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  1. drkyobye

    Thread Question Format SD CARD as Internal Storage

    Hy mate, can u guys tell me what custom rom can merge sd card as internal storage, so i can use my sd card as internal storage.. thanks
  2. Inquisitoria

    Thread Transferred Photos Disappeared and Can't be Found or Recovered.

    So I sent my current phone (Redmi Note 9S) and my old phone (Huawei P20 Lite) to be repaired by replacing the battery and replacing the cracked screen respectively. I always wanted to transfer all my photos and videos from my old Huawei to my Redmi, I never got the time because I had to repair...
  3. Captain_21

    Thread Samsung SD card encryption not recognized

    So I have a Samsung Galaxy s10+, I recently noticed that my SD card is not recognized by my phone as encrypted. All files are there just can't open anything. I've tried restarting the phone wiping cache partition, and a few free recovery software. I can see the files and file paths I just can’t...
  4. PolAir.

    Thread sd card on s9+ suddenly dead

    I had a kingston canvas select plus 128gb sd card in my s9+ (SM-G965F). One day i woke up and i saw some images of apps grey and when i tried to open them "app isn't installed". Also checked in my files and "Sd card not inserted" appeared. So i wipe cache/partition, clean cache and data of my...
  5. D

    Thread If Samsung S10+ has max SD Card size 512GB, can I use USB OTG hub with 1tb card?

    Hello, The title is pretty self explanatory. I have a Samsung S10+ that is constrained to a maximum internal SD Card size of 512GB. I wonder if I can use a USB Type-C OTG hub along with a 1tb SD card? Or will the phone fail to cooperate with the full 1tb external storage. Thank you.
  6. O

    Thread Boot from SD card?

    Does anyone know of a way to boot an Android phone from an SD card or USB drive? I'd prefer not to root the device or do much modification, but I might if I have to. There's got to be a way, though! The device that I'm trying to do it on is a ZTE Z5157V and I'd like to try to boot another OS...
  7. BredzProh

    Thread [How-To Guide] Install One UI 5.0 (Android 13) beta on unsupported countries with your SD Card

    Hello everyone! 😁 🌟 Update: One UI 5 stable is out! You can install it now via Odin! No more flashing .zip files! See you when One UI 6 beta is out. One UI 5 beta is out, so I have put together this guide on installing it on your Galaxy S20 devices. I will show you how to sideload the beta...
  8. D

    Thread View and delete photos from external USB

    Hi, Im using my Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 in order to review and edit my photography. I connect an external SD card reader to the tablet using the type-c port. My Files, as long as many other file explorer apps can list the folders and files on the SD card, however I can't see the USB drive on any...
  9. A

    Thread Sd card backup produces empty files when restored.

    I have an sd card backup of about 150GB. I've randomly tested the files, and they are real, working files, perhaps 20,000 of them, mostly images and videos! So, my sd card died. So, I decided to restore a new one with the backup on my PC SSD. First I put the new card in the Android device...
  10. 1

    Thread XZ Premium Dual Sim-Card + Sd Card [ROOT] [PIE]

    Hey I want to teach you how to use two sim cards and memory cards at the same time You Need: 1-Skills! 2-Root 3-Lighter 4- Tweezers or some tool like that Tutorial: 1- Take the SIM card using tweezers and heat the back of the SIM card with a low flame lighter 2- Using a razor or cutter...
  11. z3ro_<00l

    Thread Does any app exist that does not require root permissions that will allow me to reformat an SD card with a format of my choosing

    Minor update I'm no longer really needing a solution to this problem although it would be very helpful for everyone if one was found as I'm sure this has been a problem too many people at this point) I'm over here trying to root my S6 Lite tablet without a computer just a bloody cell phone and...
  12. bluering07

    Thread run android on sd card

    Hello I`d like to run android on micro sd card I found a thread saying that it is possible( but the google drive link has expired and I have no way to find out how to do it My device is galaxy a32 5g can anyone help me...
  13. S

