1. vulcanrvn

    Thread Screenshot Issue Android 12

    Hello, I recently updated to Android 12 and everything was going fine until suddenly I'm unable to take a screenshot using the volume down and power button. Whenever I press those buttons everything appears to be working fine but no actual screenshot photo it saved anywhere. A little bit...
  2. M

    Thread Screenshot and Select Options Always Greyed Out

    To take a screenshot on this phone, I must tap the square button on the bottom right. This gives me 2 options: Screenshot and Select. They are both always greyed out, and so clicking on either one does nothing. I don't even get an error message. Interestingly, I have found a crappy work around...
  3. Q

    Thread Question Stupid question about screenshot

    Hi ! A stupid question about screenshot ( dont have this issue with my s22 ultra) Many time when i make screenshot with power/volume down , the volume bar appear in same time of the screenshot ! it's very annoying ..and sometime not ! do you have a solution ? i know i have the s-pen but i...
  4. S

    Thread File Manger App With Samba Support, Remote Thumbnailing, Sort By Date, Folders-First, AND Screenshot Prevention/Protection?

    Does this already exist, even as a source repo?
  5. Timi25062010

    Thread [CLOSED] Post your Homescreens//Themes

    Here you can post your Homescreens and Themes! Happy Posting ;)
  6. Kimbaroth

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods Post your setup/screenshot thread! =D

    I'm currently rocking this setup, the whole description can be found on my deviantart: I'm in love with this device!!! =D <3
  7. U

    Thread General Can't take a screenshot? Bluetooth not working? Here's why.

    So recently I had been unable to take screenshots through the three finger swipe on my Mi 11x (MIUI official firwmare) while the hardware button shortcut was working alright. After going through the settings for a while and finding no solution, I chalked it up to being a bug in MIUI and forgot...
  8. miravision

    Thread General [SOT and battery usage] Post your battery usage screenshots

    Please post how many hours are you able to achieve between full charges with app usage screenshots.
  9. Stefanos53


    The Screenshot Ultimate is the best app for screenshot!!! Also in this application you can edit the screenshots!!! by IceCold Apps Free Version Recuires: Android 2.1 (Eclair) and up
  10. M

    Thread Can the Background of the Android 11 Power Menu be made Transparent?

    Can the background of the Android 11 Power Menu be made transparent, rather than the opaque black? To take a screenshot, you have to hold the power button, which then makes the whole screen turn black, thus you can't see what your taking a snapshot of. Understandably, this is not a problem for...
  11. teddyddet

    Thread On the Ownice K7, How to set the touch button to a SCREENSHOT shortcut?

    Usually, we slide down and click the screenshot icon to take a screenshot. But that's not so convenient sometimes, and not instant. What's more, when I connected Android Auto with my phone, taking screenshots in this way will be ALL BLACK. So I found a more convenient way! Now I will share a...
  12. R

    Thread Get Screenshot Button Back In Power Menu

    Hey All... Is there any way I can get the screenshot button back in the power menu where it belongs. The palm swipe is stupid and I hate it. Stock Android 11 has a customisable power menu that gives you options to do that with things like tasker. No go here on One UI... There's the...
  13. crispy-cat

    Thread Screenshot in PNG?

    How can I make my phone save screenshots in PNG rather than the horrible JPEG? I've rooted with Magisk and I'm aware of a module for the OP 5, but that doesn't work on newer phones. What other options are there?
  14. coretm

    Thread Take Screenshot with Mi 10 lite frame

    Hi guys, today I want to show you how to take screenshot with your own frame. (it's compatible with Mi 10 lite 5G and 1080x2400 screen resolution. As you know Our phone isn't popular as much as Mi 9t (k20) so I decided to create custom frame for our phone! I hope you enjoy this Tutorial : 1-...
  15. NanduxXxPV

    Thread [RECOVERY][A9/A10] [UNOFFICIAL]SHRP 3.0 (20/01/15)

    Standard Disclaimer:- * Your warranty is... still valid? * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this Recovery * before...
  16. E

    Thread [xposed] fix 4k screenshot black border on pie

    hi it seems like there will have a black border on screenshot if set resolution to 4k by "wm size" command on Android pie, and this didn't happen on oreo, so i wrote a xposed module to fix it (remove the black border) this is a compare of screenshot of a 4k checkerboard with or without this...
  17. A

    Thread Screenshots aren't saved and Hence can't even share them #Realme6

    System Version: RMX2001_11_B.45 {Latest} Problem Description: Screenshots aren't saved and can't even share. screenshots are captured for that instance but whenever I press save or share they aren't available, which is frustrating... I am not able to share screenshots with all different methods...
  18. arturiu

    Thread Q: how to do screenshot on stock Android 11 ?

    Hi gang, With the release of stock Android 11 for our Pixel 2 XL, I don't find a way to do a generic screenshot anymore. With previous releases, I could long-press the power button and taking a screenshot was one of the options. Not anymore... The brand new bottom-up drag gesture does bring a...

