1. sh_obaid

    Thread Question Laggy scrolling after upgraded to MIUI13 today!

    Hey guys, Anyone facing laggy scrolling after MIUI13 update? Today, I received the notification to update and I did and after this I noticed that scrolling through web pages and Facebook is kind of laggy. I didn't face this issue when I was on MIUI12 until this evening and it was pretty smooth...
  2. T

    Thread Boost the scroll sensitivity of two finger scroll?

    For some reason, MS Precision drivers have explicity removed this setting, which is normal with pretty much all drivers prior. The scrolling is super slow, and is "locked" to match the scale of the page to feel like pushing a paper upwards. And the registry edit to change friction only modifies...
  3. A

    Thread Scrolling issue/lag

    Is anybody else experiencing scrolling issues on their OnePlus 8 Pro? I have noticed what feels like the touch input not being recognised so when scrolling up or down a page it just stops responding. At first I thought this was palm rejection related but it is not. It is likely software but I...
  4. Catmobile

    Thread Stutter, Lag, Jitter, an Open Letter to Samsung

    Open Letter To Samsung This letter is written in the perspective of a customer that buys Samsung hardware. I do not want to root my Samsung device, I do not want a custom ROM for situation described below. When I first buy the Samsung device, all browsers work fast and smooth, however after...
  5. stratplayer

    Thread Scroll vertically in App drawer window within Samsung One UI?

    I have hunted high and low for this, but is there a way to scroll up and down in the Android One UI apps drawer? I hate going left to right etc, and for the moment don't want to install Nova Launcher (just want to run with the stock launcher for a bit). I cannot see where (if it exists) this...
  6. P

    Thread Wireless Mouse Scrolling and Click issue on Oreo (And Pie)

    Has anyone experienced an issue while using a wireless mouse with their Oreo or Pie roms? I use it a lot and one extremely annoying issue I noticed is that the scroll wheel scrolling is kind of useless. It scrolls down and then jumps right back if the end of list is encountered. Also, if you...
  7. mrYoussef135

    Thread [APP] [8.0+] Fingerprint Scroll (auto scroll by fingerprint gestures) *PROMO CODES*

    Fingerprint Scroll Fingerprint Scroll lets you automatically scroll content on your screen using simple swipes on the fingerprint sensor. This new feature will be added as a system-wide functionality so it can be used with all other apps, and can easily be activated or deactivated...
  8. Lukyno

    Thread Jelly scrolling display issue

    Did anyone notice jelly scrolling on your display -> similar to OP5 case? -> I did some research and came to this conclusion: It's actually not a problem. It's kind of FEATURE. Or flaw to be precise. AMOLED display are causing this issue...
  9. nadejo

    Thread preapplied screenprotector may cause touch issues [confirmed]

    since the first day of using the oneplus5 ive noticed that the device refuses scrolling sometimes. imagine scrolling fast trough a forum and suddenly it stops scrolling even if you kept swiping. i was sure that the issue was caused by the screenprotector. but i dint understand why almost nobody...
  10. mrYoussef135

    Thread [APP] [7.0+] Volume Keys Scroll (No Root) **PROMO CODES**

    Volkey Scroll Current Version: 1.0.x This app allows you to use volume keys for scrolling content on your screen automatically (lists, documents , web pages ...) . This new feature will be added as a system-wide functionality so it can be used with all other apps, and can easily be...
  11. A

    Thread Lag when scrolling vertically in app drawer

    I'm getting lag when I use the vertical scroll bar in the app drawer, anyone got any solutions for this? I jninstalled the logcat app as people said rhos could be the problem, but the problem is still happening, any other suggestions? The problem disappers after reboot but after I use phone and...
  12. R

    Thread For people/devs who have used Galaxy/iPhones: Scrolling speed/responsiveness

    Edit: I'd like it if people who have actually used Samsung Galaxy S series and iPhones phones to reply. That way I'm sure they'll understand what I'm talking about. I have a G4 but I've been using Samsung phones for a while but I have used some other phones from LG, HTC, Oppo, Sony. The last...
  13. Willyman

    Thread Scrolling behaviour - issue or not?

