1. Flyview

    Thread Possible to flash SM-205W (Canada) to stock ROM with Android 10?

    Hey guys, Canada has not received the Android 10 update for the A20 (SM-205W). Is it possible to flash the stock ROM from another country? I'm looking for a stock Samsung Android 10 experience as I would be using this to test my apps, so no custom ROMs.
  2. YasirArafatShihab

    Thread Ultimate Gcam For Samsung A series (Exynos)

    THIS is the ultimate fully functioning Gcam for Samsung A10,A20,A30,A40,A50...... installation guide:- Gcam installation process: 1. Install Gcam and give all permissions 2. Allow change system settings 3. And allow appear on top 4. Make a folder path -- Internal Storage /Gcam/Configs 5...
  3. I

    Thread A20e won't OEM unlock

    Hi, I have enabled OEM unlocking in developer settings and then entered my pin and turned it on but then nothing happens, I don't get taken to the screen to wipe my phone after this and rentering Download mode just shows the device as OEM Lock: ON(U). Am I missing a step here to unlock my...
  4. S

    Thread Stock Rooted Rom Android 9

    This is stock andriod 9 rooted for anyone needing to go back to stock and dont want to go threw odin this is built on AP_A205GUBU4ASK2_CL16481871_QB26958069_REV00_user_low_ship_meta_OS9 testing on my phone A205G works great if others want to try other models and report back be awesome...
  5. S

    Thread Custom Rom

    ok guys heres my atempt at a rom need some testers it CrDroid andriod 10 ported for our device used AP_A205GUBU4ASK2_CL16481871_QB26958069_REV00_user_low_ship_meta_OS9 so need to be on bootloader 4 has magisk in it already no gapps if i can get some testers ill do one for u2...
  6. S

    Thread any common hardware issues?

    so im debating if i should root it because a relative needs to be able to record calls and you cant on pie unless the phone is rooted. i guess my question is if this phone is known for any common hardware issues and so is there any way to hide that its been rooted if i have to send it in later
  7. X

    Thread Water-logged Galaxy A20

    My wife dropped her phone in water the other day and it was in there for probably 15-20 seconds fully submerged. I put it in a container of rice overnight and the following morning the screen came on but was green overlayed. I used a vacuum on the bottom charging and headphone ports to help draw...
  8. Agrim720

    Thread [Twrp][U3][S3][S4]

    MOD Edit- Links Removed
  9. Agrim720

    Thread Anyone have boot.img from A205FXXU2ASFB

    if u have then post it. Thanks in advance.
  10. Agrim720

    Thread Is anyone have boot.img from A205FXXU2ASFB.

    Post it if u have.
  11. Agrim720

    Thread Root For A205XX Only (October Patch)(U3)

    WARNING: Rooting your phone may be dangerous. Rooting a device may void the warranty on the device. It may also make the device unstable or if not done properly, may completely brick the device. XDA-Developers or the author does not take any responsibility for your device. Root at your own risk...
  12. physwizz

    Thread Flip cover for Galaxy A20

    I have a flip cover for my Galaxy A20. It will turn the screen off and on but I have no idea how it works. It only works on the stock Rom I can't get it to work on any GSI. The only proximity sensor I can find is an ear proximity sensor and only works when I'm on a call. It's not magnetic...
  13. KineSight

    Thread Samsung Galaxy A20 October Security Update

    Hi Guys I've rooted and installed TWRP On my A20(A205F) successfully. Yesterday I decided to check for updates and I found that the A20 now has an October Security Update. [I'd also like to state that I haven't been able to patch my boot.img in Magisk, It failed to download the Magisk v20 Zip...
  14. A

    Thread How to install samsung paid fonts for free

    Hi Guys, Does anyone knows how to install the samsung A20 paid fonts from galaxy store for free?
  15. physwizz

    Thread Samsung Galaxy A20 CPU

    Antutu tells me I have an Exynos 7885 but Samsung Australia tells me I should have a 7884. The clock speeds I have are 2 cores at 1.56 and 6 cores at 1.35 which match the 7884. Samsung may have used the 7885 in the A20 and underclocked it. If I actually have 7885 I should be able to get 2.2...
  16. A

    Thread Phone still vibrating after switching it off in settings...

