samsung galaxy s10+

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    Thread Installing security updates after rooting with Magisk

    Hello everyone, I have rooted my S10+ using Magisk manager and stock samsung SW. but now when Samsung releases security patches every month, how do I install them on my phone while preserving root and user data? so I follow the same workflow as initial root, but with HOME_CSC? or do I follow do...
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    Thread SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+ with Android 10: XPrivacyLua issue with EdXposed-framework

    Hello to the forum, because my problem seems to be offtopic to the XPrivacyLua-thread, I try to find a solution via a seperate thread... I'd like to use XPrivacyLua and therefore installed all necessary software (configuration see below). But although EdXposed framework is activated and the...
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    Thread Samsung Galaxy S10+

    Please need stable rom resurrection remix for Samsung Galaxy S10+