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    Thread Question Not passing safetynet(Play Integrity API) on pixel 7

    I made a big mistake yesterday. I saw threads about the new Play Integrity API thing and download the Integrity API checker. At that time, the integrity API checker cannot pass MEETS_DEVICE_INTEGRITY but my YASNAC can pass CTS profile. So I installed the Displex mod of the universal safetynet...

    Thread Question HOW TO ROOT POCO M4 PRO 5G 'evergo' MIUI 13 ANDROID 12.

    Firstly you have to know 'evergo' and 'evergreen' are different branches. This MAGISK Patched Boot image is only for 'evergo' roms Version 'MIUI_13.0.1.0(SGBINXM)', (V13.0.6.0.SGBINXM). How to check - 1. Settings -> About 2. Type the command adb devices -l if it's...
  3. A7pr8

    Thread [CLOSED][Guide] [Universal] Another guide to get microg and pass safetynet

    The guide is on reddit: {Mod edit} (I probably will be faster to reply there if you commented)
  4. Sense_101

    Thread [GUIDE] How to get SafetyNet working with MicroG

    This is a tutorial on how to set up your phone so that you can consistently pass SafetyNet. Note that all this is from my own experience, and if what works on one device blows up another, that's not my problem and I'm not responsible for that. I will attempt to keep this tutorial as clean and...
  5. KJOz68

    Thread Lenovo X606F - Android 12 GSI - CTS Profile Match Fail

    Hello All, I have rooted and installed TWRP recovery. Successfully flashed Android 12 GSI. Passes "Basic Integrity" but fails "CTS profile match". Any ideas? Date: July 6, 2022 Build: SQ3A.220705.003.A1 Security patch level: July 2022 Google Play Services: 21.24.23 Magisk 25.2 (25200)...
  6. Kitch2400

    Thread [𝑹𝑶𝑴][𝟏𝟑]LineageOS 20.0 unofficial[𝑶𝑵𝑬𝑷𝑳𝑼𝑺 𝟔&6T][Gapps][OTA updates][SafetyNet][TWRP]

    LineageOS 20.0 unofficial build for enchilada & fajita Source: LineageOS 20 (android-13.0.0_r20) Buildtype: User Kernel: 4.9.336 SELinux: Enforcing Recovery: TWRP 3.7.0, Thanks to @Siddk for your hard work!!! Root: Download the most recent Magisk canary .apk Either install with "adb...
  7. Aki-to

    Thread Bypass SafetyNet Attestation

    I'm trying to bypass the SafetyNet chore by using MagiskHide and tools like this one. I have yet to have success. I have read lots of information about the topic, but most seems irrelevant and obsolete. I use a custom ROM with Root enabled. Can anyone please point me in the right direction of...
  8. V

    Thread [HOW TO] Pass SafetyNet and be Play Protect Certified on any Custom ROM

    Hi everyone !! I recently made a video tutorial on how to pass safetynet and be play protect certified on any custom ROM. For the video, I used my Samsung Galaxy S20 (SM-G980F) as an example. It is currently running the Pixel Experience Plus GSI ROM. If you have any questions or need help with...
  9. momojuro

    Thread [KERNEL][07/04/2021] kintsugi reborn for Samsung Galaxy A30

    kintsugi reborn. Based on my previous project, Kintsugi, kintsugi reborn follows its predecessor's goal to give the device a good balance between performance and battery life while focusing on its stability for a daily life usage. Features and changes are carefully chosen and pulled from...
  10. NightCode7

    Thread Solve SafetyNet issue easily

    Assuming that you have already rooted your device and installed Magisk Manager Follow the following steps to solve Safetynet issue: 1. Magisk Manager Settings head to Hide Magisk Manager then name it manager then save it and wait for a few seconds to appear manager in the app drawer then open...
  11. Technowhiteboi

    Thread Pixel 4a w/ May 2021 Security Update - Passing SafetyNet check

    Hey everyone, I just got back into rooting and well I would like to share some useful information that helped me pass the saftynet check within Magisk in 2021 with the latest security update (May 2021). First off, I followed this guide to unlock my bootloader and gain root...
  12. A

    Thread How to pass safetynet magisk with taichi

    I have install magisk, and i pass the safety net. And than I install taichi and turn on global mode to load the modul, and than I didn't pass safety net. You guys if have some advice please tell me. Info: Device Asus Zenfone max pro M2 Custom Rom lineage OS 9 I installed magisk canary
  13. T

    Thread [2021 noob guide] Unlock and root (with working SafetyNet, Netflix & etc., Lock/Unlock in dev settings)

    ### Disclaimer ### I am not responsible for damages of any kind. This will probably destroy your device without any warranty help or replacement. If you follow this guide, your warranty will be lost forever. Probably i described something wrong or it's not working for you. ### READ THIS ###...
  14. ShaiBlizzard


    Well damn, here goes. Also extra stuff like passing safetynet and some troubleshooting included but the tags were getting too much. $Blue - specifics for POSP 11 #this whole guide was made cuz of it after all #Green - comments Red - warnings and with that out of the way...
  15. Typhus_

    Thread [MOD][MAGISK][ANDROID 11] Addon Features for Pixel Devices - Pixel 4a Thread

    So what is this? This is a Magisk module that adds the following features to any Pixel 3, 4 or 5 device running on Android 11: Forces Google Sans font system wide 63 Accent colors 12 Icon shapes 22 Fonts Wallpapers Breel 2019; 2020 & 2020a 9 different Dark Styles Adds 2 button mode navigation...
  16. sceryavuz

    Thread SafetyNet FIX - Google Update [March 2020]

    Here is the fix for those who have SafetyNet problem. Flash Latest Magisk: Download and Install Latest Riru-Core Module(Magisk): Download and Install Latest YAHFA Module(Magisk)...
  17. A

    Thread [HOW TO] [ROOT] [7.1.2 - 8.1.X] Get ctsProfile: true on Magisk's SafetyNet Test

    Hey there! I was looking around for some help trying to fix this "error" on our vince and finally, i believe, i found the solution for it :good: Requirements: Unlocked bootloader Magisk on it's latest version MagiskHide Props Config magisk module installed and enabled, you could find it on...
  18. jparnell8839

    Thread 6P, Root, and Android Pay

    Has anybody updated to the October security patch on the 6P and maintained root and Android Pay? I'm rooted with Magisk and AP is working just fine on the September patches. I've been searching the last couple days and haven't found anybody mention it with October's security patches specifically.
  19. $

    Thread [GUIDE] How to bypass safteynet & use apps that block rooted devices!

    Hey! I found an app that helps you hide your root access from apps so you can use the apps in a rooted device, I was looking for a way to use snapchat on my Htc One M7 from last week or so. I tried alot of methods Magisk was one of them but as the Htc doesn't have a kernel compatible to magisk...
  20. J

    Thread Magisk support

    Hey guys, i'm still using optimus g pro(f240l) and i would like to know if it has magisk's support, beacause i'm trying to play some games and to use some banks app but i get error because of the safetynet thing, i tried rootcloak but it doens't work, please give me some light.
  21. Lightracer

    Thread [DISCUSSION] Safetynet patch for our Gtab 2 kernels

    Safetynet is really becoming widely used in apps such as Netflix and Banking apps and while other devices pass safetynet through magisk easily, our devices could not. At best case scenario only the basic integrity check passes. Now, there is a kernel patch made by sultanxda to bypass the...