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    Thread New Case with Fc Barcelona for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Exclusive 2016

    :D:D:D Hi everybody:D:D:D realy i'm very happy because i get the new case for my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with the big team Fc barcelona my lovely team and you if you choose fc barcelona you can get from amazon and i'm waiting for all opinions about this lovely case good...
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    Thread [Q] Will there ever be a Lollipop ROM for the I9000?

    There isn't until now. Does it not meet the requirements?
  3. error0x0000034

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S i9000 bootloop on Samsung Logo. No access to Download Mode/Recovery

    Hello developers, A few hours ago a friend of mine gave me a Samsung Galaxy S I9000 which doesn't boot. He tried flashing a Custom ROM via Heimdall and flashed the kernel first. Since then it is stuck on the splashscreen saying "Galaxy S GT-I9000 Samsung" and it seems to be restarting every...
  4. ace2k8

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S IV Leak

    I found a leak on the SGSIV Looks real nice though i would share it to every one.
  5. rest0ck

    Thread [Q] I damaged my SIM Slot, help

    Hey, I had to cut my SIM Card so it fits into a Micro SIM Slot and while I used another phone I put my SIM Adapter in my SGS so I won't lose it. Well when I wanted to put the card back in the Adapter I had to (obviously) pull out the Adapter first: But it stucked in there. So I had to add some...
  6. M

    Thread [Q] I9000 mainboard replacement from I9001

    Hi I've got Samsung Galaxy S I9000 with broken mainboard. Is it possible to replace its mainboard using the one from I9001 model ? Are they compatible ? Regards
  7. S

    Thread [Q] What is the best JellyBean based TouchWiz Rom and why?

    I really like TouchWiz on GS3 but since we have no idea when VZ is going to approve the JB version of it (hopefully soon, but who knows), I like to know which current Rom you guys think is the best. Of course this is very subjective, but everything is on the table. I'm looking for answers...
  8. moparfreak426

    Thread make samsung epic a us cellular phone

    i know i seen it somewhere changing something to match something in us cellular samsung galaxy s ( mezmorize) and reprogramming... i seen this somewhere but cant find it and google is not loading and neither is xda app. so plz dont start flaming. anyone else find it post link please?
  9. Merucena

    Thread Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 Celebrating Xmas 2011 Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 Celebrating Xmas 2011 Whole Google Employee Enjoy The Holidays As Well As Xmas,,Happy Holidays And Merry Xmas From Android :)
  10. P

    Thread [Q] how to unlock samsung galaxy s

    Hi guys, I am from Australia. About couple of months ago I upgraded my SGS from stock froyo (network provided) to 2.3.4 JVR gingerbread via samfirmware but I did not unlock my phone prior to doing that as I was told it doesn't matter. Now when I am trying to unlock it, it doesn't work. It says...
  11. D

    Thread [Q] Mobile Network Not Available

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S 4g running on Tmobile. I rooted the phone when it was using stock Froyo over a month ago I upgraded my phone software and it now runs Gingerbread 2.3.6. The phone is functional and works on wireless for internet only but I can't make phone calls or get phone...
  12. D

    Thread [Q] stuck on att of probable death!!!

    Hi, ok to start off with i have the samsung galaxy s (captivate) i897. i recently rooted my phone, and i download the rom thing off the market and i went in and was just looking around in it, and i got off it, but after i rebooted my phone it went to the att logo screen and stayed there....i can...
  13. M

    Thread Problems installing Busybox! SGS

    Hi, I got the Samsung Galaxy S, Froyo, and I can't install busybox. First of all, I have searched about this for several weeks, since there's a lot of questions about this, and I have tried to solve it myself! I didn't succed! My problem is, that I can't install busybox, and I wanna fix it and...
  14. devilrulz4ever

    Thread [Q] is there any way to make my galaxy s i9000 to stop workin?

    i had a galaxy s 3 months ago (as my bday gift) but then it ws confiscated by my father (dont ask d reason). Now he is using it. I got so fond of that phone dt whenever i see my dad using it i get aggitated that i want it back(its like someone else is dating my ex whom i loved so much and still...
  15. V

    Thread [Q] Getting Force Close errors after flashing my SGS GT9000... please help.

