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  1. S

    Thread Need help with unlocking my S4 i9500

    Hello, I'm kind of in a frustrating situation right now, because I wanted to look at some photos on my old Galaxy S4, but I can't seem to remember the PIN-code, that I had. And also, I don't know whether I have USB debugging activated. I have dug through many videos and forums, but I can't find...
  2. GoldNightC

    Thread Galaxy S4 Identity Crisis?!?

    Ever since I flashed LineageOS on my S4, the Modem hasn't worked. I've tried reinstalling the Stock Rom, Bootloader, CSC, and Modem, and even with hours of searching the internet for ones that worked, this has gone to no avail. I then tried reinstalling LineageOS, as I was using Resurrection...
  3. Dogman45663

    Thread Best TWRP version for Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-I337?

    is the qualcomm one ok?
  4. JT1510365

    Thread [ROM][10][Q][jflte][UNOFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix OS 8.6.5 (12/30/2020)

    Resurrection Remix Q /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it...
  5. JT1510365

    Thread [ROM][7.1.2][Nougat][jfltexx][UNOFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix 5.8.5 (12/14/2020)

    Included Main Features Resurrection Remix OS 5.8.5 (Android 7.1.2 Nougat) Features Based On Latest Google Android 7.1.2 Resurrection Remix Crowdin : RR Customizations:- -Enable/Disable Navbar -Navbar Button Customization smartbar -Navbar...
  6. S

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S4-I9505 stuck in bootloop/bricked.

    I recently received a Samsung Galaxy S4 from my friend as my old phone broke. When i got it, i tried to go into recovery mode and it didn't work and ended up in going in a boot loop. Every time i try and go on recovery mode it says "movinand checksum confirmation fail", so last night i decided...
  7. G

    Thread [ROM] v5.1.1 CyanogenMod 12.1 Official NIGHTLY Build For Jfltetmo

    This build was on my Old S4 Motherboard seems like i preserved this last build and i had no clue this was on my old boards internal storage so i tested it and it works perfectly fine gapps are optional but get the gapps here: This is probably a lost OS as i couldnt find any...
  8. R

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S4 will not get past the Samsung "Custom" Bootscreen

    Dealing with a Samsung Galaxy S4 that will not get past the Samsung "Custom" bootscreen. The ROM was stock Android KitKat. It was rooted, and Safestrap recovery was installed. The Xposed Framework was also installed. The device was working fine. Then the power button broke, so installed...
  9. A

    Thread [Video] Ale95 Note5 Port Final v6.0 ported on Samsung Galaxy S4 | Lolipop 5.1.1

    Mod Edit: Thread closed. This is the Ale95 Note5 Port Final v6.0 by ale95. You can download latest rom from
  10. A

    Thread [Guide] [Video] How to install CyanogenMod 12 on Samsung Galaxy S4

    Mod edit: Thread closed. Download kernel : Download CM12 : Special thanks goes to Music : Cyanogenmod is an open...
  11. JT1510365

    Thread [MOD] Enable Boot Animation Zip Compatibility On 4.4.4 KK & 5.0.1 LP ROMS

    Hello ladies and gentleman here is a simple mod that will let you have boot animation zip compatibility instead of QMG compatibility. Simple as that:) This is only for 5.0.1 LP and 4.4.4 KK Samsung Firmwares but I have only tested the 5.0.1 mod on the Samsung Galaxy S4 running 5.0.1 LP:)...
  12. G

    Thread Note 5 port rom review for samsung galaxy s 4 #rgs

  13. R

    Thread [KERNEL] [3.4.5] [F2FS] GearMod V11.2 [SaberMod 5.2] [OPTIMIZED]

    Trebor Kernel[/FONT] - I9500 That's My First Compilation For The I9500 :o And I Am Open To Suggestions And Tips. :D I Hope You Enjoy! :fingers-crossed: The Kernel Is Compiled With The Source Of GearCM And Using My Own Changes. Features: Better Performance Less RAM Consumption Better Battery...
  14. I

    Thread Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 5.0.1 Rooting

    I have Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 which was recently upgraded to Lollipop (5.0.1). The phone was not rooted. I am looking for a way to root it now. Any suggestion, instructions?
  15. ZeroDrako

