1. EdgyKing

    Thread Anyone had sucess rooting a Galaxy A03s (A037m)?

    Anyone had any sucess on rooting an A037m (A03s)? All of the useful info was about the A037F and it obviously didn't work with my device. I was thinking about installing a GSI but I could'nt access the fastboot to do it, so for now I'm trying to just install TWRP and magisk on it. Any advice is...
  2. Mjoygullyusingoldphones

    Thread Can i install Firmware for SM-A015F on SM-A015AZ

    I have been attemping to installing magisk on my SM-A01AZ for a while but since my phone does not have have the OEM UNLOCK in the settings it's somewhat hard to do. so i decided to flash the new SM-A015F update as it has the andriod 12 update and maybe i can get the oem unlock option so i was...
  3. iko1133

    Thread Question Unlock/Backup Locked S22 Ultra

    So my phone has been locked for 3-4 days now. I know the unlock pattern (I've had it for several years on several phones) but it just does not seem to recognize it. I know the screen and sensor are working, I can see pattern being drawn but no success... I've found Samsung's find my mobile...
  4. ArmandoDrake

    Thread General Latest updates are bit broken in Galaxy A22 4G (SM-A225M)

    Two months ago (since October), I updated my Samsung Galaxy A22 4G (SM-A225M) to get the latest update "A225MUBS4BVJ1" (aka. October update with September patch). I had been testing the update, no performance loss and nothing new, to be honest. But when I used mobile data, it disconnected some...
  5. S

    Thread Can't format sd card on Samsung a20 Pixel experience plus rom

    So my phone only has 32 gb of storage, and it isn't enough. So i installed an sd card (32gb) and i cant format it as an internal storage. there's only "Format" option and it doesn't do anything. how can i format it as an internal storage??? (My phone is galaxy a20 and i installed pixel...
  6. ocaacaso

    Thread i tried modding a phone and now i thik i may bricked it

    Hi, a while ago i tried to install a twrp on mi samsung SM-A750FN and it went wrong, noow my phone everytime i turn it on goes on a corrupted splash screen and it dies right after. I cannot do anything at all cause all of the time it appear the samsung logo then the TWRP and then it dies, i...
  7. J

    Thread Yellow marks on Samsung A7 2017 back panel

    I saw my old Samsung a7 2017 (A720F/DS) in my drawer and noticed a lot of yellow streaks or marks on the back cover (which is made of glass). The phone has been left untouched for almost a year (with no battery left). Does anyone know what this is? Should I get rid of this?
  8. P

    Thread Question Rooting the SM-A536B/DS

    4 days ago I updated to android 13, now the problem is I am not finding any root files for android 13. Any help pls?
  9. J

    Thread Locked out of Galaxy S22 following / after update -- device rejects / won't accept the correct password

    Hello! Posting widely. Around Nov 11th, about two weeks ago, I caved in and accepted the prompts on my S22 to undergo a firmware update. I'm not 100% positive, but based on the timing (and the assumption that this isn't a carrier update but a Samsung one) I think it was probably the One UI 5.0...
  10. Steven M Bellic

    Thread Question All Magisk Module created for Samsung Phones.

    Hi. I noticed that my phone has alot of missing features when using custom rom like Lineage OS and Evolution OS. Some of the features missing is Dolby Atmos (Tried installing Dolby Atmos Magisk Module but the sound is super horrible. Audio Modification Library is also installed.), Camera...
  11. K

    Thread Question How to flash US variant rom on Samsung s21 ultra (SM-G9980) TGY(Hong Kong) Variant ?

