1. E

    Thread OnePlus 6 - Enable HID Bluetooth without root and without tripping SafetyNet?

    Hi! Sorry if this is in the wrong forum - I'm kinda new here. I was hoping to get JoyCon Droid working on my OnePlus 6 when I learned that unfortunately the required HID Bluetooth functionality is disabled in OxygenOS for whatever reason. I've done some research and people have been able to...
  2. Denu228

    Thread Fellow monke needs help with lineage os and magisk magical things

    Hello fellows so i'm having a problem I flashed lineage os 17.1 to my phone with gapps and magisk HOWEVER no matter what I try no matter how I jump around I cannot cure the safetynet it just does not cooperate Could any fellows help me out here please thanks
  3. G

    Thread Does removing preinstalled apps using ADB revoke SafetyNet attestation?

    Hello, I stumbled upon a post on removing preinstalled apps using ADB (pm uninstall -u 0, and after couple hours of googling the only unanswered question I have left about this is: would doing this revoke device's SafetyNet attestation? I.e. would it break Google Pay and banking apps...
  4. M

    Thread Device spoofing in emulator (the holy grail)?

    Has anyone successfully fooled safetynet in an emulator? Maybe it'd be enough to block application's calls to it. Way to do this would be: 1. Somehow boot OEM rom or copy init.rc and build.prop 2. get magisk working using 3. Trick GMS using some...
  5. N

    Thread SafetyNet test fails though Bootloader is locked and phone is unrooted

    I have flashed MIUI Official Indonesian ROM on my Poco X3 Indian variant. I unlocked the bootloader using MI unlock tool. Flashed Indonesian ROM and relocked the bootloader through Fastboot using MI Flash Tool. I have neither rooted my device even once nor used magisk. Currently, the...
  6. TenSeventy7

    Thread [DEV][GUIDE][PROOF-OF-CONCEPT] Passing SafetyNet Hardware Attestation on Stock (OEM) ROMs

    Hardware SafetyNet Attestation Bypass on Stock OEM ROMs A proof-of-concept Hewwo! This is an experimental proof-of-concept in passing SafetyNet on pre-built ROMs, notably stock ROMs from OEMs. As you may know, Google has recently rolled out forced hardware key attestation in the beginning of...
  7. J

    Thread Ultimate ROM Setup and Battery Life Guide 2021

    This guide is specifically for Ivan Meler's LineageOS 18.1 on the s10e, but most of the guide should work universally through Android Versions, ROM Variants and Devices What you can achieve: 9Hrs Screen On Time 20-40Hrs Screen Off Time Working SafetyNet Working GCam High Stability IMPORTANT...
  8. SupertardMC

    Thread [QUESTION] How can I pass safety net on Android 11?

    I'm running Pixel Experience BETA on my Google Pixel 2. I have manually de-googled it and have also enabled signature spoofing. microG is installed systemlessly through Magisk and has all check marks checked (for location modules, I use deja vu and nominatim.) I can't pass safety net. I have...
  9. sun_is_shinning

    Thread Run "root-proof" apps with root (Magisk) EASY WAY!

    Just found a way that is more simple and works for every "root-prof" app to run almost every app that detects root. Requirements: - Android 8.0+ - TWRP installed - Magisk 20.4 beta zip - Latest Magisk Manager apk - safetynet-fix-1.1.0 zip (link bellow or download the attachement from thread) -...
  10. greenys'

    Thread [NEWS/GUIDE] Pass SafetyNet with stock, bootloader unlocked, rooted RUI with Magisk and custom kernel. Now virus scan of apks is removed too!

    Source: Alright guys. I found a solution! Actually, yes, I just found it but someone else came up with it. As of now I'm running latest RUI on my Realme Q. It's a bit newer...
  11. G

    Thread Safetynet ctsprofile false

    So I have rooted successfully with magisk, enabled MagsikHide, enable a certified fingerprint through the MagiskHide Props Config module, and hid magisk root through the in app option. Ctsprofile keeps failing. I have flashed miui 12 and android 10 and twrp as recovery What is the problem and...
  12. T

    Thread Oxygen OS 10.0.14.HD65AA + Magisk + EdXposed Failing SafetyNet

    So I had everything working perfectly, and then I updated to Oxygen OS 10.0.14.HD65AA. I was greeted with a bootloop after doing the update, so I removed all of my Magisk modules and it booted up. Next, I reinstalled all my modules. After reinstalling Riru EdXposed, I could no longer pass the...
  13. L

