samsung galaxy a52

  1. P

    Thread General LineageOS bugs on A52 4G

    At the first I must say thank you for developing Lineage for A52! However there are some bugs I'd like to report: 1. There is no Bluetooth file sharing option! I tried to share an app with Bluetooth in files, but there was no Bluetooth option. 2. Call latency When I click on call button, it...
  2. P

    Thread Question missing bootloader unlock in samsung download page

    I locked the bootloader from download mode and now there is no unlock option (long press Vol +). OEM in download mode is on but when I try to install TWRP It says OEM is locked.
  3. ShaDisNX255

    Thread Development [ROM][OneUI 3.1] RayOS v2.0 for Galaxy A52 [SM-A525G/F]

    RayOS v2.0 for Samsung Galaxy A52 Pretty straight forward, I took OneUI 3.1 firmware, debloated it and added a few features. But I mean very FEW features. Samsung didn't really disable a lot of things on the A52, I'm actually impressed. I didn't really put a lot of effort into this, I don't...
  4. S

    Thread Question Samsung Galaxy A52 - Lineage OS, GSI

    GSIs provides bloatware removal. However it doesn't have my camera features. Camera of GSI's are really terrible. If I backup first my Camera, bluetooth, etc... of my A52, can I install it on GSI of my choice? Will it work still?
  5. S

    Thread Knox Security - Company Phone

    I got this Samsung Galaxy A52, SM-A525F and forced to enroll by Knox to policy of my company (GRAB); wherein there's a lot of security policy. 1. You are prohibited to turn location off which eats up my battery. 2. You are monitored by KC Client all the time. 3. And more... I installed TWRP...