1. L

    Thread The current SafetyNet situation and custom ROMs

    Questions about the current SafetyNet situation: 1. Does a bootloader unlock really trip SafetyNet by itself? 2. Are there custom ROMs that do not trip SafetyNet? 3. Does flashing a custom 3a. boot 3b. system 3c. recovery trip SafetyNet? 4. Does booting a custom system image without...
  2. SlickStretch

    Thread Can you help me get my rooted OP8 with Android 11 to pass SafetyNet?

    Hello! I am trying to pass SafetyNet. I am using ROM: I am rooted via Magisk. I have TWRP recovery. I have enabled Zygisk and configured/enabled the DenyList. I have install the Universal SafetyNet Fix and MagiskHide Props Conf...
  3. W

    Thread How To Guide How to root and pass SafetyNet on XQ-BT52 62.0.A.3.163

    How to root and pass SafetyNet on Sony Xperia 10 III (XQ-BT52) Tested on firmware 62.0.A.3.163. Disclaimer: This guide assumes you're familiar with the concepts of rooting, Magisk, SafetyNet, fastboot, adb and so on. I will explain why things are done but if I explained everything it would...
  4. J

    Thread Magisk update now Issue with games (Ingress/Niantic)

    Hello I would appreciate some help fixing an issue. Please excuse my lack of knowlage, I will try to give adequate info. If more info is needed let me know. I have a Oneplus Nord N10 5G "unlocked" (I believe that means global) Build# BE86AA Model# BE2026 Android ver. 11 The phone has been...
  5. N

    Thread [HOWTO][SM-T590] Samsung Tab A 10.5 (2018) GSI installation + twrp + prevent bootloop + magisk + gapps + safetynet

    [HOWTO][SM-T590] Samsung Tab A 10.5 (2018) GSI installation + twrp + prevent bootloop + magisk + gapps + safetynet This is my first tuto for the SM-T590 Tab. I´ve tried to install GSI for days. The results was bootloops. So I asked some people, readed some stuff. And voila it´s working. So I...
  6. MachCoyote

    Thread Freestyle Libre 2 app crashes now with removal of MagiskHide

    So, the Freestyle Libre 2 is a diabetes management app that pairs with the freestyle libre 2 sensor which lets me read my bloodsugar. I have a Google Pixel 3 rooted with the latest version of magisk right now. Previously I had used magiskhide to hide my root from the app and it worked fine, but...
  7. ilyadud

    Thread Question NFC doesn't working (unique mysterious problem)

    Good day! Poco X3 Pro 8/256 does not want to pay for NFC in any way. What is the problem? When paying, any terminal beeps 2 times and issues an "equipment error". I studied a lot of information on XDA/4PDA, I didn't find anything similar to my problem. The problem appeared after unlocking the...
  8. LilBlinx

    Thread Development [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] [OTA] LilBlinx's LineageOS 18.1

    /* * I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed (like it did for me...). * Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in the products you find here before flashing it! * YOU are...
  9. J

    Thread Safetynet fails Basic Eval

    device info: Oneplus 8 Pro IN2025 Oxygen OS 11.0.99.IN11AA Recently rooted and I was not passing SafetyNet basic Eval and I tried Riru Lxposed and still the same thing. Somewhere online I saw someone said to install Magisk Canary and it should have Denylist which should help hide apps from the...
  10. ViduzZz

    Thread Question SafetyNet ctsProfile failing to pass

    Hey guys, I could really use your help with this. I'm on Zenfone 8 Flip, but that shouldn't really matter in this case. I tried every possible thing I found online, every fix but nothing seems to work. I can pass basicIntegrity check, but nothing works on ctsProfile. I'm on stock rooted ROM...
  11. DarkImperator

    Thread [GUIDE] Update and root RealmeUI 2.0 with Safetynet-fix (RUI 2.0 | Android 11) [Global/Indian]

    [GUIDE] HOW TO UPDATE TO RUI 2.0 AND ROOT IT --> Disclaimer: I'm not responsible if you brick your device. Use at your own risk and always backup your data! <-- 0. Download links F.14 OTA: Download Magisk app: Download OrangeFox beta: Download ADB/Fastboot tool: Download Patched boot.img: Find...
  12. Zaenes

    Thread Question Device fingerprint for CTS

    Hi everyone! Has anyone gotten round to obtaining a certified (device) fingerprint yet? If not; could anyone with a stock device run the getprop* command and upload the results? I sadly forgot to do so before rooting my device. Any help is greatly appreciated! ~Zaenes *: getprop...
  13. N

