1. H

    Thread Question Broken screen - access internal memory

    Hi, A maniac stole my phone and almost destroyed it. No more screen. Sadly I had some photos from my kids, birthday party and did not backup them :/ When I pluged the phone to a windows computer I see Pixel 7 on the device manager. I think I activated the developper mode though I went to my...
  2. Arnold3511

    Thread Question Is there any way to fix this screen problem?

    I got a new Xiaomi 11t (21081111RG, South America) and I have noticed that the screen is missing 1-2mm of content in each side (right, very noticeable, and left, barely noticeable). I watch a lot of content and it is a bit annoying. Pd it is noticeable in screenshots (screenshot attached) Is...
  3. E

    Thread [Lineageos][recovery][help][S9] Problem with screen

    Hi, I have a Galaxy S9 (starlte) and the screen is not working properly: there some flickering and black screen (see this video). I my case, I'm convinced that it's an hardware issue and I think I need to replace the screen. I'm using Lineageos on my phone and I can manage this problem setting...
  4. George fountou

    Thread My screen stopped showing black color

    I left my note 20 under my pillow while charging and next morning it was hot. The screen flickered for a little bit and the screen became a lot brighter. black color is now showing as brownish and every other dark color is also very bright. Even when restarting the phone, the black background...
  5. Surpalsingh

    Thread Question Display goes bright green

    This happened a month ago i was browsing my phone and suddenly the phone screen completely went green pressing power button or volume button did nothing at all but after 5 mins it returned back to normal and my phone rebooted to lockscreen, ive heard this is a hardware issue should i go for...
  6. thardy00

    Thread OxygenOS 12, OnePlus 7t screen brightness goes up after unlocking the screen

    Hi guys. Recently I've updated my phone to OxygenOS 12 and I've encountered a strange bug. Every time I'm unlocking my screen no matter what unlocking method I would choose my screen brightness goes up (dot on the screen brightness bar stays in the same spot) no matter if I have auto adjustment...
  7. L

    Thread Question [BUG] Occasional screen failure in Lineage/LMODroid.

    UPDATE: A commit that appears to have fixed the issue has been merged and is now available as of LMODroid 20230121. So far no screen failure observed for the past few days. If the issue does not resurface for a long enough period, the issue can be considered fixed. Many thanks to Electimon for...
  8. Moderpach

    Thread [App][Rootless/Root] Extinguish 0.1.15 - Control your screen power state for free.

    Hello guys, I'm happy to introduce you the new version about Extinguish 0.1.15... Although I want like that, but it seems that it's not so attracting when I release my Extinguish 0.1.5 here last time. I know the process is necessary for any app and it may causes by my description and the...
  9. vermont79

    Thread [Hisense A5] "Bricked" the device enabline hardware acceleration

    Hello Community, I got my Hisense A5 as a second hand device – possibly from chinahandys. It had google apps installed and no visible chinese bloatware. Played around a bit for a few days then enabled developer settings and by accident checked some screen / hardware acceleration options...
  10. C

    Thread after android 12 update screen keeps flashing

    Hi, I'm hoping that someone can help me. after installing oos12 on my oneplus 7 pro my screen started to randomly flash. i cant find anyone else that has this issue anywhere else on google. Attached video's are from the CrDroid rom but the same thing happens when I was with the OTA oos12update...
  11. X

    Thread Question Does anyone else experience this Samsung display touch glitch?

    I purchased a new Galaxy S21 FE a few weeks ago, and I noticed that while the screen is responsive 90-95% of the time, every so often it won’t respond to a tap or swipe, necessitating an extra prod (or a few). Whether it's not pulling down the notification ceiling when swiping, or missing a key...
  12. decryptic

    Thread Question Stuck in Downloading Mode

    Hello Samsung family, My friend works at a thrift store and she claims a department store donated an S22 ultra. My friend would like me to fix it, and I need your help. When you turn it on, it boots straight into Downloading... mode. I tried to boot it into the bios by soft resetting it...
  13. urieljabes

    Thread Note 10 Lite's screen stops working after some time

    I've had a Galaxy Note 10 Lite for some time now and it started displaying this behaviour where the screen stops working after some time of the phone being on. There's no apparent connection to how hot the phone is. I've also re-sat all the straps and cables and cleaned them with isopropyl...
  14. TecM

    Thread [CLOSED] Phone damaged heavily, remove the screen protector and apply another one?