    Thread Smart Capture on Galaxy A40

    Hi, Did you manage to get the smart capture feature when doing a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy A40 ? This feature gives the option to crop, re-size, modify your screenshot. On mine, it's missing. A read a similar topic on a Galaxy A50 threads, but one of the last system update bring back...

    Thread Take screenshot gesture not working

    Hello all, My screenshot gesture is not working. No matter how many times I knock against my phone screen, it doesn't take any screen shots. I've tried disabling it and enable it again but it doesn't work. Restarted my phone also doesn't work. Do anyone have any idea how to resolve issue...
  21. F

    Thread OnePlus 5 Scrolling Screenshot app

    Hello all, I am running Lineage OS 15.1 on my OP5 and I was wondering if anyone has been able to port the original scrolling screenshot APP that comes with the stock ROM on OnePlus 5? I would like to flash it on Lineage as I have not been able to find a good scrolling screenshot app. Thanks...
  22. jfreshh330

    Thread Screenshot Issue with S10?

    Hello everyone, I tried to search Samsung's website, Google, and the forums, but can't seem to find anything relating to my issue. Whenever I take a screenshot, my volume slider will go all the way down as if I'm just holding the volume down button. I will try to drag the slider back up and it...
  23. arubamon

    Thread Unable to View Screenshots on PC

    I've noticed that I'm able to open images I've downloaded on my OnePlus 6T McLaren running OOS 9.0.11 using Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10, however, I am unable to open any screenshots I've taken with this device using this, my preferred, Windows program. When I attempt to do so, I am...
  24. M

    Thread Mate 20 series screenshot method

    Do you know that Mate 20 series has a variety of screen capture methods, in addition to screenshots through the phone keys, you can also take screenshots through the knuckles. let's learn together! First, we have to turn on the smart screenshot switch. Open Settings - Smart assistance - Motion...
  25. R

    Thread Screenshots uploaded to Google Photos

    Screenshots taken on POCO F1 are getting stored under "DCIM\Screenshots". Google Photos is automatically backing up all the folders under DCIM thinking it's the camera roll. So all the screenshots are getting automatically uploaded to Google Photos. Is there any workaround for this? Is anyone...
  26. Galaxy Princess

    Thread [VS996] Capture+ Screenshot App missing after Oreo OTA Update

    Hi everyone, Somehow, I lost the Capture+ app after Verizon's last OTA update to Oreo. I absolutely love using the app for taking screenshots. Would someone be so kind enough to post the APK file for me, if at all possible? I'd really appreciate it. Thank you so much! ?
  27. Sh0X31

    Thread [Port]Screenshot Editor from Android P [ARM64 only]

    Hi guys, Want to show you this great port by Quinny899. Just download the APK, install it like a normal App and do a screenshot. After press "share" and select the screenshot Editor. -> Download & Source
  28. Quinny899

    Thread [APP][PORT][DP3] Google Markup from Android P

    This is a port of the Google Markup app from the Android P developer preview. Its primary use on P is to edit screenshots, but it can be used on any image. On P, you get an "EDIT" option when you take a screenshot. That starts an editor for the image, and Google have included an app on the...
  29. K

    Thread Screenshots of a 4K video?

    Hi, I tried to take a screenshot from a 4K video to use it as a 4K wallpaper and in every 4K video the screenshots only shows a black screen There's any software limitation that limits taking 4K screenshots? Any solution?
  30. M

    Thread how to add a screenshot tile in quick-tiles?

    It difficult to take screenshot using the button method.It will be really helpful to have a screenshot tile to take screenshot in our A1. Can anyone please suggest how to add the tile.Phone is rooted.
  31. 4

    Thread Partial Screenshots Oreo

  32. timbremer

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Screener

    Hey everyone! Screener is a device frame app. You can insert your screenshot into our hand-crafted mockups to make them way more beautiful and unique. People use Screener to share their homescreen setups for example or use our graphics for their app screenshots in the Google Play Store. It’s...
  33. mhb92

    Thread [APP] Screensync - Screen Recorder App and Pro (Version

    Well hello, I have developed this app using my galaxy s7. Its a screenshot app and you can also record video of your screen with a lot of options and edits to do... Screen video capture is new so only trim is available. I update this app and improve it in a daily basis. So you can have a look...
  34. J

    Thread Why is the developer option button greyed out? Have you taken advantage of the option

    Why is this developer option button greyed out? Have you taken advantage of this option? :confused: Refer to the screenshot as below. I wonder why the developer option button is greyed out. I am sure that the 'Developer Options' is enabled. And, I have a SD card and a SIM in my phone slot...
  35. N

    Thread Screenshot delay with Nougat

    After the nougat update, taking a screenshot is no longer instant like it was on 6.0.1 You need to press and hold power down for a second before the action is triggered. I happen to take a lot of screenshots, and find it annoying/inconvenient. Does anyone else share the same? Is any dev here...
  36. J

    Thread How to change default format of screenshot ?