    Thread How To Guide [CLOSED] Root + Safetynet Passing - Instructions for Xiaomi 11T Pro (GLOBAL)

    This is an old thread. You can now root your device using the traditional TWRP method. Follow this thread: ROOT via Magisk patched boot image ((For MIUI 12.5.7 Global RKDMIXM)) Perform at your own risk, I'm not...
  14. Bladeguitar274

    Thread Safetynet issue

    Alright so I'm an idiot and was trying to recover a few corrupt files and tried jihosoft and dr.fone. Now my phone fails safetynet check, though the only app that seems to be affected is pokemon go. Any ideas on how to fix without a factory reset? Phone is not rooted nor has it ever been
  15. Guesar

    Thread Question Magisk ctcProfile in the Safetynet check

    Hello, could someone integrate in the module "MagiskHide Props Config" of Magisk the Fingerprint of the Xiaomi Mi11 Lite 5G renoir to be able to pass the ctcProfile in the Safetynet check? It would seem that the model of the fingerprint is a FPC1540 with FPC1020 Driver as on the redmi K30 /...
  16. J

    Thread Pokemon go GPS spoofing guide

    Hi, I didn't see this guide anywhere so I thought I'd make one, this is my first so please reach out if you have any questions or need help. 1. Root with magisk. 2. Install busybox and props config module 3. Download a terminal emulator such as termux 4. Open emulator, type su press enter...
  17. Rockel

    Thread Strange SafetyNet / ctsProfile behaviour

    I've bought myself a Moto G8 Plus last December and unlocked it's bootloader and rooted it immediately. I knew that ctsProfile was false and thus was SafetyNet too. But I didn'n't mind because I had no need for it. But 2 months ago I got myself a new banking app and I would have tried contacless...
  18. S

    Thread Why does my stock rom not pass safetynet?

    Hey, I had the PixelElxperience custom rom installed until I heard about the new android 11 oxygenos beta. So I installed the new beta. Only problem there is I don't pass the safetynet anymore. I locked the bootloader which lets me pass google pays safety as I can add paypal. But my banking app...
  19. D

    Thread MAGISK fail ramdisk: not

    Hello, I'm trying to install magisk and ramdisk says 'no', I tried some different versions and HIDE magisk I'm having the same problem safetynet into magisk says : basicIntegrity - ctsprofile - evaltype HARDWARE safetynet googleplay version says: mi 9 se fail safetynet request success...
  20. I

    Thread moto e5 play (Pettyl).CTS Profile Failed (Magisk)

    Instale recientemente en mi dispositivo Lineage-15(Trebble rom). Tengo raíces con Magisk. Con la verificación de SafetyNet: CTS Profile = FALSE. Cambie el fingerprint utilizando "MAGISK HIDDEN PRIPS CONF", y nada, mismo error. ¿Algunas ideas?
  21. Technowhiteboi

    Thread Pixel 4a w/ May 2021 Security Update - Passing SafetyNet check

    Hey everyone, I just got back into rooting and well I would like to share some useful information that helped me pass the saftynet check within Magisk in 2021 with the latest security update (May 2021). First off, I followed this guide to unlock my bootloader and gain root...
  22. A

    Thread How to pass safetynet magisk with taichi

    I have install magisk, and i pass the safety net. And than I install taichi and turn on global mode to load the modul, and than I didn't pass safety net. You guys if have some advice please tell me. Info: Device Asus Zenfone max pro M2 Custom Rom lineage OS 9 I installed magisk canary
  23. WaschBaer__

    Thread Safteynet, when using custom rom on oneplus7 ?

    basically my question is, if there is any issues with safety net, if i decide to isntall a custom rom on my oneplus 7 ? i am mainly using googlepay, paypal, some banking apps, netflix and pokemon go and i would like to keep using them but i would also want to try out some custom roms because...
  24. H

    Thread Stock Oneplus 8Pro cannot pass Safetynet

    Hi Long story short, I had to restore my device using MSM ( However, after I restore using MSM, I cant pass safetynet. basicIntegrity ANd ctsProfile are both failing. Bootloader is still locked (MSM relocks it), and Im not rooted. I tried unlocking bootloader and rooting with...
  25. E

    Thread OnePlus 6 - Enable HID Bluetooth without root and without tripping SafetyNet?