    Hello, I got a Samsung Galaxy note 3 recently as a hand me down thing from my sis but the Crack on the phone is really irritating me when using the S pen as I just keep feeling the crack, here's a desc of the damage: Crack on Bottom Left, screen protector exposed but looks a bit too thick in my...
  15. Norbertus20

    Thread Question Adaptive brightness - do you think it works good?

    Hello :), I observe that, my s22ultra in the same conditions (light intensity) make darker screen than my old note10+. In my old phone (note 10+), the adaptive brightness works very well for my eyes (maybe excluding reaction speed - but never it wasn't too bright or too dark (in my opinion)...
  16. J

    Thread Dropped my Pixel3a

    I recently dropped my pixel 3a and the screen is completely black. I know the touch screen still works because I can feel the haptic feedback from some inputs. I am really struggling with finding out a way to back up the information on the phone. Developer options is on, however USB debugging is...
  17. Catmobile

    Thread Question Tab S8 Youtube Popup Black Screen Bug

    In advanced settings then Labs you find several methods to make applications go into popup mode. Like sliding from topleft or top-right or by a handle. If I use these functions to make youtube go to popup the player almost always displays a black video screen in the popup window. I have...
  18. G

    Thread Delete

  19. S

    Thread Is note 10+ screen is sligthly yellow? (No blue light filter)

    Hello everyone, I bought a second-hand Note 10+. Apparently, it's opened/repaired (the water resistance check app fails, and seems like there is no oleophobic coating on the back). The screen is a little bit yellow and dark. But the edge works great, it looks like 1440p, and all the color...
  20. Shoaibalik

    Thread OnePlus 7 pro screen flickering (kind of)

    Hello everyone there, I've bought a used OnePlus 7 pro a few days ago. But I'm having an issue with it. Whenever I turn brightness to full, screen starts becoming small and big and small and big. I've tried turning adaptive brightness on and off, removing the screen protector, and rebooting...
  21. AHuss123

    Thread Vertical moving lines new phone screen

    I dropped my Samsung A30 recently which broke the screen. Having replaced the full screen with a new one, I’m still having issues vertical lines across the screen, any thoughts on what it could be? Could it be an issue with an alignment or do I need to replace some other parts?
  22. S

    Thread Redmi Note 8 pro touch not working after screen replacement HELP

    Hello guys, I'm writing here to see if anyone knows a solution for this, well my note 8 pro fell to the ground and the screen broke, almost half of it couldn't be seen and the touch screen worked halfway, after that I went to put a new screen and when doing it, the new screen does not give me...
  23. Mc3yohan

    Thread White and green screen on S20 plus 5g

    Hello, I wanted to ask, I was using my normal phone, I blocked it, after a while and from one moment to another the whole screen went blank (if the touch and fingerprint works) it didn't get wet or sticky, hard just like 3 days, on the third day I was using it wanting to cry, the screen...
  24. inthewired

    Thread disabling the screen-wake upon movement (external)

    disabling the internal screen-wake involved disabling the system app "moto display" but as you might imagine, the internal screen-wake isnt really much of an issue for a foldable phone, and this doesnt disable the movement screen-wake on the external screen i'd like for the external screen to...
  25. VoidRoamer

    Thread Phantom touches on a Nokia 5.3 before and after multiple screen replacements

