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    Thread Looking for Gtmedia G2 s905w rom/firmware

    Hi. I have a GTmedia (freesat) G2 box with android 7.1.2, but it comes with what looks to be a fairly generic s905w setup, and I’m wondering if anyone has flashed a custom rom on one of these successfully? (and what the process was if so) Tbh I can’t even find an original firmware from the...
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    Thread [ROM][S905W] atvXperience - The Ultimate AndroidTV experience!

    ​Announcement: Head over to forum.atvxperience.com, I provide 24/7 quick Support. Stop yourselves from getting scammed! BUY FROM GENUINE WEBSITES, atvXperience is made specially for these boxes: http://bit.do/tx3minioriginal http://bit.do/x96minioriginal • Android OS version: 7.1.2 •...