    Guys, I need your opinion on something. I have this annoying thing that given my slight OCD is going to drive me crazy. It's this: scrolling in any app (main culprits are Facebook and Youtube) is simply not as smooth as on my OnePlus One. It has this stuttering effect which is not super obvious...
  14. H

    Thread [Q] Jittery scrolling on almost all scrolling applications

    Its been about 3 weeks since I purchased my S6 edge (G925i), but it has always been showing this persistent lag when scrolling on almost any scrolling-based applications such as the Play Store (the worst), Instagram, Maps and even the Settings menu. I have re-installed the firmware via Smart...
  15. thunderteaser

    Thread [MOD][UPDATED 09/05] Smooth Scrolling Mod for COS12/12.1 Roms

    WHAT IS THIS? If you feel like your device is lagging when scrolling an app or else, it is because Android uses a cache to store info related to the "Smooth Scrolling" function. This mod aims to remove those lags by disabling the Smooth Scrolling Cache system-wise(read more about it HERE)...
  16. C

    Thread [Completed] [Q] Recent Tasks (Recent Apps) window scroll vertical instead of horizontal

    I have a new ZTE Nubia V5 Max with Android 4.4.4. I (finally) got GApps up and running on it and everything is set up great except for the Recent Apps (now called Recent Tasks) when you press and hold the center button. For some reason somebody decided to allow the different apps to scroll...
  17. P

    Thread [Q] Blocky images when sliding through Google images?

    Hello! [I own a Samsung S3 mini which runs on a custom ROM (CM11). ] I have a problem when sliding/scrolling through images in Google in my browser. I'll try to explain the problem the best I can (in the best English I know... xD). For example: I go to (with stock browser from...
  18. K

    Thread Scroll lag when s pen is pointing to the screen.

    Hi All, I need a little help. Actually when i scroll my screen specially setting or call logs etc the scrolling is very laggy and when i scroll the same screen with my finger scrolling is proper and fast. if i scrolling using s pen and put it away from the screen to the point that tiny little...
  19. mrYoussef135

    Thread [APP] [4.0+] Smart Scroll Tools

    Smart Scroll Tools Current Version: 1.0.x Smart Scroll Tools, allows you to automatically scroll the content on your screen by clicking on buttons, and works with all other applications on your device. Features: * Scroll the screen by clicking on buttons. * Scroll vertically...
  20. T

    Thread Scrolling in Google Play Music & Play Store needs to be fixed

    Perhaps I am part of a very small minority in this regard but has anybody else noticed how poorly implemented scrolling is in the Google Play Music and Play Store applications? Here is a short video highlighting the problem. zDnTNmHDaPQ What's happening here in both applications is that...
  21. mrYoussef135

    Thread [APP] [4.0+] Tilt Scroll

    Tilt Scroll Current Version: 1.16.x Tilt-Scroll is a revolutionary application for rooted android devices, which adds a system-wide Tilt-to-scroll feature to your phone or tablet, so it works with any application on your device. Tilt-Scroll allows you to make the screen go upwards or...
  22. T

    Thread [Q] Wobbly screen scrolling in portrait!

    Has anybody else noticed weird scrolling effects, mostly noticeable while scrolling up and down in portrait mode? It exhibits the same behavior in landscape, but I don't scroll side-to-side nearly as much. With the home button to the left of the tablet, the right side of the screen seems to...
  23. Dark One

    Thread [Mod] [App] Landscape Touchwiz for Samsung 4.3 leak

    Hey guys, Thought I better create a new thread for this shiny new software, the other is getting a bit cluttered. As before these are deodexed and only for official Samsung 4.3 ROMs. If you use this on an odexed ROM, re flash your ROM without wipe to restore if required. Anyone unfamiliar or...
  24. C

    Thread [Q] Scrolling lag

    Whenever I have my finger on the screen (such as navigating between home screens or scrolling down a web page), and I am moving it along at a constant speed, instead of the page following my finger smoothly like it does on my galaxy nexus, it kind of shuffles along. As soon as I let go of the...
  25. I

    Thread [Q] Home vertical scrolling

    Hello, I'm searching for a new home with a vertical scrolling for the widget to be able to browse my widget like I browse google+ thank's
  26. R

    Thread [Q] Pages deforming when scrolling?

