1. Vito Hermawan

    Thread Development Thermals Qualcomm 870

    Thermal further enhanced for battery stability and performance. Support for all ROMs (AOSP/CAF/Port with Snap Dragon 870). If the ROM has a per-app thermal that will also function properly (without destroying the per-app thermal settings), thermal will follow the configuration of the module with...
  2. ZhenMing

    Thread Question [TB138FC-SD870] XiaoXin Pad Pro 2022 Sharing and support

    I starting this thread to share among the members who having and using this variant of the new XiaoXin Pad Pro 2022 (AKA XiaoXin P11 Pro Gen 2) on the usage and perhaps the support too. Not working: ZUI PC mode This feature was redefined in ZUI 14. It only applies to external display. You...