    I had experiencing a problem with my SGS I9000 wherein I could not completely delete anything that had been installed on my phones internal memory... be it applications \ videos \ images \ etc ... I say completely because it did used to tell me that the contents have been deleted when done in...
  16. M

    Thread [Q] Canadian visiting the USA....need advice on providers/plans

    I am heading to Houston in a couple weeks and I am looking for advice/recommendations on who I should get a pre-paid sim card with. (Just as an FYI for those across the pond....we Canadians are raped by our telecoms anytime we roam.) My phone: i9000m Running 2.3.3 (not that it matters...)...
  17. O

    Thread [Q] Help with Samsung galaxy showcase

    I have a Samsung galaxy showcase through cellular south and on android 2.2 my phone is rooted using superoneclick i am trying to get cwm on it so i can install miui and all the forums dealing with this arent exactly breaking it down so the average user can understand. its not that i dont...
  18. S

    Thread [Q] Roms with GKG3 based firmware

    Hey everybody, Im kinda new to droid development, and have played around with it a little (flashing roms, kernels, rooting etc) however, im curious why there are roms based on pretty much every other firmware other than GKG3. I might sound like a n00b for asking about this but its mainly for my...
  19. J

    Thread [Q] unusable Samsung galaxy S plz HEEEELP

    HI GUYS. plx i need your help . i have a samsung galaxy S and i bought it from vodafone italy. and after a year i couldn't continue paying monthly so they blocked the phone and now i hav no mobile network it gives "emergency calls only" so can u plz help me and tell me what can i do to unblock...
  20. J

    Thread [Q] Bluetooth problem with rooted Samsung Galaxy S Darky's Rom

    I couldn't find any similar problem on the forums, so here goes: I am using: Phone: Samsung Galaxy S Android version: 2.2.1 I purchased a bluetooth headset today, which is working perfectly until my phone goes to black screen (screensaver mode), at that time I just hear a very loud static...
  21. D

    Thread [Q] Samsung Galaxy "can't mount..."

    Hello everybody, first of all: congratulations for this helpful and amazing forum. I love reading and testing the roms which are offered here. I just tried the Hybrid v 5.0 rom - the best i ever tested. Everything was smoothie and very harmonic. Unfortunately it was not possible to write...
  22. I

    Thread [Q] 19000m Firmware Problems - Flashing it

    I recently sent my I9000m back to bell because it was playing up after a firmware update from Kies.. They said that they had to replace a major componant. I have got my phone back but now i have: Firmware 2.2 I9000UGKCL Froyo.. It wont let me update the phones firmware anymore.. i want to flash...
  23. S

    Thread [TOILET AGAIN]Another loser has dropped the SGS right there

    Hey, guys. I know there are dozens of threads talking about that, but mine is quite specific. First, the toilet disaster highlights one-to-one: - phone sitting by the sink, which is close to toilet - stupid movement and there it was, Skype was on. - took 3 seconds to ignore all the human dignity...
  24. Y

    Thread [Q] Third party earphones get spoilt on my samsung galaxy s

    I have been facing a very weird problem with my galaxy s. I had bought sennheiser cx180 earphones. They worked perfectly well for a couple of months. And then, suddenly, the sound output from one side reduced. When I connected it to my PC and other devices, the output low. I got the earphones...
  25. D

    Thread [Q] Clockworkmod Completely messed up

    I decided today I was going to switch my ROM on my Samsung Galaxy S Captivate so I first tried to switch to Andromeda 3. It would not install so I restored my back up to the first back up I made that was the stock ROM after rooting and tried again to install Andromeda 3. So it finally installed...
  26. D

    Thread [Q] sgs, cant send emails on darkys rom 10.2

    Hi Since the stock rom on my sgs i could not send emails, incoming worked perfectly and settings for outgoing was fine. I then flashed twooey 2 and my outgoing emails worked. I then decided on trying darky,s 10.2 and im back with the initial outgoing email problem. k9 email works but my sgs...
  27. sajidmkhan

    Thread [ROM][XWJW8] HYBRID v17.0 [Odex-Deodex][Multilanguage][21/07/2012][Standard-Lite]

