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    Thread [OFFICIAL/UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 19.1 for Amlogic G12*/SM1 Family Devices

    Amlogic G12*/SM1 Family Devices - Your warranty is now void. - You have been warned. - Use at your own risk. Introduction: This is the Official Lineage OS 19.1 thread for the Amlogic G12*/SM1 SoC family of devices. Downloads: Please follow the install instructions in your device's Wiki page...
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    Thread [RELEASE] Chromecast with Google TV Bootloader Unlock

    Introduction: This is an exploit chain intended to allow one to run a custom OS/unsigned code on the Chromecast with Google TV (CCwGTV). This uses a bootROM bug in the SoC by security researcher Frederic Basse (frederic). Frederic also did a great amount of work to temporarily boot a custom...