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  1. ace2nutzer

    Thread [KERNEL] [9] A2N Kernel For Galaxy S8/S8+/Note8 [EXYNOS] [HIGH-END] [STABLE] [V. 2022.07.01]

    Supports all S8 / S8 Plus / Note8 Exynos Variants Running Android 9 This Kernel Aims are to reduce the power consumption reduce device heat improve the performance make it more smooth reduce RAM usage improve RAM management extend device features and many more ... A2N Kernel Special Features...
  2. AdasAdasiek

    Thread Galaxy Wearable on rooted phone / LineageOS 19.0 / Android 12

    Phone: SM-G950F (Samsung galaxy s8) OS: LineageOS 19.0 (19.0-20220107-UNOFFICIAL-dreamlte) Problem: Galaxy wearable on this phone not working (on this OS). Not working:
  3. M

    Thread Can't get into TWRP mode on my Samsung Galaxy S8

    I just installed TWRP onto my Samsung Galaxy S8. It was installed successfully, but when I try getting into the TWRP mode by pressing power+bixby+vol-up, the phone vibrates and displays a pink light at the top left before returning to a normal boot-up screen and my phone unlocks normally. When...
  4. kitsane

    Thread only official released binaries are allowed to be flashed(recovery) RQT_CLOSE !!

    I bought s8 plus (G955f) couple days ago and i wanted to change rom and flash twrp but i cant, while trying flash twrp on odin its failing, i have android 9 and oem unlock option, i tried to flash older rom (i dont have a screenshot) thats official but it show this error sw rev check fail...
  5. illusionminati16

    Thread I know little to nothing about androids, this is my old phone, how f**cked is it?

    Hello XDA folks, as the title states I know absolute jack about androids, other than the fact that I own 3 of them. I'm new here too so do I hope this is the right place for this thread. Anyway, This here is my old S8 G950F, in my eyes its been dead for a while, it doesn't boot past the Samsung...
  6. A

    Thread Error 1: flashing no-verity (urgent!)

    Hi, when I try to install no-verity after flashing TWRP I always get the Error 1: and it fails all the time. When I want to install Magisk afterwards it also doesn't work. I have Samsung Galaxy S8 and followed this tutorial . I really need a fix asap. Any help really appreciated!
  7. A

    Thread How to transfer/copy accounts from smartphone to PC with TWRP?

    Hello, I wanted to ask if it is possible to copy or extract the accounts saved in the settings (gmail etc.) with TWRP to the PC, because my Galaxy S8 is stuck in an infinite loading screen and I really need these accounts, which is why I do not want to do a factory reset for now. Is that...
  8. kanth0298

    Thread wifi calling on samsung galaxy s8 - Airtel India

    Currently using Airtel sim on samsung galaxy S8. I'm facing some network problem in my area so I can't able to make or receive a call due to this problem. So I decided to use wifi calling feature. Now I came to know that wifi calling feature is not available in that list which was published by...
  9. M

    Thread Deleting Hardware files leads sometimes to brick the phone

    Hey there, I started recently to look up for a way to permanently disable my wifi, bluetooth, NFS, Network and GPS. Unfortunately I didnt find a proper method to do that. There was the option to physically break the hardwares, but I didnt want to risk that, if I get something wrong there I...
  10. LGMERCJ3

    Thread S8 SM-G950U android 9 combination rom frp bypass help please

    I have samsung galaxy s8 that I need to get passed the google frp lock. I bought the phone, but cant use it at all . When I open recovery mode it shows : 9/PPR1. 180610. 011 *** G950USQS7DTB3 I have followed previous threads and attempted the flash of a combination file thru odin, but every...
  11. Vorion

    Thread Problem with Samsung My Files App

    It's a strange problem. Whenever I delete a large file from Samsung My Files (File Manager), the file gets deleted on the app. But the file still remains hidden somewhere in the system and occupying the space. No, it's not in Recycle Bin. I clear that too. I tried to dig in and find it. I...
  12. Ranbir7878

    Thread ⚡[Fonts] For Galaxy S8/S8+ [Oreo/Pie/Q][Root]⚡

    Hello Everyone! This is for whom are using the SamsungSans for very long time(Like Me). ;) I have edit (SamsungSans V2.0.00-1 apk) and added 99 Fonts (+2 Already in Apk) From [Winb33 [MASTER FONTPACK] -=v7.2=- 1120 Fonts] [ You know the loading of 1120 Fonts taking some more times :p ] So I...
  13. Ranbir7878