    Thread Lenovo ideatab s6000 SD card ROM [Need]

    Hi everyone.I need the stock rom for Lenovo ideatab s6000.note that I want file to flash it using SD card
  14. AureoBiscuit

    Thread I need help trying to format my sd as internal storage

    Im using a Oppo A52 and my sd card isn't showing up as an adoptable disk on adb shell. Any Suggestions?
  15. pmdci

    Thread FireOS bug with SD cards under kids profile

    Seems to me that introduced a bug. I wonder if anyone here is experiencing a similar issue? I have two Amazon Fire HD 10 tablets, one for each one of my ids. One 9th Generation, which we got in 2020. One 1th Generation, which we got in December 2021. As soon as I got the 11th gen one...
  16. Y

    Thread SD card issus on Amazon Fire HD 10 (2021)

    Hi, As you can see the title said about SD card SD Card Detail - Samsung Evo Plus - 256GB - U3 Amazon Fire HD 10 (2021) Undetected Tablet Storage Detected Portable Storage - after I formatted it - It doesn't show list of setting thing SD card Have anyone have got an issue with this? Was...
  17. D

    Thread Petition asking Samsung to bring back SD card slot

    Hey I made a petition asking Samsung to add back the SD card slot, at least in the ultra line. If you like SD card slots and would like to see them again, consider supporting it so Samsung see's there is still interest. If you don't like SD slots, or don't care about them, don't waste energy...
  18. Flonne

    Thread Is it possible to retrieve data from SD Card that was formatted as internal storage?

    Android Version: 8.0 Root: No. I use my phone mostly to recieve A LOT of work documents, photos, audio, etc via whatsapp. So, i thought in get a SD card and format it as internal storage, since what i need is just a lot of storage to save as much data as possible, not gaming or anything of the...
  19. D

    Thread Prestigio pmp5880d Multipad 8.0 Ultra duo ??? [solved]

    Hi, ive got this old bricked tablet, cant enter recovery mode, not recognized in windows when in fastboot mode, nothing working basicaly, i want to flash it and i CAN'T, its getting frustrating after 3 days i decided to ask help here! this is where im stuck: i want to use Rockchip SD disk tool...
  20. A

    Thread How to split Partition External SD card for adoptable & Portable without rooting?

    My mobile device have It have option to formatting external card as internal but when I install user apps and move not all apps move to the internal formatted external as card some installs still on internal card. And occupies internal memory. I tried to partition Micro SD card from PC mini...
  21. K

    Thread (HELP!!!) Poco X2 insert SD card as internal storage! Now can not access the storage

    Hi guy! Please help me! I insert the 64GB Samsung SD card into my X2 and It ask that: would like format the SD card as external storage or internal storage and I choose "internal storage". After that I can not access any file, media... on internal storage or SD card. I can not find where I can...
  22. K

    Thread Can I use Odin 3.12.7 T Flash option to install u-boot onto my SD card without tripping knox?

    I'm curious, if I can eventually dual boot on my Galaxy Tab Active 3, because some games are broken on the newest One UI and I want to take control over my OS without the limiting security and guarantee risks, disabling the ability to update for example. However this question only focusses on...
  23. disor21

    Thread Question Encrypted SD Card unbearably slow

    I got the A22 5G and I like it apart from one huge issue. I encrypted my sd card (256 GB) and transfer rates are unbearably slow. If I copy a 2 GB file from the internal storage to the SD card it will start ok (20 MB/s) but this is likely only the cache. Soon it slows down to ultimately 10-50...
  24. D

    Thread How to prevent Android 11 from using the SD card?

    Dear all, the following problem might be unusual and the opposite of what other people want, but as the title says: Is it possible to prevent Android 11 (and custom ROMs based on it) from writing to the external SD card? That is, I don't want apps or the O/S itself to store any data there. You...
  25. Dima064

    Thread Dead SD Card out of the blue?