    Thread [Q] Help!, Google Account Broken!

    today i get an update for Google Play, after this, i get the "unfortunately google play services has stopped" message... at first, i go and delete the update of GooglePlay but the message don't disappeared. lost 5 hrs and the problem is not solved. What i do?: Disable and delete Google Play...
  16. G

    Thread Updating an unlocked Samsung galaxy S4 to Lollipop

    I have a AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 (Unlocked) and I am currently using it on Cricket wireless. The phone is currently running on Android 4.4.3 and I would like to update the same to Lollipop. Samsung Galaxy S4 got Lollipop rolled out by AT&T recently but I was not able to get the same since I...
  17. The First Haunter

    Thread [Q] Hyperdrive RLS21 Bell mobility Samsung galaxy S4 wifi issue

    I everyone, I have a problem with the wifi on my phone, it just wont turn on. I've tried many things I've found on the internet; like change in build.prop the TO, didn't work. I've tried to set "always keep WiFi on during sleep", no...
  18. ChariZardKs

    Thread [How To] Root and install Android 5.1.X on i9505 Galaxy S4

    I want to give the awesome Android 5.1 experience to every Galaxy S4 user. I am here to help, so if you need help just post a new replay. I will upload all I can on my own Google Drive, so when the Link is down someday send me a message. This thread is ONLY for the Galaxy S4 GT-i9505 modell...
  19. P

    Thread Plenty of errors after updating

    I have updated my rom to CM12 a while ago and after that my recovery (TWRP) stopped working. Yesterday, I finaly decided to fix it, so I flashed CWM (it worked!) and I tried to update my rom to the latest CM 12 nightly build. When it booted into the OS, I get a bunch of error for Text-to-speed...
  20. A

    Thread [Q] IMEI Cert Regenration

    Hi, I am having some issues with my Samsung Galaxy S4(I9500). I tried updating it using ODIN with a ROM that was not in my region. This caused the IMEI to go to 00499***. I managed to get back the IMEI after flashing several different ROMS. However I am unable to register to my network since...
  21. Tkkg1994

    Thread 4.4.4 Released for T-Mobile S4

    Hey mates I want to tell you, that a couple of minutes ago the latest 4.4.4 rom was released by samsung in the USA. So you can get the latest android now! I have a Link for you: Wish you a good flashing ;)
  22. Nightwinter

    Thread [Q] Samsung Galaxy S4 gt-i9500 Roms

    i am searching if there is some Rom that actually give you the 16gb or at least more than 8gb of your phone and not only 8gb. i only have a 4gb sdcard and thats not enough. and i was wondering if there is a Rom like CM, PA. but that conserves every caracteristic of the stock rom ( apps, camara...
  23. BxVictor

    Thread Help! how to unroot?

    Can someone please show me how to unroot my sprint galaxy s4? when i first got it, it was on android 4.4. with touchwiz.
  24. V

    Thread [ROM] DogeWiz Rom By Vaibhav for Q700/Q700i

    Hey Guys! NOTE : New ROM coming! Updated DogeWiz ROM with changed name ! Use the ROM at your own risk. I am not responsible if your phone gets bricks or gets exploded or any other disaster!! Do not use the ROM or the part of it and publish it as your own.. Ping me if you want to use some...
  25. S

    Thread Official KitKat 4.4.2 Benchmark Video - NO ROOT

    Benchmark video of the Official KitKat 4.4.2 FULLY STOCK NO ROOT UAK8LoxAxJg
  26. vantt1

    Thread [Q] Prototype Samsung Galaxy S4 Developer Edition??

