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  1. L

    Thread Conservative Bloatware List SM-T970 and SM-T870

    Hello! I'm new to this forum, and I have a strong background in SELinux, have helped Canonical to resolve 0-day vulnerabilities within Linux Distros. I'd like to offer a *conservative* list of bloatware found on the latest firmware builds released from Samsung on the S7 and S7 plus (S7+): As...
  2. altaybond4231

    Thread Android Wi-Fi disconnects.

    Greetings, (Android 4.2.2, stock rom) Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus (gt-s7580) I get the Wi-Fi sign in notification and after a while the connection is disconnected. A notification comes after disconnection. Notification : "This network has been disconnected.Your sign-in timed out." The phone has...
  3. TheAirBlow

    Thread [TOOL] Syndical - an alternative to well-known SamLoader

    Syndical This is an alternative to SamLoader - cleaner code, easier to understand and tamper with. Written purely in C#. SamLoader was, of course, the base of Syndical, but impemented differently. Current progress can be viewed here: Trello board. Source code and releases: GitHub. Why I should...
  4. _JuSteR_

    Thread Question Replace a Galaxy S21 Ultra with a Pixel 6 Pro?

    Hey everybody! Quick question: would you replace your Galaxy S21 Ultra with a Pixel 6 Pro? I'm asking it because I'm a S21 owner but I've never been completely in love with the Samsung design (those squircle icons...) nor all the Samsung apps I don't use and can't remove. I'm into Google apps...
  5. W

    Thread J7 2015 (J700F) ONE UI ROM

    Hello, I am looking for ONE UI ROM for Galaxy J7 2015 (J700F). It could be Android 10 or Android 9.
  6. Kujako

    Thread S6 lite malfunctioned and now does nothing.

    History: I have a samsung tab S6 lite LTE version. The tablet freezed out of nowhere when I was working and restarted but stuck in bootloader. After a while, and after removing the sd card, the tablet functioned properly. The tablet had more 80% of battery charge. I thought the new update might...
  7. R

    Thread Sm-m01 15G/Ds

    So I have rooted my sm-m01 15G/Ds and I wanted to remove all blotware ,so a bloatware list could help ,also I wanted to remove all traces of samsung,,like samsung android setup ,samsung services which prompts me to make account with sticky notifications,
  8. D

    Thread ORX/TMS

    Hello, i would like to ask what are these things- ORX and TMS. I was trying to flash magisk patched boot etc. trought Odin to my Samsung A80 (for viper4a.). And i came to problem. While flashing, i´ve got error "only official released binaries are allowed to be flashed". So i was looking for...
  9. E

    Thread Adaway problem

    Hello everybody, im not sure if im 100% in the right forum topic, but i've been facing problems with my phone and adaway. (using Samsung S21 Ultra) when i installed Adaway, ive been getting an error code whenever i try entering an Ad search on google chrome (and across all browsers), and the...
  10. naz664

    Thread [RECOVERY]|UNOFFICIAL]PitchBlack Recovery v3.1.0 [f41]

    /* *Disclaimer * * Your warranty is now void. * * We're not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this Recovery * before flashing it...
  11. B

    Thread [ROM] [R 11.0 FUJ2] BLASTUI ROM FOR G970F-N/G973F-N/G975F-N [ONEUI3.1.1] [ODEX] [V4.2.1] [AROMA] LIKE A FERRARI!

    BLASTUI ROM FOR S10E/S10/S10+ This is offcial thread for BLASTUI ROM FOR S10E/S10/S10+. Finally i am a recognized member and i can post from myself, so this is the new BlastUI Thread!! Hi guys, I'm Blast752 and I'm ROM Developer I do not waste your time, and I will immediately tell you the...
  12. yygemmi770

    Thread Magma tool vs Cheetah Tool quesitons

    I am trying to understand the difference of these 2 tools for use with samsungs. Are there links to threads someone knows of where I can get a better understanding of these 2 tools? Thanks
  13. S

    Thread Enterprise Edition VS Standard Consumer Edition?!

    Hi Everybody, can somebody tell me if i can use the Enterprise Edition in the same way like the Standard Consumer Edition? There are not many information to be found in the world wide web regarding user experiencse :( What I found out is that the Enterprise Editions... ...can remotely be...
  14. D

    Thread Question App to view and disable services and receivers.

    On my note 9 I had a fantastic app that would let me disable specific services, broadcast receivers, activities or the entire app. I can't remember what it was called but it's definitely not package disabler pro. Also this app didn't require adb or root. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Simon1511

    Thread Development [UNOFFICIAL][ROM][11.0] LineageOS 18.1 for A52 4G

    LineageOS is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 11, which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. LineageOS is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android...
  16. Broman400

    Thread Looking for a sound enhancer for a SM-T510

    Just installed a custom android 11 ROM on my tablet and it lacks any sound enhancement opposed to the stock 11 ROM that had one built in. Would like some recommendations
  17. F

    Thread Needing Help With SM-R760 Firmware

    Hello, my mother got a used Gear S3 Frontier watch from a shop, but the original owner of the watch didn't tell the shop that they didn't turn off the reactivation lock, which in turn the shop didn't know that there was a lock, and my mother can't get a hold of the original owner to tell them to...
  18. D

