samsung galaxy a71

  1. Ayo Ohayo

    Thread Edit Root Directory With ADB without rooting phone

    Hi there guyz... I have a galaxy a71 that I am working with and I want to add some mods to my phone like 60fps video recording but for doing them I need to root my phone to get root access and edit the files but I don't want to root my phone and I want to do this things with my laptop using ADB...
  2. TechnicGeek

    Thread No Notifications After Upgrade to Android 11

    Hello, I no longer receive notifications after upgrade to Android 11. I have the latest security patch too. However, after opening an app notifications are received. Any solution?
  3. ronaldomort

    Thread {ROM}TWRP_Backup{Stock_Lite}{SM-A715F/DS}Android_11

    TWRP BACKUP {STOCK ROM LITE} DISCLAIMER: I am NOT responsible for bricking or destroying your device so use at your own risk. Always backup before experimenting with your phone! DO NOT FLASH PHOENIX KERNEL (BOOT.IMG FROM THIS BACKUP). You may flash country-specific home_csc via Odin after...
  4. ShaDisNX255

    Thread [Android 11][Recovery][A715F]TWRP 3.5.1 [ianmacd]

    /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about doing this to your device * YOU are choosing to make these modifications...
  5. ShaDisNX255

    Thread [ROM][OneUI 3.1] NcX 3.1.2 [A715F][EOL]

    NcX 3.1 A71 ROM This ROM is now EOL Pretty straight forward, I took OneUI 3.1 firmware, debloated it and added a few features which can be found here: Link to MODs and also a few mods that can be found here: Link to Github mods (special thanks to @SkylinesHD for letting me use his XMLs with the...
  6. NickNewTag

    Thread Will I encounter any issues if I flash a firmware for the wrong PDA?

    I'm trying to install a Greek firmware for Galaxy A71 (SM-A715F) A715 FXXU3ATK1 and can't seem to find any unlocked ones. Will I encounter any issues if I flash a firmware for the wrong PDA? / Is there any way I can get the right one?
  7. D

    Thread [ROM][10.0][UNOFFICIAL] Lineage OS for Samsung Galaxy A71 (a71 only!)

    Samsung galaxy a71 CUSTOM ROM: This is a beta program, please help me test it! Download link: I am a new member, please copy this link to download.... Notes: 1. this rom...
  8. S

    Thread [Magisk Module] A71 Hidden Mods

    A magisk module adding the mods from ShaDisNX255's Thread plus some extra ones Features we normally deserve to get Note: It should only be used on the Galaxy A71 (SM-A715F). Trying on other devices is at your own risk. In case something doesn't work, remove the module. It will revert everything...
  9. TechnicGeek

    Thread Sometimes Cannot Make or Receive Calls

    Hello guys, Sometimes I cannot make or receive calls. When that happens and I try to call, the call attempt immediately ends. I still have good cellular signal, I don't have call barring, call blocking, Wi-Fi calling. Turning on and off Airplane Mode solves this but the problem reappears from...