    HYBRID 17.0 (I9000XWJW8) This ROM comes in 2 Variants STANDARD & LITE Version WHATS IN THIS ROM - BASIC STUFF LINKS Check Post 3 for Old ROMs
  28. N

    Thread [Q] Samsung Galaxy S i9003 SOFT KEY NOT WORKING

    I have had my Samsung Galaxy S i9003 for a month and my soft keys stop working!!!! :mad: every time i i press the home key the other two soft keys light up. but when i press the soft keys they just do not respond. it is really frustrating! is there any cure for this problem?
  29. J

    Thread [Q] Battery Loop? Cellular signal lost? :(

    Hi, I'm new here and first off I'd like to say how great bionix-v is, it's snappy, responsive, and has a great UI. However, I'm still very new to the rooting scene, and I had no idea how to keep my messages + all other data without losing bionix when I do a Nandroid restore. My messages and...
  30. U

    Thread [Q] Galaxy S Bricked-HELP!

    Hi guys First post, so please be nice :) I recently received a galaxy s on the virgin 29 cap. Today I decided to upgrade to froyo 2.2.1 via odin, it worked flawlessly. Next I installed hardcore kernel with lag fix enabled. After that I decided to install Darkys custom Rom. Due to not removing...
  31. shaxter

    Thread [Q] omnia7, SGS, ipod touch 4, htc desire for galaxy s2?

    Hi guys! Actually I am in a dilemma over upgrade. I have been using SGS for over an year now and am more than happy with it. I have a One Plan contract @ £25/month(£18 now) and another one from T-mobile @ £12.50/month for Omnia 7. total = £30.50/month Problem: My dad wants an SGS2 and his...
  32. V

    Thread [Q] How to install non-market applications on Samsung Captivate

    Hey All, I have Samsung Captivate - SGH-I897 with Android Version number 2.1, Eclair. In Settings >> Application, I dont have the option to select "Unknown Sources" - Allow installation of Non-Market Applications. Now, I get a parse Error >> 'There is a problem parsing a package', When...
  33. W

    Thread [Q] ROM'ing My Samsung i9000 Galaxy S Vibrant

    I'm a but confused by the ROM'ing process I've already rooted my phone I have these apps on it Android Terminal Titanium Backup ROM Manager Galaxy S Unlock (my Unlocked phone relocked for some reason) Z4 Mod rooting utility It seems to me that I'm ready to ROM. What remains to do? Do I...
  34. J

    Thread [Resolved] samsung galaxy s miui rom reception issue/sim card/imei changed issue HOW TO FiX!!!!

    hi, this is my first post in xda and sorry if i already made a mistake to start new thread here :) so i m a samsung galaxy s user and huge fun of miui rom !! But since v5 i have noticed an serious issue that sim card was not working after even clean ezbase froyo installation wipe...
  35. benoitkmn

    Thread [Q] MIUI Lockscreen and Froyo 2.2.1

    Hello everyone, I see more and more ROM on Gingerbread with the MIUI lockscreen. I wanted to know if it was possible to have it with a Froyo based ROM (XWJSD) Thank you for your answers! P.S : Sorry if the same thread already exists, this forum is vast it is sometimes difficult to find what...
  36. R

    Thread [q] usb not recognized sgs i9000

    HI TO ALL FRIENDS I SUDDENLY ENCOUNTERED A PROBLEM: usb not recognized ..... . what i did: 1-uninstalled kies and installed again 2- installed driver again 3-tried on other PC 4-re installed windows seven on laptop 5-changed cable 6-formatted my sgs 2 times 7-usb debugging and other types of...
  37. trancelated

    Thread [Q] Phone undetectable in Kies

    all right, I recently received my phone back from repair shop (screen was damaged) and I've left my original Samsung data cable at my mums place for her to charge her Nokia and I've ordered a new spare one from Amazon for £2. When I try to connect to the PC, I can browse my folders and copy...
  38. P

    Thread [Q] SGS Problem That Nobody Can Fix?

    The main Samsung Approved Service Center here in Kenya has just given up on my SGS 1900 UK Model Nov 2010, originally 2.1 firmware upgrade via KIES to Froyo 2.21 in March 2011. They have handed it back unfixed after a week. Cant find a problem like this on any forum/google. Can find one that is...
  39. Y

    Thread [Q] What to buy?