    Altough there is a similar thread in Nexus10 forum, I am posting here the same question. Just got my Note8, and i have noticed imediately this behaviour: when scrolling in portrait mode, pages are deforming, most notably on the left side. For me this is quite disturbing (this is my first Android...
  27. I

    Thread [Q] Xperia Miro Help

    I have some question for my Miro new phone. I searched the threads and I cannot find answers for some of my issues. First of all is there any way to overclock, I know the only kernel is Vengeance but its not supporting overcloking now! Second i have really laggy zooming, scrolling phone within...
  28. NeriL

    Thread [APP IDEA] Inverse scrolling wallpaper

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to make a request.. If not, let me know where is the correct section and this won't happen again in the future :) A friend of mine has nova launcher and i loved the "inverse scrolling".. when going to left screens, wallpaper scrolls to the right and...
  29. D

    Thread [Q] Swiping on the Nexus 7

    I have a Nexus 7 and I am very happy with it. Currently running CM10.1 nightlies. A few days ago a friend of mine wanted me to root his kindle fire (first generation) and install a custom Android 4.2.1 build. After doing that, I played around with it for a while (the Kindle Fire, no dirty...
  30. S

    Thread [Q] Rubber band scrolling effect

    I have a verizon GS3 and I was wondering if there was a way either on my phone or any phone to get the same scrolling effect as in apple products where it bounces back if you scroll hard. Thanks in advance
  31. H

    Thread [Q] Droid and Div Layers...BUG ? Help

    I'm working with a web programmer and I'm his Droid test monkey. Here is the problem. His web page will load a scrollable div layer. The android in portrait mode has no issue with this at all. However upon turning the phone into Landscape orientation, I am unable to scroll the background or...
  32. D

    Thread [Q] Scrolling responsiveness and speed in Jelly Bean

    I just upgraded from a Galaxy Tab (original) to a Nexus 7, and while most everything else is a sweet upgrade, scrolling has become a consistently frustrating experience. On my Galaxy Tab (Gingerbread), scrolling is simple and intuitive. I "flick" my finger across the screen and it scrolls fast...
  33. D

    Thread [Q] Scrolling in chrome

    Why the hell is scrolling in chrome sooooooo sloooooow??? Does anyone have any tips or tricks to improve this? I will settle for insight. My Tf101 had no problem with scrolling in chrome, so it's mind boggling that it is so bad on the tf700. Also...I have tried it with both ICS and JB. No...
  34. S

    Thread How can i fix scrolling problems with Chrome?

    Some roms which allow you to adjust scrolling cause problems in Chrome. Basically, the scrolling sticks if you take your finger off the screen. Does anyone know a way round this.
  35. MisterRio

    Thread [Q] Forum too big for browser screen (Chrome) / PC / Windows

    Since the new forum lay-out, the forum as a web-page doens't seem to fit automatically in my browser screen anymore; it always displays a horizontal scroll bar, which I have to use when I want to go to the next/last/another page in a discussion. Screen resolution (on this computer): 1366x768. I...
  36. T

    Thread Stock browser scrolls down by itself & wont stop unless..

    ...unless you Force Stop the browser. It's annoying. Sometimes it will just start scrolling down after pinch zooming and it wont stop even when going to other pages. The only solution is to Force Stop the Internet in the Control Panel then restart.
  37. Pr.TOSHIBA

    Thread [Q] Vertically scrolling homescreen with dock on the side

    First of all, I sincerely apologize if this is the wrong section for such a post. Basically I trying to setup a homescreen in which part of it can scroll vertically, but another part doesn't move. I currently have Lightning Launcher, which is great by the way, but I can only set it up so that...
  38. B

    Thread [Q] Strange touchscreen/scroll sensitivity [4.04/CM9]

    I probably should report this to CM and I'm intending to, but first I want to find out whether it's Android or CM-related. I read reports about touchscreen lag or "sticky" touchscreen sensitivity when dragging the finger over the screen (e.g. when scrolling through a list or drawing lines in an...
  39. C

    Thread [Q] [I9100XXLPQ] Scroll somehow weird

    Team, I've upgraded my S2 to I9100XXLPQ (installing Apex launcher additionally for the personal reasons ;-)). Generally the phone works just great, no big problems found. Except the one really annoying - the scroll performance. It is smooth, but it reacts somehow weird. Can you feel it too...
  40. S

    Thread [Q] Invert scrolling on dock trackpad?