    I was searching on eBay for a Samsung Galaxy Black Edition (the one with a black screen and a Note 3 style leather textured back): Then I came across this quite sleek looking Prototype Samsung Galaxy S4 Developer Edition: And I thought to myself: "I must get one." It has a black...
  27. coolyahya

    Thread [ROOT] How to Root Samsung Galaxy S4′s new 4.4.2 Custom Rom

    How to Root your Samsung Galaxy 4.4.2 Custom (touchwiz)Rom , its easy with all steps and Screenshots of the Rom are also availble (if u want i will post the link later) just click below to see all the steps...
  28. A

    Thread Oppo colorOS ported on Galaxy S4 I9500

    Mod edit: Thread closed.
  29. neunzehn77

    Thread Easy Guide to save battery on EVERY Android Device with ANY ROM

    Guide for AOSP / CM / AOKP / Original TW-based Roms, every Stock-ROM with root, nearly every Custom Rom Works on: Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung Galaxy S2 Samsung Galaxy Note LG 2 Sony Xperia HTC One nearly every other Android based Device incl Tablet`s with Android Jelly-Bean or...
  30. C

    Thread [Q] Rooted with TriForce ROM, phone keeps crashing?

    I rooted my phone using CWM and flashed TriForceROM a few months ago, and everything was wonderful till about a month or so afterward, and now at random when it's idle it'll crash? I'll go to unlock it, the Menu and Back buttons on the bottom will flash, and then I'll have to wait a few minutes...
  31. MrDiaz

    Thread [Q] Aosp Camera front faccing issue

    I'm not sure if anybody else has gotten this issue or if it can be fix but in every single Aosp Rom i have flashed on my T-Mobile Galaxy S4 whenever i use the Front Facing camera and take a picture green lines are all over the picture and even when i take pictures with the back camera but thats...
  32. Venom0642

    Thread [ROM]Dark Carnage v2.0.0 KitKat 4.4.2 SAFESTRAP|AT&T|I9505[XXUFNB9][3/4/14][Themed]

    [ROM]Dark Carnage v2.0.0 KitKat 4.4.2 SAFESTRAP|AT&T|I9505[XXUFNB9][3/4/14][Themed] Dark Carnage v2.0.0 AT&T KitKat 4.4.2 XXUFNB9 SAFESTRAP EDITION Information: This is a stock-based ROM that I've Made using I337XXUENA4 Firmware for the AT&T Galaxy S4 Themed Black Do not ask me if i...
  33. love is me

    Thread [Guide] Enable Tethering/Hotspot - Samsung S4 AT&T I337 (4.3 & 4.2.2)

    Here are easy steps to enable tethering/hotspot on your Samsung Galaxy S4 AT&T I337. When I was on 4.2.2 Xposed MODs that enable tethering worked fine. However, they don't work on 4.3, or at least that what I experienced. ***** You have to be ROOTED, otherwise, you will not be able to...
  34. josiniscal00

    Thread Disable Home button from turning on Samsung Galaxy S4.

    Here is a video to show you how to disable the home button from turning on the phone.
  35. remfpage

    Thread Bluetooth connection drops/crash during music

    i got this problem after 4.3 update on my Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505. my Bluetooth connection drops/crash (whatever you call it) during listening to music and chatting. its like the surround sound becomes distorted and low volume every 20 mins. i have to turn off and on the Bluetooth to make it...
  36. remfpage

    Thread Bluetooth connection drops/crash during music

    i notice while playing music. every 20 minutes, the Bluetooth connection drops/crash (whatever you call it) its like your listening to a surround sound then it become distorted and low. it happen after the 4.3 update. tried factory reset 2x still the same. did it happen to you. any solution?
  37. bobstone

    Thread Galaxy s4 showing andoid is updating without running update

    Just the other day I had a weird thing happen. I rebooted my phone and when booting I saw Android is updating, followed by optimizing apps and starting apps. I had not run any update of any kind at all. The phone booted fine and ran fine afterwards. Now everytime I reboot the phone, I get the...
  38. Venom0642

    Thread [ROM]Deadly Venom v2.2.6 FINAL KitKat 4.4.2 SG5 MOD|AT&T|I9505[XXUGNH8][9/15/14]

    Deadly Venom v2.2.6 AT&T KitKat 4.4.2 I9505XXUGNH8 SAFESTRAP EDITION Based I9505 International For AT&T Changelog 09-15-14 Go Here For New Update v2.2.6:>>>>>Deadly Venom v2.2.6 SG5 MOD AT&T I9505XXUGNH8 v1.3.9
  39. remfpage

