samsung galaxy s8 plus

  1. ace2nutzer

    Thread [KERNEL][9] A2N Kernel [10h SOT][Easy Guide Step by Step][2021.06.03]

    A2N Kernel for the Galaxy S8 / S8+ Plus Exynos Chip Supported Devices G950F G950FD G950N G955F G955FD G955N This Kernel aims are to reduce the power consumption improve the Performance make it more smooth reduce RAM usage improve RAM Management increase the Security extend Device Features...
  2. P

    Thread Best theme for nonrooted users?(original launcher)

    Hey guys! I wanna ask advice cause im out of inspiration or rather gave up... Currently the most "normal" theme I found is "blak ui" in the samsung themes, with that the lockscreen clock is normal [(not that retard ones like top hours bellow minutes) well if I set a different wallpaper as...
  3. oneandroidnut

    Thread Returning the S8+ & back to Pixel XL, Pros and cons if anybody is interested

    Well I'm returning s8 plus. It just can't beat out pixel overall. Pros and cons of s8 plus for anybody interested. Pros Screen- is bright and very big Battery- best battery I've ever used to date Sdcard- also best phone with sd slot I've used to date, loads 10,000 plus photos in seconds...