    Hello. I purchased a Nokia 5.3 over a year ago and it began registering phantom screen touches. Apps would open, options would be clicked, one finger would cause a pinch action, etc. It became so bad and frequent that the phone was unusable so I had the screen professionally replaced. The...
  26. N

    Thread my screen is malfunctioning

    Hello how are you, I need help install a ROM to my note 8 pro and after that my screen does not work at all well, I play pubg and notice a lot of the difference, the screen does not have the sensitivity that What I had before I even went back to my official version but it was still the same...
  27. fdlnz

    Thread Question why charge with 25watt adapter touch too sensitive [Exynos] ?

    i have some issue, when i charge with adapter 25watt my touch screen more sensitive in keyboard section, sometimes when i click keyboard too fast, i got double click word in my text area
  28. simowL

    Thread Question Screen color, gamma, contrast changer

    Hello Folks, I am about to root my Xiaomi poco x3 pro, I would like to know if there is any app to manipulate the contrast of the display.
  29. P

    Thread I can't find a decent screen on google

    I am trying to make my own thing similar to a tablet but not quite, I am trying to find a 10.1" touch screen that is under $20 USD but no matter what I put into google I can only find full monitors, screens that come or are made for the raspberry PI, full android tablets or are just very...
  30. S

    Thread Mi 9T Pro has bad ghost touch issue after screen/digitiser change

    Hi everyone! The phone has bad ghost touch issue after a new screen was installed. And I am not able to pin point the cause. Sometimes the issue is very bad with ghost touches more frequent with a ghost touches repeating under 1 second, sometimes the touches are much more rare. After the first...
  31. T

    Thread Nubia M2 got bricked (maybe fixable)

    Im still new to this website, and im still learning how to use stuff. Ok, so i dont know how to start this, but i bought my Nubia M2 a long time ago, somewhere around 2017 to 2018, Used to be my dad's phone, upgraded to a cubot note 20 pro like a year ago, Once he upgraded the phone...
  32. L

    Thread Question Reddish/pinkish screen on Galaxy S22 Ultra when tilted

    I bought a Galaxy S22 Ultra and noticed that when I tilt it from the bottom, if there is a white image, the screen tends to be reddish/pinkish. I am familiar with amoled screens and I know that if you tilt the phone from top to bottom it tends to green, but from bottom to top I've never seen a...
  33. Ezzeybek

    Thread Mi 9T screen replacement problem

    Hello guys, I have a problem with my device which is Mi 9T. There was a green color line on the screen for some reason and later the screen was broken. I decided to replace it and when I put on the new screen it was like in the picture above. Please help me what is the problem in my device is...
  34. M

    Thread Phone not booting correctly but is still on

    So i once took my phone to charge before going to bed and the next morning the screen was just black and the phone was "dead". The screen was black, nothing reacting. Rebooting was possible, but screen still black. I went through a whole night trying to figure out whats wrong and lastly i...
  35. G

    Thread Question Touch Screen Glitches after drop

    I've recently dropped my pixel 6 pro and broke the screen. The screen was glitching a bit when I started typing faster which i found normal as I broke it. I've had it replaced at a Google Authorized repair center for 500 CAD however I still find glitchy input where it skips or puts in a...
  36. T

    Thread Can't access the last ~120 px of screen

    Yesterday, on the phone of a relative I successfully installed Lineage OS. The screen worked normally. The next day I got the phone back, because the last ~120px can't be accessed. The touch works, but it registers as if made above the bottom area (attached video shows what happens). The area is...
  37. P

    Thread Question How to screen off while cast to TV?

