1. M

    Thread Question Cannot search Contacts Notes field?

    Hi everyone! Just got my Nord 2. In general really satisfied (hope it doesn't explode)! 😂 Anyway, coming from a Huawei I miss the really useful feature of being able to search through your contacts using the Notes field. This way you do not have to bloat the contact's name or other fields...
  2. sd_shadow

    Thread [Index] XDA 2021: How to Navigate the New Site Layout

    XDA 2021 [INDEX] Helpful Information Welcome, this thread has been created to encompass everything you may need to navigate the new site layout. Please only post in this thread with feedback on how to improve this document. Do not post "Thank you" type responses. If you have Bug Reports...
  3. lscambo13

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Contactless (for WhatsApp)

    Description: An Android app to open phone numbers in WhatsApp to chat with them or to simply check/search if they are available on WhatsApp. All this without having to save that number beforehand on your phone. Version: v3.1 (Latest) Download here Requirements: WhatsApp installed Android...
  4. R

    Thread [CLOSED][APP] [FREE] [UPDATE] Auto-Block GDPR Consent Popups, Edit Websites and More!

    Snap Search App update v4.6 is now out with multiple improvements! A huge update with tons of new features we hope you like! ↪ New: You can edit web pages you visit! ↪ New: Expand shortened URLs easily. ↪ New: Auto close the irritating GDPR & Cookie consent popups ↪ New: Disable AMP on Google...
  5. R

    Thread [CLOSED]Fastest way to secretly search the web!

    Snap Search is a free and incredibly fast, secure way to search the web without getting tracked! With more than 10,000 searches completed, use Snap Search to search your favorite websites without getting tracked. We keep the trackers and creeps away while you browse the web safe and securely...
  6. R

    Thread [CLOSED]Search in Incognito mode using home screen widgets in just 1 tap!!

    Ever found the process of going incognito taking too many steps? Want to search online without getting tracked? Use Snap Search The new update has something amazing for people wanting to search really quickly (and anonymously) - powerful widgets. Not only can you launch your search engine in...
  7. R

    Thread [CLOSED]Tired of getting tracked online?

    Hey guys, I released an app called Snap Search about 10 days ago, and its been doing great! I've made quite a few improvements on it as well over these few days and would really like to share it with ya'll and get some feedback. In brief: Are you tired of getting tracked online? Want some...
  8. R

    Thread [CLOSED]Search the web online without getting tracked - and really fast.

    Hey guys, I've developed an app called Snap Search as an effort to promote privacy in online searches - you can find it here: Searching the web should be an easy task. It should also be secure and private. Nobody likes getting...
  9. K3V1991

    Thread [APK][MOD] TorrSE - Torrent Search Engine (Ad-Free)

    The TorrSE App can help you with the Torrent Client to download your favorite Torrents to your Device NFO: Version: 2.0.2 Architecture: universal Package: com.torrentsearch.magnetsearch Min: Android 5.0 DPI: nodpi Download: AFH
  10. Y

    Thread Browser freezing up after Pie update

    Since updating to Pie, I'm having issues with searches on the browser. It only happens the very first time when I open the browser. I type something into the search bar and hit search. It just freezes up. The only fix is to close that tab and open a new tab and retype what I wanted to search. It...
  11. G

    Thread Which smartwatchto buy: searching into .pdf

    Hello, I'm new to smartwatches and I'm here mainly to ask you if this function exists. -What I'm looking for is a watch which allows me to search for content into a text file. -I've the .pdf now, but any other file format is ok: I can easily convert the file I have. Thank you!
  12. luisvalino

    Thread Change the Chrome Search Bar Widget colour: is it possible in Moto X4 Android 9.0 ??

    Hello, I have a Moto X4 Android 9 and I would like to change the white colour of the Chrome Search Bar widget by a transparent one, or black, for example. Would it be possible to do this, like the image that I have attached and I have seen surfing this website for a Moto X4 Android 9.0 ...
  13. exist2resist

    Thread App icons compressed in search.

    See the attached screenshot, bottom of the search results. Right below the blue scratched out contact. That's supposed to be the Groupon icon, app installed on my phone. When I search for an app the results compress the icon vertically, as per example. Bootloader unlocked and Pixel 2 XL is...
  14. blackice000

    Thread Google Search not working on phone only.

    Hey All, I have noticed that lately the Google search tab on my main screen (I am using Nova Launcher) is having an issue. if I tap the search button then tap the microphone It will display "Listening" I speak and stop then...nothing. It stays on listening. All I can do is hit a navbar menu...
  15. T

    Thread Is it just me, or does forum search suck lately?

    The results that come up are rather lacking. When you go to search, it only shows 4 results per page. And then 4 dumb ads. There are no options to change the amount of results per page (it used to display 10 per page). Many results are also missing a date (as are some of the articles they lead...
  16. C

    Thread Google Voice Search keeps crashing

    Hello all, I have MIUI 9 China Version 8.1.31 on my Mi 6. I'm trying to get Google App Voice Search working but it keeps crashing... "Google has stopped". No matter what I do, no matter changing definitions, clean cache or what ever, I just can't get ir work... Anyone has managed to get it working?
  17. M

    Thread How to enable Now playing?

