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  1. netizenmt

    Thread Is there a Nougat (CM 14.x) version that will run on a rooted Verizon Galaxy S5...

    Is there a version of CM 14.x that will run via Safestrap on a rooted S5 (CID 11)? I have not been able to pull the different pieces together to answer this for myself. I know CID 11 cannot have the bootloader unlocked. I know that there is such a thing as Safestrap though I have not used it. I...
  2. Jaws4God

    Thread Searching for a [ROM] [i605] [5.1 or 6.0] [Touchwiz]

    Big thanks to TinkerbeII for a new search / development of a 5.1 or 6.0 ROM for the i605 Note II device. Please put any information you find here. Thank you! I believe they would need to be SafeStrap approved for us Locked Bootloaders.. :silly:
  3. Phikicheli

    Thread [Q] Safestrap 5.01 (OF1)?

    Has anyone found a way to get safestrap working on OF1 Lollipop 5.01? From what I've read you have to use flashfire, but most of the post were made back in 2014 so I wasn't sure if there was something new I just missed. Thanks! :good:
  4. GeTex

    Thread [HOW TO]Safestrap for the VZW S5 [LP-MM]

    So I see ALOT OF CONFUSION regarding Safestrap on the Verizon Galaxy S5, I think its about time to explain it to stop this nonsense THIS IS MEANT FOR 11 eMMC Users, 15 eMMC Users should unlock their bootloader and use TWRP instead What is safestrap? Why thank-you for asking, Safestrap is...
  5. R

    Thread Problem change WIFI MAC with XT910 after cloning CM12 (safestrap)

    For my company we use quite a few Razr maxx (umts_spyder) and I like them. Unfortunately setting up these devices for every new employee is quite time consuming so I am still hoping that some kind of clone-mechanism will occur. (Quite unlikely, I know). What I am trying now: * installed...
  6. M

    Thread [Solved] Need XT912 Spyder Safestrap v3.11

    I've had Safestrap on my wife's XT912 for a long time and I haven't touched her phone for a few years. The Safestrap version on her phone is 3.11. I need to turn off Safestrap so I can boot the phone into BPTools mode. Unfortunately, Safestrap is no longer installed on her phone's stock slot...
  7. LysolPionex

    Thread Safestrap Not Coming Up After Lollipop Install

    I successfully installed Safestrap and it never really seemed to work (some ROMs would load and not everything on the phone worked, some ROMs just bootlooped etc.), so I just used stock. I tried installing a rooted Lollipop stock ROM to a different safestrap partition, and when I restarted the...
  8. G

    Thread SM-G900A Successfully rooted, installed safestrap 3.75, can't install a rom

    Hey, I'm new to this device. I use a OPO as my daily driver but I grabbed this phone as a replacement for my dad. I wanted to give him some Cyanogenmod or some other nice AOSP lollipop rom, so I rooted it with towelroot and installed safestrap 3.75. So far, so good. I made a backup of the stock...
  9. Harry44

    Thread [Guide][Script]Fire Mobile Boot Helper - Boot imgs without your PC using android!

    Development of this project has ended, ggow has accomplished tetherless boot! *Disclaimer* I am not responsible to anything that happens to your device(s) Fire Mobile Boot Helper Fire Mobile Boot Helper allows you to boot custom boot.imgs using another Android device. I assume most...
  10. P

    Thread Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 stuck after safestrap screen

    Hello guys, I've been searching and searching, still not sure if I'm doomed! Was nicely rooted, with safestrap and backups of stock and cm11 (nandroid), then root got lost so I tried to reboot with towelroot and then kingroot, neither worked, then something went wierd so I rebooted...
  11. C

    Thread SAFESTRAP backup

    Hello, I've searched about using SAFESTRAP in my g900a (OA1) 4.4.4, but I had no luck. I found the SAFESTRAP app, but seems to be only for ND3 build, cant find any reference for use it on OA1. [RECOVERY LOCKED/ND3] Safestrap Recovery v3.75 [2014-06-26 B03] Also i tried installing flashfire...
  12. sd_shadow

    Thread [How-to] Installing and using Safestrap 3.75 (2015)

    I was writing this for the XT894, XT912, XT910...So I included the XT875. If some one has a mirror to Safestrap versions 3.73 and older, please post them here, Thanks Because of the Locked Bootloader, the Stock Recovery cannot be replaced. Safestrap Hijacks the boot process allowing for a...
  13. sd_shadow

    Thread [How-to] Installing and using Safestrap 3.75 (2015)

    Because of the Locked Bootloader, the Stock Recovery cannot be replaced. Safestrap Hijacks the boot process allowing for a custom recovery (TWRP) In this custom recovery, Custom Roms can be installed, along with other functions that a custom recovery allows. 17 Aug 2015: Currently the newest...
  14. T

    Thread Cannot boot into safestrap!!!