    I am using s21 ultra. Model SM-G9980 running on one UI4 TGY Hong Kong variant. I want to flash stock US variant on my device
  12. whisper42000

    Thread How to root Samsung Galaxy s9+

    Hey I'm having trouble navigating the forum an i'm looking for a how to guide to root the galaxy s9+ if someone could reply with a link to one I'd appreciate it.
  13. S

    Thread Question Flashing different region rom

    I got a s21 ultra smg998b version with region of Pakistan.But ota updates in my country are extremely slow.So I was wondering if I can flash a stock ROM of different region like some country of Europe using Odin so that I can get updates faster. I will be flashing ROM of same model of smg988b...
  14. Minionguyjpro

    Thread Samsung Game Services (Game Booster + Launcher + Optimizing Service) flashable ZIP for any Samsung device

    Samsung Game Services (Game Booster + Launcher + Optimizing Service) flashable ZIP for any Samsung device (requires Custom Recovery) (OneUI (Core) required) A flashable ZIP for custom recovery to install game services from Samsung on any Samsung device with OneUI (Core). Requirements Custom...
  15. LeeXDA18

    Thread Development [ROM] Project Unbound V1.0 [G99X]-[DVK1]-[OneUI5.0]-[Christmas]

  16. G

    Thread Samsung Xcover6 unlock bootloader (SM-G736B) before rooting

    Wanting to root the device via magisk, I tried first to unlock the bootloader of my phone but apparently failed. I started by activating the developer mode, set oem unlocking developer option in the settings then tried adb reboot bootloader : no success, the phone simply rebooted. A fastboot oem...
  17. srvinii

    Thread [HELP] Install TWRP without unlock bootloader

    Hi there, actually I have an Samsung Galaxy S21 FE (SM-G990E), and I need to install TWRP or do any step to remove password lock screen. Actually, my client has forgotten the password and need to unlock without erase data. Obs: I already tried unlock on Samsung Find My Mobile, but the phone is...
  18. srvinii

    Thread [HELP] Install TWRP without unlock bootloader

    Hi there, actually I have an Samsung Galaxy S21 FE (SM-G990E), and I need to install TWRP or do any step to remove password lock screen. Actually, my client has forgotten the password and need to unlock without erase data. Obs: I already tried unlock on Samsung Find My Mobile, but the phone is...
  19. Trytoroot00

    Thread I can't install Twrp on S10+ phone.

    Hi everyone! I need help. I tried to install twrp but it won't work in any way. Odin fails every single time. Get pit for mapping... Every time. I tried changing the cable, using a different usb and pc too. Usb drivers are updated. But every time I get this error message. I tried to reinstall...
  20. nsfxpython

    Thread Question Flashing Another Country/Region's Firmware?

    One UI 5/Android 13 still hasn't hit my US (SM-A536U) phone yet. I'm leaning towards this being a no, but would it be possible to download the European firmware for Android 13 for the A53 and use it on my US phone? I'm hesitant because the European variant is SM-A536B and mine is SM-A536U. That...
  21. RuVeR

    Thread Boot loop and recovery logs

    Hello! Samsung Galaxy A50 (Android 11, A505FMPUS9CUK2). I have boot loop after entering my password. Full recovery logs: 1. How can I save all data on phone? I don't have connet to usb. 2. What's going with the phone?
  22. Hellonium

    Thread Samsung Galaxy (2012-2016) question

    Which old Samsung (2012-2016) is the most popular and best in custom rom and rooting. Which has a large number of features and firmware even android 12, 13 and custom firmwares that are still coming out for this phone?
  23. annoykid

    Thread Question .

  24. annoykid

    Thread Question .

  25. kaefers

    Thread How To Guide Samsung S22 Ultra (Exynos) | Step-By-Step Guide | OEM BL unlock | TWRP system r/w

    Hi. Had the pleasure of voiding the warranty of my new Samsung S22 Ultra SM-908B/DS 512GB EUX today. Device is on the currently latest firmware, Android 13, SM-S908B_EUX_S908BXXU2BVJA_fac. Coming from a Samsung Note 9 with Noble ROM, I had to (re-)learn a few things. Below, I just document my...
  26. C

    Thread Widevine L1 but see as L3

    Hello I didn't use my tablet for 2 years but I launch it yesterday and reset it beause it was very low. I'm on the last official firmware XEF, android 5.0.1 or 2 When I see on application mycanal (a TV OTT service in France) and the app DRM INFO, I have widevine L1. But Netflix is in SD and...
  27. Mecidzade

    Thread Samsung tab a 10.1 SM-T515 can't find custom rom gta3xlwifi ...