    I don't have the option under advanced in sound. It's missing on my pixel XL... Everything I looked for online points to sound settings.
  18. MrElectrifyer

    Thread How Can I Replace Google Assistant with Google Voice Search?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to get rid of the google assistant on my Exynos Note 8 and replace it with the good old google voice search whenever I long press the home button, similar to what I had on my OnePlus One. Reason for this is that the scroogle assistant is demanding way too much...
  19. Kingston1

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Linked Words - Reverse Words Lookup

    Linked-Words A dictionary to search for words. This is a type of dictionary which searches for related words or similar words in Datamuse words database. This app is for searching: same meaning words word by definition phrases answers of questions same sounding words word spelling with...
  20. mhashim6

    Thread [Open Source] [App] [4.0.3+] [Quick Query] Search anywhere with a single click

    App is now open source, check the GitHub repo. Supported engines: Google DuckDuckGo YouTube Google Play Features: Copy to Launch: When copying a text, a floating button Will show on the screen. Select to Launch: simply select the text, and you will find a shortcut to search your text. no...
  21. simply F

    Thread How to do a search bar for firebase on android studio?

    Hi I need a little help with my Firebase app with Android Studio. How can I add a search bar? I searched on the net for days but nothing... Thanks:highfive:
  22. jisdroid

    Thread [APP][4.2+] Beatfind - Music Recognition / Visualizer

    Beatlight can visualize and recognize songs that are playing around you. For a better party experience press the lightning button and prepare for a flashing strobe light effect in sync with the beats of music. Some features: • Visualizer gets sound data from microphone and synchronizes with...
  23. infinite4evr

    Thread [APP] FilePursuit ( Search for Any file all over the Internet )

    FilePursuit is intended to provide a very powerful file indexing and search service allowing you to find a file among millions of files located on web servers. Our database is daily replenished by our robots that crawl through free access internet resources. The search engine is powered by a...
  24. SamStone

    Thread Search music for ringtone

    I'm just setting up my MI 5S Plus and I'm used to using a custom ringtone that I always put in my music file. When I go to set the ringtone, I click the + at the bottom and what looks like some of my music MP3s come up but the one I want as a ringtone isn't listed. It's listed in the music app...
  25. S

    Thread [Game] [4.0+] Word Search Puzzle Game

    Hello, I create that thread to present your Word Search Puzzle Game, a free implementation of the classical word search puzzle game for Android. Word Search is freely available on the Google Play Store : A Pro version with no...
  26. T

    Thread [APP][4.1+] Search'em all. Open source meta search app.

    An App to search all over the web at once. Just type, select category and hit the search button and you are done. Press the globe icon to open link in external browser. Currently app supports search in these categories. Web Images Videos Torrents Books and articles App...
  27. R

    Thread [APP][4.1+] GIF Share Overlay - Search & share GIFs without leaving your favorite app

    [APP][4.1+] GIF Share Overlay - Search & share GIFs without leaving your favorite app GIF Overlay GIF Overlay provides an overlay that draws on top of other apps and lets you quickly search and share GIFs without leaving your favorite app. Features Search and share GIFs - Powered by GIPHY...
  28. raubkatze

    Thread [KWGT] Pixel Search and Weather Widget

    For those who prefer custom Launchers. I prefer to use Nova instead of Pixel Launcher but persistent Nova search bar is too small on my opinion and doesn't update weather correctly. So I made my own Pixel styled search widget for KWGT. Widget is fully customizable so you can set it up as you...
  29. G

    Thread [THEME][APP][2.3+] Material Google Search Widget

    Just because you have an outdated device with an outdated ROM, it doesn't mean you should have outdated visuals too! :P Today I present you with the new MATERIAL GOOGLE SEARCH WIDGET, made specially for the Galaxy Player 4.2. It may work on ANY HDPI DEVICE featuring android 2.2 or above...
  30. matze19999

    Thread Tester for android n

    Hey guys, Im going to build a android n rom, but I dont own this device. For this, I need a tester... please send me a dm if you are interested. You should know how to flash files via fastboot and how to wipe in twrp your bootloader need to be unlocked.
  31. mjz2cool

    Thread app stuck after removing it (windows 10 mobile)

    Hi, I'm using the insider preview on my lumia 640, and I tried to remove the Lumia help and tips app. Now the app is still there, with a blank icon and no possibility to remove it. furthermore, when I use search and type anything starting with the H or L, search crashes. I think this is...
  32. T

    Thread [GAME][2.3+] Find the Differences on cars [FREE]

    The new-age “spot the difference” genre app Find the difference on cars is now available on Google Play store for free download on android phone and tablets. The app offers an exciting logical game play where comprehensive understanding, sharp observation, and high level of concentration is...
  33. H

    Thread Theme Search

    Hello All, Busted my S4 today and got the new Note5. My first question is, how do search for themes? I am not getting any search options. Having to browse through the list is painful!
  34. T

    Thread [APP][4.0.3+][Open Source] Fast Search - Instantly search contents of your device!

