1. Abish4i

    Thread How To Guide Knox Disable on Samsung A7 Lite [Emergency Call/Factory Test Mode]

    Samsung A7 Lite[LTE] Knox Disable hassle-free Latest SamFw Bypass Tool v4.2 comes with an old method which allows you to disable knox security without resetting the device. This method works partially when knox is disabled without resetting it. Following are the instructions:- Run app with...
  2. A

    Thread Has anyone managed to change the CSC on the S7 T870?

    I want to change the CSC from ARO (Argentina) to KOO (Korea) in order to get updates faster. I've tried SamFW FRP Tool and I get: Checking ADB connection... Using port SAMSUNG Mobile USB Modem (COM3) Enabling ADB... FAIL Changing CSC to KOO ... FAIL Rebooting... OK I've also tried flashing...