    I've created my account here just because I'm completely clueless and google didn't help. So there was this custom ROM for my phone, which had a lot of promising and good features. There is one caveat, however... When I tried moving apps to the SD Card, it said "Not Enough Storage Space". I...
  26. M

    Thread Missing back-up/phone locked/weird sd-card behaviour

    Hi together, just as a disclaimer, I don't really have knowledge in this field (custom roms etc), but I'm willing to learn and understand what is going on. I have the Moto G5 as my daily phone with the unofficial lineage 17 from the xda-forum. It's not rooted. Now i saw that the g5 got...
  27. A

    Thread Android SD cards and the ext4 filesystem

    Hello. What filesystem do you format your SD cards in for using with Android? I suspect most keep the factory format - exFAT or FAT32, which is a garbage filesystem, but can be read by Windows without extra trouble. When I was preparing a new card to put in a new phone the other day, I faced...
  28. J

    Thread Any way to encrypt the SD card?

    Hi everyone, Do you know if there is a way to encrypt SD card? I need to protect important data if my phone is stolen or lost. Regards, Jhun
  29. K

    Thread Gcam sd card

    I have been looking around for a while and it seems I can't get a straight answer. With all the gcam ports, I have never seen one with sd card support. I know that Pixel doesn't support sd cards, but why can't the support be added to the ports. I have seen a lot of mods that people have added or...
  30. T

    Thread Searching for New Phone

    It's definitely been a while since last I've been here. Anyway, I currently have the first Razer phone which I love but it's starting to run on its last leg, which sucks. Because of this I've been trying to search for a new phone with similar specs since it already fit my needs but with other...
  31. Thedifferent

    Thread exFAT or 64GB+ Sd Card on Android 11?

    Does any android 11 Rom supports exFAT or 64GB+ Sd Card? the last Android 11 rom i tried, i don't remember the name, says my 64GB SD card is corrupted. While it works flawlessly on Android 10. Can someone give me a solution? about that or suggest any particular 11 rom, or any tricks? Thanks In...
  32. R

    Thread There is a method to install/move apps to SD?

    I've been looking for a method to move or force installation of apps to my 128gb micro SD card and so far I haven't found anything that works correctly, is there some method that actually allows moving apps to the SD card? or any custom rom that allows this? would titanium backup "move to SD...
  33. A

    Thread [FIXED] SD card sled very much stuck.

    I have a problem. I need to change SD cards (just a storage upgrade, it was supposed to be...) and have great troubles getting the SD card sled/holder out of its slot. I already destroyed my fingernails, tried both short nails and long nails. Still hurts. I wedged a thin slippery plastic sheet...
  34. TeoXSD

    Thread Is the SD Card unmount problem fixed in Android 10?

    There was a thread for Android Pie, where I tested and confirmed that there was a problem with UHS SD card that would unmount during sleep. Many other users confirmed this problem back then, and since then I've been using a standard non-UHS card ... but non-UHS are only 32GB max and my card is...
  35. H4NNE5

    Thread How to include SD card with extended partition into new ROM installation?

    Hello, I have upgraded my Lineage 14 to Lineage 17 on my Xperia Z3 Compact. But I can't include the SD-card with the existing data into the new system. Weird is, that the system can access all the data without problem. But I get some error notifications from some apps and have to manually push...
  36. M

    Thread Question about/help with... SD Card issue

    Not sure if I am posting in right place. If I am not, I apologize. I have a S9+. I was using the camera app called Camera MX. I took some pics a week or so ago, then I took some this morning. When I go into the gallery of the camera app (the part where it shows the little thumbnail of the pics)...
  37. F

    Thread SD Card & Adoptable Storage on G7 Power: Setup info + Questions

    I have the US version G7 power with 3/32 GB memory. I knew I would fill that 32 GB up right away, and did. But no problem--just put a card in the SD card slot, move things over, and all is well. In working through that, I realized there are quite a lot of options and documentation on them is...
  38. iAnoop

    Thread Which is best SD card?

