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screen loop

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    Thread [Q] Samsung 4g Exhibit framework-res.apk HELP PLEASE ILL GIVE THANKS 2 ALL

    i have a Samsung Exhibit 4g phone, rooted and backed up by titanium backup. I tried using the kitchen theme stuff, and i copied the original framework-res.apk file to a folder in the sd card . Then i copied the framework-res.apk file from the UOT zip to the location where the original file was...
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    Thread [Q] HELP!!!!!!!......stuck on Vibrant screen loop(USB debugging mode OFF)

    OK....check this out...imma noob and i forgot to turn on debugging mode. I also flashed a Super I/O kernel into the internal memory and not into the sd card(a couple days after flashing Nero v3 rom from TW). Now im stuck on the Vibrant screen loop. Can anyone PLEASE help me get back to the...