    Hi! Sorry if this is in the wrong forum - I'm kinda new here. I was hoping to get JoyCon Droid working on my OnePlus 6 when I learned that unfortunately the required HID Bluetooth functionality is disabled in OxygenOS for whatever reason. I've done some research and people have been able to...
  26. wolfaas12345

    Thread Fellow monke needs help with lineage os and magisk magical things

    Hello fellows so i'm having a problem I flashed lineage os 17.1 to my phone with gapps and magisk HOWEVER no matter what I try no matter how I jump around I cannot cure the safetynet it just does not cooperate Could any fellows help me out here please thanks
  27. G

    Thread Does removing preinstalled apps using ADB revoke SafetyNet attestation?

    Hello, I stumbled upon a post on removing preinstalled apps using ADB (pm uninstall -u 0, and after couple hours of googling the only unanswered question I have left about this is: would doing this revoke device's SafetyNet attestation? I.e. would it break Google Pay and banking apps...
  28. M

    Thread Device spoofing in emulator (the holy grail)?

    Has anyone successfully fooled safetynet in an emulator? Maybe it'd be enough to block application's calls to it. Way to do this would be: 1. Somehow boot OEM rom or copy init.rc and build.prop 2. get magisk working using 3. Trick GMS using some...
  29. N

    Thread SafetyNet test fails though Bootloader is locked and phone is unrooted

    I have flashed MIUI Official Indonesian ROM on my Poco X3 Indian variant. I unlocked the bootloader using MI unlock tool. Flashed Indonesian ROM and relocked the bootloader through Fastboot using MI Flash Tool. I have neither rooted my device even once nor used magisk. Currently, the...
  30. TenSeventy7

    Thread [DEV][GUIDE][PROOF-OF-CONCEPT] Passing SafetyNet Hardware Attestation on Stock (OEM) ROMs

    Hardware SafetyNet Attestation Bypass on Stock OEM ROMs A proof-of-concept Hewwo! This is an experimental proof-of-concept in passing SafetyNet on pre-built ROMs, notably stock ROMs from OEMs. As you may know, Google has recently rolled out forced hardware key attestation in the beginning of...
  31. J

    Thread Ultimate ROM Setup and Battery Life Guide 2021

    This guide is specifically for Ivan Meler's LineageOS 18.1 on the s10e, but most of the guide should work universally through Android Versions, ROM Variants and Devices What you can achieve: 9Hrs Screen On Time 20-40Hrs Screen Off Time Working SafetyNet Working GCam High Stability IMPORTANT...
  32. SupertardMC

    Thread [QUESTION] How can I pass safety net on Android 11?

    I'm running Pixel Experience BETA on my Google Pixel 2. I have manually de-googled it and have also enabled signature spoofing. microG is installed systemlessly through Magisk and has all check marks checked (for location modules, I use deja vu and nominatim.) I can't pass safety net. I have...
  33. sun_is_shinning

    Thread Run "root-proof" apps with root (Magisk) EASY WAY!

    Just found a way that is more simple and works for every "root-prof" app to run almost every app that detects root. Requirements: - Android 8.0+ - TWRP installed - Magisk 20.4 beta zip - Latest Magisk Manager apk - safetynet-fix-1.1.0 zip (link bellow or download the attachement from thread) -...
  34. greenys'

    Thread [NEWS/GUIDE] Pass SafetyNet with stock, bootloader unlocked, rooted RUI with Magisk and custom kernel. Now virus scan of apks is removed too!

    Source: Alright guys. I found a solution! Actually, yes, I just found it but someone else came up with it. As of now I'm running latest RUI on my Realme Q. It's a bit newer...
  35. G

    Thread Safetynet ctsprofile false

    So I have rooted successfully with magisk, enabled MagsikHide, enable a certified fingerprint through the MagiskHide Props Config module, and hid magisk root through the in app option. Ctsprofile keeps failing. I have flashed miui 12 and android 10 and twrp as recovery What is the problem and...
  36. T

    Thread Oxygen OS 10.0.14.HD65AA + Magisk + EdXposed Failing SafetyNet

    So I had everything working perfectly, and then I updated to Oxygen OS 10.0.14.HD65AA. I was greeted with a bootloop after doing the update, so I removed all of my Magisk modules and it booted up. Next, I reinstalled all my modules. After reinstalling Riru EdXposed, I could no longer pass the...
  37. L