    Thread Important question for android 12 and samsung firmware

    Hi guys; So I tried to download android 12 for my s21 ultra with odin; my region was United Arab "xsg" but I install Germany firmware ... But my region after install android 12 still on xsg for arab; It doesn't matter only if I could receive security patch and update via "check for update" So...
  19. D

    Thread Petition asking Samsung to bring back SD card slot

    Hey I made a petition asking Samsung to add back the SD card slot, at least in the ultra line. If you like SD card slots and would like to see them again, consider supporting it so Samsung see's there is still interest. If you don't like SD slots, or don't care about them, don't waste energy...
  20. shobhit5

    Thread Question NO Telephoto Lens in S21 FE?

    I came across leaked specs and images of S21 FE 5G: https://coinbrs.com/news/coinbrs-exclusive-samsung-galaxy-s21-fe-5g-revealed-in-full-glory-all-official-images-specs/ and really disappointed that it has no telephoto lens. What do you think
  21. KerbMario

    Thread All my Hard buttons dobt work so can anyone help me?

    My power, volume up/down and bottom row (home, windows, back) dont get recognized in android but with powr/vol down i can restart whih doesnt help. I get the back/home button with a BT Mouse, but is there like a app where i can view all apps and change to them? (Bec my window button is not working)
  22. fauxredpanda

    Thread SamFirm/Updato Alternative?

    Greetings, I'm trying to reflash my ROM because I have a feeling that there is something suspicious lurking in there(or this could just be paranoia), so I was wondering whether there is anyone out there who would be able to guide me to a place where they provide the latest firmware for my...
  23. fauxredpanda

    Thread SamFirm/Updato Alternative

    Greetings, I'm trying to reflash my ROM because I have a feeling that there is something suspicious lurking in there(or this could just be paranoia), so I was wondering whether there is anyone out there who would be able to guide me to a place where they provide the latest firmware for my...
  24. fauxredpanda

    Thread Red Panda: *waves*

    Hey XDA team, It's been awhile since I went back into rooting my smartphones. The last device that I had successfully rooted (a few times) was Samsung Galaxy SIII and I was obsessed with CyanogenMod for awhile before One UI reached a stable point. And as for now, My gut feeling is screaming...
  25. FezanButt

    Thread Samsung Galaxy A515W black screen with talkback

    I recently took out my bricked Samsung Galaxy A51. When it boot, after Samsung logo, it goes black, only talkback enables or disables with side buttons. I hard reseted it, and even reinstalled stock firmware but no difference. Kindly help me out. I will be grateful. My phone: Samsung Galaxy...
  26. Yunusdev

    Thread Rooting Samsung J5 Prime SM-G570F

    I've been searching "how to root Samsung j5 prime" all over the internet and here in xda forum, but couldn't find anything helpful. Can anyone guide me to the correct resource?
  27. HarvHouHacker

    Thread Samsung Devices - How to See OS Update History

    Hello, fellow hackers! I am the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S10 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019 Edition). However, I've been having problems with updating my tablet, and after uninstalling a whole bunch of apps, this has made it where I can install the system updates. Apparently, one...
  28. razs.originals

    Thread [Guide] [One UI 3] How to boot into recovery in One ui 3 & above without a pc and root access

    Reboot Your Device Into Recovery Mode There are multiple ways to reboot an Android device into recovery mode. But after the latest OneUI 3.0 update, Samsung does not allow booting into recovery without connecting your phone to a PC with a USB-C cable. Here's a solution to easily reboot to...
  29. M

    Thread Changing / Spoofing IMEI and Blocking GPS on Rooted Galaxy S5?

    Hello, Is there a way to Change/Spoof the IMEI of an Rooted Galaxy S5 with Custom Rom installed? And is there a way to completly block Communication or deactivate GPS Software Sided?
  30. kostaschar_

    Thread Lock screen notifications missing

    Hello there! Since the samsung's september security update i have a very annoying problem in my S10 (exynos) with my pop up notifications and generally with the notifications of specific apps like messenger and microsoft outlook. Specifically in facebook messenger i get neither lock screen...
  31. R

    Thread Develop - use speech to text engine on device

    I'm building a WearOS app and would want to utilize on device speech to text convertor. Is there an example or api documentation I can refer. My search ends up with Gboard, which is not what I am looking for.
  32. FleoRDI

    Thread Samsung galaxy note edge SM-N915S : how to install Twrp?

    Hi everyone, it's been a while that i have been looking for a way to install a custom rom on my Samsung galaxy note edge SM-N915S but on every tutorials i found, the user had already unlocked his oem unlock and did not show how he did it. So i was expecting that someone could guide me to install...
  33. gaminghage

    Thread [HELP] Odin does not work properly on Windows 8.1.

