheating devices problem solved.!!!!

  14. A

    Thread Change DPI of separate apps

    Hey guys, i know that global DPI can be changer from build.prop or in the developer option settings. I did that and so far everything is working fine( on Sac23 V3 oreo based S9+ port) but the Gboard is scaling to a kind of tablet mode and even the biggest setting is ⅔ of the biggest keyboard on...
  15. M

    Thread Can't root my S7 Edge (Sprint)...

    I have an S7 Edge from Sprint. I have tried several times to root it, but all attempts have failed. I have also tried flashing TWRP from Odin, but that seems to fail if the phone is not rooted. Does anyone know where I can find instructions for a working root procedure for this phone?
  16. J

    Thread (HELP) Locked out of my phone because of ultra power saving mode

    Hey guys, I really need your help, today I had to wait for my little sister to finish an exam, but because I had like 8 percent of battery life I turned on the Ultra power saving mode on my S7 Edge, I clicked accept then waited for the lock screen to show up, I swiped to unlock my phone with my...
  17. J

    Thread (HELP) Locked out of my phone because of ultra power saving mode

    Hey guys, I really need your help, today I had to wait for my little sister to finish an exam, but because I had like 8 percent of battery life I turned on the Ultra power saving mode on my S7 Edge, I clicked accept then waited for the lock screen to show up, I swiped to unlock my phone with my...
  18. B

    Thread Bootloop -- completely stock

    I have a Canadian s7 edge and it's completely stock (no root, no TWRP). It gets to the Samsung logo and doesn't go further. G935W8 (hero2ltebmc) firmware G935W8VLU2BQH1 Doesn't seem to boot into safety mode. I can access stock recovery and download mode. Is there a way I can access internal...
  19. mathieum28

    Thread Question for development

    Hello. i'm trying to change the credroid rom, i have a problem with the settings.apk application I can decompile the apk correctly and modify the desired files, but I can not recompile the apk. I will need your help please.
  20. shah22

    Thread S7 edge overheats too much that during tethering and charging at the same time

    Hey guys , today when i was using mobile hotspot and my battery was low so i connected charger and used tethering while charging , but after some 30 min when i touched my phone again , it was as hot as a grilled chicken and even my hands were hurting when i touched it , i think it was 80 degrees...
  21. shah22

    Thread Request to all rooted custom rom users of S7 edge exynos international variant !

    Hello all tech mates :D hope your buddy would be doing well than mine , which has all the issues from paint peeling around usb port to not charging due to moisture even it was never even near to water and from blurry cameras to bad wifi and bluetooth problems , but recently i just wanted to...
  22. shah22

    Thread Wifi problem after updating to july security patch

    Hello all respected members :) i just wanted to know that its only me who suffered from bad wifi after july update patch ? Actually i resetted it many times , it works normally for two days and then again start giving issues like internet totally hangs and a lock sign appears on wifi symbol...
  23. U

    Thread [Q] How to root device with f2fs formatted /data and /cache

    Hi folks. As described in the title, can you post here any guide on how to root our device with /data and /cache formatted as F2FS? I tried rooting my device using magisk since chainfire's supersu dont work, but both of them are not working. Can you please show me the exact way? Thanks!
  24. lovetv

    Thread Is my S7edge broken or bricked?

    Had been rooted my phone before, didn't like it because I couldn't use my banking apps. Back to official firmware via Kies, been using for few months... no problem until yesterday. I charged my phone up to 92%, I unplugged and unlocked my phone, it restarted itself then never come back live...
  25. G

    Thread Change App Icon Systemwide

    Hi Peeps, I want to change a specific icon of an app, and I want the changes to take effect on homescreen and app drawer. Ive searched for solution but what I found is just to use an app (which just create a shortcut on homescreen) and/or a launcher. I want it to have on default TW. Btw, I...
  26. T

    Thread S7 Edge Hardbricked by it's own?