    Thread S-Health on Android 4.3

    just got an 4.3 update for my S4 LTE. upon checking the S-health there are dashboard missing, ui chages, additional dsahboard and some bug to be fix missing dashboard: (needed badly) 1. Blood Glocuse 2. Blood Pressure Bugs to be Fix 1. food tracker - searching food and selecting crash, and...
  40. brar.arsh

    Thread [DISCUSSION] [S4 Android 4.3] Features, Issues and More

    Today HTC One started getting OTA updates to Android 4.3 in Taiwan. This is the first time that some other manufacturer has pushed updates before Samsung. As we know Samsung has (un)officially announced that 4.3 will be coming to S3 and S4 in October but still nothing has leaked. :D Samsung...
  41. D

    Thread Wi-Fi doesnt want to work

    Hello guys, I bought my SGS 4 9505 before 2 days and I still cant find a solution for this problem. I've flashed 2 modems, the last one was those:, before 10 mins I did a factory reset but still I cant use my Wi- Fi. Whats...
  42. S

    Thread [Q] Samsung Galaxy S4 Firmware Update Android 4.2.2

    Hey I found this website, I want to update my Samsung Galaxy S4 with any of the Firmwares available. Can anyone help me and suggest me, I dont want to brick my is the firmware download
  43. A

    Thread [Q] Sumsung Galaxy S4 I9500 True story

    What do you think about this Is Galaxy S4 is Octa or Qaud core?? Watch this Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 Octa Core True Story | Live chat I need to buy one
  44. D

    Thread [Q] unroot then stock update help.

    hello, i recently unrroted my phone to stock " I337UCUAMDL" and i wanted to update to the newest version, but its not letting me. it sayd update is not available. i tried connecting it to Kies and it says firmware is not compatible with kies. is there i way i can get these privileges back? i...
  45. R

    Thread [Q] Not getting 4G speed on iWireless (Tmobile affiliate) using ATT SGS4

    Yesterday I tried to switch to iWireless (a Tmobile Affiliate in Iowa) and to my surprise I was getting Edge connection from them on my unlocked ATT Galaxy S4! I was aware about ATT iPhone working on edge speed if we use under tmobile but samsung too? :( I tried the free method available on...
  46. silverfang77

    Thread [Q] How to use ADB to install Odin to my phone?

    I downloaded a standalone version of ADB from this website (no SDK) and the Odin files (loki_flash and recovery.lok). I put the Odin files in my data/local/tmp folder using Root Explorer on my phone. Now I'm trying to use the ADB shell command to install them. However, when I try to run it, it...
  47. R

    Thread [Q] Screen Mirroring Problem With rooted devices...

    Hi, I am using Samsung GALAXY S4 (I9500) and having samsung player which supports screen mirroring. when i flash STOCK (official rom) it works properly(screen mirroring) but when ever i root my device or use any custom rom like OMEGA 11 it just shows me errors when it connected to player then...
  48. R

    Thread [Q] EFS issues

    Managed to wipe my EFS partition while trying to factory unlock my Galaxy S4 SCH-i545. I had an IMEI of all 0's. I used EFS Pro change my IMEI to match that of the sticker under my battery. I managed to connect to the mobile network again, but this time as data/voice roaming. I have also backed...
  49. V

    Thread [Q] Does Rooting my S4 also unlocks it from my locked carrier?

    hi i had swapped my iphone 5 recently for a s4 gt-i9505..but unfortunately it was factory locked to SMART carrier here in the philipphines. i had a s4 before so i have basic knowledge on rooting,but my question now is does rooting my s4 now also makes it factory unlocked? by the way, i would...
  50. chrisngrod

    Thread [VIDEO] Samsung OEM Wireless Charging Battery Cover Review (w/ Case Tests)

    The OEM charging door for the Samsung Galaxy S4 adds quite a bit of bulk. In this video I test it on a few cases and compare the charge rate to an eBay QI receiver. CG-_BV_uhtg Some of the cases used: Jison Incipio DualPro Shine Trident Aegis Series eBay TPU Case Sedio Surface Spigen Argos...