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    Thread [V2][Root][G950U/W]PartCyborgRom - Root for Snapdragon S8 with Custom Rom

    SamFail presents... PartCyborgRom BQL1 A Rooted Custom Rom For G950U/W, Bootloader Revisions 1 or 2 only any higher are not currently rootable or vulnerable to this exploit Updates New Release and a new OP that I hope is easier to read. Send feedback or suggestions on improvements to me...
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    Thread TMO Note 8 Root - Q&A Thread

    Hello all! I wanted to create a carrier specific thread for SamFail on the Note 8. Please use this thread to ask any questions you may have, or discuss root! Please be friendly, helpful and courteous. Please hit thanks to help me out, and hit thanks to anyone that helps you out! Thank You...
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    Thread [ROOT][SNAPDRAGON] Introducing SamFAIL: Root Your SM-G950* From Odin!

    Introducing: SamFAIL! DEPRECATED! This ENTIRE THREAD is old, busted, and has been deprecated for some time. Please stop reading it, and go to the link below this line of text: https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s8/development/root-partcyborgrom-aqi6-deodexed-t3702988 It has some very...