    I'm on rooted oc1 with the oc1 stock kernal and I have installed safestrap and everytime I try to boot into safe strap it just boots up normaly.
  15. D

    Thread [Q] Safestrap v3.75 installation problem

    Hi, my XT910 is still on factory Android version. (2.3 I think). I'd love to update to lolipop or 4.4. My phone is rooted, I have busybox installed and safestrap 1.07. I found some instructions and some howtos. But the reqirement is always Safestrap v3.75. When I now try to install Safestrap...
  16. RBEmerson

    Thread [Q] Safestrap 3.75 won't install - 4.4.2 NCG

    I'm trying to migrate from 4.4.2 to at least 4.4.4 if not 5.0 while keeping root - all of this on a VZW S5. Every how-to I find says to install Safestrap as part of the process. I rooted with towelroot, SuperSU, and Root Checker is happy. The problem I'm having is Safestrap-KLTEVZW-NCG-3.75-B03...
  17. jordanpatrick

    Thread [Q] Reflashed Stock w/ Odin, Still No Boot

    Hello all, I am looking for some advice, on getting my AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 working again. I will keep this as short as I can: I originally had 4.3 rooted with the MK2 firmware, and used Odin to flash my phone to 4.4 NB1, using the ROM in the Guide to Stock/Updating/Rooting thread. This...
  18. C

    Thread [Q] Is there a Safestrap that works with 183.46.15?

    After months of kicking myself for upgrading the software to 183.46.15 from 183.46.10, I finally achieved root thanks to the Hydrogen Peroxide root tool. After attempting many different Safestrap apks, I can't get any of them to work. I found a different recovery that will boot but it's...
  19. G

    Thread SAFE Updating - Upgrading - Downgrading - Custom ROM Flashing to 5.01 Lollipop OC1

    SAFE UP/DOWN GRADING THE EZ WAY this is a continuation of my SAFE UP/DOWN GRADING TO 4.4.2 thread where I developed a few safe ways to upgrade/update/downgrade to various versions of 4.4. This thread will be aimed at Lollipop. I apologize for the wait I had this ready on the 29th but muniz...
  20. D

    Thread How To Use SafeStrap on Lollipop*

    So, slightly misleading, but can be very useful if you're using AT&T and Goldeneye 51 (Lollipop) and need to reinstall it and can't get Flashfire on your device since it's kind of a pain to come by. It's true that SafeStrap won't technically work with the 0C3 Kernel, but there is a work around...
  21. F

    Thread [Q] 5.0 safestrap roms

    When will we be able to safestrap roms that are 5.0. There are some stock features I'd rather have, that samsung messed up :( . Will there have to be an update to safestrap? Will we be able to use the old kernel trick to use it and still boot stock or new 5.0 safestrap roms. Also if all of this...
  22. M

    Thread [Completed] [Q] help ATT G-S5 list/comparison of ROMS

    OK. I (think I) know enough to read/search: So far have figured out: a) my foxfi/pdanet wont work, out of box, courtesy of Ma Bell. b) the S5 bootloader from ATT is LOCKED c) the lolipop upgrade is not currently scheduled. SO: 1) I need to root my device for my tethering 2) I guess a new rom...
  23. alexsoin

    Thread [Q] Unrestricted tethering

    I was just wondering if there's some kind of mode like this one for Note 4 http://forum.xda-developers.com/note-4-tmobile/development/mod-unrestricted-tethering-nj7-t2921409 People reporting a lot of bugs in that thread so I'm not so desperate to try it. Also I have to use Safestrap and flash...
  24. R

    Thread Rooting Kindle Fire HDX 7 32 GB 3rd Gen Fire OS Wrapup

    Rooting Kindle Fire HDX 7 32gb 3rd Gen Fire OS Airplane Mode ON WIFI Off Kindle Fire ADB Composite Drivers must be installed to working PC In KFHDX Settings Set Enable ADB - ON Set Apps from unknown sources - ON Faznx's KF-HDX Toolkit v0.95...
  25. oldwolf613

    Thread [Q] Can I restore nand b/u done on older Android version?