    Hi people, something quite terrible happened to my phone when I woke up today. Before I went to sleep the phone worked and was charged by about 40% but some apps were force closing like crazy so I turned off the device before I went to sleep, cuz why not, eh? Then I woke up and turned on the...
  27. A

    Thread Superman Rom on S7 edge (Reviews)

    I want to install superman rom on my canadian s7 edge. I want reviews from all the members using it about performance, battery life and all that stuff. One more thing i would like to know is that can i unroot my edge after installation of superman rom? Please someone explain the procedure of...
  28. Cav3

    Thread Xbox One Controller USB help

    So I have seen videos on youtube of people using their Xbox one controller in the USB converter for the s7 edge. But when I connect my controller to my phone, it turns my phone off, and if I leave it plugged in tries to boot but gets past the Samsung logo. Then it reboots and loops. Is there...
  29. A

    Thread Changing csc on SM-G935W8

    I was looking forward to change csc on my s7 edge from canada, but odin has not let me to do so. I have a question regarding this. Can i install files(AP-BL-CP) of 935w8 variant and CSC from other firmware for the model G935FD? Will it work? I have both the firmwares downloaded and was looking...
  30. A

    Thread S7 Edge (SM-G935W8) NO VOLTE on Reliance Jio

    I am using SM-G935W8 S7 edge from canada in India right now. I want to use volte feature on reliance jio on my device. I have tried odin with different firmwares but was not able to flash stock firmware on it. I want to know whether 935w8 supports VOLTE service or not? And if it does supports...
  31. seamonkey420

    Thread Offtopic but not: Fighting the Good Fight. Nougat for our SM-G935U? no love???

    seriously.. you'd think that after you pay full price for an unbranded S7 Edge from Samsung you'd get 'access' to Nougat before more carriers since hey, it's already almost vanilla android and has no carrier bloatware? nope.. zero timeline for us.. here's my latest twitter chain w/SamsungUS...
  32. V

    Thread [THEME] My personal Theme Collection

    Hi all :D In this thread I will share all the themes created by me :) 1) Dark Orange Theme: Preview: Download: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=529152257862727622 2) Dark Silver Theme: Preview: Download: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=745425885120701409 3) Black Goku Theme...
  33. Q

    Thread gear vr with king of nougat v 7.1

    hello :) I have a question for the rom king of nougat v7.1 If the gearvr work ? Because i don't want up to nougat if i can't use virtual reality for now i'm in marshmallow and it's work Thanks for the answer
  34. V

    Thread [THEME] White Emerald

    Hi all guys :) This theme is an update of my White-Sky Emerald theme :D I hope you like this! Preview: Download: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=385035244224412837 How to install for rooted device: After downloading theme.apk, install it. 1)Download and install Solid...
  35. R

    Thread S7 Edge G935F Nougat serious problem. Please Help !

    Hello Community, im from Germany, so don't judge me if my english skills are not that good. So here is my problem. I couldnt wait for the new nougat update. I decided to flash the beta 3 i guess with odin. Everything has gone right, the battery life was perfect, the performance great...
  36. M

    Thread YouTube XPosed Features as APK

    Greetings, I am using a Nougat beta on my S7 Edge. On MM I was able to use XPosed Framework with features like AdAway AND Backgroud Playback for Youtube. Because there is no XPosed for Nougat I want to ask if there is a possibility to add these mods into an APK File somehow and use that...
  37. M

    Thread S7 Edge T-Mobile BETA NOUGAT

    Tomorrow, 11-9-16, there will be a app released onto the galaxy apps store to let you download the app to download android 7.0 beta onto your phone to beta test it. Once it starts it will allow you to register and if you are selected you are able to download the beta. I an posting a link to the...
  38. M

    Thread S7 Edge Smart Switch Update Unknown Error

    I have a rooted S7 Edge (G935FD) which I was about to update using Smart Switch (PC). However, as soon as I press the update button, an error windows pops up telling me that there is an unknown error. Anyone here who experienced something similar and has a solution? Please help! Thanks!
  39. golpeen420

    Thread Backing up with flashfire?