    First of all, I apologize for my mistakes in writing. Because I use google translate to get my point across. I have a Samsung tab a10.1. SM-T515 with code gta3xlwifi. I had a lot of trouble rooting this device and also installing twrp. I was able to install custom recovery at the end. but none...
  28. asgharSo

    Thread [TOOL] Freya v1.0.2.0 | samsung Open Source flash tool

    Freya is a beautifull .Net Open source project for samsung flash Based on ( Freya is like odin for flash, Read info,repartition (Automatically) but with faster and best features Screenshot Manually Select Files In this method, you can select the...
  29. J

    Thread Samsung A01 - Double tap to wake - not work

    Greetings, I have a problem with the Samsung A01 (SM-A015T1); the "Double tap to wake" function does not work. It's a brand new phone, never used before, with no screen protection. I've tried hard reset, turning on and off "touch sensitivity" and "accidental touch protection," as well as safe...
  30. are_you_sure


    Hello everyone, is there a custom ROM that has 4G LTE support? I rooted my Samsung M30-M305F and switched from One UI 2.0 Android 10 to Lineage OS 18 Android 11. Now my 4G SIM calls end immediately upon dialing while data works perfectly fine. Also, my 3G SIM works perfectly fine for both...
  31. ArmagedFoxer

    Thread [CLOSED] Help! FolderMount made my sdcard corrupted - j500h

    Hello! I really need your help!!!! I have Samsung J5 2015 (j500h) I always refused to patch the sdcard and vold files at the beginning, but one day I accidentally agreed ... the phone rebooted .. I thought it was okay and decided to install one of the games and transfer it to the sd card, but I...
  32. U

    Thread Bypassing Pin on galaxy s21 without data loss

    My father passed a couple days ago and I need to gain access to his phone in order to invite all his friends to the service as well as get into contact with some family overseas. He has a 4 pin code that I've been trying to guess but have not yet succeded. I can provide proof that it is my...
  33. Diepie

    Thread [T585] TWRP+Non-Regional Samsung ROMs bug

    Hello everyone, Me, and so many people using this tab suffered from a bug that prevents us from installing TWRP successfully or even Non-Regional Samsung ROM. What exactly happen is that when we install TWRP etc using odin TWRP won't normally boot after pressing vol+ and pwr and home, it just...
  34. T

    Thread Question Galaxy Watch 4 with Apple iPhone

    Hello everybody, Is there a way to use the Galaxy Watch 4 with an iPhone? Maybe to install another Rom on the Watch to make it to an Galaxy Watch 3 or something else to use it with an iPhone. Sorry if the question has already been asked. Haven't found anything about it. Thanks Technico25101995
  35. Minionguyjpro

    Thread Root Instructions For SM-T290 (Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019)

    Root Instructions For SM-T290 (Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019) Welcome! This is my first guide on XDA Developers. This will tell you how you root a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019, also a SM-T290. I hope you like it and it works! It has exactly 25 steps. UPDATE YOUR TABLET TO LATEST VERSION WITH...
  36. TeamAnonymous6733

    Thread Searching for developers to work with J250F

    As of this device lack with custom roms but i built lineage os 18.1 bugs ; camera looking for developers to fix the camera current custom android version ; Android 11 Stock Android Version ; Android 7.1
  37. matale0

    Thread Question Is it data speed the same in both sim slots in dual sim Exynos?

    Hi, is it matter which slot I use for 5G data simcard? Like is it both slots use same specs, same data speeds both are 5G? No difference if I stick 5g data sim in to slot1 or 2? They both handle same data transfer speeds and specs? Thanks
  38. wolfaas12345

    Thread Question Adding eSim without a samsung phone ?