    I am running odin on Windows 8.1. When I run Flash, I get a PASS! is displayed, but is not written to the smartphone. Is there any way to fix this problem?
  34. N

    Thread Gboard Dynamic Color for Android 12 Non-Pixel Devices

    Help with finding an ADB method to force Gboard Dynamic Color to appear on non Pixel devices running Android 12.
  35. M

    Thread i need some help finding a stock firmware

    so i can not find a firmware file for my SM-J260A on binary 6 i only can can find the engineer file can i get some with this please
  36. E

    Thread Wired files mask_airemover

    Hi At the same time 4 folders appeared: lpe ( contains: temp0.raw 46,5 MB ), portrait, mask_ airemover, airemover . I did not install or update any applications on that day. I don't know if it is related to the fact that at 20:45 I entered the hotel and the files appeared at 20:51. Maybe a...
  37. Hehe_boi

    Thread Need a Custom Rom for Samsung Galaxy J7 Max (SM-G615F)

    The device didn't get 2nd major android update and probably wont get one. It is already barely getting firmware / security updates. So I kindly request the developers to develope a custom rom for this device. Device Specifications: https://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_j7_max-8684.php Model...
  38. ASOwnerYT

    Thread Question IMEI & Baseband are gone in latest firmware version

    I rooted my Samsung device previously, but has since done a clean flash and locked the bootloader so it's back to how it originally was. But now, if I update my phone, the IMEI & baseband are gone. I discovered that clean flashing the firmware A125FXXU1BUG1 seems to fix the issue for me. So my...
  39. xcDarthVader

    Thread Samsung M31 Pattern Wont work, Wont go to recovery. Please Help

    My fathers samsung M31 is locked, he says the patter is the same he has been using however, the phone does not seem to think the same. He does not have any Google or Samsung functions set up on it prior, hence having even more difficult trying to unlock it. I'm tried to factory reset BUT the...
  40. S

    Thread [ROOTED] Android 11; how to install older version of google maps?

    rooted/magisk samsung S21+ ...stock rom stock version of google maps removed with titanium backup. trying to install many different old versions (in the 9.x and 10.x range) just says 'app not installed' ...what the hell is going on here?
  41. S

    Thread Noble ROM 1.1 causing trouble in my Samsung Galaxy S9 SM-G970F/DS

    Hi, I am a noob in flashing ROMs and stuff... I recently got a Galaxy S9(used) by a family member. It had One UI 2.5, android 10 on it but I missed a couple of Android 11 features that I had on my Galaxy A50 So I decided to get Lineage OS 18.1. I flashed it successfully. When I launched Samsung...
  42. A

    Thread Some questions about Firmware, CSC and Samsung

    Hello, I wanted to ask a few questions After a firmware flash with XPG CSC code for example is it possible to change the CSC code to THL and vice versa? Is there really any way to lower firmware to a lower version? If so, what file / path do I need to do this? what is the differences between...
  43. B

    Thread Country/Region, csc code change.

    I'm new to this so please bear with me. Found this helpful and working, https://www.droidviews.com/how-to-change-csc-in-samsung-galaxy-phones/ It's free and only requires patience and time. So here it goes: 1. Unlock your bootloader (easy for Exynos, just go to developer mode and enable OEM...
  44. kgalv419

    Thread SM-S260DL Samsung J2 Core 2gb Ram 16gb Rom

    Anyone has anything new for this phone, I'm trying to get it GSM unlocked, and also rooted but can't seem to find anything anywhere. OEM unlock is also needed as its missing in the developer options, when debugging enabled it doesn't prompt when plugged in, adb does not find it either. I have...
  45. K

    Thread Is it possible to build android on non Google Phone?

    I have an old Samsung phone running on Marshmallow. I want to build android and flash it on the old phone. Many take Google Pixel to show how to do it and say it’s not possible to do it on non-Google device. Is there a way to get around it?
  46. bestiatester

    Thread [ROM][11][klte][OFFICIAL] crDroid 7.12 Samsung Galaxy S5 (G900F/M/R4/R7/T/V/W8)

    *** Disclaimer I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device You have been warned crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today Features...
  47. L

    Thread Using USB camera fo zoom, meet and blackboard?

    Hello everyone! I've recently purchased a webcam to use it as my primary video source while in class, using blackboard on chrome or zoom or meet apps, but it doesn't work as I espected... I'm using my Samsung Galaxy S9+ with Samsung DeX pad, and when I connect the webcam it isn't available for...
  48. humzagr8

    Thread Question Galaxy Watch R870 CALLS ISSUE

    hello i have galaxy watch 4 r870 model , the problem is when i receive call on watch the call accept and reject notification screen shows when i accept the call from watch no incoming voice can be listen and not outgoing voice going other receivers end pairing with android 10 with galaxy...
  49. dleaderp

    Thread need help about rooting

    i can't root Samsung galaxy a02 -- SM-A022F/DS Build No: A022FXXU2BUI3 , android 11 , i dont know what to do for rooting and i dont have firmware file (bootloader unlocked)
  50. BredzProh

    Thread How To Guide Install One UI 4.0 (Android 12) beta on unsupported countries

    Hello everyone!  I am back with another guide! I have put together this guide on installing One UI 4.0 (Android 12) beta on your Galaxy device. I will show you how to sideload the beta even though the beta programme may not be available in your country or may be full.  NOTE...