    Thread Magisk SafetyNet fail - Android 11

    I've recently encountered a problem. I rooted My Pixel 3a when it had stock Android 10 and passed the SafetyNet checks. I then upgraded to stock Android 11 (RP1A.201005.004, Oct 2020) and re-rooted. However, the Magisk SafetyNet check now reports as 'attestation failed'. basicIntegrity passes...
  14. I

    Thread Certified fingerprint for Joyeuse

    Hi, as all owners of a Joyeuse, which have unlocked their bootloader, may have noticed, the SafetyNet CTS Profile check will fail and we are unable to use apps using the related API, e.g. Googla Pay. Did someone tried to use MagiskHide Props Config module and change their fingerprint? (I tried...
  15. J

    Thread Safety Net Failed in Safe Mode

    Hello. I have unlocked bootloader with TWRP installed with default Stock Kernel. Also I have Magisk 20.4 with Edxposed installed and I can't pass the Safety Net. Until before 2-3 months the problem was due to Edxposed. If I deactivate the Riru core from Magisk then I passed the Safety Net. Now...
  16. PixelPro

    Thread [Update] SafetyNet CTS Profile Error Probably Permanent

    For those of us with unlocked or rooted devices, I have some bad news to report. Some very, very bad news!!! John Wu, topjohnwu, the creator of Magisk, just confirmed that the current SafetyNet CTS Profile error issue is probably permanent, and that it's unlikely to be fixed anytime soon...
  17. plakonn

    Thread Cant pass safetynet (every rom, no matter magisk)

    Cant pass safetynet, no matter what. i used to run rom with unknown twrp from some russian forum. (google pay was working). today i installed orangefox recovery and pixel expierence rom based on Q and i cannot passe safety with magisk (even without magisk) and google pay not working. i...
  18. loni90

    Thread Snapchat - blocked due to root, even on Magisk?

    Hi all! I constantly get blocked on Snapchat, since they notice im rooted. Im on Alexis Rom 8.5.1, Android 9 with Magisk and MagiskManager installed. SaftyNet Check is successful Mods installed: MagiskHide Props Config Riru - Core & edXposed Busybox for Android NDK Snapchat i ticked under...
  19. radwolf76

    Thread Failing SafetyNet shortly after a fresh upgrade install of Rooted Stock US998 30b

    I decided that I needed a fresh start with my LG v30+ after over a year on Oreo, and figured I would go ahead and wipe everything and install rooted stock pie per this thread (using the TWRP flashable method). From there, I went ahead and installed the Magisk Modules for Busybox, Riru - Core...
  20. h8Aramex

    Thread [GUIDE] How to flash Lineage OS 16 Official + Gapps from OOS10 and pass SafetyNet

    - In case some step fails, just make sure your bootloader is unlocked. - I assume you have a working adb and fastboot. I used the official Google package: . It's possible you will still have an older version installed because some...
  21. K

    Thread Safetynet check fails after upgrading ROM to Nov-2019 ?

    The situation is: After updgrading to the lastest ROM of Nov-2019 in my Pixel4XL, I found the safetynet check fails. If I disable all modules in Edxposed, safetynet check can pass. Do you guys with similar problem as mine ? Kris
  22. RisjadB

    Thread [FIX][MODULE][SAFETYNET]Mi A1 Device Fingerprint to fix ctsProfile: false

    Lately Google turn the switch to block custom rom user to use their apps, and many custom rom user now cant pass safetynet(ctsProfile: false). With that in mind, i make a module to bypass it. The module change a bit of your build.prop to camuflage as stockrom. Data is from build.prop stock rom...
  23. T

    Thread Stable rom with full safetynet pass?

    Hi all, Just got a 850 which is on Oreo, but really need the night light mode which was available on Nougat. I understand that attempting to downgrade with lgup is very risky so I was wondering if there are any custom ROMs that have night light but would provide a stable, bug free experience...
  24. billard412

    Thread Failing safetynet on pie PPS29.55-24

    Title is self explanatory. Running stock pie. I'm tired let me know if additional info is needed. Not much to add.
  25. Simon1511

    Thread Does TWRP breaks SafetyNet?

    Hey, does TWRP breaks the SafetyNet? Can I install TWRP without getting a SafetyNet error?
  26. Xspeed

    Thread Unloading Xposed, package blacklisting in app_process?