    Thread Magisk SafetyNet fail - Android 11

    I've recently encountered a problem. I rooted My Pixel 3a when it had stock Android 10 and passed the SafetyNet checks. I then upgraded to stock Android 11 (RP1A.201005.004, Oct 2020) and re-rooted. However, the Magisk SafetyNet check now reports as 'attestation failed'. basicIntegrity passes...
  38. I

    Thread Certified fingerprint for Joyeuse

    Hi, as all owners of a Joyeuse, which have unlocked their bootloader, may have noticed, the SafetyNet CTS Profile check will fail and we are unable to use apps using the related API, e.g. Googla Pay. Did someone tried to use MagiskHide Props Config module and change their fingerprint? (I tried...
  39. J

    Thread Safety Net Failed in Safe Mode

    Hello. I have unlocked bootloader with TWRP installed with default Stock Kernel. Also I have Magisk 20.4 with Edxposed installed and I can't pass the Safety Net. Until before 2-3 months the problem was due to Edxposed. If I deactivate the Riru core from Magisk then I passed the Safety Net. Now...
  40. PixelPro

    Thread [Update] SafetyNet CTS Profile Error Probably Permanent

    For those of us with unlocked or rooted devices, I have some bad news to report. Some very, very bad news!!! John Wu, topjohnwu, the creator of Magisk, just confirmed that the current SafetyNet CTS Profile error issue is probably permanent, and that it's unlikely to be fixed anytime soon...
  41. plakonn

    Thread Cant pass safetynet (every rom, no matter magisk)

    Cant pass safetynet, no matter what. i used to run rom with unknown twrp from some russian forum. (google pay was working). today i installed orangefox recovery and pixel expierence rom based on Q and i cannot passe safety with magisk (even without magisk) and google pay not working. i...
  42. loni90

    Thread Snapchat - blocked due to root, even on Magisk?

    Hi all! I constantly get blocked on Snapchat, since they notice im rooted. Im on Alexis Rom 8.5.1, Android 9 with Magisk and MagiskManager installed. SaftyNet Check is successful Mods installed: MagiskHide Props Config Riru - Core & edXposed Busybox for Android NDK Snapchat i ticked under...
  43. radwolf76

    Thread Failing SafetyNet shortly after a fresh upgrade install of Rooted Stock US998 30b

    I decided that I needed a fresh start with my LG v30+ after over a year on Oreo, and figured I would go ahead and wipe everything and install rooted stock pie per this thread (using the TWRP flashable method). From there, I went ahead and installed the Magisk Modules for Busybox, Riru - Core...
  44. h8Aramex

    Thread [GUIDE] How to flash Lineage OS 16 Official + Gapps from OOS10 and pass SafetyNet

    - In case some step fails, just make sure your bootloader is unlocked. - I assume you have a working adb and fastboot. I used the official Google package: . It's possible you will still have an older version installed because some...
  45. K

    Thread Safetynet check fails after upgrading ROM to Nov-2019 ?

    The situation is: After updgrading to the lastest ROM of Nov-2019 in my Pixel4XL, I found the safetynet check fails. If I disable all modules in Edxposed, safetynet check can pass. Do you guys with similar problem as mine ? Kris
  46. RisjadB

    Thread [FIX][MODULE][SAFETYNET]Mi A1 Device Fingerprint to fix ctsProfile: false

    Lately Google turn the switch to block custom rom user to use their apps, and many custom rom user now cant pass safetynet(ctsProfile: false). With that in mind, i make a module to bypass it. The module change a bit of your build.prop to camuflage as stockrom. Data is from build.prop stock rom...
  47. T

    Thread Stable rom with full safetynet pass?

    Hi all, Just got a 850 which is on Oreo, but really need the night light mode which was available on Nougat. I understand that attempting to downgrade with lgup is very risky so I was wondering if there are any custom ROMs that have night light but would provide a stable, bug free experience...
  48. billard412

    Thread Failing safetynet on pie PPS29.55-24

    Title is self explanatory. Running stock pie. I'm tired let me know if additional info is needed. Not much to add.
  49. Simon1511

    Thread Does TWRP breaks SafetyNet?

    Hey, does TWRP breaks the SafetyNet? Can I install TWRP without getting a SafetyNet error?
  50. Xspeed

    Thread Unloading Xposed, package blacklisting in app_process?

    Hello We all know that there is no way of passing SafetyNet with Xposed enabled, in any existing form. So I've been thinking, couldn't we just make Xposed not run for specified packages? How hard would be unloading Xposed libraries from a forked process? Basic knowledge suggests calling...