    When I receive calls on my A20, including those to Google Voice, the phone vibrates along with the ringtone...even though "Vibrate while ringing" is switched off in Sounds and Vibration settings. Also, vibration is switched off in the Google Voice settings. Why is it still happening??
  17. physwizz

    Thread Google Camera (gcam) for the Galaxy A20

    You can install Google Camera on the A20 by following this procedure. 1. Boot into recovery and install the gcam enabler zip. (flash this zip) 2. Reboot and decompress and install the Exynos 7870 gcam apk ( do not flash this zip) 3. Investigate the features. I set panorama to low...
  18. Z

    Thread is galaxy a20 have a stereo mic to record voice?

    hello friends i know that galaxy a20 have 2 mic one at the bottom and one at the top.but when i go to samsung voice recorder app i cant see the option of record with stereo mic and the option of interview recording not what is the pobleme?is galaxy a20 dont have a second mic?
  19. N

    Thread How to hide the Samsung Galaxy A20's teardrop notch

    As you know, the Samsung Galaxy A20's teardrop notch cannot be hidden from the Settings app, but it turns out the notch can be hidden using the settings command via ADB. This video explains how to hide the notch: Go to 3:00. The result is not as...
  20. physwizz

    Thread Custom ROM for the Galaxy A20

    We currently don't have a custom ROM for the A20, but it would be the next logical step. If someone could develop a custom ROM it would raise our status in the xda community.
  21. burningcreation

    Thread How to turn off this clock?

    I've noticed when I have my A20 in my pocket, sometimes when I take it out I notice it looks like this with the clock on it. It's not a big deal but I would like to turn off this clock. Is there a way to disable it? I haven't found anything in the settings. Thanks. :good:
  22. IamTheBRAVE

    Thread [Guide] Samsung Galaxy A20 - Restore your phone to stock after Bootloop/soft brick

    Hello and welcome I'm sure a lot of galaxy A20 owners like me are experimenting with all the new improved toys :D brought to us by android 10 development lately and also by the recent breakthroughs made by Master Guinea Pig Phizzwizz :p and his trusted followers. All right, let's begin. First...
  23. Z

    Thread is galaxy A20 have Exynos 7884 SoC or 7885?

    hello i have a galaxy a20 i check the Soc with antutu and cpu z phone info ...and all app that tell us info for our phones..when i go to check the soc model its show Exynos 7885 SoC not 7884.any one can confirme this?is this true ? or just a probleme with all this app to verify the true...
  24. B

    Thread A20 vs Note 10 + - budget vs flagship

    The A20 surprised me when it can to specs, features, and it's proformance for the price. Compare this to the standard Note 10 and it has a few things it don't. Stack it against the 10+ and it holds it own. Maybe not on paper but in real world feel and use it doesn't disappoint. MOD Edit:- Links...
  25. physwizz

    Thread GSI for the Galaxy A20 (Android 10)

    What is GSI? GSI stands for Generic System Image and will allow you to install an alternative ROM on your Galaxy A20? No longer will we be restricted to the Samsung ROM. These ones worked for me. If they don't work for you, go to the list of all GSIs. There are plenty to choose from. Select...
  26. Z

    Thread need some help to choose between A20 and m20

    hello friend.i need a help to choose between GALAXY M20 and GALAXY A20 as a second device.who is the best?and is there any major probleme with m20 or a20.some people talking about a probleme of signal and Thermal resistance probleme and the phone not charge.probleme in screen not...
  27. T

    Thread How do you take a screenshot?

    I googled how to take a screenshot on my a20 and it said volume down + power, but all it does is turn down my ringtone volume. Whats the physical key combo for screenshot? Just wanted to take a home screenshot of my launcher
  28. A

    Thread Samsung Galaxy A20 5ghz Wifi not working.

    To be clear off the bad, its not the router. Every other device in the house that connects to the 5ghz band works flawlessly. This is a brand new international phone being use with AT&T in the US, calls and texts function fine. Phone is fully updated and so is the router. Wifi however is only...
  29. T

    Thread What music player do you use on your a20?

    Figured I'd make a thread for this since the stock player that comes bundled with the a20 is pretty trash.
  30. H

    Thread Network issues on my new A20

    i put 2 sims in - my 2nd sim works great no issues at all my 1st sim is annoying always give me "Emergency calls only" or "not registered on network" i tried to fix it by restarting and it worked a little time , then i restarted again and it went back to its original state . so boring and...
  31. meatwad0222

    Thread Post your home screen!