    Hello We all know that there is no way of passing SafetyNet with Xposed enabled, in any existing form. So I've been thinking, couldn't we just make Xposed not run for specified packages? How hard would be unloading Xposed libraries from a forked process? Basic knowledge suggests calling...
  27. favas0

    Thread SafetyNet Check Pass , but cannot use Google Pay

    Bootloader : unlocked OS : Pie (Oct) Magisk : ianmacd build 17.4-2018120501 MagiskHide : Enabled for google pay, federal bank, icici bank Modules installed : MagiskHide Props Config, SafetyPatch v2, Sony-Music4Magisk Google Play : certified device Twrp : flashed and working i was able...
  28. Travelawyer

    Thread CTS profile match failed on Mate 10 Pro with current EMUI 9 beta

    Hi, I have the latest beta of Android 9 installed (from Huawei, I am in the beta test) and all went fine. Suddenly though Google Pay refused to work and I found out that my phone now fails SecurityNet test because of a CTS profile match failing. My phone is not rooted and I don't have any...
  29. Jaymin.0.1910

    Thread [Discontinued][Magisk][Module] ShellHide

    ShellHide ###### Copyright (c) 2018-2019 Jaymin Suthar. All rights reserved. ## Links * [Git Repository]( * [Super Git Repo]( * [Support...
  30. O

    Thread SafetyNet and MI MIX 2

    Hello, I have an mi mix 2 with the latest miui 10.0 global stable rom ODEMIFH. I've made a total reflash wiping all contents from the tool "XiaoMiFlash". Then, to test if the phone passed the google's safetynet measures, I've installed an app called 'SafetyNet Test', but it FAILS...
  31. baunthiyal

    Thread SafetyNet on custom ROMs

    Hello, Do any of the custom ROMs out there pass Google's SafetyNet check (both ctsProfile and basicIntegrity) usging Magisk? I have tried AEX (Oreo), RR, Pixel Experience (Pie). All of them fail the ctsProfile check. It is working fine on Stock ROM. I did not have USB Debugging enabled, it was...
  32. P

    Thread [Guild] To pass safetynet on Oxygen Android Pie open Beta

    After installing Pie open beta Oxygen uploaded by Funk Wizard many will notice that CTS profile comes FALSE in magisk manager while basicintegrity is TRUE. to pass saferynet. We have to change fingerprint of build in the build.prop There are two methods currently. (Works on Hydrogen Open...
  33. Vengeance1020

    Thread G891A SafetyNet fails after full unroot and stock firmware flash via ODIN

    Having unrooted my S7 active with factory firmware via ODIN, I still have issues with SafetyNet and Google Pay (Samsung pay seems to work fine but doesn't support my card). Bootloader says Knox status 0x0 and Official. I am at a loss and have no idea how to proceed. Any thoughts?
  34. baunthiyal

    Thread SafetyNet Test

    UPDATE! Tweet by topjohnwu - He clearly states that many apps are still using the old API which Google recently banned. z1_nile researched this app - SafetyNet Helper Sample. It has been updated to use the latest API for getting SafetyNet...
  35. X

    Thread [GUIDE] [SD652/MTK] Magisk - How to pass Safetynet check

    Hello everyone, As you might have seen, Google Safetynet APIs have been updated. Since Official Magisk is using old API, when you try to pass Safetynet, it will automatically give you an error like " The response is invalid" or something like that. So, in order to bypass this issue, I've been...
  36. prologikus

    Thread Trying to pass safetynet, help me

    I'm trying to use a Bank app from my country, named BT pay (Banca transilvania), and coudn't get it to work on lasted 5.1.5 rom with magisk. I clean-installed the lasted Open Beta 14, without magisk/kerner, and safetynet checker still shows me FAILED. I tried EssentialX Kernel + Magisk (hiding...
  37. Mwyann

    Thread To root or not to root?

