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  1. gh0stslayer

    Thread [App] [ 4.0+] [ROOT] Boot Shell - Execute Shell Commands and scripts at Boot [V 3.5]

    Boot Shell allows you to save Linux Shell commands and execute them at boot. The Pro version allows to execute complete shell scripts at boot. You can also save your favourite Linux commands and execute them at your will. It can also eliminate the need of using init.d scripts for basic needs...
  2. androite

    Thread [SCRIPT] Governor Tweaks | Increase performance

    Hi everybody Ones again I am here to guide you to increase there performance of you device. To make it smooth n lag free. Well, it took a whole week to complete these scripts so please shower this thread will positive views. :) This Scripts are strictly for GALAXY Y only. Do not try it in any...
  3. C


    SCRIPT: DECRAPIFIER: It works on a simple mechanism. When you run the script with root permission in Script Manager it moves all the apks listed in the script to a seperate folder so that it frees your internal memory gives some RAM boost. It is just like Freeze function of Titanium Backup. It...