    So I've been rooting and all that since the Samsung epic and I'm very competent when it comes to these things, but given this is the first phone I've ever had with a fully locked bootloader and no custom recovery, I have a few questions regarding using flashfire as a means of backing up my Rom...
  40. D

    Thread With The Galaxy Note 7 Dead... Will get all the features the S7 Edge?

    Hi Dudes since the Galaxy Note 7 is dead will the galaxy S7 Edge get all the features? (excep the S-pen, iris software) Secure folder?, Full grace UX, Interactive AOD, Ambient Display (i'm not sure if on the stock ROM have I'm Using The Sac23 Note 7 Port), and can't live without this xD...
  41. core720

    Thread [Universal Script S7/S7 Edge] UniMod V1 (Debloat+Root+Busybox+AdBlock+More)

    UniMod script is compatible with all official firmwares S7 G930x / S7 EDGE G935x Features: Last SuperSU (AutoRoot Galaxy S7 930 - Galaxy S7 EDGE 935) Auto Debloat (Remove GApps, Samsung Bloatware, Microsoft Apps) Remove OTA Updates Support (Root=No OTAs) BusyBox Support Remove Knox Block Host...
  42. core720

    Thread [Universal Script S7/S7 Edge] UniMod V2 (Debloat+Root+Busybox+AdBlock+More)

    UniMod script is compatible with all official firmwares S7 G930x / S7 EDGE G935x Features: AutoRoot Galaxy S7 930x - Galaxy S7 EDGE 935x Auto Debloat (Remove GApps, Samsung Bloatware, Microsoft Apps) Remove OTA Updates Support (Root=No OTAs) BusyBox Support Remove Knox Block Host ADs Build.prop...
  43. C

    Thread Question about S7 edge video recording FPS

    Hi all, I have been tinkering with filming on my S7 edge recently and discovered some discrepancies regarding the S7 edge video recording fps. I shot 3 FHD (standard/30fps) video and 3 FHD (60fps) and played back on my macbook pro via Quicktime. I noticed that for the 3 FHD (standard/30fps)...
  44. A

    Thread S7 edge Camera Modes Removed

    I noticed that samsung removed camera modes from s7 edge like animated photo , drama shot ...etc .. can anyone help me with how can i get them back to my s7 edge
  45. Y

    Thread Galaxy s7 Edge stock camera apk [request]

    Hi, Could someone please upload the stock camera apk. I managed to somehow mess with it and it will not record video any more. Other camera applications do record video but not the stock camera. I think installing Greenify did that but I am not sure uninstalling it did not help. I do not want...
  46. F

    Thread Gear VR - Network Error

    I've searched all over, and can't find a solution to my problem. Finally received my Gear VR, plugged in my phone, need to take it out to install VR apps, network error. Some background: - I'm from South Africa, mobile operator Vodacom. Vodacom has bloat, which sucks, so I install the UK BTU...
  47. henklbr

    Thread OFFICIAL STOCK Firmware-update (Odin) thread Samsung GALAXY S7Edge SM-G935F

    In this thread, You can share the Mega-Links of new firmware's (OFFICIAL STOCK) for the Galaxy S7Edge (so: NO CUSTOM ROM's and/or ROOT-talk)... Discussions about battery life and/or drain, can be found overhere: How many of you experiencing high android system battery drain? Post your Battery...
  48. V

    Thread S7 EDGE Camera failed

    Got my pre ordered edge in Dubai from the Samsung store. Disappointed with the camera function, as it kept on giving an error, Warning Camera failed Tried to wipe data and cache from application manager, rebooted into recovery, wiped cache, but still the same. At last formatting the phone to...
  49. henklbr

    Thread User Manual Samsung Galaxy S7Edge

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