    Hi everybody, I’ve prereserved my Note 9, and while waiting for the release date I’m scrolling through the news and forums just to get teased a bit more :D A question I’m asking myself though, is: do I really need to root this phone? I’ll lose some functionalities by rooting it (samsung...
  38. F

    Thread FORTNITE bans users with root, UB, xposed framework

    The new Fortnite Game for Android detects system modifications like having root or an unlocked bootloader, in addition to that it makes a SafetyNet check, which means no Fortnite for root users.... I know, it's just a game but I thought you should know, I found out about it today after...
  39. P

    Thread Safetynet Passes with system disabled root settings LineageOS 15.1 Official

    I flashed Then after flashing opengapps I flashed which is the native rooting zip provided by Lineage. I went to settings > system > developer options > root --> Apps Only I checked safetynet and obviously it...
  40. steven360

    Thread [FIX][SafetyNet] Passing SafetyNet in Treble ROMs

    I've finally figured this out! This is a scientific breakthrough! Not really... lol So, I've managed to make SafetyNet pass using a "custom" Magisk build. I grabbed it from here and so far I've flashed this build and it coaxed SafetyNet into passing. On one treble ROM, ToxycOS, it completely...
  41. 5m4r7ph0n36uru

    Thread [IME][NEWS/PSA] HTC U12+ - S-ON/Unlock > CTS Check FAIL/PlayStore unverified/DRM L3

    [IME][NEWS/PSA] HTC U12+ - S-ON/Unlock > CTS Check FAIL/PlayStore unverified/DRM L3 Hello everybody, here in a nutshell some points which have to be considered when unlocking a bootloader. Apparently Google has rolled out a PlayServices update in the background, which detects the UNLOCK...
  42. G

    Thread SafetyNet check suddenly fails with Magisk

    I installed the DP3 build a month ago or so along with Magisk so I could use Android Pay. Android Pay was working fine for a couple weeks and then about a week ago, between breakfast and lunch, Android Pay stopped working. I did a SafetyNet check with Magisk and it failed. Today I tried...
  43. hackintosh5

    Thread [MODULE] SafetyPatcher

    This module hides bootloader unlock from the entire system, including GMS, meaning that stock ROMs can pass custom verification, as well as custom ROMs with magisk enabled. Module code is here. The actual code of this module (see can be used to pass safetynet on stock ROMs, even...
  44. htr5

    Thread Do the NatWest and RBS apps now reject rooted/failed Safety Net users?

    The latest updates to these apps on the 18th and 19th of June 2018 produce "Error 04 Security Check failed" at launch. Dismissing the message exits the app. Rolling back to the previous versions of the apps or even a year old version fixes the problem (for now). Are these apps finally...
  45. A

    Thread Google Pay on Debranded P20 (SafetyNet False)

    Hi, I've recently debranded my P20 Pro and found that I can no longer use Google Pay. As part of the debranding process, I unlocked the bootloader, rooted the phone, debranded, and then lost root, and noticed that even without root, it wasn't working. I've rooted the P20 Pro after debranding...
  46. K

    Thread Passing SafetyNet and using tez on whyred

    If you are getting a CTS profile mismatch like shown above then this guide will be able to help you. Note: This guide will only help if you have some build prop unsafe value. If due to some x,y, reason magisk hide is not working on your rom then this guide won't be able to help. as this is the...
  47. D

    Thread [MODULE] Device Spoofing Tool (Device Emulator For Device Certification & SafetyNet)

    [MODULE] Device Spoofing Tool (Device Emulator For Device Certification & SafetyNet) Introduction: Simple Module To Convert UnOfficial Version To Official One, Fix Uncertified Status In PlayStore & Pass The SafetyNet. - This Module Changes Some Properties Of Build.Prop For The Entirety Of The...
  48. B

    Thread [OOS 5.1.5 | 5.1.6 | 5.1.7 | 5.1.8 | SafetyNet OK] Root without TWRP

    OP6 rooting without TWRP Checklist before preceed: Working Fastboot Be on software OOS 5.1.5 | 5.1.6 | 5.1.7 | 5.1.8 Unlocked bootloader (Instruction here, but remember to enable OEM Unlocking first) WARNING: Please double check that you have unlocked bootloader! A few users has reported...
  49. Didgeridoohan

    Thread [MODULE] MagiskHide Props Config - SafetyNet, prop edits, and more - v5.4.0

    MagiskHide Props Config v5.4.0 What's this? If you are wondering anything about what this module can do and how it works or if you're experiencing issues of some kind, take a look at the documentation on GitHub and see if whatever you wonder about is covered there (most things are). If they're...
  50. Didgeridoohan

    Thread [thread closed]

    This used to be the support thread for the MagiskHide Props Config module. It isn't any longer... Because of reasons, the support thread has moved here: If you came here following a link, please ask the link...