    Hello, I have Xiaomi 11i. And Android TV Philips I start Wireless display and connect to TV. Start mirror screen. Everything on phone screen was displayed on TV. But I want to turn off my phone screen and last application keep running and continue watching on TV. How Can Do that?
  38. Ikigai_D

    Thread Question Input freezes for 1~2 seconds at random moments

    My regular Pixel 6, at random moments, lock up for a second and not respond to touch input during that time and when the freeze stops, all my input are registering very quickly. This happens using any apps or even in the system... The touch screen keeps the state it has when the freeze started...
  39. L

    Thread Question Screen doesn't detect taps after recovery

    Mi 11i haydn. I was following this LineageOS installation guide: After the first command executed, phone screen does not respond at all. Thinking it was a PBRP bug, I booted it normally and screen still fails. I think I plugged the phone at 11% battery thinking it would charge for being wired...
  40. Pumkineater

    Thread Screen display position

    How do I change portrate view to landscape view automaticly when unit is rotated?
  41. Q

    Thread How can I run Pixel 3 without the screen?

    I'm attempting to run a google pixel 3 without the physical screen. The phone will be used in remote management, so I have a remote management utility installed on the device as well. Everything works flawlessly when the screen is installed - all apps and configurations work as they are...
  42. M

    Thread Huawei P20 Pro - unlock with USB to HDMI adapter

    Hello, I have a P20 Pro with a broken display. I tryed to use a USB C to HDMI + USB hub so that I can see on my TV the image and I can use a mouse to enter the lock-code. That should work and I can see the lock-screen but when I try to login the TV goes black and I can't enter the PIN. I...
  43. saridnour

    Thread (No root) Chrome desktop view on main screen & mobile on cover automatically.

    Hi all. Sharing a quick tip that made me a happy man. I have always preferred the desktop site view on the main screen. In the past I had to toggle on desktop view for each new tab but have found a method to toggle it on depending on the screen the tab is opened in automatically. Launch chrome...
  44. P

    Thread Screen not responding to touches anymore - plz help

    TLDR: Screen not responding to touches anymore for no apparent reason. It's displaying everything properly, but it won't react to any touch. Something weird happened to me today. I own a Mi 9T Pro. I received a second Mi 9T Pro with minor water damage at the bottom part (charging port area)...
  45. A

    Thread Xiaomi Redimi Note 9S - MIUI 12 Screen Lock disable & Disable - Nov. 10, 2021

    Xiaomi Redimi Note 9S - MIUI 12 Screen Lock disable & Disable - Nov. 10, 2021 My solution: seems simple Settings > About phone Tap "Android Version" until "You are a developer" appears. Back to Settings > Additional settings > Developer options. Enable "Skip screen lock"... Done! Options: >...
  46. roirraW "edor" ehT

    Thread Accessories Whitestone [Dome Glass] Google Pixel 6 Pro Tempered Glass Screen Protector [Liquid Dispersion Tech] With Camera Film Protector

    New! My personal newbie UV-cured screen protector review at post # 90. TL;DR - overall 95% satisfactory, fingerprint still works perfectly and looks and feels great. Note that they are not listed here but they are listed here...
  47. B

    Thread Question Hollow screen sound

    I got my Pixel 6 Pro yesterday and I'm loving it so far. One annoying thing though is that the screen feels hollow. It almost feels like I'm tapping on a piece of plastic and not a sheet of glass. The sound is also really annoying. It feels like there is a gap between the screen and what's...
  48. Devang_cruz

    Thread Question Overclock screen refresh rate of redmi note 10.

    Hello.. I search all threads related to redmi note 10 (sunny). But not find a single thread related about how to overclock screen refresh rate of redmi note 10. By default the device has super amoled screen with 60 fps.. If anyone know how to overclock screen refresh more than 60 hz of redmi...
  49. bojan.1995

    Thread LCD Problem

    Hi, I am waiting for SG521 (LTE 4g) to be shipped. It has broken screen and I would like to buy new. Can Iinstall some other LCD + DIsplay model like: 3g version 541 4g version 551 wifi version 511, 512
  50. bojan.1995

    Thread Screen Replacement Question

    Hi, I am waiting for SG521 (LTE 4g) to be shipped. It has broken screen and I would like to buy new. Can Iinstall some other LCD + DIsplay model like: 3g version 541 4g version 551 wifi version 511, 512