    I got 64 Gb version and it seems my old micro SD is too slow and dying. I am looking to get new SD card preferably 64/128 Gb to match with phone speed. I am planning to use it as internal memory so card has to fast to not to throttle the phone speed. Any suggestion? Edit: Micro SD card
  39. M

    Thread Storage/SD card question

    I have a S9+. I've had it almost a year now. But I never put an SD card in it until recently. So I was trying to move some stuff over to the SD card to make space on my phone. Well I moved my music and 1 app but now anything I try to move, it says that there is not enough space. Yet when I look...
  40. M

    Thread I have 2 quick questions...

    I have Verizon galaxy s9+ phone. I havent installed anything new recently but today my phone just started ringing or playing a notification sound, just out of the blue. But there is no notification when I pull screen down. No apps are open. I cant figure out why it's doing it. And I cant turn...
  41. S

    Thread Question regarding dual-SIM models

    I'm strongly considering buying a OnePlus 7 Pro (GM1917) but had a question that I can't find a definitive answer for. My wife has a dual-SIM HTC U11 and the second SIM slot also doubles as an external SD card slot. Does the dual-SIM 7 Pro function the same way? If not, can that be changed...
  42. T

    Thread I can't use SD card as internal storage

    I have tried multiple custom roms, but, whenever I try to step up my sd card as internal storage, I get an error message saying " not enough" storage. I have tried both an old 128g card, as well as a new 128g card. It is the same result, no matter the card or rom I try. Any suggestions or Ideas...
  43. face-t

    Thread Internal, encrypted storage: is it supporten on Redmi 6 [m1804c3dg]

    I can't really find any topics on the web, so either it is working for everyone just fine, or Android removed this option since last time I have used it on my Samsung. I can format SD card as portable, but there is no other option. I can see option: Encrypt device using lock screen password...
  44. C

    Thread SD Card problems with media detection and deletion

    As most of you probably now, sometimes the Note 3 simply don't want to detect the media from SD Card. Well I detected another issue related to SD Card. If you try to delete a photo (for example) via Gallery app it'll be "erased" but you can still see the file in the SD Card with any file...
  45. D

    Thread Install Android to SD Card?

    Hello all. I suspect that my Verizon S5 has a bad eMMC. I read that there is a bug in ODIN that allows you to flash a ROM to SD instead (TFlash mode), but I'm not really sure how to do this. A paper was written on this, but I am not at the level to truly understand how this works...
  46. Y

    Thread Corrupted SD card, but it can be read anywhere else

    I'm getting a corrupted SD card error on my Xperia Z5 Compact (with LineageOS 14.1). However, that shouldn't be happening because I just used it on my PC, and I tried reinstalling the latest version of LineageOS on my phone using that same SD card (meaning TWRP can see it fine). I already...
  47. A

    Thread Yet another problem... Mi A2 Lite randomly throwing "Missing SD Card" error

    I thought that this phone was great... I also thought that being Android One meant that many bugs won't be there and we would have a robust OS... It's all the opposite, Android Pie here, and it's full of errors and bugs. First battery life decreased from Oreo, then fingerprint doesn't...
  48. P

    Thread 4k 60fps on sd????

    Hi all After one update back on s9+ the option to record 4k 60fps on sd card was disappeared! I was using it all the time to my 512gb u3 class10 samsung sd before that, so I ve emailed samsung and of course no response came by!! Sometimes I think there is no reason at all for some things that...
  49. M

    Thread [Q] Why Do Folders On My Phone's SD Card Disappear on My PC?

    Hi, I'm feeling really stupid and I hope someone can make sense of this for me. I've always been confused with the virtual paths that recent Android versions use in the file structure, and am having a hard backing up my SD card to my PC. I actually want to copy this file...
  50. A

    Thread Xiaomi Redmi 6A issues with playing music from the SD card

    Putting music on SD card and playing it on any of the 2 default music players causes music to play with these cuts and scratches, making it intolerable. When I play the same songs directly from the devices storage, there are no such issues. I tried 2 different SD cards, formatted them both...