    I'd like to know if a nand backup made under Android 4.2.2, Build # MI1, & SafeStrap 3.65 will be restorable to an NC5 rom slot. I usually backup System & Data for all nands I make, but before upgrading, I figure that I'd make a nand backup of Data alone, so I could restore that if needed...
  26. G


    [ROM] dOPE-PSOA 4.4.4-A HYBRID WITH PURE AOSP-Multi-Themed-SuperFAST&SMOOTH4SAFESTRAP gogolie/gigilie presents: dOPE - PSOA v1,2&3 for Safestrap Users on Verizon Features: Pure AOSP 4.4.4 Dialer and Contacts - Themed by gogolie The Most Minimalistic ROM for VZW S4 A Ton of Tweaks A Lot more...
  27. Sterben Pistole

    Thread TW ROM Development [Help]

    I noticed that inside the NC1 flashable zip that I got from the INDEX thread located in General, there's no boot.img. Is there supposed to be one in it? If there is I think i might've deleted it. Also, if is there a better Stock rooted 4.4.X (deodexed if possible) base rom? It would really help...
  28. N

    Thread i377 partition output

    Can someone please do a cat /proc/partition on their i377 and output it here. I have the s975L and researching it seems they are really identical? I am currently getting with the creator of Safestrap to see if it would work fine for my device. Thanks
  29. Spidious

    Thread [Q] Easy way to remove Safestrap and root ?

    I rooted my phone a while back (Note 3) and have Safestrap on it. I checked with root verify and it says it is rooted. I want to be able to do OTA updates as I don't really want to be rooted any longer or have safestrap on my phone. Is there a EASY way to remove both/all of it so I no longer...
  30. MaliciousBanjo

    Thread [Q] What exactly is different about Safestrap than other recoveries?

    I haven't flashed a new ROM in quite a while and I've been quite happy with TWRP for quite some time now. I've started looking around again, and there seems to be a lot of push for Safestrap Recovery-oriented ROMs. What exactly is it? From what I've gathered, it's a recovery that doesn't...
  31. B

    Thread Solved -- Running safestrap on sdcard -- looking for input

    So I got tired of my weird configuration of running the apps in a mounts2sd with a second ext4 partition on my sdcard and technically nothing should prevent us from running safestrap on the sdcard. So I looked around and it took me a while but I found Hashcode's source code and spent some time...
  32. Shrewdy

    Thread [Q] Remove safestrap partition

    Hi, I had installed CM11 on my droid Razr using the Safestrap utility. I created a rom slot activated it and then installed CM11 over it.. but now i am planning to sell my droid Razr.... So i wanted to remove everything and make it stock like... and so i deleted the safestrap application and...
  33. B

    Thread [Q] Device Encryption - root/safestrap?

    Has any one worked out a way of encrypting your note and still be able to run a custom ROM? The warning about this on the safestrap thread has been up for a long time (since KitKat?) and I was hoping that someone might have made some headway into this... If not, how do I re-root post...
  34. sd_shadow

    Thread [How To][Videos] For Droid 4 (XT894)(2015)

    By-Pass Jellybean Activation screen - Root Junky Restore Original Firmware Droid 4 flash rsd lite jellybean Flash Droid 4 Jellybean Firmware with Droid 4 Utility Rooting Droid 4 root SafeRoot install SafeStrap Safe Root for Jelly Bean Android Devices like the Droid Bionic 4.1.2 & More...
  35. C

    Thread [Q] Help ADB shell while in SafeStrap

    Like a lot of people, I rooted, busyboxed and installed SafeStrap. Unfortunately, I can't boot anymore, the best I can do is get into SafeStrap or recovery. I know I can manually remove safestrap using adb shell. When I try to run adb shell while in SafeStrap, I get this: CANNOT LINK...
  36. hackweed

    Thread [Q] Safestrap/ Rom Questions

    Hello all, Apologies if this seems like a really dumb question. I have been out of the rooting / rom'ing game for almost two years now. I miss the OG Droid days :(. So I have an NC5 verizon S4 with the new towelroot, and I was thinking about flashing a google play edition rom. However it...
  37. Polynesianroots88

    Thread [Q] Safestrap Error Flashing

    Hey everyone, I'm having issues flashing ROMs....I flashed alliance v6 and everything was fine and dandy. I wanted to change to ThunderKat...I reboot, wiped wiped wiped and advanced wiped, and when I go to install the zip file has a little white icon to the left of it as if it doesn't recognize...
  38. M

    Thread [Q] Safestrap/Locked BL safe ROMS

    For the few of us who still haven't/won't/can't unlock the BL, which roms are safestrap/locked BL compatible? I'm on Krypton right now, but is there anything else?
  39. rgao007

    Thread [Q] Can't boot into Safestrap?