    Trying to get those 40 threads, let's see them pics!
  32. burningcreation

    Thread Screen on time

    I'm finding the battery life nothing short of amazing on this device. The 4000mAh battery, the low end chipset and a 720p screen put out some great battery figures. How much SOT are you all getting? Here's mine:
  33. meatwad0222

    Thread Launcher

    Just curious what launcher is used by preference. I use lawn chair v2 with a pixel theme pack. I prefer the simplicity of everything. I also prefer the smaller icons over bigger ones.
  34. J

    Thread Samsung Galaxy A20 Debloating

    This requires a rooted phone. The primary aim in this thread is to identify the functionality of the miriad of Samsung apps and those that can be safely removed. All Google Play components can be safely removed. It is the responsibility of all users to ensure they have backups of whatever they...
  35. OldManJax

    Thread MetroPCS version Unlocked working on Verizon

    So I have the MetroPCS version of the A20. I got it carrier unlocked the other day. I decided to try my Version SIM in it and it actually works. I've been using it a few days with no issues on Verizon. Just thought I'd share that.
  36. physwizz

    Thread DISCONTINUED [TWRP] Samsung Galaxy A20 Custom Recovery (Android 9)

    Moved here
  37. physwizz

    Thread [Root] [guide] Samsung Galaxy A20 rooting guide

    Read the first 3 posts before you proceed. For Android 10 go here For a20e go here WARNING: Rooting your phone may be dangerous. Rooting a...
  38. A

    Thread Samsung Galaxy A20 SM-A205U (MetroPCS)

    So I got this little puppy free today. What I've noticed so far, outside of having no service... There is no OEM Unlock in developer options. All tricks to get it to work (moving the date up 8 days) doesn't work because the device won't give the options for software updating to be done...
  39. J

    Thread Samsung Galaxy A20 - The good and the bad

    O.K, the Samsung Galaxy A20 is a budget phone (I bought mine for AU$239) so I do not expect any "flagship" performance but the initial attraction was the Amoled display that has some degree of daylight readability, reasonable camera performance, the relatively big battery capacity for SoC size...
  40. mjrifath

    Thread Samsung Galaxy A20 - Home Screen

    Hi Guys Share your home screen with wallpaper :)
  41. mjrifath

    Thread Samsung Galaxy A20 Always ON Display

    Hi Guys Can anyone suggest me to download ported AOD feature for A20. Or can we get A30 AOD for A20
  42. physwizz

    Thread Samsung Galaxy A20 launcher

    If you got sick of the standard A20 launcher, try Nova launcher available from Play Store. It's much better.
  43. physwizz

    Thread Samsung Galaxy A20 June 2019 upgrade (Android 9)

    The A30 got slow motion camera with the June upgrade. Our looks like we missed out on that camera upgrade.
  44. physwizz

    Thread Samsung Galaxy A20 forum

    I've contacted Mike Channon from xda and he told me that we need 40 to 60 threads before we get our own forum. Collected here.
  45. physwizz

    Thread Samsung Galaxy A20 developer options.

    I have activated 2 very interesting developer options on my A20 A20 discussions
  46. physwizz

    Thread Samsung Galaxy A20 model numbers

    I am in Australia and my A20 model is SM-A205YN. Did Samsung release different models in different countries? Compiled list: A205YN Australia, NZ 205YN -VAP = locked to Vodafone 205YN - TPA = locked to Telstra 205YN - XSA = unlocked A205U USA A205G Latin America, Argentina, Mexico, Canada...
  47. O

    Thread Why Samsung Galaxy A20 (SM-A205F) don't have AOD feature? Can we force enable it?

    As the title, Why Samsung Galaxy A20 (SM-A205F) don't have AOD feature? Can we force enable it?
  48. mjrifath

    Thread Samsung Galaxy A20 Google Camera

    Hi, Can anyone share fully working google camera apk for Samasung Galaxy A20. Thanks
  49. sbeve72

    Thread How can I get someone making a Custom ROM for me for Galaxy A20?

    I have looked up on so many search results but I can't find a custom Android 9 Pie ROM for this phone that is based Stock Android. This phone is cheap and probably is yet to be released in the US by some weeks. I don't have a high end phone and this one is a really cheap one so probably people...
  50. T

    Thread samsung A20 (a205f) root please

    please im looking for the method to root my phone samsung a20. please help me :(:(