    Thread Samsung DeX In Windows PC || For S8/S8+

    Hi Everyone! Here you can see on Attached Screenshots that By Software Update Galaxy S9 and Note9 Models are got Support Of Using Samsung DeX On a PC (Windows/Mac) What is the fault of Galaxy S8 & Note8 Models ? :( For Developers: Can it possible to make a port of this feature? Please Kindly...
  14. J

    Thread I was given a S8 thats messed up

    My friend attempted to sell his Samsung Galaxy S8 on Ebay. The guy bought it, told Ebay it didnt work, STOLE the IMEI and attempted to flash it. He half new what he was doing. He got his money backand my friend got a S* that he just dont want due to the headaches he has had over it all ready. I...
  15. ace2nutzer

    Thread [KERNEL] [9] A2N Kernel For Galaxy S8/S8+/Note8 [EXYNOS] [HIGH-END] [STABLE] [V. 2022.07.01]

    Supports all S8 / S8 Plus / Note8 Exynos Variants Running Android 9 This Kernel Aims are to reduce the power consumption reduce device heat improve the performance make it more smooth reduce RAM usage improve RAM management extend device features and many more ... A2N Kernel Special Features...
  16. R

    Thread Official Verizon ( VZW ) SM-G950U G950USQU2CRB9 Odin Firmware

    Below is a link for the official Verizon ( VZW ) SM-G950U G950USQU2CRB9 Oreo ( Android 8.0 ) firmware package.!lAoX3IBY!jRAbEDpg7B2E6-I-EYIyy0dKW8ZRVNM2MSrwE6zCHZI Contains: AP_G950USQU2CRB9_CL13001792_QB17097553_REV01_user_low_ship_MULTI_CERT_meta.tar.md5...
  17. dabasiikz

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S6/S7/S8/Note8 - Adding Missing/Hidden Quick Toggles/Tiles

    Due to my own experiences after having purchased many Galaxy devices, I've noticed, Samsung likes to hide toggles.. So I always put my own back in, with adb, or an app. For newer android devices, we need adb. So on your Galaxy, go to settings>developer options, and enable USB debugging, and...
  18. P

    Thread Best theme for nonrooted users?(original launcher)

    Hey guys! I wanna ask advice cause im out of inspiration or rather gave up... Currently the most "normal" theme I found is "blak ui" in the samsung themes, with that the lockscreen clock is normal [(not that retard ones like top hours bellow minutes) well if I set a different wallpaper as...
  19. texaslittleangel

    Thread FB Android app bug

    Device: Samsung Galaxy S8 I CAN write on all of my friend's walls when logged on from my laptop but I CANNOT do so from the android FB app. So to be clear, I am not blocked by anyone (that I know of lol). I have deleted data, folder and then the app, rebooted my phone and reinstalled the FB app...
  20. H

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S8 Got Stuck While Watching P**n :( PLEASE HELP

    Hey guys, I was enjoying and relaxing while watching it the public toilet. Suddenly the volume went up and screen froze while sound was playing in full and making the person next to me STICK his head under the small gap on the door. I manage to put the volume down, however screen still same...
  21. J

    Thread Cannot Disable Heads Up Notification & Duplicated Home Screen Icons on S8

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been rather disappointing thus far... I couldn't disable heads up notification without disabling notification entirely. I tried searching around and apparently there was a fix for S7 but doesn't work on S8. It would be great if somebody can come up with a sweet...
  22. matale0

    Thread Cant decide S8 vs S8+

    Hi, about to buy but cant decide S8 vs S8+ price no matter please help make my mind :)
  23. D

    Thread King of the flagships!! Do you think the S8 is better than LG G6??

    So all this hype around the Galaxy S8 and the LG G6! Which phone do you think will reign supreme in the first half of 2017!!? Lets chat it up in the comments section!!
  24. shmogt

    Thread [THEME] Themes by Shmogt (New Ones Every Week)

    Please LIKE the Facebook page! Theme Store Page ---> Hello everyone, this is Shmogt, and I will be displaying my themes for the Samsung Theme Store here! Please feel free to critique them or give suggestions to new ones. Of course, if you download one, I hope you enjoy it...