    Hi im in the process of looking for a new upgrade from my touch pro2. I was intending to get a Desire S, due to its aluminium body and 1ghz processor. But my provider has the Motorola Atrix and Samsung Galaxy S on offer too. All 3 phones cost the same monthly fee when bundled with the same...
  40. A

    Thread [Q] Geotag Issue

    Hi all, I own a Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000) and I'm running Android 2.3.4, CyanogenMod-7-Nightly-GalaxyS. There seems to be a problem with my camera geotagging. I have enabled both Wireless networks and GPS satellites and I have turned on the 'Store Location' feature in camera settings...
  41. A

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S i9000 battery problems - Disply

    Is it just me or is anyone eles having this problem? When I bought my I9000 its was fine, until I upgraded from Froyo, to gingerbread using Kies, then there was a problem with the Android OS, killing my battery, but then I flashed back to 2.2.1 froyo and the battery problem is gone. Now I have...
  42. S

    Thread [Q] Would Voodoo Lagfix works on Gingerbread 2.33, Gingerbread.DXJV9 ?

    Hi everyone, Need help on installing Voodoo Lagfix on my Sgs. My device: GTI9000 Firmware: 2.3.3 Build Number: Gingerbread.DXJV9 I had Voodoo Lagfix installed on Froyo, disabled it via Documentation (official Website) before I update the firmware. Somehow it didn't work after I updating...
  43. A

    Thread [Q] Problem acceding exchange contacts in my ANDROID

    Hello, I need somo help with a problem i am experiencing in my ANDORID 2.2 phone. I have an exchange account in my phone (Samsung Galaxy S) and when i go to contacts sometimes i get a force close warning due to an android process.acore failure. I am not using any external app, just the ANDORID...
  44. K

    Thread [Q] SGS Gingerbread update via Kies (UK)

    As far as i know gingerbread been realised in uk via kiss but my Kies showing froyo as the latest version, does any one knows why??? I have rooted and lagfixed my phone how ever i did unroot the SGS but still No sign of Update:confused::confused::confused::mad:
  45. K

    Thread [Q] SGS screen error after update to Gingerbread

    After flashing gingerbread 2.3.3XWJVH deodexed to my SGS using this guide *Cannot be shown, first post :/* My problem is that at boot and right before the home screen displays the device shows a distorted assortment of colours, different everytime. Anybody have any ideas of the cause /...
  46. S

    Thread [Q] Samsung Galaxy S, ROM questions, help please?

    Hello guys. I'm sure the majority of you get sick of seeing people with no clue on how to do stuff on their Android phones, and I apologize in advance, but I used to be an iPhone user before swapping over and becoming a Droid, however, O2 in the UK are awful, and they don't update the handsets...
  47. B

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S I9000 Service Problem

    I promised myself show how Samsung treats its and how they assume responsibilities. More here: Samsung Galaxy S I9000 blog Samsung Galaxy S I9000 Facebook Page The main ideea is that i am a lucky owner of a phone that comes from a batch that was released on the market with manufacturing...
  48. N

    Thread [Q] Galaxy S locked on "Cellular South" home screen

    I was given a phone by a relative to learn to program on. This is my first attempt at customizing any electronic device to my own style and tastes. This phone was previously rooted (not sure what that means) and the hard reset (again not sure). I was given this web address and told to ask...
  49. X

    Thread [Q] Help how do I flash this?

    Ok basically im a complete noob at all of this flashing and that. Currently I have a Samsung Galaxy S locked on Orange which can enter the 3 button download mode. The firmware version is 2.2.1 and build BVJS4. I want to flash to 2.3 (Gingerbread) and still keep the same imei etc. How do I flash...
  50. A

    Thread [Q] Samsung Galaxy S I9000 No Service!

    Hope Someone can help. I had a problem with my Samsung galaxy s i9000 and i was told to flash it using Odin, i downloaded the files from sam firmware and put android 2.3 onto it, when it had completed the phone will not get a service, everything else works fine and it reads the sim card and...