    How to change default format of screenshot ? As we know, the default format of screenshot is .png. Is it possible to change the default format to .jpg without installing any 3rd party apps? :confused: Thanks in advance.
  37. MarcTremonti

    Thread Screenshot without 3finger swipe still possible?

    Hey, guys. On marshmallow OOS we could do screenshots through the power menu. This option in power menu seems to be gone now in nougat OOS. So, since 3finger swipe doesnt work in some apps is there any other system integrated way to take screenshots? Or do i need third party app for it now?
  38. furboom1240

    Thread [Customization] Submit Your WIndows 10 Start Screenshot [Desktop/Mobile]

    **Update - May 17, 2020** I have my own website, and my themes are there! Once there, its DeviantArt counterpart will be removed. I will be going over every single post I made here and correct the links so they point to my site. - If I move a theme, I will indicate it in a status on DeviantArt...
  39. dandv

    Thread Scroll down to take taller screenshots

    I'm considering moving on from Samsung Galaxy to this Xperia, but there's one really handy feature the Samsung S7 ROM has - when you take a screenshot, there's a button at the bottom "Capture more". If you tap it, the screen will scroll, and the newly visible portion is appended to the bottom of...
  40. mhb92

    Thread [APP][5.0+][V1.4] Screensync - Screenshot app (BETA)

    Well hello! We have developed a new screenshot app which is available for Windows , Android, Chrome and opera extensions (soon on mozilla too). Android app is yet on beta builds though i made a lot of work to reach stable version! Website link is : Play Store Link ...
  41. EvoWizz

    Thread [MOD][7.1][CM14.1]Partial Screenshot [G800F/M/Y]

    Hey everyone. Here is a mod to take partials screenshots on our S5 Mini! This mod works only if you have the first build of CyanogenMod 14.1 by hennymcc (Test-Build 07/11/2016) (you can found it HERE ) Credits goes to @Maxr1998 for helping me to do this. /!\ Neither Maxr1998 and I are...
  42. P

    Thread Remap screenshot combination to Pwr + Vol Down?

    ^title. I was wondering if this would be possible? I have xposed installed. Gravity box doesn't seem to have this option. Thanks!
  43. jordanpa

    Thread Post YOUR Kernel Aduitor Settings for Note 3 (Qualcomm)

    Please post screenshots or reply with detailed settings of your Kernel Aduitor configuration. I welcome any comment on why you recommend your settings. - Other Kernel Control Apps are also welcome. - Best for battery & Best for Performance Tips Also Needed. - Remember to note your ROM &...
  44. E

    Thread Share your Homescreens

    I am curious what style you guys use and how your homescreen looks like. If I am impressed of your style I could change mine. Attached is mine which I like..
  45. Flextrick

    Thread [APP][4.1+] Screenshot Crop & Share - Smart and powerful screenshot utility

    Take a screenshot, crop & share it. - Fast and easy Do you know this process? .. taking a screenshot, opening the gallery, searching the screenshot, cropping it and finally after 2 minutes you are able to share your perfectly cropped screenshot. This app opens an overlay with your screenshot...
  46. yog12

    Thread [Font Share] Share your handwriting font

    hello friends :D this thread is for peoples who tried [Guide] How to use your own handwriting as a font in android want to share ScreenShots and Font ;) Please do Share it here if you guys given it a try :) Please Share ScreenShots , Wallpaper, Font ;) let's see how amazing is...
  47. Z

    Thread Screenshot app with no UI?

    Looking for a screenshot app that has no UI. I had one before, but can't recall the name. Long story short, my bf has a phone with a wonky home button (Samsung) and the native screenshot method won't work. I want to use such an app as a trigger paired with either Tasker or Xposed Additions, to...
  48. S

    Thread [Completed] App screenshooting page @ whole scroll height

    Hi there! I have the LG Spirit 4g lte and I've rooted it with kingroot app. Do you guys here at the XDA have or know of a good screenshot app that can take a screenshot of a complete page. That means a page where you need to scroll down and down to see the content of the whole page. I just want...
  49. bdorr1105

    Thread Screenshot Help "File damaged. Cannot copy this"

    Everytime since I have tried taken a screenshot, this always happens. I have restored Stock, and flashed Deodex ROMs? I do not know what is happening. Only phone I ever owned that does this...EVER....And when I google it, it seems to be a "NORM" for LG Please Help!! Logcat [ 01-04...
  50. mrYoussef135

    Thread [APP] [4.0+] Screen Shield - 300 promo codes available

    Screen Shield Screen Shield is an anti-spy app that protects your confidential data shown on the screen by preventing malware and viruses from taking the screen captures. You can disable the ability to take screenshots whenever you start an app that displays very sensitive information...