    Hey guys i was wondering if anyone had any luck adding watch plan to their watch 4 without a Samsung phone at least here in UK I can't do it no matter how hard I tried gives me error -1 and tells me to go away Are there any other options to try other than buying a Samsung phone on the side to...
  39. MikoSushi

    Thread [samsung-galaxy-j8] Can i flash stock rom after twrp and rooting?

    I rooted and installed TWRP my Samsung Galaxy J8 2018 (J810F). Can i flash stock rom with odin? Can it brick the phone?
  40. O

    Thread Some questions about ROMs

    I really want to install a custom ROM to my Note8, but I want to ask some of you guys some questions so I can decide. 1. Is it worth it? 2. Is there any chance my phone's going to brick? 3. Can my phone get viruses if I installed a Custom ROM? 4. Do I have to root my phone? 5. What are the...
  41. Mohsin6643

    Thread [GUIDE] ROOT Note Edge [tblte]

    TRY THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK, I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY SIDE EFFECTS OR ISSUES THAT COME FROM FOLLOWING THESE INSTRUCTIONS This is what I did: 1. Go to and pick your variant of the Note edge, download that autoroot file. 2. Go to...
  42. rohitrayaan

    Thread Samsung Auto Patch Firmware(easy-firmware)

    Dear Friends, I'm new here, I want to download Samsung A325f Auto Patch Firmware from easy-firmware. I'm not premium user but i need "A325F U2 A325FXXU2AUJ4 OS11" If you know this file on other website eg: google drive, mega, mediafire, terabox and anonfile, etc Please answer
  43. Breadsticks00086

    Thread Google play system updates not updating.

    Hello, Day 1 noob here. I am currently having issues with Google play system updates on my Samsung Galaxy A12(Android 12). I have been stuck on the May update for a while now. It "installs" the update, restarts twice, and then nothing has changed. I am running out of options. Does anyone know...
  44. wumpus2022

    Thread Samsung Galazy A21 SM-A215U WONT POWER ON

    I have a relative that has a A21 that all of a sudden wouldnt power up, they brought it in to the cellular provider and was told they needed a new battery. A new battery was installed but this did not correct the issue. Currently new battery installed, but no signs of life when pressing...
  45. mohsha7861269

    Thread Question

    Mine Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-i9100, never enters into the recovery mode and stucked at the bootloop, done each and every step, but no use . Please help me with the problem?
  46. C

    Thread Phone Freezes On All ROMS

    Hi guys I used PixelExperience 11 rom for 4-5 months last week phone freezed while charging I force rebooted it, after reboot, it freezed again I waited for the respond but phone turned off and not responded to anything until (charging, odin mode etc) phone charge finished and I booted with...
  47. ebin326

    Thread Music showing up differently on lock screen

    Hello there! as the title states music shows up differently on my lock screen. I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, Android 12 & One UI version 4.1 - Lock Screen Version 7.1.89 The first image is my current lock screen and how music now plays. If I want to change songs I would have to click on the...
  48. furquim97

    Thread Play Store keeps downgrading itself every time the phone reboots

    Hi, I'm currently facing a very weird issue ever since I unlocked my bootloader and flashed a custom ROM on my S20 FE (4G Snapdragon variant), as mentioned by the title every time the phone reboots my Play Store downgrades itself to it's original version (29.8.13-21) and clears all of it's data...
  49. vbv.nyk

    Thread How to make calls without volte

    To fellow custom rom users.. how do you call others without volte?
  50. M

    Thread Question My battery drain is insane!

    Hello everyone, I'm in trouble. 22 Ultra is simply eating battery at indescribable levels. Yesterday we went on a trip from work, I left my home with 100%. During the day I did not touch the phone, a bit of a camera but beyond that really nothing. My battery was about 40% after about 3 hours...