    Fast Search Instantly Search ALL OF your device in a stylish way! Main Features: Is open source. Has a new idea, I myself couldn't find any similar application on Google Play. Searches files, images, musics, videos, contacts and applications of your device very fast. Submits device's contents...
  35. R

    Thread SEARCH for LAUNCHER APP - Smart and Next Gen

    Since the inception of mobile cellular phones with digital color displays, the main home screen has been based on the same basic principal: A page (or pages) of icons that takes the user to a particular application or tool. However, this modern day and age, with the evolution of technology and...
  36. F

    Thread [Q] Pressing Bluetooth Headset Button does nothing.

    I have looked all over the internet and on XDA and haven't found an answer. Considering re-flashing the Rom. I recently installed Cloudy 1.2 and flashed the D850 modem as well on my AT&T LGG3 Everything is working great, except when I press my bluetooth button on my headset nothing happens on...
  37. W

    Thread [Q] App Store Optimisation for a game

    Hi everbody, I released my first game on Android recently, but I have no idea how Google Play organises its search results. The game is called 'Get to Zero' by Will Wu and it doesn't show up as the first result when you type it in Google Play search. Like wth? I've read up on it and it seems...
  38. gegerhr

    Thread [APP] Treeto - Topics Research Tool

    Treeto - Topics Research Tool Explore and learn, Treeto provides a unique way to research any of your interests. If you are writing an essay, and you want to research essay topics, or you need topics for your paper, use Treeto to...
  39. valdesr11

    Thread Microsoft Office search speed

    Good morning everyone, I have tried researching this but I haven't come by a clear answer that works and I was wondering if you guys knew what I am talking about and how to fix it: I have Microsoft Office 2013 at work with currently about 11,000 emails since I need to go back months at times...
  40. P

    Thread [Completed] How to search within a subforum?

    How does one search within a subforum? There's search all forums, and search within a thread, but sometimes It'd be extremely useful to search just within a specific devices forum. Too many irrelevancies otherwise.
  41. F

    Thread How to access the original search feature after installing cortana (alpha?)

    I have a Lumia 625 here in Germany and have just installed the dev. preview Cortana alpha. Now when I hit the search/magnifying glas symbol it starts cortana. How can I access what used to come up on hitting that? For instance when I want to scann a code or whatever? Thanks in advance.
  42. A

    Thread [Q] Can't install Google Search

    I'm running on Android 5 LRX21O. No root. I wan't to install the new Google Search Downloaded it from I keep getting the "App not installed" error. Tried the "Clear cache" and "Clear data" Any ideas?
  43. blade7840

    Thread Google Now And S-Voice

    Today I found out that S-voice and Google Now are linked together on the Note 4. When I turned off S-voice. I couldn't do a voice search with Google now, nothing happen. So I went into Google now settings and saw that the check boxes was unchecked. I tried to recheck them; but it would let me...
  44. A

    Thread [Q] settings search gets "Restoring data..."

    Every time (at least, every time after a boot) I try to Search in settings, I got the message "Restoring data..." and after a while it disappears and then I can search settings. Is there a fix for this problem? This does happen until June or July. Definitely not when I bought the note3.
  45. Rocklee99

    Thread Search Issues

    So I recently installed a TW 4.4 rom, and my mic works fine on calls, but any time whatsoever when I try to use voice search, the little circle with the mic stays white like it hears background noise, and doesnt turn red like its listening to me. Ive tried it on another rom and it worked fine, I...
  46. vivekkalady

    Thread [APP][2.2+] Super Search - The Ultimate File Search [Updated - 24/7/2014]

    Super Search - The Ultimate File Search Description The fastest and easiest way to find a file on your device. Super search helps you to find the file just by typing their name. Simple Keyword Search Opens File on simple click New Android L Design Card UI for the List with Animation...
  47. A

    Thread [Q] HELP me get rid of Google Now triangle from lockscreen

    Guys, Can somebody tell me how can I remove that little triangle showing in the bottom center of the lockscreen that is used to launch google search ?? It actually is interfering with my Home button on the Navbar as it doesnt disappear after unlocking and in turn shows up behind the Navbar Home...
  48. kevdliu

    Thread [APP] EchoWear Song Search: A Shazam/SoundHound like app for your Android Wear device

    What's the name of that awesome song playing on the car radio? Find out with EchoWear Song Search without pulling out your phone and getting distracted while driving. EchoWear Song Search utilizes your Android Wear device's microphone to record a segment of a song and uploads it to Gracenote...
  49. G

    Thread [Q] A site/way to to advance search for android apps?

    Perhaps its just me because I haven't found many posts relating to this but I have had a hard time finding apps in many cases because it seems like many places don't give advance search options anymore? Things like specifying license, ratings, popularity, language availability, last updated...
  50. B

    Thread Hands Free Google (Voice) Search vs Voice Dialer

    I really would like to the the regular voice search started if i have my sleeping (display off) and push the call button on my bluethooth headset. instead i get the very stop old voice dailer. this article states that they changed it in search 3.2 (i'm currently running search 3.4)...