    I purchased a Note 3 N900A back in March, and it came rooted running Knoxraid and Safestrap. I felt no need to switch ROMs until a few days ago, when Knoxraid started having issues with me logging into Google services (Play Store, Gmail, YouTube, etc). I decided to install the AT&T S5 ROM port...
  40. Red One

    Thread [Q] MK2 to NC5

    So I don't know if I've been out of the loop, or I'm not reading something right or what, but I need some help. I've been searching up and down and everything applies to Verizon, not T-Mobile. I have a T-Mobile Galaxy S4. It is currently on MK2 running WICKED V10. I want to use HyperDrive...
  41. m4gkman

    Thread [Q] current firmware root access; Can I still flash zips?

    I'm currently running the current stock firmware with root access, id like to get the inverted gaps so i can have blacked out google now and hangouts to mach my apex theme. Does anybody know of any way to get these to work? I've tried flashing them with safestrap recovery and it doesn't seem to...
  42. L

    Thread Help. Can´t Create rom slot in safestrap.

    Hey bros please help me. i cant install any rom, only in stock slot. cant create any rom slot. the create button is gray out no matter the size selected, any idea ? i have safestrap 3.73 before that 3.65 and in two versions i can not create rom slot´s course droid 4 i hope you can help me...
  43. m4gkman

    Thread [Q] phone won't work with odin

    okay, so basically, i had 4.3 with ss running hyperdrive.I deleted the hyperdrive slot and then odin'd my phone back to stock, and proceeded to upgrade my phone up to current. I then used towel root, to make sure that i had root, and went on to install the newest (3.71 i believe) version of...
  44. m4gkman

    Thread [Q] question for optimization of safestrap

    hey guys, just a quick question. Im running the normal 16 gig s4 with safestrap, and I'm about to update my rom so i have to delete the slot. What valleys do you guys give the slots to maximize the space you will have within that slot?
  45. djmisi99

    Thread [Q] No GPS fix on any Android 4.4.2 ROM for the i337 AT&T SafeStraped with MK2 BL

    HI guys ( devs, users surfers alike), I have an S4 i337 AT&T, with locked MK2 bootloader, been on Android 4.3 since i bought this phone online, and everything was working perfectly. I had it SIM unlocked, rooted, SafeStrap-ed, custom ROMs running perfect on t...NO ISSUES! Ever since I upgraded...
  46. C

    Thread Soft Bricked my AT&T GS5 after I tried to install first ROM

    I recently rooted my GS5 with Towel Root and installed SafeStrap Recovery... I made a Nandroid recovery. Then I wiped cache/dalvik and system then installed a Rom and when it booted the screen was plain black. Now when i power on my device all I see is Samsung boot screen with the Custom...
  47. S

    Thread Safestrap 3.72 not booting custom rom

    I am having an issue with safestrap not booting into my custom rom slot for some reason. I have installed Hyperdrive RLS16.1 in a custom rom slot , but every time I try to boot, it keeps booting the stock rom. Custom slot shows as activated. I am lost. Any help would be much appreciated.
  48. B

    Thread [MEGA: R&D] Unlock Bootloader+Recovery Project

    Only Constructive and Developmental posts! This Thread is for informational purposes ONLY!!!! So we don't get carried away with all the clutter, confusion or misinformation. {[Moderators Please keep this thread clean <3]} Bootloader knowledge is welcome, THE MORE THE MERRIER! This is how we...
  49. A

    Thread [Q] Multi Rom/safestrap

    I have looked around, but have had no luck finding anything. Is there a safestrap or mulit rom option for the n8013? I tend to think there is something out there, and I am simply missing it. Thanks
  50. S

    Thread Safestrap Rom Install Fail

    Hey guys I'm having a problem with Safestrap I'm currently running drakeymcb's knoxraid v2and whenever i try to install a new rom i get an error when flashing it. Safestrap is unable to open zip file. Any ideas? Thanks in advance :good: