1. simowL

    Thread Question Screen color, gamma, contrast changer

    Hello Folks, I am about to root my Xiaomi poco x3 pro, I would like to know if there is any app to manipulate the contrast of the display.
  2. P

    Thread I can't find a decent screen on google

    I am trying to make my own thing similar to a tablet but not quite, I am trying to find a 10.1" touch screen that is under $20 USD but no matter what I put into google I can only find full monitors, screens that come or are made for the raspberry PI, full android tablets or are just very...
  3. S

    Thread Mi 9T Pro has bad ghost touch issue after screen/digitiser change

    Hi everyone! The phone has bad ghost touch issue after a new screen was installed. And I am not able to pin point the cause. Sometimes the issue is very bad with ghost touches more frequent with a ghost touches repeating under 1 second, sometimes the touches are much more rare. After the first...
  4. T

    Thread Nubia M2 got bricked (maybe fixable)

    Im still new to this website, and im still learning how to use stuff. Ok, so i dont know how to start this, but i bought my Nubia M2 a long time ago, somewhere around 2017 to 2018, Used to be my dad's phone, upgraded to a cubot note 20 pro like a year ago, Once he upgraded the phone...
  5. L

    Thread Question Reddish/pinkish screen on Galaxy S22 Ultra when tilted

    I bought a Galaxy S22 Ultra and noticed that when I tilt it from the bottom, if there is a white image, the screen tends to be reddish/pinkish. I am familiar with amoled screens and I know that if you tilt the phone from top to bottom it tends to green, but from bottom to top I've never seen a...
  6. Ezzeybek

    Thread Mi 9T screen replacement problem

    Hello guys, I have a problem with my device which is Mi 9T. There was a green color line on the screen for some reason and later the screen was broken. I decided to replace it and when I put on the new screen it was like in the picture above. Please help me what is the problem in my device is...
  7. M

    Thread Phone not booting correctly but is still on

    So i once took my phone to charge before going to bed and the next morning the screen was just black and the phone was "dead". The screen was black, nothing reacting. Rebooting was possible, but screen still black. I went through a whole night trying to figure out whats wrong and lastly i...
  8. G

    Thread Question Touch Screen Glitches after drop

    I've recently dropped my pixel 6 pro and broke the screen. The screen was glitching a bit when I started typing faster which i found normal as I broke it. I've had it replaced at a Google Authorized repair center for 500 CAD however I still find glitchy input where it skips or puts in a...
  9. T

    Thread Can't access the last ~120 px of screen

    Yesterday, on the phone of a relative I successfully installed Lineage OS. The screen worked normally. The next day I got the phone back, because the last ~120px can't be accessed. The touch works, but it registers as if made above the bottom area (attached video shows what happens). The area is...
  10. P

    Thread Question How to screen off while cast to TV?

    Hello, I have Xiaomi 11i. And Android TV Philips I start Wireless display and connect to TV. Start mirror screen. Everything on phone screen was displayed on TV. But I want to turn off my phone screen and last application keep running and continue watching on TV. How Can Do that?
  11. Ikigai_D

    Thread Question Input freezes for 1~2 seconds at random moments

    My regular Pixel 6, at random moments, lock up for a second and not respond to touch input during that time and when the freeze stops, all my input are registering very quickly. This happens using any apps or even in the system... The touch screen keeps the state it has when the freeze started...
  12. L

    Thread Question Screen doesn't detect taps after recovery

    Mi 11i haydn. I was following this LineageOS installation guide: After the first command executed, phone screen does not respond at all. Thinking it was a PBRP bug, I booted it normally and screen still fails. I think I plugged the phone at 11% battery thinking it would charge for being wired...
  13. Pumkineater

    Thread Screen display position

    How do I change portrate view to landscape view automaticly when unit is rotated?
  14. Q

    Thread How can I run Pixel 3 without the screen?

    I'm attempting to run a google pixel 3 without the physical screen. The phone will be used in remote management, so I have a remote management utility installed on the device as well. Everything works flawlessly when the screen is installed - all apps and configurations work as they are...
  15. M

    Thread Huawei P20 Pro - unlock with USB to HDMI adapter

    Hello, I have a P20 Pro with a broken display. I tryed to use a USB C to HDMI + USB hub so that I can see on my TV the image and I can use a mouse to enter the lock-code. That should work and I can see the lock-screen but when I try to login the TV goes black and I can't enter the PIN. I...
  16. saridnour

    Thread (No root) Chrome desktop view on main screen & mobile on cover automatically.

    Hi all. Sharing a quick tip that made me a happy man. I have always preferred the desktop site view on the main screen. In the past I had to toggle on desktop view for each new tab but have found a method to toggle it on depending on the screen the tab is opened in automatically. Launch chrome...
  17. P

    Thread Screen not responding to touches anymore - plz help

    TLDR: Screen not responding to touches anymore for no apparent reason. It's displaying everything properly, but it won't react to any touch. Something weird happened to me today. I own a Mi 9T Pro. I received a second Mi 9T Pro with minor water damage at the bottom part (charging port area)...
  18. A

    Thread Xiaomi Redimi Note 9S - MIUI 12 Screen Lock disable & Disable - Nov. 10, 2021

    Xiaomi Redimi Note 9S - MIUI 12 Screen Lock disable & Disable - Nov. 10, 2021 My solution: seems simple Settings > About phone Tap "Android Version" until "You are a developer" appears. Back to Settings > Additional settings > Developer options. Enable "Skip screen lock"... Done! Options: >...
  19. roirraW "edor" ehT

    Thread Accessories Whitestone [Dome Glass] Google Pixel 6 Pro Tempered Glass Screen Protector [Liquid Dispersion Tech] With Camera Film Protector

    New! My personal newbie UV-cured screen protector review at post # 90. TL;DR - overall 95% satisfactory, fingerprint still works perfectly and looks and feels great. Note that they are not listed here but they are listed here...
  20. B

    Thread Question Hollow screen sound

    I got my Pixel 6 Pro yesterday and I'm loving it so far. One annoying thing though is that the screen feels hollow. It almost feels like I'm tapping on a piece of plastic and not a sheet of glass. The sound is also really annoying. It feels like there is a gap between the screen and what's...
  21. Devang_cruz

    Thread Question Overclock screen refresh rate of redmi note 10.

    Hello.. I search all threads related to redmi note 10 (sunny). But not find a single thread related about how to overclock screen refresh rate of redmi note 10. By default the device has super amoled screen with 60 fps.. If anyone know how to overclock screen refresh more than 60 hz of redmi...
  22. bojan.1995

    Thread LCD Problem

    Hi, I am waiting for SG521 (LTE 4g) to be shipped. It has broken screen and I would like to buy new. Can Iinstall some other LCD + DIsplay model like: 3g version 541 4g version 551 wifi version 511, 512
  23. bojan.1995

    Thread Screen Replacement Question

    Hi, I am waiting for SG521 (LTE 4g) to be shipped. It has broken screen and I would like to buy new. Can Iinstall some other LCD + DIsplay model like: 3g version 541 4g version 551 wifi version 511, 512
  24. LordNicxel

    Thread Question Green lights on redmi note 10 pro help!!!!

    My Redmi note 10 pro fell inside water, but I quickly removed it and gave an engineer who then cleaned it thoroughly, but the issue is my phone has been showing some green flashes ever since. It happens when I reduced my screen brightness. Please what can I do?
  25. Tuandroidaldia

    Thread [Fastboot] Pixel Experience Splash Screen

    Hello! I've made this splash screen / boot logo for our Mi 9T using this guide It's perfectly compatible with the Pixel Experience boot animation. I've made the fastboot mode logo on my own using Apple's Recovery Mode as example. Feel free to ask for the .bmp to include it in your boot...
  26. S

    Thread Repair vs Upgrade Pixel 3 (Screen, USB C connector and ear piece)

    Sup sup. I did make my research before posting, but the posts that I found were old. I have found out in the bad way that Water Resistance degrades over time. I placed my 2 year old Pixel 3 phone in a pool and the screen got screwed (I'm having stripes all across the screen) and now it needs...
  27. A

    Thread [HUAWEI P10 LITE] Screen burn, ghost images, but it's temporal

    I'm new to this forum, so I posted in general this problem I'm having since I don't know which category fits for this. I know this forum is for software-related topics, but I've found hardware questions as well, so I guess this should be fine. Basically, some time ago my phone started having...
  28. T

    Thread Android head unit change parts

    Hello, I have bought a 2 DIN Android 10 head unit for my car. I found the only product matching with my car (alfa romeo 147) to fit properly. But I am very disappointed about what is inside. First specifications do not match (4 gb RAM instead of 8, 800x480 instead of 1024x600...) In addition...
  29. M

    Thread Turn on android USB debugging while phone is off / unresponsive?

    (TLDR: OnePlus5, power button not responding, volume buttons physically damaged, USB debugging not turned on, can connect phone via USB to PC, but nothing more. Want to turn on USB debugging to boot via ADB. Or boot any other way, if possible.) Hello everyone, Let me tell you the short story...
  30. K

    Thread Redmi Note 9 Pro stuck on MIUI screen

    Hello guys Please forgive my poor English ! I have a Redmi Note PRO 9 Everything was good until it got stuck on MIUI screen. Sometimes I can get the FASTBOOT screen but nothing else those 2 possibilities I erased everything (wipe data out) but I am still on that damn** MIUI SCREEN, every time...
  31. S

    Thread Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro - Dead Screen

    Hi! I'm here to figure out if someone can help me. I was using my phone normally, I was trying to unlock it when the screen flashed like 3 times with a blue color similar to the color of the screen when you are trying to unlock the device, it happened like three times, then I rebooted the...
  32. L

    Thread Do your Fire HD have such a high screen reflection?

    This picture is a compare between Fire HD 8 10th (2020) and ipad mini: As you can see, the Fire HD have a really high reflection from the screen. It also look like that even under dim indoor light at night. Also it's not because the ipad's anti-reflection film, almost every other devices'...
  33. tahakalisto

    Thread K5 Plus Screen for K5

    Hello, Can I use Lenovo K5 Plus (a6020a46)'s screen for normal K5 (a6020a41) ?
  34. D

    Thread Question Games looks in bad resolution (F3)

    Hi guys! I have the Poco F3 with MIUI 12.5.1 (Global) that I bought a week ago, the mobile works well in everything (although it could be better surely) but I am having a bad taste because games like PUBG Mobile or COD when running they look like in poor resolution as if the screen is of poor...
  35. G

    Thread S7 edge not working anymore..., please help !!!

    Hi guys; Well few days ago my s7 edge (SM-G935W8 32Gb) start overheating and crashing and screen freezing and it automatically restart then it work for 5-10 minutes and then same thing again and again (overheat-crash-freeze-restart, overheat-crash-freeze-restart, ........) but now it just turned...
  36. Servail

    Thread I need to adjust gamma value. Is there any kernel/ROM with KCal enabled? Some other way?

    If you want a story: by my assumptions, I have a sensitive vision (because apparently problem is too unpopular) - I prefer low light/darkness, and even on low brightness white point is already enough high for me, but dark colours are almost illegible. With some more brightness, whites become...
  37. kayop01

    Thread ASUS_X00TDB While using suddenly screen goes blank and just blinks nonstop

    Please help I was using my phone when the screen suddenly goes off but the phone is on, the screen is blinking (lights up and off) continuously but it stays blank. I can open and close the screen by clicking the power button as you would normally do if you're checking the time on your phone. I...
  38. Kalon05

    Thread Samsung galaxy A10 screen problem

    I have been using this phone for about a month now, after a week of buying it, i noticed that the screen had a problem. I can't play a single game or do any task that requires 2 fingers because if i put 2 fingers on the screen and then let go of one of them, the screen will think the other...
  39. S

    Thread Too bright

    Hey all I wonder if it is me who isn't too bright :) Just updated from Android 8 to 11 (18.1) and my Moto 5GS is working well though the brightness is very bright. At first it was on adaptive which was all over the place, bright when you wanted it dim, vice versa or would dim/bright at random...
  40. G

    Thread Advice Needed for repair after a truck run over my Pixel 5

    I had an accident a couple of days ago, where I fell from my bike and my phone dropped on the street, from the phone holder. I didn't realize that immediately and by the time I saw it, unfortunately, it was already run over a truck. I had the original fabric cover on it and visually only the...
  41. jqp910

    Thread how can I know the info about where my S7 was manufatured and the specification of screen?

    Is there any way to know about those info? Such as developer mode or any other way. I just wanna check where my S7 was made and the ts of the screen.
  42. W

    Thread Screen Broken - Recovery Options?

    Hi Guys, After I accidentally dropped the phone the screen broke. The phone seems to be working somewhat because the alarm is still ringing. When i attach the phone to my computer via USB it recognize the phone but I can not explore it (the drive is empty). As you can see, I lack the...
  43. alien44

    Thread Strange blue dots and lines on the screen

    Hi, When i scroll a screen, sometimes show up a small blue dots or lines? When I start recording, they stop showing... But usually it's show all the time, in many apps. (on the 1st video, dots are noticeable for the first few seconds) (on the Safe Mode is the same)
  44. S

    Thread Broken screen, with constant phantom touches preventing everything

    My phone's screen was broken, so the touch sensor (capacitive) sensing constant phantom touches, which prevents to do anything with it, even with mouse connected on OTG. I can't connect on ADB, as once i've allowed my PC to always connect to it, yet asks for a confirmation at every connect...
  45. S

    Thread Huawei P20 Pro how to unlock 6 digits?

    Dear folks, It s been while I have not used the device. I have tried several combinations. at the begining it gave me to try once in 10 min. Then 3 times an hour but all combinations was wrong. Now it gives me one time in 24 hours. Each time I enter the 6 digit combination if it is wrong I...
  46. C

    Thread change app position

    I have a fiio m6, and is not possible on his vanilla form to change de app order in the home, is there a code to add the functionality to permit the change of position? like in the common smarthphone android that you just have to hold the app and drag to the place you want
  47. O

    Thread Question Issue: touch is not working properly

    Hi, when notification bar is set as "show", bottom part of screen multi touch does not work properly as seen in thr video. If notification bar is set to "hide" it works. Added screen recording as zip. Please help to solve this issue.
  48. P

    Thread Lock issues

    Hello guys, I'm having some problems with the screen of my device, when I press the button to turn off the screen, and I try to turn on the screen again, it hardly turns on at first, I have to make several attempts for it to turn on, or restart the cell phone for it to work. I used a screen...
  49. S

    Thread status bar no no notification icon

    hey, on redmi 9 even if you put notification and content on the lock screen there is no icon in the status bar. Why? look, there are several notification icons here if I unlock but from the lock screen they are not seen thanks
  50. S

    Thread Tab S7 Screen

    I got S7 a week ago and was waiting for plastic nibs for note taking. Yesterday, first time I was taking notes, I noticed when I put my palm on screen to write on it, screen was springing ( like when I press a little it goes in when I don't it comes back to rest position. Sorry I am not native...