    So Apple has me into the whole "inverted" scrolling on trackpads... now I can't get used to it being one way on my prime and another on my macbook. The hard solution is sell the mac and buy a new laptop... The easier solution... is there a way to invert it on the prime?
  41. darkierawr

    Thread [MOD]V6 SuperCharger for Beta 2(Works on EVERY other ROM) - Update 4/10/12

    Smooth Scrolling Mod & V6 SuperCharger for CM9 Disclaimer By downloading and installing any of these mods, you have accepted my terms of agreement. I.E Your phone gets messed up? Not my fault. Countries WAGE WAR over your phone fearing its doomsday capabilities....Guess what? NOT. MY. FAULT...
  42. M

    Thread [Q] Dolphin Browser HD scrolling

    I just emailed Dolphin Browser HD support for a problem I'm having. I figured I might as well post on XDA and see if anyone else has a solution or a decent workaround. I have Googled this problem a bit but have come up empty-handed. Anyways, since I'm lazy/not feeling well, I'll just copy and...
  43. S

    Thread [Q] Dev Request: fix for KP8 ICS 4.0.3 scrolling/swiping issue.

    I think the new ICS KP8 is almost ready for daily use for experienced users. Some fcs occurs, but I can live with it, using go launcher ex. Face recognition can be fixed too. The only horrible issue is scrolling pages, ex. in browsers:sometimes it scrolls faster, sometimes slower... quick...
  44. Gordon Ramsay

    Thread [Q] GPU rendering/Rosie Scroll

    The major thing I look at with roms is the smoothness of the rosie scroll. A lot of roms are perfect but I can't stand the laggy/slow scrolling. I noticed that even if there's a smooth/ultra smooth rosie option on some of these roms, it is still slow, but on other roms like Prime XL, it's smooth...
  45. J

    Thread [Q] Scrolling issue? glitch? or just to be expected?

    hey all! I have the international versoin, and have been in custom rom too long to remember if the oroginal rom "suffered" from this "problem". Im currenty running the latest ultratoxic rom (8.0.1) and siyah kernal 2.4.1 and regardless of what kernal i flash, i get this problem. the issue is...
  46. Fun With Drugs

    Thread [Q] MIUI Wallpaper Help.

    So I found some good 'shelf' wallpapers, but I want to set the wallpaper to where it's only page, you know? The resolution for homescreen wallpapers is 960 x 800, because there are several homescreens. But I want it to be set like the lockscreen, 480 x 800. That way, it's the same...
  47. L

    Thread [Q] Volume control vs. Scrolling

    Hi all, I have re-installed a ROM (Energy) and now the volume buttons on the side of the phone only scrolls. How do I change it back to Volume Control?
  48. bickfordman

    Thread [Q] Is there an app for going directly to a page on your phone??

    Hi was just wondering if there was an app that would put an icon on your home page that you could press and it would automatically go to the page it was set up for. instead of scrolling or using the sense page display. Thank you
  49. S

    Thread [Tip] Enable touch scroll in Google Chrome with ChromeTouch

    I've been using this extension with my ordinary mouse since it came out, and it works great! I saw a few of you asked for touch scrolling in Chrome, so I thought I'd share the tip. Enjoy!
  50. iridaki

    Thread [MOD] Disable Wallpaper Scrolling in MIUI Launcher

    OK guys, this is an awesome mod I came across while browsing MIUI Android Forums. I tried it on Cobrato's and Trip's MIUI ROMs (both Froyo and Gingerbread) and it works great! What it does is disable wallpaper scrolling in the MIUI Launcher, so when you flip between homecreens, the image will...