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  1. i_zj99

    Thread Is there any Android AT Command to check if device has google account or not?

    I want to get the FRP/Google Lock info via COM PORT (AT COMMAND). I've tried AT+DEVCONINFO but it doesn't have any FRP or Google lock info. Anyone have any idea about it? The purpose is I just need to know if device has google/FRP lock in it or not that's it. My device is Samsung Galaxy S9...
  2. A.7_m.ed

    Thread [CLOSED] Camera Features mod for A50 (Android 11)

    📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷 💥Camera Features V6.8.1 by @A.7_m.ed ______________________________________________ ✅ The Features ✅ - Motion Photo Fixed. - Fix Single Take. - Ultra wide now is working in Pro Video for some users. - Now u can use motion photo with 25MP...
  3. Hex_101

    Thread Secure Check Fail : recovery.img error on samsung A20s (SM-A207f) after flashing Magisk

    Problem 1: First I tried to install magsik using twrp but I don't know after flash twrp it boot to download mode showing something like this [ <!> or <.> ( I don't remember clearly ) there was also an error saying (dev_block) ] so twrp...
  4. I

    Thread My sister ran away, but she left her old phone.

    My sister ran away yesterday evening and she has no phone on her to track, but she left what appears to be a Samsung j3 behind that she used before she left. This could be what saves her life, I very much need XDAs help here. I have rooted and messed with phones and Odin around 5 years ago so I...
  5. MKUltraBlack

    Thread Blacked out TWRP images for Samsung devices

    Blacked out twrp images for Samsung F international models. To install: Download the image for your model of phone A5 (2017),S7,S7E,S8,S8+,N8,S9,S9+ and N9 F **INTERNATIONAL ONLY** Reboot to recovery and press install then select install image. Choose the image you have downloaded and select...
  6. adnkhq

    Thread Android 7 on Galaxy S7

    Hey guys, I need a thread where I can read how to upgrade Galaxy S7 non branded, SM-G930T. I can't do it ITA as it says "processing failed". Tried it over a 4G connection and on wifi numerous times, and yes I googled as well and nothing helpful showed up. Any help would be greatly...
  7. Ather

    Thread Note 4 Pictures Leaked, will you get it?

    http://atherakber.us/detailed-images-samsung-galaxy-note-4-leak/ honestly, it looks crap, glad i got the m8, but what do you guys think?